Princess & Conquest by Towerfag, Princess & Conquest Game is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”!

The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom! The combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to add the right amount of challenge.

You can also distribute points to your party members as you level them up, influencing the fighting and adult mechanics regarding them!

The player can interact with princesses and NPCs, gaining Affinity Points with them, that will eventually permit you to access the fluff ‘n lewds.

Every NPC race has its own set of animations, that will adapt to the NPC you’re “lewding”!
Meet monstergirls (or humans), see places, you will always find someone that wants to have fun with you!

Updated: 2022-10-27
Release Date: 2022-10-27
Developer: Towerfag  Patreon – SubscribeStar – Twitter – Wiki – Wikia Fandom
Censored: No
Version: v0.19.11 + PeachBounce
OS: Windows
Language: English
StoreItch.io – Steam
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Strategy, RPG, Pregnancy, Adventure, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big tits, Combat

VX Ace RTP is required to play the game.

1. Download and install the VX Ace RTP if it isn’t installed.
2. Extract and run.

Additions and changes:

  • Jozzlyn NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Moth Princess NSFW animation #4 added!
  • Jozzlyn NSFW scene added
  • Added Moth Princess’ Route step II
  • Improved Bandit unit placement and calculations in the World Map
  • Bandits now stop spawning after Bandit Princess is dealt with
  • Reworked the calculations behind Insect Princess’ appearance
  • Improved performances in the World Map and many other “busy” maps
  • Greatly reduced stress caused by using “continuous/hold” abilities (like Knight’s Shield, Slime/Moss/Mimic stealthy abilities, Vashti Sneak Attacks, overworld flight…)
  • Added a new animation showing the New Game and New Day events being calculated
  • Map Transfers are now correctly put on hold while New Day events are being calculated
  • Golem Progeny being “born” doesn’t reduce Life Force anymore
  • Life Force increase on every Progeny delivery outside from Golems/Skeletons/Ghosts/Crystals
  • Added many embellishments around Slime/Golem/Insect/Skeleton Reigns
  • Reworked Golem Tower boss
  • Added dedicated sprites for the Mermaid Sisters, Calypso, and Mermaid Progeny!
  • Flying on the overworld map doesn’t increase movement speed anymore
  • “Spooky Progeny” Achievement and Medal can now be obtained
  • “Moonlit Progeny” Achievement and Medal can now be obtained
  • Slightly reduced Mermaid/Finhead war tendencies
  • Life Steal rebalanced (12,5%-25% to 1-2%)
  • Frenzy Anemone balance. From -50% HPs/+25% ATK to -25% HPs/+25% Crit Chance
  • Atlantean Armor balance. From +25% ATK/+50% DEF/-25% AGI to +25% ATK/+25% DEF/-25% AGI
  • Steel Comet balance. From +50% ATK/-25% DEF/Seal Accessory to +25% ATK/+25% AGI/Seal Accessory

Beta Only:

  • Oni Content!
  • Oni Event I is now playable!
  • Oni Event II is now playable!
  • Fang Princess can now fight in the Colosseum!
  • Orata, the Swift, can now fight in the Colosseum!
  • Kaius can now fight in the Colosseum!
  • The first areas of the Oni Reign are now visitable (Oni Passage/Colosseum/Infirmary) and more are ready for the next events!
  • Oni Bean Merchant can now be met in the Oni Reign
  • Svaara, Forge Princess can now be met in the Oni Reign (soon, many new armor sets will be available at her forge!)
  • New item added: Bastardoni
  • New item added: Warlust Beans. -50 HPs +25% ATK -25% DEF/MDF
  • New item added: Bloodlust. -500 HPs. If surviving +3ATK/-1DEF or +3MAT/-1MDF
  • New item added: Blood Iron
  • New armor added: Huntress Favor
  • New armor added: Golden Net
  • New armor added: Cart Reins
  • New armor added: Heavy Bracelet
  • “Huntress Tribesmen” costume added for Harvest Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Olympian Armor” costume added for Finhead Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Testudo” costume added for Skeleton Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Hematite Staff (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Hematite Claws (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Blood Whip (Svaara Forge)
  • Triclop Wicca guards added around Oni Reign


  • Fixed “Lucky Charm” Skill bonus stacking up
  • Fixed random freezes on Progeny deliveries
  • Fixed Skeleton Progeny born from “The Death Not” not getting Skills
  • Fixed “Prince Knight” Trait giving Magic Silk dialogue prompts
  • Fixed Depositing/Withdrawing Progeny with stat altering Skills from Dear Daycare getting buggy stats
  • Fixed Wendigo Princess not being shown in BW in Dear’s Menu while taken out by the Player
  • Fixed Gravelord Skeleton Progeny being always female
  • Fixed the Player getting stuck in the “renaming” dialogue loop when fetching an egg before Dear’s presentation has happened
  • Fixed Bird Princess not showing delivery and aphrodisiac balloons around the Campsite
  • Fixed Cat Progeny deliveries possibly showing the text of its string
  • Fixed selling a Progeny to the goblins possibly canceling its Skill
  • Optimized performance in almost every one of the 500+ maps in the game
  • Fixed Bakeneko / Narag-Turg / Hippopotus / Cucco and other big monsters often not stopping fighting when one of the menus is opened
  • Fixed having 1 permanent and 1 normal state and resting, causing also the permanent state to be removed
  • Fixed some finhead battlesuits not showing in all their parts
  • Fixed screen fading back in during new day calculations
  • Fixed buggy slime expressions when wearing some of the shape-changing costumes
  • Fixed the first Colosseum battle not starting correctly
  • Reworked and upgraded Fang Princess’ battle system
  • Fixed Ice Chongers possibly sending the player over walls
  • Fixed some transformation items possibly resetting the Progeny level to 1 when used
  • Fixed Cinder Ribbon possibly bugging some items used after it
  • Fixed Crystal Cave passability issues
  • Fixed performance issues in Slime Reign during the “Bubbling Emotions” sneaking section
  • Fixed transformations items bugging Progeny level if used before said Progeny gets deposited in Dear’s Box after leveling up
  • Fixes around Oni Colosseum
  • Fixed Fairy form Moth Princess expressions
  • Fixed Rin naked portraits


Added Babs Potion Shop Minigame

v0.19.09 Patch 1

  • Fixed Bird Progeny not being allowed to be random Harlots inside the Stone Knife
  • Fixed Bird Princess bugs in Stone Knife events
  • Fixed Princesses disappearing if redeemed from the Stone Knife and sent to Faun’s Tavern instead of the Player’s party
  • Fixed some of Sata dialogues inside Little Mice Inn leaving her portrait stuck on screen
  • Fixed eggs hatching possibly displaying the wrong party member on screen
  • Fina is not meant to be battlefucked, fixed the times it used to happen
  • Fixed DLC outfits and most of the recent ones not carrying over after using the MYSTERY BOX
  • Fixed the game being possibly saved when a location CG is showing

Minigame Added
Pervert’s Dash.


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. Kobold Princess NSFW Animation #6 added
  3. Cat Princess NSFW Animation #5 added
  4. Dog Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  5. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Kobold Princess
  6. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Cat Princess
  7. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Dog Princess
  8. Complete Gamepad rework and addition of the “Controls” menu to check gamepad and keyboard controls
  9. Battle HUD now changes if a supported gamepad is detected
  10. If you have a supported controller plugged in, the controls will be transferred to that, make sure to unplug it if you wish to play with your keyboard!
  11. Gamepad and Keyboard controls now have no issue working at the same time (you won’t need to unplug your gamepad anymore if you want to play with your keyboard)
  12. Reworked assets for many NPCs (Guild Clerk, Calypso, Nun Trainer, Batty, Dear, Scarecrow Princess, Rin). More to come in the next updates
  13. Reworked fertility cycles for Cat/Dog/Mouse/Rabbit Princess, they will get longer windows to get pregnant
  14. You can now optionally sell your leftover “Princess Panties” items to Lina and Trevor in bulk
  15. Added 4 Mice Sister in the Clocktown! Loretta (Lift Operator), Lola (City Guide), Pin (Tinkerer) and Miss Borne (Cart Operator)
  16. Added “Peach Bounce” reward! 10x Chateau Lapin and “Peach Floatie” costume for Rabbit Princess and Progeny! Get them by using the code Rabbit Princess gives you as you complete the minigame!
  18. Fixes:
  19. Fixed Bird Princess broken events around Dog Princess’ tower
  20. Adjustments have been made in Harvest Princess’ Windmill
  21. Negative/Positive Reign Affinity has been capped to +-10 (and will be reset to the min or max value daily)
  22. Fixed “Prayer: Purify” often not correctly resetting Corruption to 0
  23. Fixed crashes/freezes happening while navigating many menus using the gamepad’s D-PAD (Diaries, Battlefuck resisting, Forge Menu, Animation Menu, Goblin Slave Market, Calendar, Bird Kingdom Map, Dance Dance quest, Death Not…)
  24. Fixed crashes happening after pausing the game and browsing one of the game’s Menus during an ongoing attack animation
  25. Fixed some buggy quest completions getting triggered at the wrong times
  26. Fixed Mermaid Princess “Kraken Hat” costume making her bodiless
  27. Various fixes inside the Sphinx Pyramid
  28. Fixed buggy Red Thread Ring with Mermaid and Bird Princess
  29. Fixed Dragon Princess II reverting the overworld map to daylight even if her “attack” happens at night
  30. Fixed Tea Parties possibly activating the Battle HUD upon returning to the World Map
  31. Fixed player being invisible upon entering Insect Princess’ room with sneaky actions before officially meeting her
  32. Fixed 2 Campsite events possibly happening in sequence, causing buggy sprite loading
  33. Fixed Amelie dialogue choices possibly going over the text box bounds
  34. Fixed Player stuck in Pullet Inn if trying to leave it at 23
  35. Fixed Dragon Princess I / DQ scene making the player pass through walls after its completion
  36. Fixed failure to defeat the insects during one of Insect Princess events breaking her room on next visits
  37. Fixed getting 2 times the Swirlies if Family Jewels is equipped in Dragon Princess I NSFW event
  38. Fixed Cat-Dog-Goblin NSFW events not giving the correct lewd EXP/stats/cum
  39. Fixed resting in Little Mice Inn until nightfall making the inside of the inn dark too
  40. Swapped various eggs found around maps to their specific racial sprite
  41. Fixed Honey Syrup not being spent to enter the Insect Hive the first time
  42. Fixed the Reign Banner fading out often and also deleting whatever picture on screen at that time
  43. Fixed the Save Crystals (let me know if any issue arises with them now)
  44. Bird / Crystal Progeny will now refuse to follow you to the private room in the Stone Knife brothel (bird NPC animation being worked on right now)
  45. Fixed Birdcage sieging units still visible as “?” when the siege is lifted
  46. Fixed real-time calendar on year <= 2021 crashing the game when the ingame calendar is opened
  47. Various improvements for bird field battle calculations.

