Love of Magic Book 2 v1.0.8b by Droid Productions, Love of Magic Game “We thank you for your application to the Master of Arts in Applied Thaumaturgy (Evoc.) at Edinburgh University. After careful consideration it has been determined that you are hereby admitted to the 2019 intake.”

Love of Magic Game is welcome to the world of Magic, where demi-Gods drink in your local pub, and the great grand-daughter of King Arthur is your study-buddy. Fight your way through the Paths of Elsewhere, romance a variety of gorgeous women, and discover your destiny.​

Updated: 2022-06-24
Release Date: 2022-06-24
Developer: Droid Productions Itch.io – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Book 2 v1.0.8b
Length: ~5-6 hrs
OS: Window, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Groping , Handjob, School Setting, Tentacles , Teasing, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Rogue-Like.exe” to start playing.
Act XI: Book 2 Complete

Book 2

– Fixed the Lancaster cardback not triggering (Triggers after Katie’s whisky bottle side-quest)
– Fixed the second Bella cardback triggering (day 194)
– Toxic shock base poison reduced (300->200). After doubling it now doesn’t clear poison stack applied

– Typo fixes
– Kingdom Events no longer takes up a timeslot
– Fixed a bug where having left the Black Rose questline half-done in Book 1 could soft-lock the Coffeshop in book 2
– Toxic shock gets an upgrade, and now triggers the poison, after doubling it
– Doubled max number of savegames to 512
– Fixed a bug when copying wallpapers out to pictures folder.

– Adrian event at Crowley now takes time
– Typo and spellcheck pass
– Fixed a bug where changing card-backs in Elsewhere would disable the map
– Can now go hunting in Elsewhere morning and evening to give players more time to grind if they want to.

– Added in a Game+ mode caused by loading the end of Act XI savegame
– Added a quick-jump icon in the computer to open up local save folder
– Typos fixed.

– Added a “story so far” video that’s optional triggerable from the starting sequence on a new game

– Fixed Supply 2 not ending cleanly if you had sufficient MP to meet demands
– Fixed some typos
– Steam versions now load the steam store in the overlay, rather than in a separate window
– Fixed using the correct SteamID

– Content complete
– Completes Neutral Grounds (requires finishing Warthog, then going to Crowley at night 2 days or more later)
– Typos fixed

– Chairwork with Akane and Molly now only at night
– Akane’s dance routine now only at night
– Lord tiers (SpiderQueen, Chort, DeepDweller) are now immune to stun
– New conversation with Draco at the fireside, completing Natural Born Killer
– New converstion with Diana at Crowley (night, day 120+)

– This time *really* fixed up the missing enemies added to the combat table
– Expanded the range of when higher tier enemies could show
– Bumped up stats for some of the higher tier enemies

– Fixed the new enemies not being added to the combat table

– New enemies (Daemon class, level 80+). Chort Soldier, Knight, Lord
– New enemies (Daemon class, level 90+). Deep Dweller Soldier, Knight
– New enemies (Daemon class, level 100+). Deep Dweller Fire Lord, Ice Lord, Toxic Lord
– Tuned treasure tables for book 2 tiers
– Fixed a possible logic hang bug in Molly’s card back delivery
– Small new event with Adrian, between meeting Xochi and the wedding. Crowely at night

– Travelling salesman is in and working.

– Finished In Alis Vicimus!
– Fixed a bug that could cause scripted poker sequences to fail to trigger correctly.

– Introducing the travelling salesman (still need to set up his convo and inventory)
– Fixed flickering in gem UI
– Fixed some achievements not triggering
– Fixed MC not being correctly centered on elsewhere map

– Re-rendered MC’s Elsewhere sprite in higher resolution / more angles
– Fixed end of Act X saves not loading cleanly
– Added achievements

– Fixed MP not updating in the UI

– Barricade 2 event
– Supply cache I, II and III events triggering from Zenia
– King’s Dragon upgrades all now take 7 days
– Fixed Pendragon Inc’s background looking incorrectly in the quicknav the first time you enter
– Expanded quickjump nav to have up to three options (if there are three character options available)
– New Military Points system added. Points are given by completing certain quests, kingdom events and regular story events. Check out Supply I/II/III for intended implementation
– We have an actual launch date! 31st May, 2022…. let’s go!

– Removed strategy game for good. RIP.
– Fixed up incorrectly tagged memories
– Fixed up Val’s memory UI being incorrectly setup
– Finished kingdom event Barricade, and added a new Barricade 2 event
– Zenia now appears in the Round Table room after recruiting the Brotherhood (day 157+). She will be giving out new Kingdom events for MC, using the Quest A Matter of Supply
– Added collectible card backs

– Fixed a bug in the memory files not being cleanly saved

– Full memories updated
– Removed Thor from event with Katie
– Now closing the Grand Alliance after meeting day 134
– Now closing Payback after dispatching Oleg on trip with Dylan/GF
– Barricade event now works
– Fixed UI in end of book scene
– Re-rendered Entrance video day 194
– New event: Limited Protection
– Typo pass

– New event day 187 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)
– Story complete for Book 2

– Hope Returns cutscene at the end of the Book 2 screen
– New event day 185 night (Katie questline, dependent on having met Aino)

– New video for the ride into Mexico
– Fixed missing end of Act X and XI savegames

– Fixed a typo in the last line
– Fixed an animation day 194 not triggering

– Fixed Chloe’s eye animations

– Fixed a missing image
– Updated Chloe’s end of game video

– Day 192
– Day 193
– Day 194
– End of Book 2 sequence

– Katie events that don’t involve MC no longer takes time
– Day 183 morning event

– Fixes a potential bug on day 190 if you don’t have Molly in your party

– Swapped Beta branch to Development (for volatile code)
– Day 184 complete
– Day 190 complete
– Day 191 complete. End of content for now.

– Fixed poker battles at late night causing the frontend UI to update


Download and play each book in order.



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Android 0.2.21b is >2GB, and needs to be slimmed down. 0.2.5b still playable:

Download For Android (v0.2.5b)



Download For Win x64
Download For Win x32
Download For MAC
Download For Linux
Download For Android


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