This is a mod built from DarkPhilosopher’s GetLucky mod. It implements a variety of QoL improvements to different aspects of the game. Read Features for details.

Base Game: Superpowered
Updated: 2020-03-18
Version: v0.45.03-RA5
Platforms: Built and tested on Windows. Confirmed working on MacOS 10.14. As this is a code-only release, it may also work on other platforms.
License: Public Domain. Do what you want with it. I would appreciate, but do not require, a credit in any release you make.

  1. Install a 100,000% clean copy of SuperPowered 0.39.01 from the main thread.
  2. Extract the attached archive to SuperPowered’s main directory. (The autorun folder on Mac.) Overwrite files, if prompted.
  3. You may get an error the first time you run SuperPowered after installing a mod. This is because RenPy isn’t specifically designed for modding and sometimes gets confused when it compiles new source files. The game should run fine the second time though, since the source will already be compiled. (This is less of an issue than it use to be.)
  4. Works best when starting from scratch or loading a Radioactive save. If you get errors when trying to load a base-game save, try saving somewhere else (in the base-game) and make sure Billy isn’t doing anything. (I usually go to Billy’s room.)
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Character phone stats now show in Back button hover information
    • X-Ray Vision cycles only once and for a shorter time.
  • Mind Control
    • Minor Command now has the option to Wake Mind for 10 control. Unbrainwashes character so they can be interacted with.
    • Core Suppression – Familial Ties, Gender Preference, Professionalism, and Wild Oats are now considered to be “core” traits separate from the other Suppression items.
    • Expert Core Suppression: Billy-Sexual. Subject isn’t interested in men that aren’t Billy.
      • Upgrade to Wild Oats. Requires MC3 and Sympathic Link 3.
      • See Mod Guide for specifics.
      • Acts as a combination of all Core Suppression options.
  • Polymorph
    • Buy all selections of polymorph (takes perk_wellendowed into account), upto 10 levels.
  • Psychosism
    • Multi-Aura
    • Multi-Crosswire
    • Permanent Crosswire (when character broken)
    • Enabled by setting “Psychosism: Multi”
  • Sympathic Link
    • Hitting a character with another love or lust burst after they’ve become unstable has a chance to make their temporary mental illness permanent. (Or vice-versa.)
  • Gift of Gab
    • Scales to SPL power level.
    • Hover information moved to action buttons.
    • L1 gives two chat and one of each interaction type
    • L2 gives all chat and interactions
    • L3 allows 50% success on unfavored interactions
  • Flaw Suppression
    • New injection available from Globex. Suppress any flaw. But be forewarned: there is a chance of severely dangerous side effects.
  • Additional Game Mechanics
    • Long term effects that wear off over time.
    • Effect immunity that builds up with use.
  • Tracking
    • Tracks the major scenes and variants for each girl.
    • Tries to err on the side of not spoiling scenes.
    • In development.
    • Does not track
      • Scenes that don’t involve Billy. (eg: Derek getting a handjob from Sandra.)
      • Minor variants. (eg: Big vs small dick)
      • One-time scenes. (eg: Anything in the story.)
    • Hint system.
      • Clicking the Hint button in the Tracking screen provides a random hint for non-viewed scene variants.
      • Information display (non-applicable information omitted)
        • Action (Location)
        • Powers
        • Stats
        • Status Flags
        • Notes
      • Hide / Show hints
      • Unhide / Rehide hint viewing
      • Key – shows internal ID used for variant. Keys are not spoiler-safe.
  • Cell phone
    • Choose picture to display from unlocks
    • New pictures unlocked each night before sleep
    • Cheat mode has unlock all pics option
    • Fear never blocks phonecalls. (Anger still does.)
  • Morality system setting
    • Affects choices only. Alignment changes will still occur as normal. Other prerequisites must still be met.
    • Normal – as the game normally functions
    • Paragon – Good options available. (Or if you want to earn your “evil”.)
    • Renegade – Evil options available (Or if you want to earn your “good”.)
    • Paragade – All morality options available
  • Sophie
    • Get her phone number when Billy earns her love.
  • Tamara
    • Once she’s available for lunch, her chance of appearing follows “Get Lucky” setting
    • Enables incomplete additonal extension of “boots” scene, after further corruption. No art.
    • Get her phone number when recruited.
  • Overcharge – Billy can gather over 100 energy, but excess is lost when changing time periods.
  • Overslept – Chance to not oversleep. Based on Energy + Willpower at end of patrol.
  • Globex Catalogue
    • Skip empty pages
    • Extension Framework – New injections can be added in any order and usually without further modifying core files.
  • Tutorial – New Game now asks if you want the tutorial.
  • Debug text
    • Turns off loading and most other debug text.
  • Installation Sanity Check
    • Files checksummed at start. If the files are the expected versions (no bad, missing, or modified files), a green checkmark will be displayed next to the version string in the menu.

