TP: The Class Next Door v0.7.1 by 9thCrux, TP: The Class Next Door is a game about You take the role of a teacher who is moving into a new city to start a new life, his daughter is coming along with him, the reasons why they’re moving away to start a new life are ambiguous at first, but as the story unfolds you will understand why they have decided to rebuild their lives.
If you’re looking for a quick fap then you’re in the wrong place, this game is a slow burn, you have been warned.

Updated: 2023-07-23
Release Date: 2023-07-23
Developer: 9thCrux – SubscribeStar – Buy Me A Coffee – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.12.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Milf, Romance, School setting, Sandbox, Teasing, Voyeurism, Big tits, Virgin, Fondling, Oral sex, Petite, Titfuck, Handjob, Anal sex, Vaginal sex.

Planned content: Incest, Multiple endings, Vanilla, Thicc/BBW, Deepthroat.

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

Episode 6

Episodes 3-5 were missing from F95Zone

TCND: EX2 episode 2 Android version Change log:
-Multiple layout fixes; adjusted sideimages, textbox, text location, font size, and choice menu formatting.
Now TCND: EX2’s phone version is properly setup!

v0.12.1 change-log:
-Story progress with Amy.
-New lewd dream featuring Amy.
-Story progress with Tiffany.
-New lewd dream featuring Tiffany.
-New profile outfits for Amy, Daria, Emily, Evans, Marjory, Melanie, and Tiffany.
-Extended Tiffany’s shower event.
Episode eleven starts on Tuesday; right after episode ten.
Episode eleven covers up to Wednesday; the girls are getting ready for the weekend.
On Saturday, there will be a major event… a housewarming party.

-Increased the lewd dream’s chance to 66%.

-Story progress with Miss Evans.

-Story progress with Joan.

-Story progress with Daria.

-Lewd dream featuring Miss Evans.

-Lewd dream featuring Joan.

-Lewd, one-time, scene featuring Joan.

-Main story-line progression.

-Now, players will be able to skip text during lewd dreams after they have seen it once.

-Typos correction.

-Grammar corrections.

-Fixed a variable looping Marjorie’s story.

Added sideimages for two new NPCs.
Main story-line progression.
Emily’s story progress.
Daria’s story progress.
Miss Evans’ story progress.
Added a new free-roam location; MCs’ home-office.
Added a repeatable event with Emily; it requires an item.
Lewd dream featuring Daria (intro.)
Lewd dream featuring Miss Evans (intro.)
Properly packed media files.

Ep.15 v0.18.1
Lewd scene featuring Masha.
Lewd dream with Eleonor.
Lewd scene with Marjory (requires 20 romance).
Lewd scene with Tiffany (requires 60 romance).
Story progress with Tiffany.
Story progress with Amy.
Main story line progress.
Gallery entries for all the new lewd content.
Fixed a problem with sideimages not being displayed.
Added a misc section to the gallery (question mark icon).
Grammar and spelling corrections.

Episode 14 version 0.17.2
Gallery entries for Daria’s new lewd scene.
Gallery entries for Joan’s new lewd scene.
Gallery entries for Miss Evans new Lewd scene.

Grammar corrections.
Fixed an issue in Daria’s gallery.

Dialog corrections.
Moved the settings’ return button on Android devices.
Adjusted the stats screen layout on Android devices.
Adjusted the stats screen layout on PC/Linux and MAC devices.
Migrated the game to Ren’Py 7.4; now the game comes with 64 and 32 bit versions.

Known issues:
Sometimes you can find missing side images that somehow show again later on in the game; I will look into what is causing that.

Episode 14 version 0.17.1
Lewd scene with Miss Evans (requires 15 romance).
Lewd scene with Daria (requires 15 romance).
Lewd scene with Joan (requires 20 romance).
Story progress with Miss Evans.
Adjusted the game files to allow for easier updates.
I will update the gallery soon; the new lewd images are not in the gallery yet. I will add them soon.

Major update.
Hey there, today I migrated the game to Ren’Py 7.4; the updated Ren’Py builds 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the game. I had to do adjustments all over the place to use the new Ren’Py version.
This will be the new base game and new updates will be just images and script files; get this new build because new builds are not going to be compatible with older versions.

-Edited Joan’s gallery icon.
-Edited Alice’s gallery icon.
-Updated stats screens (all 8 of them) to reflect the gallery icons.
-Music changes (first pass).
-Follow up to Marjory’s story.
-Lewd scene with Marjory (requires 15 romance).
-Story progress with Amy and Miss Evans.
-Lewd dream with Alice (requires 10 romance).
-Main story progress.
-Gallery entries for Marjory’s lewd scene.
-Gallery entries for Alice’s lewd dream.

Ep.10 v0.13.1
Context fixes.
Dialog fixes.
Fixed a bug in Laura’s gallery.
Story progress with Tiffany.
Lewd dream with Tiffany (requires 55 romance).
Introducing a new character; Cleo, Tiffany’s pet.
Gallery entries for Tiffany’s last lewd dream (30+ lewd images).


You have to start a new game to use the new features.

Animation loops require 
Webm codecs, get them here:
Windows – MAC – Linux
(Just extract and use the installer, the zip files include a readme file)


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android
Download For Android, Game Saves + MOD (v0.25.1)


Download For Compressed Win/MAC (314 MB)
PIXELDRAIN ANON MIXDROP GOFILE *This compression is unofficial which reduces media quality and might break the game.
Download For Compressed Android (319 MB)
PIXELDRAIN ANON MIXDROP GOFILE *This compression is unofficial which reduces media quality and might break the game.
Download For Savegame
Download For Walkthrough
TP: The Class Next Door (TP:TCND) routes, episode four 0.7.1 mini walkthrough.

The following options will display special events and/or increase stas with the selected character.
Make sure to pick the given options on the decision prompts or menus in the game.

1- Take it upstairs now.
2- She’s my boss.
3- That would be great.
4- How heavy?
5- Naked.

Mrs. Smith:
1-She’s hot.
2-Pick her name during the first night at the hotel prompt.

1- She’s my daughter.
2-Pick her name during the first night at the hotel prompt.

Miss Evans:
1- Compliment.

-No changes from episode three to episode four.-


Keywords: Download TP: The Class Next Door Game.

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