SnowStorm v0.6 DR by GleenX Studio, SnowStorm by GleenX Studio is adult game about Far in the North, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and forests, three clans are coexisting in the strange village of Njardarheimr: the Hvitr Ulfr (White Wolves), the Myrk Hrafn (Dark Ravens), and the Bloba Bjorn (Bloody Bears). Those clans are so different, nothing seems to bring them together, but when facing greater danger, they become the mighty Vikings. This epic adventure in the Northern lands will let you explore the ancient Norse mysteries, make important decisions, fight for your survival and meet a lot of beautiful girls. Whatever the path you choose, only the most determined survive.

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Updated: 2024-02-23
Release Date: 2024-02-23
Developer: GleenX Studio Patreon – Discord – Youtube – Instagram – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.5 BB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Genre: 3DCG, Adult, Adventure, Animated, Anal sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Combat, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Handjob, Humor, Male protagonist, MILF, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Romance, Stripping, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Virgin

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
2024-02- 17 [v0.6 DR]
This v0.6 update has the DR tag as it mainly contains Dark Raven’s content in order to further develop their storyline. And you can expect that the following update will feature White Wolves.
Beside the Raven’s girls, you’ll also enjoy a nice storyline with Astrid and Yrsa.
6500+ lines of code/script (80%DR – 10%BB – 10%WW)
500+ new renders
20+ new songs
10+ animations
Lewd scenes with 6 different girls (Nox, Katja, Lizgard, Milka, Astrid, Yrsa)
2 temporary endings for DR with different possible status in each

2023-10- 27 [v0.5-BB]

This update has the BB tag as it mainly contains Bloody Bears content. However, it has almost the double amount of content of the previous updates (usually between 300/400 renders and 3000/4000 lines). Instead of providing quite little content for each clan at each update, from now on, one clan will be the main focus during each update, allowing to further develop the relationships and the drama of that clan to provide a more complete play-through. DR update will follow soon, and WW just after. (The order was decided for story purposes, to reveal the mysteries gradually without spoiling too much what is happening in the other clans). Even if BB is not your favorite playthrough, it is recommended to have a look at it as it is pretty interesting for the whole story.

  • 6000+ lines of code/script (80%BB – 10%DR – 10%WW)
  • 600+ new renders
  • 20+ new songs
  • 10+ sex animations
  • 5 complete sex scenes with 4 different girls (Candrid, Helga, Sonja, Yrsa)
  • 5 temporary endings in this update (1 for WW, 1 for DR, 3 for BB)
  • Previous content have been through an editor/proofreader and the writing should feel better

2023-07- 17 [v0.4.5]

This version features a quite heavy rework of the gameplay and relations with the girls according to your clan. The goal is to make the game a bit easier, the stories with the side girls a bit deeper and linked to the main story, and the playthrough with each clan even more unique. While old saves might work, they will not be optimized and might lead to uncomplete content. It is strongly advised to restart a playthrough from the start of the second chapter (at the midsummer festival for example, or just before the week 2 of quests).

  • The way side quests are working has been changed :
– You will have as many quests as available days, so you won’t miss any quests by lack of time.
– The side quests will now work in the same way than the main girls events (Astrja, Nox, Candrid). It means that they won’t be repeatable anymore if you fail them. Whether you succeed or fail to get the affinity point during that quest, you will advance to the next one. However with less affinity, you will probably miss the most romantic/lewd parts of the next event and at some point of the game, you might not be able to proceed further with her anymore, or get access to their “offer”.
– If you don’t get some quests it’s because they are not available for your clan or because you didn’t raise your affinity high enough with that girl.
  • The number of girls you can encounter has been restricted :
– When you are part of the White Wolves, you can also interact with Sonja and Lizgard.
– When you are part of the Dark Ravens, you can also interact with Astrid and Yrsa.
– When you are part of the Bloody Bears, you can also interact with Katja and Mathilda.
  • The stats management is simplified and won’t depend of girls picks anymore :
– The stats you can get with each clan will be a bit more predictable and mostly depends on your clan. WW is mostly INT/STR oriented, BB is mostly DEX/STR oriented, DR is mostly INT/DEX oriented. Do not worry about lacking a stat, there will be always alternatives to progress further.
– The stats give little cool bonus to reward the players that enjoy looking for secrets and easter eggs, but they don’t change anything to the story. Players who don’t care about those can totally ignore them, but you have to accept to not get 100% of the secrets.
– Some sudden “ability tests” have been replaced by choices menus that are selectable or not depending on your stats. You’ll know how many points are required.
– The money management is now adjusted and fully operational.
  • You can now imput a name to your saves
– On the saving screen, you will notice an imput prompt on the top left, you can indicate a name for your save and then click on one of the slots like usual. You can also ignore and save without a name.
  • Adjusted and new content :
– Adjusted Milka’s event in the BB path
– New event for Sonja (Arm wrestling) in the BB path
– New event for Katja (Mysterious hunting) in the BB path
– New event for Mathilda (Archery training) in the BB path
– Adjusted Yrsa’s Haunted Ruins event in the DR path
– Adjusted Astrid’s Market event in the DR path
– Adjusted Milka’s event in the DR path
– New event for Katja (Mysterious hunting) in the DR path
– New event for Sonja (Contest with Astrja) in the WW path
– New event for Mathilda (Archery training) in the WW path
– New event for Lizgard (The shy & sexy tactic) in the WW path
– Adjusted Milka’s event in the WW path
– Unlockable bonus scene for Fate (in-game & treasure chest)
– There will be 2 daily events to do between the burial and the raid departure.
– Adjusted the interactions you get during the raid preparations according to your clan.
– Changed the affinity results after the raid to show only the girls for whom you could have gotten affinity with, depending on your clan
– Adjusted the gameplay for Fate’s scene during the raid with another way to save her by not chasing her.
– Few new scenes after the raid, to Introduce the chapter 5, mostly with the girls that were not in the raid.

