Virtual Succubus v0.13 Stable 2 by SuccuDev, Virtual Succubus is a JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) game that adapts based on your actions and preferences.

Enter a contract with your very own Succu-chan, offering her complete control over your urges. She’ll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release!
SPOILER: More InfoInspiration from JOI videos, CockHero, and instructions based teases/games.

Procedural AI
Have a different experience every time.

Cross-session Persistence
The game changes based on what it knows of your endurance, preference, and prior events.
Succu-chan will remember that!

Tons of Customization
Toys and many kinky fetishes supported, with options to turn most of them on and off.
Short -> Very Long sessions.
Silent/Home Alone modes, and more!

Unique Mechanics and Minigames
Built for touchscreens and accelerometers (for mobile).
Give Succu-chan oral, or get spanked by her.

Post Session Challenges
Tasks for you to complete between sessions!
Being Succu-chan’s favorite toy takes some commitment.

Updated: 2021-01-19
Release Date: 2021-01-19
Developer: SuccuDev Patreon – Itch.io – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.13 Stable 2
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

3dcg, Masturbation, Female Domination, Mobile game, Animated, Simulator, JOI, Monster Girl, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Teasing, Futa/Trans, Pet Play
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
v0.13 Stable 2
Session Time Limit is now two (min/max) sliders ranging from 10 to 120 minutes.
Delayed oops button hitbox by 1 second to prevent accidental presses
Fixed some text prompts having her name twice.
Fixed text popin overlaps.
Fixed character sounds not working for certain people.


For this version I wanted to focus primarily on two things: Visuals (Improving animation variety, UI, reducing clipping, etc) and making endings more customizable, as they’re very subjective and many people were requesting all kinds of different behaviors.


Overall, there should be an incomparable level of animation variety (some categories have gone from 5 to 30+ with multiple angles!) and endings should feel more varied and interesting.

The UI is a lot cleaner and more informative now too, communicating more about what’s going on with her without being intrusive.

Many outfits were adjusted to remove potential clipping, and overall, the game should feel more polished.

I ended up throwing a whole lot more system changes into the mix, including adding “Brattiness” tracking, reworking how “Dedication” (score) works, reworking how “Favor” works, and adding Oral/Anal variants to the in-game (Cock Hero) rhythm event.

Hope you all enjoy!

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Way more animations (up to 6x more depending on context!)
  • Ending rework & customization, UI Rework, Score Rework
  • Outfits, new content, etc
  • Oral/Anal Rhythm Event (like CockHero)
  • TONS of bugfixes.

Full Patch Notes

Favor rework:

  • No longer tied to every task’s outcome. Gains are much rarer, and now primarily rewarded at the end of a session.
  • Mercy now requires a certain amount of favor before it’ll be considered.
  • Mercy no longer lowers mood upon being given.
  • Mercy now costs favor when given.
  • Being declined mercy now clamps her mood to at most neutral. This also means that you cannot disobey freely if you’ve been declined mercy.
  • Being given mercy during timed tasks no longer counts as a task failure.

Reworked Disobeying/Dedication(Score):

  • Disobeying while she’s happy or higher no longer has implications upon the session’s ending (does not lower dedication). It also no longer affects either chastity or findom, and has a different reaction.
  • All instances of ”Decline” on task buttons should now be replaced with ”Disobey”.
  • Removed a lot of instances of ”Failed” buttons, replacing them with Disobey, which takes into consideration her current mood.
  • Actions that will reduce your dedication (and affect the outcome of the session) are now marked with red text.
  • Mood no longer affects ending, only dedication.

Reworked endings

  • Endings have been reworked into multiple types, including task endings, rhythm (cock hero) endings, and timed countdown endings. Each of these have variants for all the possible ending categories.
  • Added 8 new sliders and a new menu called ”Endings Configuration”. In this menu, you’ll be able to specify how often you want to see each category of ending (Regular/Denial/Ruin/CEI) for rewards and punishments, along with the chance for POT.
  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Other toggles: Ruin Denial, Orgasm Denial
  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Kink toggle: Forced CEI

Other new features:

