SUBVERSE by Studio Fow, SUBVERSE is a game about contains fully 3D-animated, explicit s*x scenes hand-crafted by a team of degenerate neckbeards. Please be warned that a standing crew of gorgeous women are ready to bring your fetishes to life, and that all scenes are accompanied by pleasure-filled lewd moans performed by highly talented voice actresses.

There is also cuddling in this game. If such lewd acts are offensive to you then you should avoid installing this game at all costs. Seriously, don’t do it.​

Think of the first Mass Effect titles just cut the exploring of planets and replace it with bullet-hell space battles and tactical turn-based grid combat. Especially the boss battles in the space battles make a lot of fun, cause every boss has his/her own ship and fights in a different style and the arenas have a nice changing pace from arenas to side-scrolling and others. Between battles, you can interact with your waifus and engineer on your shit and learn more about them and their opinions on the mission. There is even the obligatory gift your waifus present system with doesn´t do anything atm (or at least I haven´t found the reward).

Updated: 2022-07-27
Release Date: 2022-07-27
Developer: Studio FOW Steam – twitter – Kickststarter
Censored: No
Version: v0.5
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D Game, Voiced, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Monster Girl, Sci-Fi, Animated, Turn Based Combat, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Strategy, RPG, Oral Sex, Sex Toys
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
First Version


Download all parts, then extract only “Subverse.zip”



Download For Win (all in one)



Download For Win - PART 1
Download For Win - PART 2
Download For Win - PART 3
Download For Win - PART 4
Download For Win - PART 5
Download For Win - PART 6
Download For Win - PART 7
Download For Win - PART 8



Download For SAVES


Cheat Engine table


  • Download
  • Select the game (which is the same name as the CE file)
  • Keep current code list? Yes
  • Continue game or Start New game.
If the 3 values in CE change to the ones matching Bio/Tek/Creds in the game, gg wp ez.​
If the 3 values are ??? or a random number, it won’t work.​
(you HAVE to pass the tutorial first and unlock the upgrade menu.)


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