Village Rhapsody v1.3.0 by YooGame, Village Rhapsody is an adult game Yoogame The player will play an aspiring young man who participates in the construction of a new rural area. He will use his life skills to help complete the requests of the villagers, meet the needs of the girls, improve the girls’ goodwill towards you, and strive for the honor of a strong man who dares to carry water for the widow. In the game, you can experience the fun of sowing, watering leeks every day and watching them grow happily. Explore every area of the map and enjoy fishing. Wanton search for other people’s family secrets. Understand the story behind each character through the task and plot. Farming, logging, fishing, farm role-playing games to help widows and wives improve their lives​

Updated: 2022-10-30
Release Date: 2022-10-28
Developer: YooGame Steam
Censored: No
Version: 1.3.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, rpg, sandbox, milf, adventure, big ass, big tits,

1. Extract and run.

1. You can plant things in the forest
2. The carpenter has added the production function. The current items can be made:
– Automatic sprinklers (three styles)
– Street lamp (two styles)
– Dog house (unlocked when the dog is satisfied)
– Two way cable car (unlocked the next day after the first use of the cableway, and old players need to take the initiative to use the cableway)
3. Add one pose for each of the 10 female characters

Bug Fix

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed the fox getting stuck in the plot
2. Fixed fences covering plots after hoeing on Jiashimbo land

1. Added arrow keys to control movement
2. The night must trigger the tree root sister-in-law first beat meat pie event
3. There’s a chance you’ll see it again
4. Increase fish species
5. Grocery stores add bulk purchase, sell all functions
6. Tyrannosaurus lines modified
7. Increased sound effects for milking
8. Added a rainy day icon
9. Adjusted collision areas on some maps (stuck walls)
10. After the little bitch, it will show up at home at night
11. Game Performance Optimization

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed an issue with Meryl Streep’s story card
2. Fixed bug Buarango tree and donkey stakes stack together
3. Fixed an audio button penetration issue in the campaign
4. Fixed overlapping blinks in village head lady’s drawing

Next week’s update:
1. Add a new set of shy poses
2. Carpenter added the ability to make things



Download For Cheat
MEDIAFIRE *Here’s a cheated save file with 999999 coins.

The saving system in this game is really weird so to make it work do the folowing:

1)download the attached file.
2)Open it with a text editor, search for the word “Bruh” and replace it with a name you want.
3)Copy the name of your save file in <Your game folder>/data and rename the save file you’ve downloaded to the name you’ve copied (for example if your save file is named villagedb_1234.qt you must rename the file you downloaded to villagedb_1234.qt)
4)Remove your save file from <Your game folder>/data and place the renamed file you’ve downloaded there
4)Delete the “vilage” folder in %appdata%/Roaming (if you’ve never saved the game you won’t have this folder so you can skip this step)

Now you can finally open the game.

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