Tower of Trample is an ongoing game about saving your friends from a bunch of vicious villainesses. They will stop you with their wicked femdom-oriented wrestling moves. You will stand against their despicable humiliation and fight your way to the top of the tower. Updates are released on a monthly basis. One villainess will be added in every update.
(from the developer page on Patreon)

Updated: 2024-04-30
Release Date: 2024-04-30
Developer: Bo Wei Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: v1.18.0.4 + Standalon 9F
OS: Windows
Language: English
WikiTower of Trample
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Big ass, Female domination, Male protagonist, Humiliation, Handjob, Footjob

– Download and extract to desired location.
– Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.
Added Swan And Crow Part III Standalone



  1. – Yuletide can now extinguish fireplaces (it is not consumed)
  2. – Added hint if ??? is selected at fireplaces
  3. – Adjusted “Sleep” to subtract more from punishment timer (3 minutes from 1)
  4. – Adjusted “Nap” to change the painting
  5. – Adjusted night-time punishments to always puppify if viable
  6. – Gifts of Hearth and Winter are now capped at 20 points
  7. – Fixed bug blocking certain ero content (hint: worship feet and get bell-collared)
  8. – Fixed the first and second Giant Present scenes being skipped in some cases
  9. – Fixed “Poison” reward from Shoe Game not playing scene
  10. – Fixed Shoe Game occasionally requesting same attribute twice
  11. – Fixed a certain shoe not spawning in the game
  12. – Fixed vignette population for final Giant Present scene
  13. – Based on Shoe Game interaction; old saves will need to play more
  14. – Fixed crash after repeated Puppy punishments
  15. – Fixed a certain door being left open causing some crashy side-effects
  16. – Fixed Mistletoe Maze (Part I) being locked even after Claus returns to her Cabin
  17. – Exit Claus’ Chambers (Part II) again to fix for old saves
  18. – Fixed some minor sprite/portrait/etc. issues


– Adjusted combat UI to take less space and show more statuses
– Inflated version number due to a publishing flub by Bo (lol)
– Fixed some contextual skills (eg. Swan stare) not going first
– Slightly reduced lag from some VFX (still investigating)
– Various typo fixes

– Added bonus rewards upon certain milestones
– First Victory/S-Rank against most foes (EXP)
– (Dr. Swan is exempt as she is not a villainess)
– (Old saves will need to redo S-ranks due to new tracking)
– Various optional events
– Redeem Lily (EXP)
– Karen “Good End” (Full Level)
– Complete Claus Maze (Full Level)
– Escape The Crow (Resolve Skill or Full Level)
– Jessica Mirror Fix (EXP)
– This should normalize levels and reduce grind somewhat
– Early floors may need buffs to compensate
– Balance feedback is always welcome

– [Grab Block] is now learned at Level 2
– Meant to introduce milestones, shouldn’t affect progression
– Also increased skill book cost to avoid accidents

– [Blaze Palm] is now learned at Level 5
– Shouldn’t affect progression due to milestones
– Can now crit (and still has an 80% damage variance; YEET)
– Will probably regret/retune this, but enjoy for now!

– Added [Focus], learned at Level 10
– Buffs ATK for next attack, stacking up to 3 times
– No time limit, but only works for one attack
– Lost when restrained (Stun, Grabs, etc.)

– [Insulation] tooltip adjusted
– No longer claims blanket stun immunity
– All stuns it doesn’t cover now use a different icon
– Please report any missed cases

– [Prayer] now heals a mix of flat and % Max HP
– Up to 100 HP at 100 TP
– Up to 60% Max HP at 100 TP
– Now has 4T Cooldown

– [Tide Wall] now buffs DEF for its duration
– Same stacking as Blue Potions

– [Mist Clone] code is now less janky, also adjusted balance
– Fix: Prevents damage outright rather than zany DEF trickery
– Fix/Buff: Now preserves Guard, Grab Block, and Insulation duration
– Nerf: Cost increased to 40 TP

– [Last Laugh] adjusted
– Buff: ATK increased to 30 (from 20)
– Buff: No longer affects AGI (mostly relevant for Potion speed)
– Fix/Nerf: Now properly slows all attacks
– Some otherwise-swift (eg. Ember) attacks may no longer go first
– [Twin Punch] and Defensive/Contextual skills still always go first
– Please report any jank (most likely with counter or contextual moves)

– [Abyss Strap] buffed
– Now ensures minimum 25 TP at battle start
– Now increases AGI by 20%
– (Still Preserves TP above 25 and has its hidden effect)