Added Peach Bounce (Minigame #1).


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. Goblin Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  3. Dusk Princess NSFW Animation #1 added
  4. Vashti NSFW Animation #1 added
  5. Vashti, the Killer, has been added as DLC character
  6. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Goblin Princess
  7. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Dusk Princess
  8. Added new sprites for alternative forms: Dog KoboldP, Fish CatP, Moon RabbitP, Shitzu DogP, Robo MouseP, Wolf HarvestP, Butterfly MothP, Gremlin GoblinP
  9. Reworked HUD elements for “Death Not” and Kobold Fortress management
  10. Fixes:
  11. Fixed many wonky choice windows
  12. Fixed LeChef not feeding Mermaid and Bird Princess when asked
  13. Fixed “That Stiff Feeling” quest crashing the game when entering Skeleton Princess’ Reign
  14. Fixed Remix Mode crashes
  15. Fixed Insect/Skeleton Princess names being inverted when checking who’s controlling a farming plot in the World Map
  16. Fixed some armless (THICC form) Golem Progeny
  17. Fixed Bird Princess giving Kotinos several times in the Campsite
  18. Fixed bugs with Death Noth menu and Kobold Fortress management
  19. Fixed black screen when accessing the Crystal Lizard room after completing its quest
  20. Fixed various bugs with the Beach minigame
  22. Fixes (included in Patch3 for v0.19.4):
  23. Fixed crashes in Reign screens with Reign Banner getting disposed incorrectly
  24. Missing Bird Princess diary picture in Menu
  25. Fixed crashes when entering Cat Princess throne room after she has an Heir
  26. Fixed crashes happening when upgrading Reigns Army/Walls under certain conditions
  27. Fixed black screen during Goblin Bandit scene
  28. Fixed eggs hatching during Holsauri races
  29. Fixed buggy auto-swaps not placing the Knight as leader of the party
  30. Fixed Mermaid Princess clipping through Goblin Princess’ slave cage
  31. Fixed broken save crystal during Kobold’s ending
  32. Fixed (removed, useless) save crystal in the Monastery’s Graveyard
  33. Fixed NPCs and Ch/i/mps spawning on top of each other in the Clocktown
  34. Fixed Beach minigame not resetting correctly
  35. Fixed BGS not fading out when reaching an ending
  36. Fixed eggs hatching during lift rides and other occasions
  37. Fixed Talon Guards not being shown in Throne Rooms when they’re sent as Bird Princess’ envoys.


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. Sphinx Princess NSFW Animation #1 added
  3. Wyvern Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  4. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Sphinx Princess
  5. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Wyvern Ending
  6. Added Reign Banners at the entrance of every Princess’ territory (16x)
  7. Fixes:
  8. Added cache cleaning script every time the Player enters any World Map. This should take care of the memory issues and of “Black Map of Death” crashes
  9. Added various adjustments to the placing of choice list boxes throughout the game
  10. Fixed infinite Swirlies bug in Goblin Brewery
  11. Fixed Babs gallery animations stopping as they start
  12. Fixed many crashes during scene changes
  13. Fixed random crashes during new day calculations
  14. Fixed Lina not being in Faun Tavern at times she’s supposed to
  15. Fixed the Kingdom Calendar being out of sync with Tea Parties
  16. Fixed random crashes happening on new day calculations
  17. Fixed Lina not being in Faun Tavern at times she’s supposed to
  18. Fixed the Kingdom Calendar being out of sync with Tea Parties
  19. Various bugs and typos.


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. Kingdom Calendar added! You can now track down the events happening around the Kingdom easily (unlocks in the Pause Menu and on the “N” key)
  3. Human X Cat Princess NSFW Animation #1 added
  4. Rabbit X Harvest Princess NSFW Animation #1 added
  5. Moss Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  6. Marie NSFW Animation #1 added
  7. Marie, Corrupted Nun, has been added as DLC character
  8. Added weapon! Ecclesiastic Claw (Marie DLC)
  9. Added armor! Bloody Bandages (Marie DLC)
  10. “Indecent Bikini” costume added for Marie (Marie DLC)
  11. “Decent Maid Dress” costume added for Marie (Marie DLC)
  12. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Dragon Princess I
  13. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Rabbit X Harvest Princess
  14. Reworked CG scene with new animation: Kobold Ending
  15. Added a sexy Kobold Maid in the Kobold Fortress, during the Intro
  16. Adjusted Sound Effects on every NSFW animation
  17. Reworked assets for many NPCs (Pruna, Crystal Princess, Mimic Princess, Kheera, Mermaid sisters, Pirate Princess, Gazer Princess). More to come in the next updates.
  18. Added a script to make sure NPCs don’t spawn onto each other in most meeting spots
  19. Increased highest won/lost battles influence on armies balance
  20. Little Mice Inn added in Clocktown!
  21. Added item! Prayer: Cleanse
  22. Added Area CG: “Ancient Battlefield”
  23. Added Area CG: “Crystal Crater”
  24. Added Area CG: “Scarecrow Field”
  25. Added Area CG: “Dragon Queen’s Castle”
  26. Added Area CG: “Human Castle’s Slums”
  27. Added Area CG: “Rock Tunnel”
  28. Added Area CG: “Monastery”
  29. During special (real-life) time windows you’ll also notice some differences in your calendar:
  31. 21/03-15/04: Bloomgaze Festival always runs
  32. 28/10-02/11: Spookfest always runs
  33. 22/12-06/01: Chillbite Blessing always runs
  34. Full Moon days: Moon Festival always runs
  36. Fixes:
  37. Added a script that fixes mismatched Progeny body type/gender
  38. Added a script that re-randomize Progeny that ended up with broken/not working assets
  39. Fixed “non Heir” Progeny deliveries always adding a broken Progeny into Dear’s Box
  40. Fixed crashing Status Screen when Reigns end up having negative Army/Wall scores
  41. Fixed Progeny not keeping their special custom hair/color when recruited
  42. Fixed buggy Harvest/Insect overworld map units
  43. Fixed Cat Princess first Campsite “attack” not progressing the game events to the next day
  44. Fixed the Crystal Lizard cave. You can now enter it and break crystals when the quest isn’t active
  45. Fixed Insect Princess THICC form missing the naked portrait
  46. Fixed game crashing when wearing Green Deceit after in a battle for the “De Profundis” quest
  47. Fixed Kobold Princess wandering around too far in the first Campsite scene, during the Intro
  48. Fixed some missing Progeny bodies (mainly males, and mainly dragons)
  49. Fixed missing sprite calls in various meeting spots (Lighthouses, Monastery Library, Lamia Ruins, Beach, Hunting Terrace, Rabbit Vineyards, Slime Pool, Beach…)
  50. Fixed Knight clipping after some Campsite events
  51. Fixed Rattesein bank account not resetting if you didn’t carry over your Bank Book with the Mystery Box
  52. Fixed issues with Eldritch Princess recruitment scene
  53. Fixed zoom-in effect sometimes remaining after battlefuck animations
  54. Fixed Life Pearl possibly giving Oni Progeny
  55. Fixed Progeny meant to be recruited as naked being automatically assigned a standard costume
  56. Fixed Skeleton Princess not visible during the siege event, after getting her room’s Key
  57. Reworked enemy range detector script
  58. Prevent crashes when entering Diamond Seashell / Mermaid Bottom / Clocktown / Birdcage at midnight
  59. Siege CGs now fade out like the rest of the artworks
  60. Fixed Goblin/Moth troops placing on the overworld map
  61. Fixed Crystal Crater stones not dropping Crystals
  62. Fixed Mermaid Bottom loading crash
  63. Fixed Knight being slowed down after refusing to enter Kobold Princess’ Route
  64. Fixed Harvest X Rabbit scenes II and III being available when Harvest is in its THICC form (which automatically gives Harvest the female form)
  65. Fixed Spinel Hermits becoming unresponsive after the Player gets certain costumes
  66. Various bugs and typos