2023-05-13 [v0.4.b]

This update brings you into some epic and wild action, with a good progress on the main intrigue. It will mark the end of the chapter 4.
This version is still considered as a beta as the proofreading is not complete yet. That aside, it should be pretty functional.

  • 300 new renders
  • 3000 new lines
  • 10 new tracks
  • 5 affinity points can be earned (Astrja, Candrid, Katja, Mathilda, Sonja)
  • No affinity points but some nice/cute content with Astrid and Lizgard
  • Nox and Yrsa get low screen time on this update but their turn will come next.

2022-02-24 [v0.3.5]

  • 300 new renders
  • 2500 new lines
  • The 3 clans have pretty different content
  • BB path has slightly more content than the others this time
  • All paths have at least one lewd scene each
  • Main stars of this update : Astrja, Nox and all BB girls.
  • You can get affinity (4) with Astrja, Nox and Candrid
  • Replay gallery updated

2022-12-27 [v0.3.1-bugfix]
Bugfix for a rare case scenario where you get an uncaught exception “couldn’t find label astrja_s3 or candrid_s3”. Happens only to players who failed last Astrja’s or Candrid’s main event. If you didn’t get this error in the v0.3.0, you can ignore it. The patch file v0.3.1 has to be used only with the v0.3.0 release.

2022-12-19 [v0.3.0]
Completion of week 3 of gameplay, with several new events.
You can get an affinity point with Astrid, Mathilda, Katja, Lizgard, Nox, Yrsa, Sonja

  • 450 new renders (total 2350)
  • 4500 new lines (total 21800)
  • 20 new tracks (total 110)
  • 6 new hot scenes
  • 6 new secrets (total 30)
  • Replay gallery updated

2022-10-16 [v0.2.5]
This update adds pretty distinctive story content for each clan

  • Two in-game days of gameplay, featuring almost all the casting.
  • You can earn an affinity point with Astrja, Candrid and Katja
  • 350 new renders (total 1900)
  • 4000 new lines (total 17300)
  • 15 new tracks
  • Few hot scenes
  • 3 new secrets
  • Treasure room and replay room updated
  • Changed the OldNorse font to one that is a bit easier to read

2022-08-15 [v0.2.0]
This update brings you to the end of chapter 2

  • Complete gameplay is now operational
  • You can now meet/date some of the girls from other clans
  • Reworked the transition scene between the end of chapter 1 and the start of the midsummer festival
  • Added scenes & events for Astrja, Nox, Candrid, Astrid, Lizgard and Yrsa.
  • Introduced the next main event
  • Context adaptation in some events when you are part of another clan
  • 450 new renders (total 1550)
  • 4000 new lines (total 13300)
  • 20 new tracks
  • 2 sex scenes with several animations
  • 6 new secrets for the Treasure Vault Room
  • Updated Replay Room
  • GUI rework

2022-04-09 [v0.1.5]
This version adds 3 main story events. It’s a story update (ie. not very lewd).
Size : 1.45Gb
Renders : 1100
Script : 9300 lines
Hot scenes : 8
Secrets : 15
Songs : 45
Playtime : 110-150min
Replay room updated
Treasure chest updated
GUI reworked for better visibility

2021-02-26 [v0.1.0]
This version is the complete start of SnowStorm with additional events to discover more about the characters & lore, and brings you to the end of chapter 1
Size : 1.25Gb
Renders : 870
Script : 7500 lines
Hot scenes : 7
Secrets : 10
Songs : 40
Playtime : 90 to 120min
Replay room added
Treasure chest room added with 10 secrets
Fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes
Reworked a few scenes for better immersion

2021-12-19 [Demo]
This demo presents you about 1h of gameplay with a big intro and 3 paths
Size : 0.8Gb
Renders : 490
Script : 4000 lines
Hot scenes : 5
Secrets : 0
Songs : 25
Playtime : 45 to 60min


If you want to replace the Old Norse font (when characters speak Norse) with a normal one, press ctrl+A
If you get some bugs on the daily quest menu, you are probably using an outdated mod or you tweaked the variables in a wrong manner. This game is best enjoyed in its original form + PDF walkthrough.


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Download For Compressed Win
Download For Guide
Download For Cheat & Gallery mod
ANON TRANSFER GOFILE OSHI UP2SHARE *Universal. (It should work on all versions.) **Put the mod/ folder into the game/ directory.

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