  • If you act too bratty, she now warns you she’s about to get serious. If you keep being bratty and she’s not sadistic, she will become sadistic to correct you.
  • Your brattiness affects the chance for you to be given a free day off when begging at the end of a chastity session.
  • New expression/reaction for when you act like a brat.
  • Rhythm Events now have 3 new variants. Anal, Oral, and Footjob. This also means that rhythm events now function when ”No Touching” is active.
  • She now reacts differently to you oopsing if you’ve asked for mercy and she refused. (Exceptions if you have post-oops or Chastity turned on)
  • Holiday event! You can expect similar changes to the halloween event, December 19th-26th. Just like the halloween event, the passcode cheats will be updated to include a way to force this to activate after the event has passed.
  • Keybinds for PC version. All 3 possible buttons have multiple keybinds, including: 1,2,3 F1, F2, F3 ZXC Left, Down, Right


  • She no longer takes mischievous actions like pausing timers, disabling buttons, doubling up counts, etc when her mood is ”angry” or lower.
  • Added new behavior for begging to be released on endless while she’s unhappy or worse.
  • Mid-session outfit swaps are now temporary and not saved across sessions for multiple hours.
  • Added a time limit to ”All Fours” and changed it into a negative modifier.
  • String: Dick modifier has been changed to negative instead of positive.
  • Continuing to taunt while she’s sick of it will now cause her mood to drop.
  • Added Mercy option to session extensions during Her Choice, stopping the extensions and ending the session. This upsets her.
  • Further decreased the chance of pinch tasks on normal sessions.
  • Rebalanced ending thresholds to make it easier to get a bad ending, this was necessary due to the new disobey rework.
  • Sadistic now always makes disobey cause -Dedication, regardless of mood. This allows for the possibility of manually pushing yourself into a less forgiving state by being bratty on purpose (taunting), and overall makes it harder to achieve good endings.
  • Breathplay related timed tasks can no longer be extended or disobey/mercy ”locked”


  • Animations/scenes have been reworked: Timed Tasks, Counted Tasks, and Edge Tasks now all play animations from the same (now much larger at 30 animations) pool. This results in about 6 times more animation variety during regular tasks.
  • Most animations now have multiple potential viewing angles. This should significantly help visual variety.
  • Many animations now have mood requirements before they’re allowed to show, either positive or negative.
  • New animations for the Anal/Oral/Footjob Rhythm Events
  • Added special pointing down animation for when she asks you to kneel, get on all 4s, etc.
  • 10+ expressions now have ”angry/unhappy” variants, which (mostly subtly) changes her expressions when she’s in those moods. This should overall make her expressions a bit less bipolar when you’re on her bad side.
  • 2 new outfits.
  • Renamed CEI toggle to PCEI, splitting off precum CEI from ending CEI.
  • Added Ball Press toggle under accessories. New tasks & modifiers including this.
  • Added No Horns & No Tail toggles under Other


  • Big UI rework.
  • Most information is now hidden behind a ”Status” button. Modifiers have been moved into the new Status menu. The status menu now displays her mood and now has indicators for various other possible statuses, such as Sadistic, Moody, etc.
  • The game now has text pop ins for more changes than just mood.
  • Added a new text prompt indicating a post-chastity session.
  • Support for 3:4 android tablets

