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Train Capacity 300% 2 FInal by Beel ze bub, Welcome back to paradise with 300% full capacity I thought I was the only one left behind in society. When she works and her eyes are open, she still thinks only about molesters. They won’t understand. But I decided not to turn back​

Updated: 2023-08-09
Release Date: 2023-08-09
Developer: Beel ze bub DLsite / DLC
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Partially + MTL)
Other Game: Mansha 300, Train Capacity 300%
Genre: 3d game, animated, male protagonist, sandbox, groping, teasing, stripping, milf, big ass, big tits, oral sex, vaginal sex, sex toys, anal sex, censored, japanese game, creampie, rape, humiliation, fellatio,

1. Extract and run.
Game Info
Hunting grounds have been expanded not only inside trains and platforms, but also inside stations.


Equipped with a “new” system for a “new” hero, “Ni” with a 300% full rate departs.
Catch the target, grope it, hunt it down if it escapes, and–

crowded train


There is a closed room filled with the passions of many people, with nowhere to go.
What are the beautiful women you meet there hiding inside?

Crowded train targets


Momiji Osashima (Momiji Osashima) A Pien-type girl (mine type) who is crazy about the host of Hibukicho. Guided by the cast in charge, she works at a sauna-like store. She is Menhera, Lisuka Samurai. She’s a molester or something really good, pay the money.


Wakaba Kyuragi Female conductor of the Kurioh Line. Harassed by her co-workers, she has her ticket checked on the commuter train. Since she is a high-level passenger train, she lives happily even though she has given up on sexual harassment of passengers.


Hyuga Yukaba A metal slime from the Chuo Line that appears with a low probability along with his favorite mountain bike. The goddess of summer who generously shows off her sweaty limbs to the passengers and leaves. She likes to show, but she’s a virgin.


Hosono Nagisa A Minato-ku girl who works with a ruling party member of parliament and a dad. She is a smart and conscious person, but her family is a poor household with 16 siblings. Her allowance quickly goes towards paying for food for her sisters, so she commutes from her parents’ house on a packed train.

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-Japanese (Supported languages English, Chinese + Simp)-

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Append 1 Kindergarten Teacher Coupling DLC

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Append 2 Hakodume connection DLC

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