Deprecated Features (previously added, but no longer needed)

  • Negative Interactions
    • Beg and Slap no longer tied to unavailable flaws.


  • devcheat.rpy
    • This file, radioactive\devcheat.rpy, is standalone and can be used with most other RenPy games by throwing it into the game folder before startup. I will continue to add to it as other RenPy games continue to annoy me.
    • Console enabled
    • Rollback
      • Nearly impossible to turn off. (eg: Bad Manners)
      • Sets default limit to 100.
    • Reset controls to RenPy standard. (eg: Summertime Saga) Off by default, as this also eliminates permanent new controls (mini-games usually okay). Remove the # from the line that begins with config.keymap.
    • Pauses can always be skipped and rollbacked. (eg: Starship Inanna)
    • Keypresses
      • F5 – QuickSave
      • F9 – QuickLoad
      • Shift+F3 – Reload scripts (recompile and continue)
      • Shift+F4 – Enable rollback and console failsafe
    Defense League Hints
Distributed with Radioactive.


  • Press Shift-F12 to provide hints for the foundation of the Defense League.
    • Story – Starting the club. Takes Tamara’s unavailability into account.
    • Derek – Investigations and getting him to join via sports or a date.
    • Tamara – Investigations and tutoring to get her to join. Also notes if she is no longer available.
  • Available from the start. Useful until founding the club.
  • Completely standalone. Modifies no files. Should be compatible with nearly all other mods.
  • Save-safe. Should not be needed to load future saves.

  • Cheat Powers
  • Cheat Skills
  • Change Time of Day
  • Cheat Money
  • Cheat Influence
  • Cheat Girl Stats
  • Cheat Grades
  • Maximum Overdrive – Cheat Billy’s stats to max
  • Fight Master – When losing a fight, Billy has the option to continue, auto-win, or accept defeat.


  • Alter event chance
    • Several separate settings. (Master, Class, Corrupt, Jealousy, Nympho, Obsessive, and Tamara Thirst.)
    • Several values. (Never, Quarter, Half, Normal, Double, Quad, and 20x.)
    • Setting to see roll types as they are made.
Mod Guide
Hints – Remember they are meant to be hints, not a step-by-step guide.

  • Action – How the scene is initiated.
  • Location – Where the scene can occur, if there is a restriction.
  • Power – Required powers. Displayed in red if Billy does not have them.
  • Requirements – Stat minimums and ranges. Number green if requirement met, red if not.
    • Al – Billy’s alignment
    • En – Billy’s energy
    • Wi – Billy’s willpower
    • Mo – Billy’s money
    • Fa – Favor
    • Lo – Love
    • Lu – Lust
    • In – Inhibition
    • Co – Corruption
    • Fe – Fear
  • Status – Other requirements, usually flags. Only displayed if requirement not met.
    • Taboo – She cares that she is related to you.
    • Lesbian – She does not like men.
    • Professional – She has better control over her urges. Lists different stats.
    • Incestophobia – Billy must not be interested in his family.
    • Incestophilia – Billy must be interested in his family.
    • Ephebophobia – Billy must not be interested in young looking girls.
    • Ephebophilia – Billy must be interested in young looking girls.
    • Anilimisia – Billy must not be interested in older looking women.
    • Anililagnia – Billy must be interested in older looking women.
    • Fetish – She has not explored her fetish enough. Lists required fetish step.
    • Wild Oats – She must be interested in other men.
    • Nympho – She must be a nymphomaniac.
    • Obsessive – She must be obsessive.
    • Sane – She must not be a nymphomaniac or obsessive.
    • Mental – She must be a nymphomaniac or obsessive.
    • Driver – She must be reprogrammed as a driver.
  • Note – Other details that might block the scene. (Always displayed, if exists.)

Billy-Sexual – If with men:

  • Mom’s drunk nympho scenes trigger her regular solo drunk scenes.
  • School nympho scenes still play for bookkeeping reasons, but are cut short.
  • Corrupted scenes do not play
  • Phone pictures are still provided (you can choose to keep them or not)
  • Kelly’s fetish stops early.
  • Samantha’s fetish omits Fred.


Download Mod

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