This mod does three: restores incestuous relationships to the game, improves the scene player and adds cheats. Janet and Kaley are now changed to Mother and Sister.

A Cheat Menu can be accessed by hitting ‘C’, it contains the usual stuff, money, hearts, scenes (the scene unlocker DOES NOT affect the progression of the game, you can lock it again and be only able to see the scenes you already unlocked legitimately).

The Scene Player has been completely overhauled to allow full mouse control and thumbs.​

Updated: 2020-02-20
Game/Creator: NLT-Media
Game Thread: Treasure of Nadia
Modder: redknight00
Mod Version: v9
Game Version: v21020
OS: Windows
Language: English


For the Incest Patch:
1. Extract the contents of the Incest Patch folder to the intallation folder.
2. When starting or loading a game, choose to keep the changes.

For the Name Boxes
1. Extract the content of the Namebox folder in the installation folder.
2. Overwrite the existing files.

For the rest:
1. Extract the contents of the Red Mod folder to the intallation folder.
2. In the game, hit ‘C’ to bring up the Cheat Menu or access the Scene Player from the Phone.
3. Run the Cheat Menu first thing after starting the game, for debugging purposes even if you are not going to use cheats.


-Ported to new version
-Added a second Page to the Gallery

-Ported to new version
-Fixed error with Jessica’s hotdogging scene

-Added Album

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This Mod was made for and tested in Windows 64-bit with NW.js SDK v0.41.3 Win10-64bit.
Any other system is unsupported and the content of the Red Mod will most likely not work except for the Incest Patch.


Download For Win

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