Cockham Superheroes v0.5 by EpicLust, Cockham Superheroes by EpicLust is an adult game about You play as a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung superhero who recently joined the Cockham League of Justice in charge of fighting sex crime in the pervert-infested city. Will you use your Super-Powers to bring notorious Super-Villains to justice or will you let the temptation of Evil overtake you and become a Super-Villain yourself?…​

Updated: 2023-10-30
Release Date: 2023-10-30
Developer: EpicLust Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Genre: big tits, big ass, milf, animated, titfuck, humor, parody, 3dcg, male protagonist, superpowers, oral sex, adventure, mobile game, vaginal sex, footjob, combat, incest, anal sex, handjob, harem

pregnancy, voyeurism
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

– Mission05 implemented. Talk to the Black Widow in her room, then to Captain MILF in the Hall to launch (SEX with Robots, LESBIAN SEX between Lara and Natasha).
– Cucking SEX Scene with Lois and Superman at Cockham Planet HQ (Lois can now become a Harem girl).
– Handjob scene with Ada Wang Redux available at the Triad location.
– Sex scene available with Emma Frost at Frost Towers during the day.
– Agent Natalya added to gallery w/ animations.
– Can now jump to Game Level02 after the intro.

– Super-Senses level 02 training with Wonder Woman at night in the gym (+BLOWJOB).
– New scene at the Lingerie store (LESBIAN, ANAL SEX).
– Quest 06 implemented: visit Lara in the evening to trigger (SEX with Queen Cleopatra, + new gallery for her, +1 Mind Control if on HERO route).
– Sexy Gym scene with Audit Girl during the day.
– Post-clothed curling sexy scene with Captain MILF in the gym at night (THIGH FUCKING).
– Poison Ivy can now become part of the MC’s Good Harem.
– AI Voice Acting now implemented for the intro (check preferences menu to activate/de-activate)

Sergeant Dani sexy photoshoot at Cockham Planet (SOLO, Masturbation) + new gallery for her.
SEX scene with Powergirl in her room at night (if MC chose to help her during WW kidnapping scene).
Audit girl jacuzzi cleaning SEX scene level02.
Angela and Demona Level02 dreamy scenes (VAGINAL SEX).
Poison Ivy SEX scene if she is in the MC’s Evil Harem.

Changelog v0.3.2:
– Saves can now be named (still, don’t save within a screen!)
– New animation screens added to the galleries, with different outfits + naked for each girl.
– Titjob from Powergirl in the gym (train naked when nobody’s around).
– SEX scene with The Black Widow in her room at night (if MC chose to help her during WW kidnapping scene).
– Quest05 implemented – Go to the CCPD during the day to trigger. (SEX with Poison Ivy, THREESOME SEX with Sophia Porker and Captain Sawyer)
– SEX scene with Captain Sawyer in her office during the day once quest 05 is completed.

– Superhero leveling up scene (FMG (Supergirl) and THREESOME SEX with Captain MILF and Supergirl, parts of which become a new repeateable sex scene with Captain MILF available from her roon at night).
– Several existing scenes now become unavailable due to leveling up.
– SEX scene with Lara Crotch in her room at night (need Super-Seduction Level 2).
– Sexy scene with Wonder Woman in her room at night.
– Several NEW small scenes at the gym with various girls.
– Supergirl added to MC jacuzzi jerkoff scene + new MC pics for that scene.
– New sexy scene at Lois’ place (DILDO MASTURBATION).

– Introduction of Supergirl (Lesbian scene with Powergirl, HANDJOB and VAGINAL SEX, meet Poison Ivy).
– Extension of the Audit Girl Jacuzzi scene (SEX, +1 Villain pt available).
– Mind Control level 1 training with Emma Frost on the Villain Route.
– Fight with Wonder Woman (ANAL SEX, +1 Super-Combat on the Hero Route).
– Sexy gym scene with Captain MILF ending Game Level 1.

– Special action-packed Event that will trigger automatically (sex with Wonder Woman).

– Arkham Asylum location added – fly with Powergirl in the evening to obtain it.

– Quest 04 implemented – Go to Lara’s room after Special Event to trigger it. Introduces She-Hulk (sex).

– Two sex(y) scenes with Miss Scarlet once She-Hulk quest is activated – visit Arkham in the evening.

– Two sexy night pool scenes with Powergirl available.

– Titjob from Demona in the Villain route available every week at night.

– Mission 04 implemented – Go to CCPD to trigger it.
– Super-Resistance training with Emma Frost (Villain Route – need to be at least neutral).
– Maledom sex scene with Captain MILF – visit her at night (Hero or Villain Route, need to be very good or at least evil) – same scene bar dialogues and two pics.
– Titfuck scene available with Excella Gionne – visit the Mafia Lair with Audit Girl at night to trigger.
– Threesome sex scene with Barbara and Tabitha available at the Sirens Club – visit during the day.
– Handjob from Angela in the good route available every week at night.
– Extended Lois Pane BDSM scene (+1 Super-Villain pt available).
– 3 more girls to dream about while wanking in the jacuzzi.

– Quest 02 implemented – sex with Lara Crotch.
– Super-Combat training with the Black Widow at the gym. Two scenes (so return), one with a “happy ending”.
– Super-Agility training with Wonder Woman at the gym (ending in a blowjob).
– Super-Seduction training with Captain MILF in her room at night (sexy scene with breastfeeding).
– Super-Strength training with Superman at the gym (Super-Villain or Super-Hero point available).
– Sex scene with the Black Widow at the pool during the day available (extended scene if MC has acquired the Cockring of Lust).
– Lingerie sessions with Powergirl in her room at night (ending in a footjob)
– Lingerie store available with a handjob scene with store clerk available.

This update focuses on expanding the town with many new characters to meet.
– Mission 03 implemented – Talk to Captain MILF in the hall in the morning to unlock.
– Mission 03 sex details – Scenes with Mayor’s daughter + new character Honoka.
– Several town locations added: Sirens Club, Mafia, Lois’ Flat, Harley Quiff’s Den, Mayor’s House, Frost Towers, Chinese Triad.
– Go on the beat with Captain Sawyer (ask about sex crimes during the day at the CCPD – needed to unlock Harley’s den, also need Super-Agility as starting superpower).
– Yoga Stretching scene with Captain MILF added (go to her room at night).

Developer Notes
the INTRO version of my new game “Cockham Superheroes


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cockham-superheroes-epiclustEpiclust does it again. Another fantastic baby faced, muscle bound huge dick protagonist that delivers hardcore action, big titted babes and a not too serious story that is guaranteed to tickle your pickle (if you're in these things). If you've played his other games and didn't care of them, you won't like this one either. If you loved his other games, then you will love this one. I hope he is able to continue his pretty regular update schedule he has with previous titles, and if so, this one will be a regular in my library.