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. -More than 80(!) new dialogues have been added for Defeats and Conquests! They’ll play in combination as a Princess tramples another Princess’ Reign while on the World Map!
  3. -REMIX expanded! You can now start with up to 2 Progeny companions, with their own names and costumes! Their race will depend on what happened during the REMIX time lapse
  4. -Progeny in Dear’s Daycare can now be renamed!
  5. -Battle System optimization (heavily reduced performance issues with many monsters around + general optimization + improved attack range detection)
  6. -Mouse X Golem Princess NSFW scene added
  7. -Requirements for PxP scenes have been changed: 3 Love on each Princess for the 2nd scene, 7 Love on each Princess for the 3rd scene
  8. -Salizzie NSFW Animation #1 added
  9. -Wuchan, Monkey Princess, NSFW Animation #1 added
  10. -Ghost Prince NSFW Animation #1 added
  11. -SUCC Oni Princess NSFW Animation #1 added
  12. -Acerola NSFW Animation #1 added
  13. -Gema, Cherry Tree, has been added around Babs’ Hut
  14. -Gema NSFW Animation #1 added
  15. -Salizzie has been added as DLC character
  16. -Wuchan, Monkey Princess, has been added as DLC character
  17. -DLC characters can now get swimsuits and maid dresses (will only drop if you have at least 1 DLC NPC)
  18. -Remade Acerola portraits
  19. -New sprite added: Golem Princess
  20. -New sprite added: Fallen Kobold Fortress
  21. -New sprite added: Ice Maiden
  22. -Reworked stat changes for Golem / Skeleton / Ghost alternative forms
  23. -Added Area CG: “Sphinx Pyramid”
  24. -Added Area CG: “Jewel Trench”
  25. -Added Area CG: “Wolf Cave”
  26. -Added Area CG: “Gazer Prison”
  27. -Added Area CG: “Purplecap Forest”
  28. -Added Area CG: “Ghost Mind”
  29. -Added Area CG: “Slime Titan”
  30. -Added System ON/OFF switch to Area CGs
  31. -New sprites added: Kobold, Insect, Moth, Dragon, Finhead, Mermaid, Bird, Drider, Lamia, Crystal EGGS!
  32. -New Cheat added: “Progeny Get”! Add any number of Progeny to your box, of a single race you choose or of a mix of random races!
  33. -“Progeny get” Cheat Progeny can also have custom haircuts
  34. Fixes:
  35. -Fixed crashes during siege events when DP1 intervenes
  36. -Fixed Heir sprites being displayed in throne rooms during infiltrations
  37. -Reduced Mermaid/Finhead inclination to early war declarations
  38. -Increased siege timer for sieges FROM and TO Mermaid Reign
  39. -Fixed buggy calculations for overworld army placing in wars against Rabbit / Finhead / Mermaid / Harvest
  40. -Fixed battles against Bird not affecting Diplomacy with other Reigns
  41. -Fixed Wish Wisp not affecting Diplomacy with Finhead/Mermaid/Bird in some of its effects
  42. -Fixed staple NPCs (DLC ones, Moss, Crusader, Dokuro, Scarecrow, Amelie…) race being swapped with Progeny ones. Speak to Dear and they’ll be reverted if it happened to you.
  43. -Fixed Drider NPCs never be found in the Stone Knife
  44. -Optimized the processes for Mouse taxes calculation
  45. -REMIX mode starting in the Southern Kingdom now prevents the Clocktown presentation scene to be played
  46. -Mermaid now lose and gain Population at a much slower rate
  47. -Fixed Skeleton custom hair possibly bugging out and hiding the portrait’s head
  48. -Fixed Mouse Princess expressions misalignment with either “T.C.V.” or “Q-T-5N00” costumes
  49. -Fixed grabbing Catalyst Dagger during Ghost Princess final fight newly triggering her Route’s quest
  50. -Fixed Breeding Contract (Goblin) not affecting the Knight’s Affinity with Bird
  51. -Fixed possible Tea Party crashes
  52. -Fixed the first Progeny in the box being swapped with an Holstaur from time to time
  53. -Fixed Fairy/Mermaid/Crystal Progeny possible appearing in meeting spots they don’t belong to
  54. -Fixed Faun’s Tavern visitors often belonging to the same Progeny race
  55. -Fixed Bird Progeny not being given the “Penned In” costume after being bought in a Slave Auction
  56. -Fixed Bird Princess “STAMP!” scene being accessible even when there are no wars you’re able to “STAMP!”
  57. -Fixed Frog Princess Bath Water effect on Harvest Princess not affecting Mermaids and Birds
  58. -Frog Princess Bath Water effect on Cat Princess now can also give the Knight “SCRAB” and “Shiny Core”
  59. -Fixed Dog Progeny folded ears sometimes being shown above the face
  60. -Fixed typos in Sphinx Pyramid
  61. -Fixed buggy Rabbit siege events
  62. -Fixed Mouse X Golem animation not unlocking with Cheats
  63. -Fixed some Holstaur Progeny animations crashing in Babs Gallery
  64. -Fixed Drider Princess removing the webs locking the access to Golem Princess after being killed
  65. -Improved scenes after the Knight fails to defend a castle during a siege
  66. -Fixed wrong troops being shown sieging the lift when Harvest/Rabbit are involved
  67. -Fixed Quest Menu loading crashes
  68. -Fixed buggy siege/war calculations (mostly) in NG+
  69. -Fixed Goblin Princess not playing her “Prince” animation in her throne room
  70. -Fixed game soft-locking after dealing with all the Selkies in The Floor, after picking the Selkie Harp
  71. -Fixed buggy sprites for Scarecrows during field/siege battles
  72. -Various bugs and typos.


  • Additions and changes:
  • REMIX Mode added
  • World Map optimization
  • Complete overhaul of the war/siege mechanics and calculations. New routes for armies are possible and adding new Reigns to the war map now take a fraction of the time
  • Sieges now proceed together with the game’s daily clock. At 0 DEFENSE a Reign can resist a siege for around 1 day (1~16 minutes while in the World Map, depending on the Day Lenght you set in your Options). Every additional DEFENSE point will increase that resistance by about 8 hours. This will likely be tuned in the next builds
  • Mouse Princess NSFW Animation #5 added
  • Mouse+Golem NSFW animation added to the Gallery
  • Oni Princess NSFW Animation #1 added to the Gallery
  • Oni Princess NSFW Animation #2 added to the Gallery
  • Dame Gaita NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Bloo NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Reworked Staff weapons! Every one now grants a 1MP-cost spell (“Speckle”/”Speckle+”/”Speckle++”/”Speckle+++”/”Zpeckle”)
  • Added Area CG: “Canopy Forest”
  • Added Area CG: “Cryotunnel”
  • Added Area CG: “Sunken Ruins”
  • Added Area CG: “Party Poppers Nest”
  • Added Area CG: “Rumble Jungle”
  • Added Area CG: “Deep Merk”
  • Dame Gaita has been added as DLC character
  • Mermaid Princess Alternative form added (unlock it around Finhead’s Reign)
  • Added new sprites for Mermaid Princess standard, SUCC and Alternative forms
  • Ghost Progeny now has 5 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths’ “Papillon Rose” salon
  • Bird Progeny now has 5 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths’ “Papillon Rose” salon
  • Added a cutout animation for the “Papillon Rose” salon… *snip snip*
  • Bloo can now use her Sonar skill outside water too
  • Ironbark, Tree Blacksmith, added
  • “Pea Shooter” and “Mandrakap” can now be crafted at Jardin’s shop
  • “Potted Fiend” costume for Insect Princess and Progeny has been added. You can forge it at Ironbark’s forge
  • “Bark Armor” costume for Human/Harvest Princess and Progeny has been added. You can forge it at Ironbark’sforge
  • Wood will now spawn around the Kingdom’s forests
  • Added new Campsite/Tavern dialogues for Mermaid/Finhead/Bird Alternative forms
  • Reworked Kobold Princess dowry scene. 2 new CGs added!
  • Skeleton Progeny now has 5 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths’ “Papillon Rose” salon
  • Defeated Princesses dowries can now be assigned to their conquerors in REMIX mode
  • Defeated Princesses wishes can now be active at the beginning of REMIX mode
  • Added “Oni Colosseum” signpost
  • Reworked bits of Komachi’s dialogue and costume awarding
  • New Cheat added: “Stop Sieges”
  • [Beta Only] You can now check the Oni Colosseum! Her area will see the most development in the next months!
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed Status Screen (S button) crashes on old saves
  • Fixed Tea Party crashes and freezes
  • Fixed wrong Bird Princess diplomacy changes after Tea Parties
  • Fixed crashes after using the “Trait Upgrade” Cheat
  • Fixed crashes on new day after choosing REMIX Mode
  • Fixed Tea Parties not running weekly on some occasions
  • Fixed “Bone Setter” Trait bug
  • Fixed “Rattesein +” and “++” not giving the Swirlies gain bonus
  • Steam Achievements are now checked every time you enter the Medals menu
  • Fixed Skill HUD not refreshing when the player switch to a Skill-less party member
  • Princesses now properly wear their Prisoner costume during their slave auction
  • Wars against Bird Princess are now correctly reported by other races Princesses and Heirs
  • Fixed misplaced SUCC Wyvern Princess expressions
  • Fixed Spika’s corpse in Deep Merk following the Knight
  • Fixed buggy SUCC Bird Princess tent intercourses
  • Fixed “Assist Finhead Princess” Quest not working when asked for water from the Lamia Oasis
  • Fixed missing SEs during Finhead NPCs animation
  • Fixed some pictures remaining on-screen after leaving “The Flow”
  • Fixed performance deterioration after using Cheats
  • Fixed repeated lines in Bird Launchpad
  • Fixed the broken Nya Nya Doll items obtained with Black Cat Jar, Mermaid Wish and Breeding Contract (Rabbit)
  • Fixed broken Skeleton Princess THICC portraits
  • Fixed broken Desert Princess THICC portraits
  • Fixed broken Insect Princess THICC expressions
  • Fixed NG+ not healing Moth Princess and Dog Princess from some of their Alternative forms statuses
  • Yako and Fina have lost their Poison Resistance
  • Improved the clean-up of special states for deposited Progeny
  • No more automatic swaps to Knight after opening the Level-Up menu
  • Fixed Finhead Princess wish not affecting mermaids
  • Fixed Bloo campsite dialogue being overridden when her Lust is too high
  • Fixed some bugs after Princess deliveries when the Knight is not with them
  • Fixed Dragon Princess II missing glasses
  • Fixed missing hair on the succubus NPC in the Stone Knife brothel
  • Fixed Dragon Carriages not getting assigned portraits/sprites on some occasions
  • Fixed skipped lines in Dragon Princess II control room scene
  • Fixed some Bird and Golem Princess animations not unlocking in the Gallery once played
  • Fixed Bird Peace sign also appearing in fallen Reigns’ Status page
  • Fixed Ghost/Human/Golem sieges (as attackers) bugging out in cities that don’t allow siege units (namely Bird/Finhead/Mermaid Reigns)
  • Fixed Kobold Route worker assignment locking for the day even if the process fails due to lack of food for your ‘bolds
  • Fixed wonky holstaur workers path in Maiden Dairies
  • Fixed Oni Princess being able to declare wars. It will remain off until a later stage of her development
  • Fixed dialogue choice text outside DPII’s castle going out of bounds
  • Fixed Yako DLC NPC causing the enemy to be unable to see the player unit, even when the effect of her skill should be depleted
  • Fixed Princesses disappearing from the game if resurrected in the Putridarium, after refusing to make place for her in your party
  • Fixed Finhead Guard going through the whole speech every time you enter the Diamond Seashell
  • Fixed Cucco possibly spawning over the Knight in Canopy Forest
  • Fixed missing Eldritch Princess lines
  • Reworked the method to prevent eggs from hatching at wrong times
  • Fixed Kingdom Lewdness (almost) never reaching 0, thus making SUCC Princesses impossible to break
  • Fixed Oni/Bird running out of population after 1 day in old saves
  • Added commands to unstuck the player from roaming characters in Clocktown/Beach/Canopy Forest
  • Various bugs and typos


