-u4ia- Ep2.01p by DriftyGames, -u4ia- is adult game by DriftyGames about you are heading to an exotic island (a large one with several cities/locations, not the beach and palms only type). While on this island you run into quite a few girls. You all have your own backstory to how you ended up there, and there’s a reason you’re all there. u4ia tells the story of what’s happening on that island, the backstory to how you all got there, bonding with these people, getting ready for something you don’t even know will happen. Try to befriend these girls and make the most of it. You will need it later on. And all the letters in the title is not only an abbreviation for Euphoria. They all have a meaning.

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Updated: 2024-01-26
Release Date: 2024-01-26
Developer: DriftyGames Patreon – Youtube
Censored: No
Version: Ep2.01p
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other GamesLeap of Faith
Genre: 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, milf, sandbox, vaginal sex, oral sex, dating sim, big ass, big tits, teasing, groping, stripping, voyeurism, drugs, point and click, romance

1. Extract and run.

  • 3,383 story renders
  • 17,060 frames of animation
  • 18,298 lines of script/dialogue
  • 50 new songs
  • 26 new SFX
  • added Replay gallery
  • updated to Ren’py 8.1.3, which should improve performance
  • Unfortunately, a full replay is required due to rebuilding the perks system from Episode 1!



  • 1,907 story renders
  • 16,764 animated frames
  • 18,770 lines of script/dialogue
  • 33 songs (1 exclusive)
  • More than 400 UI elements
  • u4ia is running on Ren’Py 8.1.0 – Prerelease (which should fix lagging animations and CPU spikes issues on mid to low end computers)


Download For Compressed Win
Download For Compressed Mac


Download For Multi Mod
wait for it! *Multi Mod for this game


  • Added colored hints in dialogue options
  • Added a “HELP” button during free roams
  • Added a “time cheat” to increase the time available during free roams
  • Added a “Unlock All” button to the gallery
  • Added a scene gallery to the main menu allowing to replay scenes
Download For Gallery Unlocker
MEDIAFIRE *Unzip then paste to your <u4ia>/<game folder>*Description: A simple gallery unlock script. Just place it in the game folder and everything should be unlocked.
Game version: Ep2.01p
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