Nano Control game is about you just moved to Little Eden due to your fathers deployment. No TV, no internet and no reception, when things were looking like they couldn’t get any worst a chance encounter with an individual has given you the opportunity to turn things around and maybe even create your little slice of paradise.​

Updated: 2020-12-26
Release Date:  2020-09-05
Developer: Smiling Dog Patreon – SubscribeStar
Censorship: No
Version: 1.1a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Game: Jikage Rising
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Big ass, Corruption, Creampie, Harem, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Mind control,Netori, Mobile game, Pregnancy, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Sandbox

Moral degradation, Public use (optional)

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

For those that have trouble saving in Mac
For anyone on Mac, I finally found out how to make the Mac version work, right click on the game app file you normally boot it with and click “show package contents” then go through contents -> MacOS and click the executable file which will open it in Terminal which will allow it permissions to save.


-Added bunnysuits
-Added credits
-Fixed spelling errors

-Lily x Emma scene
-Bug fixes
-A lot of bug fixes

-Emma stuff
-Outfit for Kat
-Small quest for Kat
-Bug fixes if any

-Erika scene
-Haru scene
-Emma scene
-More undies added for Elaine, Kay, Rika, Gwen, Lena and Jace

-Random event with Haru that will lead to a BJ scene
-Random event with Erika that will lead to a BJ scene
– Diaries for all the girls so you can read about the events from their perceptive as they occur (Big thanks to Train and Vizz for it!)
-Bug fixes, lots and lots of bug fixes

-Elaine morning BJ scene
-Pet play
-Recollection room updated
-Gwen and Kay interaction

-Elaine morning BJ scene
-Pet play
-Recollection room updated
-Gwen and Kay interaction

Good ending added
-Bad ending added
-Numerous items are now able to be clicked
-Broken scenes updated
-Numerous NPCs added
-Controls can be configured manually now

-Harem ending
-Mind room 5 for Elaine
-Mind room 5 for Rika
-Mind room 5 for Kay
-Mind room 5 for Gwen
-Mind room 5 for Lena
-Mind room 5 for Jace
-Mind break added
-Alternate dialogue
-Updated some systems for future endings
*-Fixed a bunch of bugs
*-Added broken variant of personal endings
*-Fixed the faceless problem
*-A lot more stuff that I can’t remember right now

-Rika mind room 4
-Kay mind room 4
-Jace mind room 4
-Gwen mind room 4
-Rika+Gwen group ending
-Kay+Jace group
-Added “Honey” as a selection for Elaine
-Updated recollection room

Hey guys, a deal of people seem to have gotten the “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_characterName’ of null” error and some errors with the bow, this version/patch should take care of it, there’s no new content in this, so if you already completed the previous version, there’s no need to download it!

-Rika mind room 3 added
-Rika personal ending added
-Elaine mind room 4 added
-Lena mind room 4 added
-Milf ending added
-Option to strip in public after you complete the well quest
-Interaction between Elaine x Jace in the mansion kitchen
-Tweaked the ending to not show certain girls if you have not controlled/interacted with them
-Some minor fixes in spelling

-Added Gwen’s ending
-Added Jace’s ending
-Fixed a series of problems
-Added Rika’s stuff in advance
-Tweaked the outfit thing a bit (Cat ears should no long appear)

-New image system for controller
-New outfit system (Thanks Train!)
-Elaine’s personal ending
-Kay’s personal ending
-Added mansion book to fix stuff in the mansion
-Haru and Erika will arrive in the Inn after a couple of days.
– Click “ctrl” to hide textbox

-4 different periods of the day (morning, noon, evening and night), each with different events!
-No combat
-Do part time work to earn what you need to buy what you need!
-Find targets for you to control and then train them to exert further control over them!
-Manage between training and generating income!
-Complete mini-quest to obtain necessary materials to carry out your plans!
-4 different endings and 6 girls currently planned!
-Art will be in 2D!
Main Girls




Rika’s mother, a strict but gentle mother that moved to Little Eden because of her Husband.


A girl that’s in the same class as you, bubbly and nice, she always ready to help others. However she’s a bit unreliable at times….




Elaine’s daughter, smart, but cocky too…


A classmate and friend of Rika, though they only just met, they seem to be really close. She’s really shy though…


Your neighbour, a housewife that that appears to be an elegant (?) person.


A student that transferred to your school shortly after you did, she seems rather unapproachable…


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Download For Linux
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Download For MAC
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nano-controlHipnotism is not my favorite hentai genre, mainly because it takes the fun out of every character turning it into a mindless doll. This game however corrects this brilliantly all characters are flesh out and you really get to know them. Probably one of the best rpgm out there, definitely worth your time.