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. Mermaid Release!
  3. Mermaid Princess is now recruitable
  4. Mermaid Reign questline and pregnancy announcement scene added
  5. Added Mermaid Princess dialogues for Tavern / Campsite / Sexual interludes
  6. Mermaid Princess can now have field and siege battles
  7. Added Mermaid Princess pregnancy/fertility cycles and mechanics
  8. Bloo has been added as DLC character
  9. SUCC Bird Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  10. Goblin Prince NSFW animation #1 added
  11. Finhead Princess Alternative form added (unlock it with Time-Worn Pendant)
  12. Bird Princess Alternative form added (unlock it with Time-Worn Pendant)
  13. Asset optimization rounds I and II completed! Removed 3000+ files unneeded files (180+ MBs)
  14. Chonger and Spika monsters added to the “Monster Killer Turbo” quest
  15. Spika Achievement and Medal can now be obtained
  16. “Sea Terror” and “Abyss Flaps” can now be crafted at Vesta’s shop
  17. Jardin, Crystal Blacksmith, added
  18. “Glass Cut” and “Crystal Helm” can now be crafted at Jardin’s shop
  19. “Laguna Treasure” costume for Desert Princess and Progeny has been added. You can forge it at Jardin’s shop
  20. New Game Over screen – Sink like a Bucket
  21. “Dragon Courtesan” costume added for Dragon Progeny (Sea Dragon)
  22. “Dragon Courtesan” costume added for Dragon Princess I / II / III / IV
  23. Pregnant forms added for Moth/Cat/Dog/Human alternative forms (Fairy/Catfish/Shitzu/Porgy)
  24. Reworked the Knight Trait menu! It’s now much easier and faster to navigate
  25. Added Knight Trait: “Incubus Knight”
  26. Added Knight Trait: “Rattesein CEO”
  27. Added Knight Trait: “Mason Knight”
  28. New Title Screen! Dusk & Banner
  29. Revised starting Army / Defense starting scores for many Reigns
  30. Revised Trait bonuses
  31. “Battle-Ready” from STR and DEX +1/+2/+3 to +1/+3/+5
  32. “Stud Knight” from END +1/+2/+3 to +1/+3/+5
  33. “Stud Knight” from Kingdom Lewdness +10/20/30 to +10/25/50
  34. “Pacifista” from INT +1/+2/+3 to +1/+3/+5
  35. “Pacifista” from Diplomacy +2/+3/+5 to +2/+5/+10
  36. “Devil’s Advocate” from Affinity bonus after war declaration +2/+3/+4 to +1/+3/+5
  37. New Cheat added: “Trait Upgrade”
  38. New Cheat added: “Trait Change”
  39. [Beta Only] REMIX Mode
  40. Fixes:
  41. Fixed transfer back to Kobold Mines during the intro resulting in a black screen
  42. Fixed distributable Points being duplicated if certain items (Cardinal Bell and other transforming items) are used on a Progeny
  43. Fixed missing Lamia NPCs sprites in Lamia Ruins
  44. Fixed shiny Progeny achievement not working on bought slaves
  45. Fixed “Slimy Sea Salts” not resulting complete after you deliver Slime Salts to the Princess
  46. Fixed Bird Princess pregnancy not progressing
  47. Fixed Withered Cornucopia not affecting Bird and Mermaid population
  48. Fixed Mermaid military win resulting in a crash
  49. Fixed Incubus trait crash
  50. Fixed NG+ granting bonus Swirlies also after selling items to Merchant Princess
  51. Fixed “Plump Helmet” description not matching its effect
  52. Fixes missing Dragon Progeny bodies
  53. Fixed missing Goblin Progeny (bugbear variant) haircuts
  54. Sea Dragon Progeny can now be in their THICC form
  55. Kobold Princess can now be in her THICC form while in drakebold mode
  56. Fixed Old Barnacle scene after defeating the Spika freezing the game on some occasions
  57. Fixed Rattesein funds being reset after going to NG+
  58. Fixed Mouse Princess “T.C.V.” portrait position
  59. Fixed buggy Kobold/Wyvern Princess “DIY” costumes (Shark and Wyvern)
  60. Fixed “Devil’s Advocate” trait awarding  with Mermaid Princess rather than Affinity with the Mermaid Reign
  61. Fixed “Crystal Helm” icon
  62. Fixed Desert Princess “Painful Love” not being shown correctly at times
  63. Fixed Moth Princess “Koganamizu” not being shown correctly at times
  64. Fixed Moth Princess “Restrained Wings” not being shown correctly at times
  65. Fixed Mermaid Princess “ReDeep Kelp” not being shown correctly at times
  66. Fixed “choked” Dog Princess stopping the Knight from resurrecting Princesses in the Putridarium
  67. Fixed Dog Princess never stopping the Knight from resurrecting Bird
  68. Fixed endless Princess recruiting with resurrection
  69. Fixed some battles against Dog Princess causing Game Overs to stop happening
  70. Fixed the Knight being able to pass through walls after one of Cat Princess’ events
  71. Fixed custom Rabbit Princess nurse costume showing the Spooky one instead
  72. Fixed Komachi not awarding the Knight with the “Penned In” costume for birds
  73. Ambassadors get now correctly replaced when an already conquered Reign gets conquered by someone else
  74. Fixed NPCs in Dragon Queen’s Terrace being recruitable on some occasions
  75. Fixed wonky positioning in Desert Princess’ “Cinder Ribbon” scene
  76. Fixed rabbits sieging cat-controlled Moth Reign not showing sprites on the map
  77. Fixed wrong ambassador portrait in Bird’s Reign
  78. Fixed leaving the Swirlies burning menu with some already placed on it causing pictures to remain on-screen
  79. Fixed wonky Rabbit Princess’ rescuing during sieges and it is now consistently possible to move to the Garderie even after the Reign falls
  80. Removed debug message during Yako animations
  81. Various bugs and typos

v0.18.00 Beta
Should be the same as Stable but with access to Mermaid reign and some of it’s related events.


