Strive: Conquest v0.4.1 by Maverik, Strive: Conquest is a game about a tech demo of sequel for Strive for Power. This game represents core changes and mechanics of the second game, but does not represent main gameplay focus or content and should be treated as rough ideas. Features:

-A whole new set of gameplay management, crafting and item mechanics.
-Dozens of classes with unique traits and abilities.
-Procedurally generated areas and dungeons

Updated: 2021-02-01
Release Date: 2021-02-01
Developer: Maverik Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.4.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
PrequelStrive for Power

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1. Extract and run.

Fixed occasional issues with item disassembling
Fixed fire depths giving crashes
Fixed slaves having only penalties

Added pregnancy descriptions and debuff
Breed sow class now lightens pregnancy penalty instead of reducing pregnancy duration time
Added an option to use bonus description text field for notes
Fixed some issues during character creation
Items during craft show in alphabetic order
Fixed some scene errors
Fixed some window errors when there was nothing to purchase


Dating system slightly revamped
Obedience system revamped
Added tutorial
Added cheat menu (password is same for Strive 1)
Added reputation shops to guilds
Added new small quest/event sequence
Added new illustrations for some events
Added oblivion potion mechanics
Added Entangle skill for Dryads
Added option to forget locations from mansion
Sex traits are now initially hidden for hired characters. They can be learned during dating
Pheromones can now be used in mansion
Some classes are now unlocked with reputation and quests
Pregnancy duration increased from 5 to 30 days.
Slightly buffed human’s racial stats
Dialogue options responsible for seduction now check on sex factor instead of charm factor
Nerfed bandages output 3 -> 2
Nerfed First Aid heal value 35% -> 30%
Daisy now have fixed sex traits
Fixed guild slaves not benefitting from quality upgrades
Fixed Spirit:Turtle not working correctly
Fixed ranged attacks not requiring bow
Fixed First Aid Tooltip
Fixed some console errors
Fixed fairy racial skill not restoring correct amount of hp
Fixed exotic slave trader event not adding properly at the game’s start
Fixed class unlock animation not using correct character name


Added multiple GUI animations to some actions
Added new random events: New chest lock type traps, mimics, finding random resources, encounters
Added effect duration in tooltip for combat
Added race name to labels in hiring menu
Added exotic race slave trader shop every 2 weeks starting day 7 (requires new game)
Recruited characters won’t automatically travel to mansion anymore
Forcefully recruited characters will receive new debuff preventing them from gaining obedience from positive skills
Characters won’t participate in fight at 0 obedience
Breeder class is renamed to Breed Sow and now can be unlocked. Stats and reqs changed
Slightly readjusted Aliron’s slave race rates (Humans are more common than halfkins; elves are more common in general and rare races are equially as common as elves for slave market)
Fairies lose some stats but gain a racial healing skill
Main stats now grow slower at higher levels (starting at 40 base)
Kobold females now generate with smaller breast size
Trap events now deal percent damage
Drows have been renamed to dark elves
Slave escape chance is now present and depends on charcter’s authority and obedience (can escape if defiant and obdience < 15). Chance is based on timid factor
Food starvation debuff reworked
Defeat in combat now applies debuff preventing from participating in combat for 3 days (ticks faster when using rest)
Travel menu opens locations by default
Fixed craft menu opening on smithing even if its locked
Fixed inactive enemies not being deleted properly in some situtations
Fixed buffs not displaying in slave info
Fixed hp/mp not displaying in dungeon locations


New game heavily recommended.

v0.2.1a demo
0.2.1a update released Fixed chest events stacking (and possibly some others)
Fixed mages election quest not completing properly
Fixed unlock of the traits which has been already unlocked
Fixed village events to meet slavers being unreasonably high

v0.2.1 Demo
Added sex trait system:
Sex traits can now be unlocked during interactions.
Dislikes can now be removed from interactions.
The chance is affected by character’s Sex Factor.
Sex traits are toggled as active/inactive from Details menu.
Sex Factor increase number of active traits.
Slave delivery quests will no longer request slaves of the sex with a very low chance in settings (<=10%)
Fixed crafting list not updating correctly in some cases
Fixed tail plug/pet suit combo not working
Fixed some errors in election quest finish
Fixed characters not properly clearning in other areas in some cases
Fixed same location appearing on the list of possible locations when it was selected
Fixed default slave bodyparts for non-human races always being the same
Fixed fighter quest encounter not finishing properly in some cases
Fixed mage election quest completing right on acquiring
Fixed non-story modes not disabling story event
Fixed portrait/body selection menu not updating properly

Fixed saves storing social skill texts they didn’t need
Fixed impregnation overwriting previous pregnancy
Fixed election quest not removing loan events
Fixed seen dialogues not reverting on restart
Fixed inability of males to impregnate

Cheat Code
In game cheat code = fkfynroh

A New Game is STRONGLY recommended as of v0.3.2


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