Bugfixes & Tweaks

  • Punishment Modifiers should once again be working. (That was a big one. Sorry! It wasn’t recognized/reported until late into the month.)
  • Fixed a bunch of potential AI crashes with modifier removal among other things. I hope that’s all of them, thanks for all the reports.
  • Cut off the sleeves (and lewded up, sometimes) several outfits to fix some clipping.
  • Changed the head lookat code completely, to fix some previous bugs. This should also re-introduce headtilts as they were intended to be. This could result in some weirdness, so let me know if you notice anything.
  • Added delay upon pressing ”edge” during ending cock hero events to prevent accidental double taps
  • Beg option no longer shows when you’ve just completed a chastity sentence.
  • Fixed an instance of missing name text replacement on chastity day popups
  • Fixed missing audio upon saying ”no” to the post-session questions during the intro
  • Fixed a bug causing the text to fade out twice after accepting a post-session assignment
  • Resized the text on Terms & Conditions to fit a narrower aspect ratio
  • Removed second space from ”Another X task”
  • No Touching / Sadistic question can no longer show up if Sadistic is already on
  • RLGL Oral/Anal variants should now properly respect modifiers
  • Her neutral expression now dynamically adjusts to her mood instead of just on expression change.
  • Significantly sped up ”no” motion
  • Significant tweaks to standard Rhythm Event animation, it should now be much much smoother.
  • Failures decision now properly counts failures.
  • Unhappy ”neutral” expression is now a bit more obviously unhappy.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from disabling chastity
  • Fixed a bug preventing chastity from being auto disabled if you had multiple chastity suboptions on
  • Chastity now gets disabled silently when freed from a chastity sentence, even with the duration hidden.
  • The timer for the timed oral minigame now properly starts upon loading into the minigame instead of before
  • Fixed a bug causing her to stretch at the start of every session.
  • BackArm idle has been repurposed into an animation scene, which should prevent some of the animation transition clipping issues it frequently caused.
  • Being locked out of pressing disobey during a modifier task should no longer prevent that modifier from applying.
  • It should no longer be possible to get sadistic twice.
  • Sadistic should no longer have a chance to override guaranteed rewards from Spin the Wheel
  • Disobey should now work when she asks you to do a counted task ”again”
  • Ankle cuffs are now properly flagging ankles as busy for modifiers.
  • Fixed some modifier incompatibilities.
  • Fixed a RLGL bug that caused some weird green text popins for half a second, and prevented CBT/pinch red variants from working as intended.
  • Independent toggle should no longer prevent the ”day” question from being asked.
  • Fixed a bug causing some of the intro to be skipped sometimes.
  • Removing negative modifiers now correctly has the ”Thank You” button.
  • Removing positive modifiers now correctly has the ”Sorry” button.
  • Pressing mercy in RLGL should now always function (as in, it should act as if the button was pressed).
  • Reduced the delay before you can click on ”done” during counted tests.
  • Fixed an old bug that was preventing timed rewards from playing in some rare situations.
  • Rephrased a red in anal RLGL to prevent small text size.
  • Oral/Anal RLGL should no longer happen when No RLGL is toggled.
  • Fixed a physics bug that caused clipping during the very first scene.
  • Masochist mode “rewards” (punishments) now properly display as rewards.
  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons may not show if you get the same task twice in a row.
  • Disabling Post-Session tasks will now also prevent her from asking about them, if any were assigned.
  • Rewrote the majority of the task picking AI logic, to help fix AI crash bugs.

v0.10 Stable1

v0.09 Stable 1



Implemented Endless Time limit
When endless time limit is enabled, Succu-chan will only let you go after you’ve begged her for it. She may decline, if you haven’t satisfied her yet.

Implemented Spin The Wheel events

Spin the wheel events happen periodically, leaving your fate up to luck.
Before she spins the wheel, you may taunt Succu-chan to increase the results of the spin (both negatively and positively).
Taunting her too much may lead to her getting annoyed at you, or may make her decide to up the stakes a bit, changing the results to some special things such as session-long difficulty increases, chastity days, etc.

Reworked Outfits & Happiness
Happiness (The long term tracked stat of how well you’ve been doing) is now called Favor.
Favor has been reworked to be closer to a currency – Earn enough favor, and she’ll reward you with a lewder outfit for a single session. You’ll have to re-earn that favor to see more!
Eventually, more things will be tied to this favor system.
Outfits are now split into two categories instead of 4, Normal (28x) & Lewd (8x). This should increase significantly the variety of outfits you’ll see on a regular basis.


+40 Tasks
+4 Outfits (3x normal, 1x lewd)
Added No Spin toggle

You can now optionally decline chastity day removal.
Added taunt button to the end of edge challenges, restarting the process and a decent chunk of favor and mood.
Red timer during RLGL is now 5-20 instead of 10-15

Upgraded the Succu-dick. This may cause wobbly issues. Please report issues pertaining to the Succu-dick.
Succu-chan now periodically looks away during tests

Punishments should no longer take priority over endings (fixing an issue with skipping to end)
Added ”…again” to repeats during counted tests
Added some missing chinese font characters
Added support for japanese characters
Fixed another bug causing weird headtilts
Completely reworked how Counted tasks are generated. This may lead to some bugginess for a while, but was necessary to remove some hardcoding. Let me know if anything seems off!
General typo fixes, modifier incompatibility fixes, etc.

v0.06 Stable

  • New Event: Edging Challenge. Get challenged to various types of edges right before she releases you from the session. Earning your proper release is now far more challenging!
  • New Tasks
  • 16 new animations
  • 5 new outfits
  • As usual, many bug fixes, balance tweaks, and adjustments




Download For Win
Download For Mac (v0.12)
Download For Android

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