‘’What the hell is going on over there?’’ This is the kind of thing that porn traditionalists are finding themselves asking when they hear the increasingly wild rumors surrounding the world of live porn sites and the numerous sexual adventures that people are experiencing on them.

You see, it wasn’t that long ago when live sex cam platforms were often seen as pretty dull in comparison to big-budget porn movies. These days, though, that is increasingly being seen as false, and it’s actually the latter that is becoming more boring for some folks.

That’s because conventional porn movies just don’t offer the same kind of immersive sexual experience that free live sex cams can offer, and things are only getting wilder as more and more sexual kinks and fetishes make their way onto the live cams scene.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the six new live cam fetishes that have everybody talking, not to mention wanking themselves silly!


I’m sure everyone can relate to the sensation of watching a gorgeous porn movie with some 19-year-old slut moaning in ecstasy while her pussy gets destroyed and wishing it was your dick slamming into her pink hole.

I’m sure everyone can relate to the sensation of watching a gorgeous porn movie with some 19-year-old slut moaning in ecstasy while her pussy gets destroyed and wishing it was your dick slamming into her pink hole.

Well, there’s also another type of porn fan. The type that wishes it was their asshole being ravaged by a big cock while they’re dressed even sluttier than the pornstar on the screen. Yep, I’m talking about sissies!

While it was merely a little-known niche not too long ago, the world of Sissification porn has boomed in recent years, and the number of people seeking a role reversal with their favorite porn sluts has skyrocketed.

Naturally, it’s also thriving on the live cam scene with plenty of perverted women eager to take you further down the sissy rabbit hole in a live cam show. There’s also a tonne of sissy sluts performing sex shows as they want to show the world how filthy their sissy porn-fuelled mind is!

Jerk Off Instructions (Sometimes With a Portion of CEI for Dessert!)

I’m sure few of you will need to be reminded to fit in your daily jerk-off session. Still, there’s also a growing demand from people seeking to be guided through an edging party by a particularly perverse cam slut who will control your pleasure with ease in a live sex session.

Be careful, though, because many of these cam sluts indulging in JOI want something in return if you end up losing your edge and spurt ropes of cum all over yourself. You might just find them upgrading the JOI session to CEI (cum eating instructions) as they order you to swallow your mess!


But while being ordered to swallow your own spunk might sound hardcore, you should class yourself as lucky even to have the chance to beat your meat at all. Spare a thought for all of the submissive men who have agreed to be put in chastity by their female Domme.

When you’re venturing through the increasingly kinky live sex cam landscape, it’s not uncommon to see chastity cages being deployed by some of the kinkier cam models out there. She might be ordering her on-screen submissive to lock himself in one or looking straight at you and ordering you to deny yourself the pleasure you crave.

Pillow Humping

It’s no secret that the live sex cam industry is home to some of the most intensely advanced sex toys around, and you can find everything from industrial-grade sex machines to powerful Bluetooth vibrators that can turn a woman into a human sprinkler as she squirts like a whore.

But sometimes, the simple pleasures in life are best, and there’s a growing demand for cam girls who like to indulge in a spot of pillow humping. This is exactly as it sounds, and sees cam sluts grinding their hungry pussies on a pillow in their bedroom before they cum all over it. After watching it, it’s safe to say that you’ll probably hope to be reincarnated as some cam slut’s pillow in another life!

Creampie Gangbang

While the not-so-humble creampie gangbang is usually seen as a reserve for the world of hardcore porn, that’s not the case anymore, and there are some sticky corners of the live sex cam world where you can find bareback orgies taking place in real-time.

Not only are these live creampie gangbang events just as hardcore as the ones you’ve seen on major porn sites, but they also offer you the chance to get involved directly. You can do everything from control the event through the live sex chat or make the gangbang slut cum hard via the remote-controlled toy she has hanging out of her cum filled pussy.

18+ Teen Skull Fucking

There are a lot of women in the world who will find themselves gagging after the first inch of a dick goes into their mouth. Boring! Luckily, there’s also a kind of elite-tier cock sucker with a throat that seems to be made from some indestructible material, allowing them to withstand the kind of porn-grade skull fucking that would make most normie chicks tap out in seconds.

Thankfully, the latter kind of 18+ teen cams girls are abundant on live sex cam sites, and they’re more than eager to show off their deepthroating abilities to the world. Usually, they’ll rely on a powerful sex machine, a robust blowjob dildo, or a fuck buddy volunteer to showcase their talents.

Watching these chicks increasingly get drenched in a river of their own spit as the fucking machine gets ramped up to maximum power before looking into the lens of their webcam with a look that says, ‘’Is that all you’ve got, bitch?’’ is the kind of thing you’ll never forget.

Cam Sites Have Never Been So Damn Kinky!

Damn, cam sites have come a long way since the days when they were considered boring, and it’s becoming harder to find porn traditionalists who don’t tip their hat in respect to how kinky cam platforms are becoming. I wonder what the future holds and what new and exciting kinks will come to the live cam scene in years to come!