– [Duality] buffed
– Now also increases TP gain from damage taken
– (Still boosts TP upon failing QTEs)

Abyss Tent (Jessica)
– Fixed Jessica saying you defeated her too early
– Fixed slave outfit not properly influencing some text
– Fixed room objects counting as scene when resisted
– Fixed room objects audio balance

– Meeting Jessica now only requires unlocking 6F
– (ie. defeat Lily once and go down any stairs)
– (You no longer have to actually enter 6F)

– Minor submission route adjustments
– Surrender truncated prior to first submission scene
– Submission scenes are now easier to trigger
– Only requires Inverted Space to have been used, not active
– No longer cancelled when Surrendering
– Must still be wearing Jester Set
– Adjusted bare foot room scene unlock
– Must lick feet or socks three times
– Can be from surrender or loss service
– May need to be re-unlocked due to new tracking
– Made mirror shards more obvious in Mirror Room

– Minor combat balance adjustments
– Slightly nerfed ATK and DEF at levels 1 and 2
– Level 3 has same stats as 1.16.0
– Jessica no longer has artificially low AGI
– 25/35/45 at levels 1/2/3
– Be careful on her counter turns!
– Ballbusting attacks now deal fallback %MHP damage
– 5% MHP per kick for multiple kicks
– 30% MHP for knee strike
– Still uses ATK/DEF formula instead if that result was higher
– Final damage is still affected by Guard (ie. 2.5%/kick or 15%/knee)

– Adjusted arousal (heart debuff) in battle
– Seduction is now less of an automatic loss
– Fix: No longer applies debilitating Swan debuff
– Nerf: No longer automatically applies a heart stack
– Nerf: Heart stack increases much less quickly during animation
– Buff: Breaking seduction now requires a QTE, however
– Sniffing her pits/soles can now be avoided (QTE)
– Added potential heart stack to her Scissor/Thigh holds
– Maxed stack now results in cum loss
– Similar effect of holding pantyhose
– Mostly flavor change as max stacks was already deadly

– Added some combat variations to Jessica
– Added some flavor text to Ballbust attacks
– Added additional flavor/qte to Armpit and Face Trample
– New Heavy Attack after room panties scene
– New Scissor hold followup after room panties scene
– New Thigh hold followup after room trample scene
– Various aesthetic tweaks

– Added combat variations when mind-broken (her slave and in outfit)
– Ballbust can now loop up to ~20 kicks
– Seduction can occur earlier and requires QTE to decline
– Different oufits cause a different penalty
– Sissy/Clown/Cowl = cannot stop looping ballbust
– Puppy = cannot decline seduction
– Gimp = cannot resist pit/sole sniff

– Added some scene replay to Jessica’s [Talk] after full submission

– [Invisible Silk] will now always drop on first S-Rank
– Should help telegraph that it’s in the drop pool
– (Drop rate otherwise unchanged)

– Added [Cloud Bandage] and [Abyss Bandage] to crafts
– Essentially potions that purely restore % Max HP
– Will be more effective than Potions A/B at high levels
– Potions A/B remain more effective at low levels

– [Jester Shoes] text change
– AGI reduced to 101
– Aesthetic change only (you’ll still out-speed Jessica)

6F South (Swan/Crow)
– Fixed materials not being consumed when upgrading Fume Hood
– Fixed crash when licking The Crow’s boots via Omega potion
– Completing the Fume Hood now requires consulting Swan
– (Due to potential early Copper from Jessica)

– Nerfed The Crow’s fortify/sharpening bonuses
– Bonuses are now soft capped based on her EX level
– Initial cap (ie. before escaping) is 10 at EX 0
– Bonuses beyond the cap decay by 1 each night
– Scaling reduced to 2% per point (from 3%)
– Bonuses can now be reset after reaching 1 Flame
– Accessed via Sword/Armor piles above her booze


– Fixed crash in Swan prior to unlocking her second Poison
– Fixed Swan prematurely asking you to research naked
– Fixed being unable to become Lily’s apprentice if you refuse the first time
– Fixed some misdirected conditionals when drinking from Crow’s water bowl

– (6.5F) Disabled items during Dr. Swan’s phase transition
– (6.5F) Fixed crash when using Unknown potion on other floors
– (6F) Disabled items during a certain battle sequence
– (5F) Fixed crash in Cobra’s 3rd “Game”
– (Hopefully) Fixed root cause of recent Cobra and Khulan crashes
– Please report any new issues in previously stable scenes
– Fixed crash in Crafting menu



Swan And Crow Part III

9F (Standalone)

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