Derealization v0.0.5.0 by Greenish Purple, Derealization by Greenish Purple adult game about 3DCG visual novel with elements of psychological horror and black humor. You play as an almost thirty-year-old “young” man, who is fleeing from mental discomfort, leaves his hometown and moves to Steelport, the largest city in the state. Hoping to find peace with his own mind there. But he is too far from a state of harmony because every day there are more and more problems related to his new and old friends. Every day he becomes more and more convinced of the inadequacy of the people around him, who literally broke the chain. But… What if the problem is not in them?​

Updated: 2023-07-28
Release Date: 2023-07-28
Developer: Greenish Purple Patreon – Slushe – DeviantArt – Itch.io 
Censored: No
Version: v0.0.5.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Current :

3DCG, adventure, Male Protagonist, big tits, romance, big ass, teasing


Most of the basic sex tags, hardcore, lesbian,
harem, cheating, twins, milf, male domination, creampie, horror, humor, graphic violence, animated, blackmail.

No ntr
No pregnancy
No gay
No futa/trans
No sandbox

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Segment expansion in the office with Gray.

Initial Release

Dev Notes
The game has a large amount of swearing, provocative material, vulgarity, and much more. This game is intended for persons over the age of 18+. The author is not responsible for what children watch on the Internet. Everything said and shown in this game should be perceived exclusively as fiction. The author does not promote anything, does not call for anything, and does not try to offend anyone.


Download For Android (v0.0.4.9)


Download For Compressed Win/Lin
PIXELDRAIN ANON GOFILE MIXDROP *The compressing process reduces the quality.
Download For Compressed Mac
PIXELDRAIN ANON GOFILE MIXDROP *The compressing process reduces the quality.
Download For WT & Gallery Mod Mod
MEDIAFIRE *For v0.04 **Extract the files into the game folder..

Gallery appears on the save menu

Download For Crawling Text BugFix Mod
MEDIAFIRE *Hardcoded dialog text cps style A.K.A. ‘crawling text’ remover

Extract attached zip into the root folder of the game (the main folder with game launcher *.exe and *.sh files)
or copy the *.rpy file in it into the ‘game’ subfolder


Keywords: Download Derealization Greenish Purple adult game.

Super Lewd!
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derealization-greenish-purpleGood game biggest positive thing of the game is visuals they are great. Good looking MC and girl's models are nicely polished. MC has a past and he's suffering from it. Almost all the girls in the game has their own problems. Story seems interesting. But it's not revealed that much. Waiting for next updates to know more about Mc and other girls. Hoping he can help other girls and solve his own problems.