Chloe18 is adult game about On her 18th birthday Chloe sets out to fulfill her dreams. Called ‘Plankie’ by her so-called friends, she will have to show them she can also be popular.

Manage Chloe’s school life and job to raise money for rent, food, and clothes. Control her stats: Sluttiness, Fitness, Smarts, Dance, and much more. Meet new people and find out their stories. Let people take advantage of Chloe or make Chloe have all the fun. It’s all up to you!​

Updated: 2019-03-08
Release Date: ?
Developer: GDS Patreon – Website
Sequel: Chloe 18 Vacation
Other Game: Chloe 18 Fake FamilyChloe 18 Back to Class
Censored: No
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Female Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Interracial, Incest, Voyeurism, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Bukkake, School Setting, BDSM, Rape, Lesbian, Cheating, Simulator, Domination, Mobile Game, Slice of Life
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Chloe18.exe” to start playing or open Data folder and start “project6.exe”

-MAC FIX: Gatekeeper(Mac Antivirus) wont let Chloe18 to run on some MACs, fix:


  • type “xattr -rc ” in the terminal,
  • drop the chloe18.app in the terminal window and press “enter”
  • It need to be done only once and the game will always run


  • Terminal : sudo spctl –master-disable
  • System Preferences: Allow Apps from anywhere
  • Run Chloe18
  • you can block again anywhere apps if you want,
  • It need to be done only once and the game will always run

Bug fix

Bug Fix

– New compression system, Game went from 2gb to 400mb with no quality lost
– 3800 images, in total
– 99 Achievements
– All routes so far have a end
– There are no more dead ends in the game
– 11 new Achievements
– Several bug fixes
– Audio fix
– Finally Chloe will have to pay rent, or not
– Find out who Pizza-girl fucked the bikers
– try again to be a cheerleader

Chloe Save Editor
Below I’ve attached the newly made save editor so you can skip grinding stats and unlock achievements and such.

image host image host



Make sure you backup your saves before using obviously.

If you start a new save for this and get an error message saying: File Doesn’t Currently Contain Achievements Please Play A Little More First
then just play through the first little section until you have unlocked your first achievement.

How To Do :
Try going into C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Project_6 and creating a BAK folder then move everything in that folder so you are starting from scratch on Chloe18 v1.02, Now that you have done that launch Chloe18 and click new game and get ingame to where you can save.

Once you have done that save the game and load up the save editor (v1.0.6 from Here) and goto the dropdown box in the top right and select Save Slot 1 and it should load the stats, for example it will say your money is 199 and once you see that you just set the values to what you want (making sure to hit apply on them) then click the save button in the top left of the editor.

Once at that stage just hit F5 on Chloe18 to reset it back to the menu and load your game and you should see your stats have changed, you can also use the editor to unlock achievements.

here is an image i just took:

Full Sized Image:

The value for Exhibitionism moves position after a while because of how the save adds stuff so it’s best to set that value straight away to what you want before it stops working.



Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android

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