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. * The new Spookfest events are ready!
  3. * Eldritch Princess added
  4. * Eldritch Princess Achievement added
  5. * New costume added! “Beaming Bride” for Eldritch Princess
  6. * New costume added! “Deep Creature” for Moss Princess
  7. * New costume added! “Final Plea” for Crusader Princess
  8. * New costume added! “Cucco Knight” for Amelie
  9. * New costume added! “Cow Bones” for Holstaur Princess and Progeny
  10. * New costume added! “Kazak Cow” for Holstaur Princess and Progeny
  11. * New costume added! “BDSMilk” for Holstaur Princess and Progeny
  12. * Golem Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  13. * Holstaur Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  14. * Bird Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  15. * 404B NSFW animation #1 added
  16. * Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Big Boobs v.)
  17. * Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Small Boobs v.)
  18. * Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Futa v.)
  19. * Faun Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  20. * “Room Service” repeatable NSFW scene added
  21. * Reworked “Milky Way” quest in her Milk Bar. You get to actually milk her~
  22. * Completely reworked Golem Princess throne events and dialogues
  23. * “Living Under A Rock” quest now gives 0 Swirlies as reward
  24. * “The Key To Her Heart” quest now gives 5000 Swirlies as reward
  25. * “The Key To Her Heart” completion makes the golems’ power skyrocket and their diplomacy plummet
  26. * Drider Princess now behaves correctly during her fight (pure ranged webslinger)
  27. * Desert Progeny now has 8 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths’ “Papillon Rose” salon
  28. * Goblin Progeny now has 5 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths’ “Papillon Rose” salon
  29. * Reduced the time ranged units stay blocked and unable to move before jumping away
  30. * Added dialogues for Sonnet “Faerie Tales” book, regarding the 2 Ghost Princess endings
  31. * Skull-headed Skeleton Progeny now have their dedicated sprites
  32. * No climate change is possible in the Kingdom Above: clear skies every day
  33. * Complete rework of how the climate changes/overworld events/special events in the world map get processed
  34. * Cheat added! Party Kingdom (Chillbite Blessing, Spookfest, Bloomgaze Festival, Tea Parties, going on all the time!)
  35. * Power Gloves weapon type added
  36. * Increased daily NPC appearance chance
  37. * Added Patron NPC: Momo, the runaway moth!
  38. * Added Patron NPC: Gadget, the love researcher!
  39. * Added Patron NPC: Bonella, the mourning merchant!
  40. * New mechanic: STAMP! Use Bird Princess’ stamps to punish warring Reigns and to help maintain the peace in the Kingdom!
  41. * New mechanic: Keepers of Peace! Birds will now act (passively) as the Queen’s vassals, investing their Wealth to interfere with wars around the Kingdom under their roost
  42. * New Knights INC. quest: “STAMPing the Competition”
  43. * New Food item added: Avocloudo
  44. * New Food item added: Dragon Breath
  45. * Bird Progeny can now spawn in every meeting spot of the Kingdom
  46. * THICC Bird Progeny is now obtainable
  47. * Talon Guard sprites added (they’re also ready to fight, Birdies battles will be added very soon)
  48. * Added portraits for Innkeeper Chicha
  49. * Added a signpost illustration outside the Pullet Inn
  50. * Added new Progeny portraits for Desert units guarding the Princess’ Palace
  51. * Added new sprites for Chicha, Desert units and Drusy
  52. * Holstaur Progeny added!
  53. * Reworked many events in the Maiden Dairies
  54. * THICC body type for Holstaur Progeny added
  55. * Mermaid Princess Affinity / Relationship / Pregnancy / Fertility are now affected by Cheats too
  56. * Bird Princess Affinity / Relationship are now affected by Cheats too
  57. * Failed “Milking” quest in Holstaur Milk Bar can now be repeated the same night if failed
  58. * Changed the starting slave races % (5% FairyLamiaMermaid, 20% DogDriderHolstaur, 25% Kobold)
  59. * “See Man’s Collection” quest reworked. You can now enter the Wolf Cave right at the beginning of the game
  60. * Random NPCs around the Kingdom now will stick for more than one day, on certain %s
  61. * Shorty Special now giving a special Status to the Knight, so you know when it’s active
  63. Fixes:
  64. * Old saves (prior to June 2020) are now working
  65. * Way fewer conflicts between world map events/autosaves/new day events
  66. * Autosaves freezing the game / causing black screens when loaded in one of the World Maps
  67. * Transferring in the world map close to midnight causing various issues
  68. * MPs are now shown in the Menu
  69. * Reduced system’s workload during fights
  70. * Mermaid and Finhead Reign being normally visitable once fallen, which led to many issues like showing them forever sieged, leading to unwinnable battles…
  71. * Civil Ship (Hammerhead Port <.-> Mermaid Tail) possibly stationing on both locations at once
  72. * The door in the Slums mentioning Ghost Princess even outside her Route
  73. * Rose Buddies not being fightable in the Southern Region (if you didn’t possess the “Pruning” quest)
  74. * Autosave not waiting for events to stop running before starting
  75. * Golem KING plush doll not being in her room when she’s recharging
  76. * Not being able to move if a map transfer happens while one of the overworld animations (war being declared, dragon appearance…) plays
  77. * Rabbit ear covers for their Chillbite costume “Furry Resort” appearing under the ear instead of over it
  78. * Bird glasses being sometimes placed under the beak instead of over it
  79. * Many Patron NPCs not retaining their former name as the first choice when named after being recruited
  80. * Momo (Patron NPC) adult animation looping forever
  81. * Required Affinity with the Queen not being shown at her Castle’s entrance
  82. * Harvest / Rabbit and Finhead / Mermaid adult stats mixing up
  83. * Fixes placing of some overworld troops
  84. * Skeleton > Goblin sieges not working as intended
  85. * Mermaid 10 Affinity/5 Relationship not triggering the Achievements
  86. * Player possibility bugs after Bird Princess’ scenes
  87. * Missing Gravelord (skeleton Progeny) sprites
  88. * Merchant Princess counter interactable in the Pullet Inn even when she’s not in Bird Princess’ Reign
  89. * Crashes while navigating the Kingdom’s map by Bird Princess’ counter
  90. * Mermaid wars (incorrectly) being shown in the Kingdom’s map by Bird Princess’ counter
  91. * Sneaking in Bird’s roost at night is now (as intended) not working
  92. * Wrong overlay in the higher part of the Birdcage
  93. * Ghost Princess now requires 2?? instead of 3?? to accept sex while sneaking in
  94. * Accepting Ghost Princess’ Ashes now also rewards +1??
  95. * Item popups are now disabled while opening a Mystery Box
  96. * Achievement calls / daily events inflicting with each other and causing the game to possibly freeze
  97. * Black screen during tutorials in Kobold Mines
  98. * Lighting Rapier animation changed
  99. * Harvest / Rabbit and Finhead / Mermaid adult stats getting mixed up
  100. * Floral Tea not giving Poison Res.
  101. * The Campfire is not accessible anymore during the new day’s calculations
  102. * The Status Menu is not accessible anymore during the new day’s calculations
  103. * World Map events being loaded every time the Player leaves the menu (making the LevelUp menu unusable)
  104. * Dokuro and Wendigo Princess possibly lowering the Kingdom’s Life Force below 0
  105. * Fixed fertility rates for Human, Desert, and Harvest Princess
  106. * Fixed Silver Spoon description not fitting the frame
  107. * Fixed the game freezing in Slime’s Throne during the panties delivery quest and other events
  108. * Fixed Harvest Princess’ guards not checking correctly the Affinity with their Reign to decide whether let the Knight in or not
  109. * Fixed Knight dying in Ghost Princess’ “inner world” not causing a game over
  110. * Fixed Conqueror Crown freezing the game after a field/siege battle
  111. * Fixed Mouse Princess SEs during animations
  112. * Fixed some timing errors with Mouse Princess animations
  113. * Fixed Mermaid sisters’ scene happening even after their Reign has fallen
  114. * Fixed Harvest Princess not regarding their troubles as solved if you carry a Cardinal Bell from your last playthrough
  115. * Added missing (single) Desert Progeny body asset
  116. * Fixed “Hopping” the broken pillar in Diamond Seashell getting the player stuck
  117. * Fixed Amelie in Rabbit Princess Garderie being rarely compatible with a male Human Progeny
  118. * Fixed wars being declared on notawakened Ghost or notsurfaced Insect
  119. * Fixed some missing dialogues in the latest meeting spots (Bloomfest, Birdcage, Mermaid Reign…)
  120. * Fixed Fiika missing assets (no spoiler here) if pregnant when you reach her ending
  121. * Fixed “Because it’s Rabbit Season” quest completion teleporting inside Rabbit Princess building, even at night
  122. * Ice Goopy monsters in the Cryotunnel by Dragon Princess II castle now correctly respawn
  123. * Fixed some NPCs not being correctly prepared at the beginning of the game
  124. * Fixed Jackalope guard being a Dog Progeny instead
  125. * Fixed Wyvern Princess’ ending having a wrong amount of boss monsters
  126. * Fixed Mouse Courtesan visit breaking Tea Parties
  127. * Fixed Holstaur NPCs animation endless loop when played in their Dairies
  128. * Wendigo/Mimic/Crystal Princess now are recruited equipping the Princess Crown item, as intended
  129. * Hequet Idol (Frog Princess’ quest) doesn’t enter the MYSTERY BOX anymore to be carried to NG+
  130. * Changed Dragon Progeny “prey” expression
  131. * Added back missing NyaNya doll icon in the item menu
  132. * Fixed Holstaur Bull standard costume
  133. * “No Conquest” day counter now also progresses when sleeping in Inns
  134. * Fixed failing to sneak in Finhead / Mermaid causing the time to skip 2 hours forward, without triggering “New Day” calculations if going past midnight
  135. * Crystal Princess not actually resisting Hot/Cold/Poisonouns environments
  136. * Fixed Cat Princess now leaving SUCC form after certain events in her Route
  137. * Various bugs and typos


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. *Tea Party time! Completely reworked weekly event, 50 new artworks and infused madness!
  3. *Ghost Princess (Neutral) Ending added
  4. *Ghost Princess (Good) Ending added
  5. *Added “Two Lonely Souls” (Ghost Neutral Ending) illustration to Sonnet’s Gallery
  6. *Added “Post Traumatic Ghost Order” (Ghost Good Ending) illustration to Sonnet’s Gallery
  7. *The Ending CGs now play also as you reach a Route’s completion
  8. *Dragon Queen NSFW animation #1 added to the Gallery
  9. *Dragon Queen NSFW animation #2 added to the Gallery
  10. *Moss Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  11. *Slime NPCs (Male) NSFW animation #1 added
  12. *Mouse Princess NSFW animation #4 added
  13. *Mermaid Prince NSFW animation #1 added
  14. *Mermaid Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  15. *Kobold Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  16. *Skeleton Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  17. *Dragon Princess I NSFW animation #2 added
  18. *New item added: Black Cat Jar
  19. *New item added: Peacock Fan
  20. *New item added: Mama’s Slippers
  21. *New item added: Silver Spoon
  22. *New item added: Shifting Core
  23. *New achievement added: Tea Day
  24. *New achievement added: Messenger of Peace
  25. *New achievement added: Ghost Good End
  26. *New achievement added: Ghost Neutral End
  27. *New costume added! “Sacred Ankh” for Cat Princess and Progeny (only obtainable in Cat Princess’ Route)
  28. *New costume added! “Jiangshe” for Ghost Princess and Progeny (only obtainable in Ghost Princess’ Route)
  29. *New costume added! “War Starter” for Dog Princess and Progeny (only obtainable in Dog Princess’ Route)
  30. *New costume added! “Reined Ride” for Wyvern Princess and Dragon Progeny (only obtainable in Wyvern Princess’ Route)
  31. *New costume added! “Acid Armor” for Slime Princess and Progeny (only obtainable in Slime Princess’ Route)
  32. *Dragon Princess can now have “Sexy Time” with the Knight if you’re in her route (after reaching her first NSFW event)
  33. *Male slimes/goblins/kobolds can now appear in the Stone Knife (brothel) and in other maps dedicated to NSFW events
  34. *Added a “Day” counter to the Saves recap
  35. *Added Patron NPC! “Nekomata” (Cat luchador)
  36. *Added Patron NPC! Ven (Rabbit on a break)
  37. *Prince animations are no longer unlocked from the start in Babs’ Gallery
  38. *Added NPC! WORR, the herald of WORR, will appear in Reigns at WORR! Shoo him away!
  39. *Reworked and increased every Princess stat growth
  40. *Added Patron NPC! Crackle (lost Moth)
  41. *Added Patron NPC! Elsee (Wounded Goblin)
  42. *Added Patron NPC! Myrthel (Succenthusiast Slime)
  43. *Nun Educator added in the Cathedral’s Torture Chambers
  45. Fixes:
  46. *Harvest Princess’ portraits not showing after using the “Prince Cheat”
  47. *Issues with Driders and Mermaids battlefucks
  48. *Delivering Amelie’s quest to the Knights INC. counter not completing it in the Quest Menu
  49. *Silk Strings no longer trigger Bloomgaze dialogues when used
  50. *Missing Wyvern Princess Bloomgaze portrait added
  51. *Flight bar sticking on the screen after entering the Rose Caravan Fixed
  52. *Fixed various issues when teleporting back from “The Flow” in the Mice Clocktown
  53. *Fixed some animations getting incorrectly locked again when going to NG+
  54. *Fixed Ghost Princess animations
  55. *Fixed flight bar sometimes remaining stuck on screen
  56. *Catalyst Dagger unreachable if the Ghost Princess had left an Heir on her throne
  57. *Succubus Progeny now can interact with the Rattesein project in the Chapel (even once exploded) to track Kingdom Lewdness
  58. *Mermaid Princess not changing class/sprite/face when SUCC
  59. *Some Cat Progeny/Princess costumes not working
  60. *Animation cheat not unlocking some of the latest ones
  61. *Screen not fading in if you get caught once during the first part of the “Bubbling Emotions” quest
  62. *Fixed some mismatching portraits during dialogues in the World Map
  63. *Player character speed and passability bugging after a Tea Party
  64. *Knockers (kobold soldier units) sprites sometimes causing crashes / bugs when loaded
  65. *Reworked parts of the Intro, mainly the ones in Kobold Princess’ throne room
  66. *Knight being able to sneak into Dragon Princess II’s castle during the fight against her Maidens, and the bugs resulting from it
  67. *”Flycatcher” quest bugging during the fight against Bandit Princess and her troops
  68. *Buggy events in Goblin Princess’ boss room, during a siege
  69. *THICC Desert Progeny wearing “Painful Love” portraits having misplaced facial expressions
  70. *”Nick Birdcage +” Accessory not increasing weapon’s range
  71. *Couldn’t gift Bulbous Root to Harvest Princess
  72. *Adjustment to humanoid Drider sprites
  73. *Wrong medal positioning in the “Bronze II” screen
  74. *Loot sacks sticking around in unreachable places in the Ancient Battlefield
  75. *Leaving the cave by the Ancient Battlefield not updating the climate/daytime in the area
  76. *Crashes after some NPC animations (mainly DP1)
  77. *Crits while equipping KING having float values
  78. *Black Cat Curse causing crashes on some occasions
  79. *Dog Princess not appearing in the Tavern when dropped out (and equipping the Choker)
  80. *Desert Princess “Prince” NSFW animation not starting when sneaking in her room at night
  81. *Queen New Clothes hanged on some mannequins (like Fairy’s) bugging portraits
  82. *Various bugs and typos


