A Few Days Final by Mickydoo, A Few Days is an adult game by Mickydoo about You are a Private Detective, you scored the easiest case in the world. All you have to do is sit in
a sleepy town and wait. On your first day of what you believe is doing nothing and getting paid for it, you get roped into doing a little bit of private detecting for someone, which should only take a few days. Hence the name of the game. Once word gets around that there is a Private Detective in town, a few people start showing up with their petty small-town problems, none of them can afford to actually pay what a Private Detective normally charges, but one by one you keep getting sucked into it, realizing slowly that all is not what it seems.​

Manage your resources, find food and water, contend with your natural desires, and avoid falling victim to someone else’s. Collect items to help you survive, explore and launch expeditions to gather resources, but be careful. Unlock all the Polaroids by playing the game and experiencing different possibilities.​

Updated: 2022-11-08
Release Date: 2022-11-02
Developer: Mickydoo Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows – Linux – Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Virgin, Animated, Small tits, Vaginal sex, MILF, Anal sex, FFM, Sandbox, Point & Click, Urination, Multiple penetration

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

Nearly 300 images
Shit ton of animations
Three sexy scenes, it will prompt you to save before each
There is animation glitch before the court scene, don’t shoot me, I tried seven ways from Sunday to remove it
I hope you all decide to stick around, I have already laid the foundations for a another game.

Final Part 1
The ending part one, the final numero uno, the first of the last……..
327 images, heaps of animations, aint going to tell you much cos of spoilers, go forth and play you deviant little bastards,.
BTW – there is cheat link on the map page in case i fucked up, if all the maps are blanked out and you are stuck click on it,
There will be one more ep, possibly short, an epilogue so to speak, it will contain different endings so its up to you where the MC goes and who with.

Episode 13
There is little story here, a bit yeah, but is fuck fest towards the end. You get random chance in the middle you can even do it or not, then at the the end you can either fuck one girl or call another and fuck two, in case two girls doing stuff to each other gives you cooties or something.
305 images I think
Like 20 fucking animations (literally fucking ones.)
There will be one more episode, could be two depends if I can finish it in one, I wont know until I have nearly finished the last one or not nearly finished it, whatever the case maybe.
I will fill everyone one in on what is happening next when I have half of the next EP done. I only really have a few girls I have made, some locations picked out and 15 half ideas, so there is fuck all to really say about it right now.
In a day or 3 or 4 I will make the worlds slowest dev blog on my next idea, as some feedback would be great.

Dev Notes
It’s a fully functioning intro more or less and a proof of concept.
Planned features/updates
The way you navigate will change. Plan is in every episode there is a list of things you need to achieve. I hope to make it so it doesn’t really matter in what order, except on occasions where B cannot be done until A is.
All these need to be finished to end the episode, but Charlie is your built in walkthrough. You can go and see her at the start and she will tell you where to go to start looking, but remember, don’t act too dumb.
I also have a couple scenes where you need to search for stuff. I will update that to make it easier to see what is going on.
I also plan to make a proper stats page.


Download For MAC
Download For Android
MEGA PIXELDRAIN *if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk
Download For Compressed Win/Lin/MAC
 PIXELDRAIN *if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk
Download For BugFix
MEGA *Put that in game/girls/charlie and let it overwrite.

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