MILFs of Sunville! S1 v10 by L7team, MILFs of Sunville! is a game about a young guy is forced to leave his luxurious life in a big city behind and return to a small town of Sunville, located near the ocean shore. He dreams of going back and is mad at his father who ditched him for a young wife, and left him without any financial support. He must find a way and acquire the means to make his plan come true, but will he be able to do it?

A lot of temptations await him on his way.
The college he’s going to attend is full of sexy girls and teachers.
He needs to make a choice: follow his original goal or dive into a seductive world of love affairs.
But nothing is ever easy — some relationships will demand changes from him.
He comes into town as a simple guy, will he be able to change?
And what direction will those changes take?
Will he become better or worse?
There are a lot of different ways of achieving his goals.

You’re going to assume the role of that young man in a visual novel with excellent animations and quality graphics.
The game also has a slew of cool features. For example, you can take hidden photos with your phone’s camera.
Explore the world of MILFs of Sunville!
Dive deep into realistic relationships with people around you!

Updated: 2023-05-22
Release Date: 2023-05-22
Developer: L7team – Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: S1 v10
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, sandbox, milf, school setting, big tits, big ass, handjob, titfuck, oral sex, teasing, voyeurism, vaginal sex, animated, masturbation,

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
S1 v10
This update includes ~1.400 new pictures and many cool animations.
It will also conclude the first season of the game.

v9.00 + Extra
This particular update includes around 1400 new pictures and some very hot animations!

It contains 3000 new lines of dialogue, 1558 new images and many hot animations!

1300 new images and many cool animations.
In-game gallery added. You can now see what events you missed and re-watch the events you’ve already completed.
Bug Fixes

v6.01 – hotfix1

Thanks to the players, we found a bug that is fixed in a hotfix.

  • Black screen instead of animations when “Mute All” is turned on
  • Improvements of German translation

If you don’t play in German and don’t use “Mute All” feature in the game, you can skip this fix.

It includes 1186 new pictures2360 lines of dialogue and a ton of cool animations!

This update includes 1172 new pictures and some hot close-up animations!

v4.00 Extras
This update includes 1548 new pictures and some hot close-up animations!

This update includes around 1k new pictures and some extremely hot animations!

New languages added:

  • Chinese (beta, 81%)
  • Spanish (beta, 23%)

This update consists of 1012 new pictures and cool animations!


  • Added new intro scene
  • Other improvements

Initial Release

Dev notes
We’re team L7!
This team was established to create a line of high-quality projects, the first of which is called MILFs of Sunville.

Every member of our team that consists of seven people has more than three years of game development experience.

By the way, one of the team’s founding members and the source of its inspiration is none other than DecentMonkey.
He’s a reputable author that’s been in the community for years.

We’re planning to invest all our experience and all our skills into this project.
We already have a work pipeline and high time management skills, so you can expect the game to get regular updates.



Both the crack and the activator patch are used to see the extra content and based on your preference you can use the one that you want.

Download For Patch
MEDIAFIRE WORKUPLOAD MIXDROP  *Activation Code Patch/Crack For Version V8.01 Extra

Extract it first then Put it inside Game Folder!

Download For Activator Patch
ANON *For those of you interested in the decrypted images for version v8.0.1 Extra, they are available for download

Simply copy the images from this archive’s Slides folder to: <your_game_install_folder>/game/images/Slides, and overwrite if prompted.

If you need to activate the game, there’s also an activation script packaged with it, simply follow the instructions in the instructions.txt file


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win
PIXELDRAIN GOFILE ANON *This Compressing process reduces quality.
Download For Compressed Mac
PIXELDRAIN GOFILE ANON *This Compressing process reduces quality.


Download For Extra: v9.00 Extra
Download For Patch
WINCEST PATCH   *version 9.00 Extra *You just need to extract in MoS/game folder and rewrite file (be sure to copy original file if it doesn’t work and you want to restore it). UPD.: Update for ic patch “version 90 Extra”

*If patch doesn’t work for you – try these steps, Copy original file “language_dict.json” from the “game ” folder -> delete it -> move patch file to “game” folder -> rename patch file from “language_dict_f95.json” to “language_dict.json”.


Move original file “language_dict.json” from the “game ” folder to “game/tl” folder -> rename to ” language_dict_backup1.json” -> add patch to “game” folder -> rename patch file to “language_dict.json”.

MEDIAFIRE   *Notice: This PATCH only works for V7 Extra and not V8 Extra.

Hello People. PATCH for Fashion Business’s content that where locked behind activation code and when I asked him he said that probably that crack will work for this game as well so I tried it and guess what…It works!!!
I checked it and I was able to see the bonus content.

Download the crack/patcg, EXTRACT IT FIRST! then just put it in the “game” folder and it should work.

Download For Walkthrough/Cheat/Improvement Mod
MEGA PATREON *For v9.00 Extras **Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into ” MilfsOfSunville-v3.01-pc” folder. Or copy or move all the files in the mod’s “game” folder into ” MilfsOfSunville-v3.01-pc”‘s “game” folder. Overwrite if it requires.

***Because of game’s script is written in Russian so have to translate some choices into English so it may lead to some weird problems involving language if you use another language. Sorry for this inconvenience. Use this mod at your own risk.


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