  1. Additions and changes:
  2. *Added new illustrations at Routes’ beginning
  3. *Added 3 new dialogues in the Campsite for Kobold, Human, Slime, Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Moth, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Rabbit, Harvest, Wyvern, Finhead, and Mermaid Princess, unlocking at 5, 8 and 10 Love
  4. *The “Knights INC.” Guild Menu has a whole new look!
  5. *Added the option to have tent sex with the Prince (MALE) counterpart of a Princess, if Cardinal Bell is acquired (currently for Kobold, Slime, Golem, Insect, Desert, Mouse, Rabbit, Finhead Princess)
  6. *Family Jewels now also work during sexual encounters with Dragon II, Dragon III, and Frog Princess
  7. *Sexual encounters with said Princesses are now limited by the Knight’s Endurance stat
  8. *Slime Princess NSFW animation #4 added
  9. *Moth Princess NSFW animation #3 added
  10. *Dragon Princess II NSFW animation #3 added
  11. *Harvest Princess NSFW animation #3
  12. *Goblin Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  13. *Rabbit Princess NSFW animation #3 added
  14. *Human Princess NSFW animation #3 added
  15. *Drider NPCs animation #1 added added
  16. *Drider NPCs (humanoid body) animation #1 added
  17. *Insect Prince NSFW animation #1 (added to the Gallery) added
  18. *Bandit (and Bandit Princess) reworks has begun (Bandits will appear after Human Reign falls – their leader will respond differently depending on your Human Affinity at the time – more to come~ )
  19. *New NPC added! Bobba, the treasure hoarder
  20. *Bobba will now appear in random field battles and try to steal items that drop from the enemies you defeat (even other goblins, he just doesn’t care).
  21. *Bobba will work as a merchant in the Goblin Brewery if he manages to snatch something (the more he snatches and hoard…)
  22. *New costume added! “Evening Ballgown” for Drider Princess and Progeny
  23. *New costume added! “Gemstone Lizard” for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  24. *New armor added! “Green Betrayal”
  25. *Not every NPC you can meet around the Kingdom will be randomized on the next day (also decreases greatly the time needed to process all the “new day” events)
  26. *Ghost Route step 5 added
  27. *Improved the climate management over time
  28. *Prince Form cheat added (will change every Princess’ portrait to be of the Prince counterpart, visually only. Use it again to revert to Princess forms)
  30. Fixes:
  31. *Added “Draco Majus” to the costumes you can gift to Dragon Princess I and II
  32. *Fixed Wendigo Princess’ achievement not being called
  33. *Wendigo Princess’ achievement will be now assigned automatically if she’s already recruited
  34. *Missing ear covers for Bloomgaze “Queen of May” Rabbit Progeny costumes
  35. *Typos and bugs in Dog Princess’ Tavern scene
  36. *Fixed “Catnip Dress” for Cat Progeny covering the arms too
  37. *The Rosebuds can now be “planted” in Slime Reign too
  38. *Dog’s Route not stopping the progression of Kobold’s fixed
  39. *Rose Caravan NPCs still ready for sexual encounters after the first round fixed
  40. *Fixed “Princess Spring Water” usage (will restore 1 consumed Endurance only if used on the Knight)
  41. *Human Princess animation being stuck on screen after her scene in the Bandits’ Tent
  42. *Added a missing animation page in Babs’ Gallery (the latest one)
  43. *Fixed Progeny losing shield once withdrawn from the Daycare
  44. *Frontal horn for kobold Progeny not showing over the Cucco skull
  45. *Fixed saving Ghost Princess from one of Dog Princess’ tantrums not granting +1 Princess Affinity
  46. *Little touches around Ghost Princess’ throne room
  47. *Improved battle system suspension during dialogues/opening of ingame menus
  48. *Fixed Serpent / Seahorse Dragon Progeny possibly showing two tails
  49. *Fixed “Beauty and Beast” costume icon
  50. *Human Princess’ scene with the goblins not unlocking her animation in Babs’ gallery
  51. *Certain conditions stopping Mermaid Princess from declaring wars if she didn’t conquer a Reign before the last update or two (possibly the same for Insect)
  52. *Fixed certain maps from not dropping loot from monsters, ever
  53. *Fixed and added new sprites for the braziers in Ghost Princess’ mansion
  54. *Fixes and changes around the Sphinx’ Pyramid have been made
  55. *Fixed the bunnygirl costume for the standard-bodied Bird Progeny
  56. *Fixed the Knight jumping in unpassable terrain at the beginning of the fight against Bandit Princess
  57. *Fixed Dog Princess possibly jumping inside her own cage during the fight, the first time you meet her
  58. *Human THICC + naked portraits not showing in menu
  59. *Fixed Insect Princess naked (estrus) portraits not showing correctly
  60. *Fixed Insect VS Skeleton overworld battle animation
  61. *Various bugs and typos

v0.17 Bloom

  1. Additions and changes:
  2. * Dragon Princess III NSFW Animation #1 added
  3. * Finhead Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added
  4. * Desert Prince NSFW animation #1 (added to the Gallery)
  5. * Kobold Prince NSFW animation #1 (added to the Gallery)
  6. * Frog Princess NSFW animation #4 added
  7. * Golem Princess NSFW animation #4 added
  8. * Mermaid Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  9. * Bloomgaze will take place somewhere in the Kingdom every ingame Bloomspring day
  10. * The Rose Caravan will hide in the Kingdom Below during any season except Bloomspring
  11. * New costume added! “Plump Cap” for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  12. * New costume added! “Thorny Love” for Human Princess and Progeny
  13. * New costume added! “Succulent Slime” for Slime Princess and Progeny
  14. * New costume added! “Blooming Iron” for Golem Princess and Progeny
  15. * New costume added! “Nectar Hunter” for Insect Princess and Progeny
  16. * New costume added! “Sprouted Dead” for Skeleton Princess and Progeny
  17. * New costume added! “Dried Rose” for Desert Princess and Progeny
  18. * New costume added! “Perennial Blossom” for Ghost Princess and Progeny
  19. * New costume added! “Diminutive Bud” for Goblin Princess and Progeny
  20. * New costume added! “Cherry Blossom” for Moth Princess and Progeny
  21. * New costume added! “Catnip Dress” for Cat Princess and Progeny
  22. * New costume added! “Dog’s Tooth” for Dog Princess and Progeny
  23. * New costume added! “Home Tulip Home” for Mouse Princess and Progeny
  24. * New costume added! “Queen of May” for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  25. * New costume added! “Garden Flower” for Harvest Princess and Progeny
  26. * New costume added! “Draco Majus” for Wyvern Princess, Dragon Princesses and Progeny
  27. * New costume added! “Precious Lily” for Finhead Princess and Progeny
  28. * New costume added! “Deep Kelp” for Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  29. * New costume added! “Bulbous Arachnid” for Drider Princess and Progeny
  30. * New costume added! “Sandstone Flower” for Lamia Princess and Progeny
  31. * New costume added! “Admirable Gem” for Crystal Princess and Progeny
  32. * New costume added! “Sparkly Carnation” for Fairy Princess and Progeny
  33. * New costume added! “Fragrant Pitcher” for Mimic Princess
  34. * New costume added! “Flower and Beast” for Wendigo Princess
  35. * New Level 6 Quest added! “Pruning Pruna”
  36. * New Quest added! “Game of Thorns”, give by “Queen” Pruna
  37. * Added “Thorny Reward” Achievement
  38. * Added “Hidden Rose” Achievement
  39. * New monsters! Rose Buddies
  40. * New armor added: Bulbous Root
  41. * New armor added: Abyss Flaps (obtainable with the “Stranded Knight ++” trait)
  42. * New weapon added: Thorny Whip
  43. * Food item added: Flower Cupcake
  44. * Food item added: Floral Tea
  45. * Food item added: Fried Zucchini
  46. * Goblins auction timer reduced to 45s (for Progeny) and 60s (for Princesses)
  47. * Patron NPC added: Quincy
  48. * New NPC added: Batty (and her NSFW event + animation)
  49. * Updated icons for Golem / Mermaid Princess diary
  50. * 21 more Campsite dialogues added! Princesses will react to other Princesses and Progeny at the Campsite
  51. * “Plumed Idol” costume for Lamias added! Grants the ability of Flight in the overworld map
  52. * Drusy, Sticky Sundew, is now recruitable
  53. * Added upgraded version of pets: Dur / Nick / Keaton / Gazzetta / Drusy (obtainable with the “Houndmaster ++” trait)
  54. * Added new illustrations to the intro of the game (at its beginning and end)
  55. * Added new illustrations at Routes’ beginning (for Kobold, Dragon I, Slime and Dog)
  56. * New signposts around the Kingdom! Scarecrow Fields and Rabbit Vineyards
  57. * Ghost Route steps 2-3-4 added
  58. * Moth Route steps 1-2 added
  59. * New knight trait added! Knighthood
  60. * Upgradeable traits! Reaching NG+ with any trait will unlock its “+” (or “++”) version with additional perks
  62. Fixes:
  63. * Sieges resolution dialogues now won’t interrupt when the daily events are processed or dialogue is being played
  64. * Knight switching to “Porgy” Human Princess after seeing the animation at Babs’
  65. * Removed messages that sometimes appeared during sprite calls
  66. * Tweaked Goblin Princess’ throne map size
  67. * Wrong NPCs called in Finhead’s reign
  68. * “Nekomata” Cat Princess possibly shown with her wrong sprite during her route
  69. * Troops in the battle outside Faun’s Tavern during DP1’s route now spot you automatically
  70. * NG + resetting Mermaid animation #2
  71. * Exploding golem soldiers crashing the game
  72. * Teleports not working/looping in certain occasions (like the portals in Slime Titan)
  73. * “Dumb” slime Progeny now display costumes on the leg part, when available
  74. * Moth Princess not working correctly during the Wolf Cave scene
  75. * Moth Princess’ crown missing in the 3rd frame of the war declaration animation
  76. * Ghost Princess’ Route is now finally accessible on new saves
  77. * Fixed enemies requiring at least 2 hits to be defeated
  78. * Fixed Spook Queen costume not working correctly on Scarecrow Princess
  79. * Fixed Amelie “Charge!” skill not damaging enemies on touch
  80. * Fixed game crashing before Gazewalks
  81. * Improved how ranged enemies move around / distance themselves from the knight
  82. * Certain NPCs and guards portrait not showing
  83. * Dog Princess “Rush” skill now correctly hits enemies on touch
  84. * Fixed Amelie and Dog Princess skill from crashing the game when hitting enemies with a multi-step attack sequence
  85. * Wrong Harvest “shocked” portraits all over the game
  86. * Cat Princess prisoner costume not working correctly
  88. Various bugs and typos


