Wildeer Studio is a 3D artist who makes long animations of Lara Croft, This is Tomb Rider 3D Adult Videos. “The stories are fiction, their purpose is entertainment. The characters I make are inspired by other games and movies. I would like to process more universes and themes.”​.

Updated: 2020-05-09
Developer/Publisher: Wildeer Studio – Twitter – Patreon – PornHub
Censorship: No
Language: English
Resolution: Various
Length: between 30s and 3min vids
Genre: 3dcg, Bondage, Sex Toys, Big tits, Big Ass, Anal Sex, Tentacles, Sex Toys, Animated, Voiced

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Play
2020-05-09: added Lara in Trouble 4
The Gatekeeper Part 2 Fetish Version

The Gatekeeper Part 2 Survivor Bush Version

Collection List
Gatekeeper P1-P2
Lara in trouble P1-P4
Pumpkin Field
Gatekeeper P2 SB Version
Gatekeeper P2 Fetish Version


Download Collection
Lara in Trouble S1 EP1
Lara in Trouble S1 EP2
Lara in Trouble S1 EP3
Lara in Trouble S1 EP4
The Gatekeeper Part 2
The Gatekeeper Part 2 SB Version
The Gatekeeper Part 2 Fetish Version

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So Lewd!
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wildeer-studio-collectionQuality levels of renders and animations are out this world. I was patreon subscriber, and I will be as soon as my financial situation allows it again. Lara Croft by herself was enough to trigger me, but since i received entrance to his patreon posts, I was amazed. Not sure if this is enough to make you his supporter, but there will be more great scenes incoming. Thumbs up, 5 stars.