Indecent Wife Hana v0.30 by Fallen Eros, Indecent Wife Hana by Fallen Eros is adult A lighthearted visual novel about Netorase (Wife Sharing). Hana is a loving and understanding wife that realizes her husband fetish, and while Yuma, a young man, is staying at their home during college, she takes matters into her own hands. Her husband, our protagonist, anxious at first, realizes the pleasure of sharing his wife.​

Updated: 2023-11-03
Release Date: 2023-11-03
Developer: Fallen Eros Patreon – Steam – Discord – Pixiv – Twitter – Ci-en – Itch.io – DLsite
Censored: No
Version: v0.30
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
VNDBIndecent Wife Hana
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, NTR, Milf, Creampie, Big Tits, Teasing, Swinging, Vaginal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

1. Extract and run IWH-Beta.exe on Windows or IWH-Beta.sh on Linux.
v0.30 Patreon
– 2 new CGs with variations.
– Added Content: Go Home Route – Car H-scene continuation and story climax 1st H-scene.
– 3.500 words added. (138,500 total)
– Added Official Japanese and S.Chinese translation.

v0.29 (Sept 23, 2023)
– 1 new CG with variations.
– 1 new ANIMATION (first bedroom peek scene)
– Added Content: Go Home Route – Waterpark conclusion and setting up the climax.
– Total CGs: 58 (550+ variations); 1 Animation.
– 1.800 words added. (135,000 total)
– Added French TL to the prologue (Thanks to Stalkyce). Expanded Portuguese TL (Thanks to NTR Sommelier)

v0.27 (Aug 8, 2023)

  • 1 new CG with variations.
  • Added Content: “Go Home” route H-scene continuation.
  • Total CGs: 55 (500+ variations)
  • 1.700 words added. (132,000 total)

– 2 new CGs
 with variations.
– Added Content: YUMA ENDING. Final H-scene and Epilogue. Discover if Hana is getting pregnant.
– Total CGs: 54 (500+ variations)
– 3.300 words added. (130,300 total)

– 1 new CGs
 with variations.
– Added Content: “Keep Yuma Route” continuation (1 H-Scene). “Katsuo Route” story continuation (No H-scene).
– 2 new CGs from past scenes (Yuma and Tatsuki touching chibi Hana’s br**sts & Yuma almost cu**ing inside Hana)
– Total CGs: 51 (400+ variations)
– Brand new Title Screen Cover with GUI redesign.
– 2.600 words added. (123,600 total)

– 3 new CGs with variations.
– Added Content: “Keep Yuma” route continuation (Tatsuki surprise party & hot springs trip H-scenes). Final CG of the “Hana END” epilogue. Make sure you choose “Keep Yuma” to see the contents of this update.
– Total CGs: 48 (400+ variations)
– 5.400 words added. (121,000 total)

– 2 new CGs
– added story: hana end epilogue. Keep yuma route continuation (riko h-scene and suprise party beggining)

– 3 new CGs with variations.
– Added Content: “Hana” ending. “Keep Yuma” route continuation.
– Total CGs: 45 (380+ variations)
– 5.700 words added. (116,000 total)
– Italian translation added (in-progress): Thanks to Zephyr
– Fixed typos: Thanks to Devious.-progress)

v0.20.9 Public

– 1 new CGs with variations: Report from Hana.
– Total CGs: 42 (380+ variations)
– 2.500 words added. (110,300 total)
– Italian translation added.

– 2 new CGs with variations.
– Added Content: Night sex at the apartment. Hot springs with Hana and Riko. Report from Hana.
– Total CGs: 41 (370+ variations)
– 8.000 words added
– Portuguese translation added (in-progress): Thanks to NTR Sommelier
– Spanish translation added (in-progress)
– Japanese translation added (in-progress)

– 1 New CG
– Expanded last scene
– Portuguese translation added (in-progress): Thanks to NTR Sommelier
– Spanish translation added (in-progress)

– 3 new CGs with variations.
– Total CGs: 36 (330+ variations)
– 6.200 words added. (94,350 total)
– Wallpaper: 1 new CG

– 3 new CGs with variations: Tatsuki watching Hana & Yuma (3 H-scenes)
– Total CGs: 33, 285+ variations
– 4.000 words added. (88.150 total)
– New DLC: 1 new CGs; 5 CG total

– 5 new CGs with variations:
— 2 CGs continuing the camping story, 1 CG continuing the “Go Home” option.
— 2 CGs of the new DLC.
– Total CGs:
— Main Story: 30, 230+ variations
— DLC: 4
– 5.800 words added. (84.150 total):
– Expanded the “Thermal Waters” scene script. I suggest to play from there.
– New DLC storyline.

– 2 new CGs (#26 & #27) with variations
– Total CGs: 27, 220+ variations
– 5.900 words added. (78.350 total)
– Feature: Using the “g” key now shows/hides the CG gallery buttons so you can see the whole image.
– Feature: ‘Clear Progress’ button, clears the galleries.
– Fix: Loading old saves now warns you about possible bugs.

What’s the difference between Public and Patreon builds?
Patreon builds contains the latest content regarding the story, always including new CG images. You will also be given a password to unlock it. Without it, the Patreon build will have less content than the public build. You can check the changelog to see if there’s enough content for you to consider supporting. If you decide to wait, you’ll get the same content in the public version aprox. 3-4 weeks later.

I’ll only upload public versions to this forum. I don’t condone the sharing of Patreon versions. If an user uploads it without cracking, then, it’s out of my control and I apologize if you feel baited. You can consider waiting as a way of supporting this game without spending money. I appreciate your patience.



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