v0.17 Frosty

  1. Additions and changes:
  2. * Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame night from 12/22 to 01/06
  3. * Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame last week of the year
  4. * New costume added! “Cozy Rootdweller” for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  5. * New costume added! “Arctic Angler” for Human Princess and Progeny
  6. * New costume added! “Fruity Frost” for Slime Princess and Progeny
  7. * New costume added! “Fanged Automata” for Golem Princess and Progeny
  8. * New costume added! “ChillProof Vest (XS)” for Insect Princess and Progeny
  9. * New costume added! “Chillbite Spirit” for Skeleton Princess and Progeny
  10. * New costume added! “Snow Fashionista” for Desert Princess and Progeny
  11. * New costume added! “Yukinba” for Ghost Princess and Progeny
  12. * New costume added! “Lich’s Little Helper” for Goblin Princess and Progeny
  13. * New costume added! “Festive Night” for Moth Princess and Progeny
  14. * New costume added! “Nekomono” for Cat Princess and Progeny
  15. * New costume added! “Fenrawr” for Dog Princess and Progeny
  16. * New costume added! “QT-SNO-8849” for Mouse Princess and Progeny
  17. * New costume added! “Furry Resort” for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  18. * New costume added! “Krampus Suit” for Harvest Princess and Progeny
  19. * New costume added! “Frigid Dream” for Wyvern Princess, Dragon Princesses and Progeny
  20. * New costume added! “Frozen Jewel” for Finhead Princess and Progeny
  21. * New costume added! “Campus-Lwyd” for Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  22. * New costume added! “Silky Mittens” for Drider Princess and Progeny
  23. * New costume added! “Frost Priestess” for Lamia Princess and Progeny
  24. * New costume added! “Ice Floes” for Crystal Princess and Progeny
  25. * New costume added! “Mistletoe Fairy” for Fairy Princess and Progeny
  26. * New costume added! “‘Unwrap Me'” for Mimic Princess
  27. * Added “A Day of Giving” Achievement
  28. * Added “Chilly Queen” Achievement
  29. * Slime Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1!
  30. * Added new icons for many old items (Lost Shipment, Reptilian Scale, Reptilian Tooth, Moth’s Dust, Plump Helmets, Wish Wisp, Ghost Ashes, Queen Praline)
  31. * Added new status: “Chillbite Blessing”
  32. * New weapon added: Freezing Whip
  33. * New weapon added: Chillbite Fist
  34. * New armor added: Iceberg Armor
  35. * New armor added: Chillbite Crown
  36. * Fairy Princess can now be dressed up
  37. * Dragon Princess II’s ice can now be broken with any ice-resisting equipment/status
  38. * Succubus/Satyr Desert Progeny now have their own class name
  39. * Succubus Progeny can now interact with the Love Machine you can build in the Chapel
  41. Fixes:
  42. * Missing Spookfest dialogue for Insects
  43. * Double nun veil being shown on Sea Dragons
  44. * Wrong headgear placing for some Fairy Progeny
  45. * Wrong ear placing for some Rabbit Progeny
  46. * Wrong horn color for some Kobold Progeny
  47. * DIY Wyvern and DIY Shark can now be used on Princesses’ mannequins
  48. * Donating Cogs to R-005TY and selecting 0 won’t work anymore
  49. * Aleph Stone missing sprite
  50. * Duplicate Princess sprite sticking near the log at the Campsite after a scene is over
  51. * Ghost costumes sometimes ending up over the front hair
  52. * Skeleton Princess love-y naked portrait swapped with a SpookFest one
  53. * The Forge Menu now reacts better to inputs
  54. * Vesta’s Forge crashing if opened after interacting with other forges
  55. * Crashes when interacting with the Succubi at night in the Chapel
  56. * Slime Princess animations menu crashes
  57. * Most statuses sticking to characters after going to NG+
  58. * “Chonger” enemies not attacking
  59. * Skeleton Princess’ “Killing Wish” causing crashes when using ranged skills
  60. * Various typos and minor bugs

v0.17 Spooky

Additions and changes:
* 50+ Campsite dialogues added! Princesses will react to other Princesses and Progeny in the Campsite!
* Rabbit Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
* Moth Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
* Insect Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
* Harvest Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
* Frog Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
* Difficulty now scales with NG+
* New BGM added to the jukebox! Seamaid Seadance
* Added “A Stray Slayer” (Cat Bad Ending) illustration to Sonnet’s Gallery
* Added “Time Flies and Time Falls” (Turtle Loop Ending) illustration to Sonnet’s Gallery
* New item added: Keaton Pin
* Keaton, the Nine-Tailed Faux, is now recruitable
* Added portraits for Ice Maidens
* New icons added for “Death Not” , “Keaton Pin ” and the unobtainables (yet) “Sea Terror” and “Abyss Flaps”
* New costume added! “Grand Delice” for Slime Princess and Progeny
* New costume added! “Reverse Bunnysuit” for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
* New costume added! “DIY Wyvern” for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
* New NPC added! Grampa Khul
* Added Patron NPC! Shanty
* Added Patron NPC! JobJob
* Added Patron NPC! Hunie
* Added Patron NPC! Sylvia
* Added Patron NPC! Feather
* Desert’s Reign will show purple lamps on the World Map when a Moon Festival is being held
* New haircuts and hair colors for human Progeny in Moth’s Reign “Papillon Rose” (obtainable only if moths and humans are in good terms)
* Leaving Slave Auctions is now possible
* The Status Screen will now show if two Reigns have a bad Diplomacy score
* Drider THICC Progeny added! (standard, humanoid)
* Fairy THICC Progeny added!
* Lamia THICC Progeny added! (standard, gorgon)
* Mermaid THICC Progeny added! (standard, huge, twin-tailed)
* Satyr THICC Progeny added!
* “Plain Clothes” can now be sold
* Crafting in the Slums, giving powered up Stat stones!
* Powered up Stat stones have a lot of calories for golems!

* Crashes on load for old savefiles are now getting prevented
* No more game being stuck on a Black Screen upon loading a save
* Moth / Harvest / Mermaid first reign event wrongfully triggered after their Reign got defeated and re-instated
* Goblin-Cat and Ghost-Cat wars balance getting stuck after peace is declared
* Aleph Stone not being labeled as “Food” item in the menu
* “Knight’s INC.” experience not levelling up if it would be enough to raise the level by 2
* Fixed most moths being shown with one covered eye
* Fixed Finhead’s and Mermaid’s Souls not answering correctly in the room under the Chapel (the Putridarium)
* Fixed Knight equipment being locked after Dog Princess’ ending
* Fixed placeholder fairies being shown during Dog Princess’ ending
* Faun/Fairy/Frog/Drider/Dragon Princesses/Holstaur costumes are now correctly resetted when going to NG+
* The hilarious crab-dance won’t happen anymore when fighting Shogun and Daimyo, unfortunately
* Adjusted some dialogues in Moth Princess’ events, more will follow
* Off-hand maces / axes enabling the spinning attack
* Skeleton / Mouse / Goblin Princess default THICC-ness
* Flight being disabled for a day (happened when trying to fly while the game Autosaves) can now be fixed by re-entering the world map or one of the Menus. Should also be way less frequent
* Various typos and minor bugs

~Featured in this build~

⭐ Slime Ending

⭐ ⚔ Weapon update


And much, MUCH, more, see below!

Additions and changes:
* Slime Princess Route is now complete!
* Sonnet, the Book Fairy, is available in the Monastery’s Library in NG+ (after reaching one of the Princess’ endings)
* Sonnet’s “Faerie Tales” book, showing illustrations of routes you’ve completed, is available
* Added descriptions to every “Faerie Book” ending illustration
* Komachi NSFW Animation #1 added
* Battle System update!
* Added simple command references to the combat HUD
* Swords are standard slashing shit
* Fists and Daggers have greatly reduced range
* Spears and Whips have increased range
* Daggers and Spears have thrust attacks
* Maces and Axes attack speed got reduced by a lot, but they can now SPIN if you don’t move and attack repeatedly
* Special categories like Rapiers (thrusting Swords) and Scythes (slashing Spears) have been added
* Added “Peak Slime Performance” Achievement
* Added “Sisters in Peril” Achievement
* Added “Slime Good Ending” Achievement
* Added “You Spin My Head” Achievement
* Updated Ghost Princess first event / flashbacks to use her Living Form portraits and sprites
* Updated younger mermaid sister (Doris) lines when saving her from the goblin slavers
* Added new Game Over mechanic: “Corruption Fog”
* Added new Game Over event and illustration: “Corrupt King Silenus”
* Added system option to disable Kingdom Lewdness/Silenus game over
* Vesta, the Hearth Maiden, added
* New forging system added! Guts & Gets!
* Updated drop mechanics and added new drops for King Cucco, Queen Cocca, Hippopotus, Chiseled Crab, Giant Tsuchinoko and Pumpking
* Reworked Elite monsters drops! Now everything “elite”, from bats to the new Chongers, drop unique materials you can sell or craft into something!
* Added new weapons and armors to be forged at Vesta’s:
* New weapon added: Cucco Sickle!
* New weapon added: POTUS Mallet!
* New weapon added: Crunchy RAD!
* New weapon added: Tsuchinoko Saber!
* New weapon added: King Leash!
* New weapon added: Tactical Bat!
* New weapon added: Slingaxe!
* New armor added: Scarab Cover!
* New armor added: Molten Core!
* New armor added: Gaze o’ the Abyss!
* New armor added: Spongy Shirty!
* New armor added: Cucco Style!
* New armor added: POTUS Shield!
* Drider Princess mechanics reworked! Spiders now drop Silk Strings that she can forge into her Magic Silk with the Guts&Gets system
* Reworked Lump on a Stick (Merchant Princess) and Beast Choker (Mouse Tinkerer in Wyvern’s Route) to be forged with the Guts&Gets system
* Added Guts&Gets forging mechanics to R-005TY (Sacred Candle -> Hen Hunter Suit)
* Momoko, Minister of Style, added
* New haircuts and hair colors for moth Progeny! These new styles can’t be passed down by breeding (the “natural” hair style/color is)
* Frog Princess won’t eat moths with dyed hair (!!!)
* New monsters! Chongers + their Chilly and Elite variants added to certain water zones
* New weapon added: Frozen Core
* Bunnysuits for goblin Progeny added
* New costume for Amelie added! Mitra’s Paladin
* THICC Progeny of many races added! These new NPCs you can meet in the Kingdom have a unique body, an unique costume and can be recruited by them usual means!
* Kobold THICC Progeny added!
* Human THICC Progeny added!
* Desert THICC Progeny added!
* Harvest THICC Progeny added!
* Moth THICC Progeny added!
* Mouse THICC Progeny added!
* Cat THICC Progeny added!
* Rabbit THICC Progeny added!
* Harvest THICC Progeny added!
* Finhead THICC Progeny added!
* Slime THICC Progeny added!
* Dragon THICC Progeny added!
* Golem THICC Progeny added!
* Ghost THICC Progeny added!
* Goblin THICC Progeny added!
* Queen’s Milk now has a 50% chance of causing Progeny to be born THICC, if used on a pregnant Princess

* Spriteless mermaids
* Big Mermaid portrait size and position adjusted in the Progeny Box
* Lina now sells standard costumes for finheads and mermaids
* Slime Titan Game Over freezing the game as she destroys 3 Reigns
* Digital Hourglass not working correctly in Mermaid Reign
* Lapin Headband breaking stats
* Cardinal Bell not updating stats
* Cardinal Bell crashing with fairies
* Wyvern / Mermaid Princess not going to their SUCC form at 10 Corruption
* Sphinx Fortress not resetting correctly after its first completion
* Various optimizations during character sprite calls
* Framerate drops in rooms crowded by enemies almost completely removed
* MYSTERY BOX crashing when too many items are in
* Placing of certain races’ portraits in menus
* Shiny fairies and crystals
* Cat/Goblin/Desert Princess wonky portraits in the latest Beta
* Spinning attacks’ kill counter going up when attacking rocks
* Some Trait bonuses sticking on the Knight even after going to NG+
* Many portraits (Progeny and Shade Princesses) not centered in menus
* “Cat Princess-Bad End” now results in being sent to NG+ rather than a Game Over
* Flying during auto-saves with a Progeny causing its sprite to be stuck as the flying one, even on land
* Crashes when shopping for the “Till the Cows Come Home” quest
* Mimic Princess rewarding with a MYSTERY BOX even if the Player already has 1
* Various typos and minor bugs

  1. ~Featured in this build~
  3. * The new Progeny Box!! Go try it out!
  5. * Finhead NPCs animations!
  7. * Game Over screens!
  9. And much more, see below!
  11. Additions and changes:
  12. * Finhead NPCs NSFW animation #1 added
  13. * Improved Progeny menu -> Progeny Box!
  14. * Sprites to easily recognize and quickly navigate between up to 500 of them
  15. * Sort your Progeny by race, name or level
  16. * New Signposts for Rattesein, Holstaur Milk Bar and Kobold Princess “I Want You” added
  17. * New Game Over screen – Defeat in Battle
  18. * New Game Over screen – Knightly Failure
  19. * New Game Over screen – Succubus Death
  20. * New nightly mechanics with succubi: only with enough Endurance to reach morning you will survive the night
  21. * New Game Over screen – Yandere Death
  22. * Metabolic speed added to the System options (0 to 3, 0 stopping completely weight gains and losses)
  23. * THICC cheats added (THICCen all Princesses / Revert to normal weight)
  24. * Nurse costumes for Rabbit Princess and NPCs added
  25. * Wind Blade skill removed (on new games or by accessing the new available skill)
  26. * New item added: Arcane Leash
  27. * New item added: Nick’s Birdcage
  28. * Dur, Arcane Hound, is now recruitable
  29. * Old Nick, Pirate Octopus, is now recruitable
  31. Fixes:
  33. Includes 10062020 hotfix
  34. * Points not distributed not being reset when going to NG+
  35. * “Marshal Dump” crash during autosaves
  36. * Diamond Hermit event failure now results in a Game Over
  37. * Set “Lumpy Frish” price to 0, making it not marketable
  38. * Fixed Captain Coat being gifted outside Slime Route
  39. * Fixed Captain Coat not protecting from Freezing temperatures
  40. * Adjusted Cucco food (Oeuf a la Cucco/Cucco Drumstick/Beefy Baked Cucco) prices
  41. * All progeny sprites/faces turning to succubus if Cat/Insect/Rabbit/Goblin/Finhead Princess is a succubus
  42. * Missing resources for succubus Cat Princess
  44. Includes 30052020 hotfix
  45. * Holstaur Milk Bar adjustments
  46. * Hammerhead Port missing overlays
  47. * Slime Pool adjustments
  48. * Scene bugging in Wyvern’s room, after beating her
  49. And…
  51. * Missing item sprite in MYSTERY BOX causing crashes
  52. * Accessing the Cheat Menu right after Wish Wisp causing random cheats to be activated
  53. * Some kind of mermaid types being assigned the wrong sex
  54. * Crash when skipping text after defeating the wendigos for “The Rational Thing” quest
  55. * Some save crystals not working (in battle areas)
  56. * Wyvern Princess Cinder Ribbon clones having wrong sprite/portraits
  57. * Reduced slowdowns when fighting many enemies in Finhead areas
  58. * Other typos and minor issues
Cheat Codes
North you’ll find the cheatstone which is a floating crystal where you place the code.

Here are the Cheats for Princess & Conquest Stable build! They will be updated when the next one is out!

  • 142926-> Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers
  • 282056-> Change Season
  • 281607-> Change weather to your liking
  • 373149-> Set Merchant Princess location
  • 753939-> Make all Princesses pregnant
  • 702169-> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for every Princess
  • 623535-> Unlock every animation + “GALLERY TELEPORT” item
  • 480702-> Kingdom: TOTAL WAR!
  • 874125-> Diplomacy reset
  • 541012-> Peaceful Kingdom~
  • 124930-> Reach max level with the “Knights INC.”
  • 572937-> +10 to all stats to the party’s leader
  • 585319-> -10 to all stats to the party’s leader
  • 896623-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 5
  • 219964-> Relationship with all the Princesses to 0
  • 232668-> Affinity with every Reign to 10
  • 599935-> Affinity with every Reign to 0
  • 791614-> Access CANDY cheat menu
  • 768555-> Access Bank CANDY cheat menu
  • 144867-> Get all the dowries!
  • 500031-> Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving)
  • 383414-> Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x)
  • 181193-> Make all Princesses succubi
  • 914206-> Make all Princesses THICC
  • 258960-> Revert all Princesses to their starting weight
  • 820362-> Set Kingdom Lewdness (0~99)
  • 180008-> Toggle ON/OFF Prince looks for every Princess
  • 455557-> Party Kingdom! (100% chance of Desert Festival/Tea Party/Spookfest/Chillbite Blessing/Bloomgaze Festival)
  • 875789-> Resurrect any Princess that died during this playthrough and make them available in the Putridarium
  • 979667-> Upgrade every Knight Trait to “++”
  • 184035-> Change Knight Trait
  • 696335-> Stop/Resume siege progression
  • 389969-> Progeny get!
  • 196903-> Get Diana Portfolio (CG Gallery item)


(use beta version at your own risk and make a new save for it as something might break).

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Patch
MEDIAFIRE *now you can use a cheat code to add the DLC princesses to saves.
I recommend removing any patches you have and having only this one active for adding the DLC Princesses
then remove the patch after adding them then re-adding any patches you have since it will conflict with future recruitable characters and cheats.

Cheat code is – 999901


Peach Bounce (Minigame #1)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android


Pervert’s Dash(Minigame #2)

Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android


Bab’s Potion Shop (Minigame #3)


Keywords: Download Princess & Conquest Win.