Superhuman v0.98 by WeirdWorld, Superhuman is a game about After a crazy run in with two supernatural monsters, you, an 18 year old boy, have ended up a superhuman freak with the ability to shapeshift!!! You must come to terms with your new powers and use them for good, for evil, or just for fun!
Don’t get too comfortable though, the monsters that you thought were a once in a lifetime occurrence are showing up all over the world, even on the news. It’s only a matter of time until someone else gets their own set of superhuman powers! Keep your identity safe and don’t neglect strengthening your powers!​

Updated: 2024-03-29
Release Date: 2024-03-29
Developer: WeirdWorld Patreon – Discord – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: v0.98
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D, Male Protagonist, Monster, Transformation, Tentacle Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Titjob, Handjob, Masturbation, Bukkake, Big tits, Big ass, ‘Soft’ Horror.

Gender Bender(transform into a woman, transform other people into women, etc as the MC desires. Sex as woman or with genderbent women is optional)
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run





Bug fixes, small changes
-5 new scenes
-A week+ of in-game time


-fixes(If you downloaded the beta for this version, redownload it here to get the cheerleader end scene. Future content for them may not work if you dont)

-7 new h scenes


-A week+ of in-game time


v 0.881

-11 new h scenes

-Bit of action

-A week+ of in-game time

-Some edited stuff here and there.

v 0.85

-3 new h scenes

-More action

-A week+ of in-game time

-Fixed gallery

v 0.81

-9 new h scenes

-More action

-A week+ of in-game time

v 0.751

-12 new h scenes

-More fighting

-More dead ends

-A week of in-game time

-Check the end of the cheerleader route again if you like gender bender shit

v 0.7
-6 new h scenes

-More fighting

-More dead ends

-A week of in-game time

v 0.67

-5 new h scenes
-3 new fight scenes
-2 new dead ends
-A week of in-game time

v 0.61
-8 days of in game time.

-8 new h scenes

-Walkthrough pdf in the main game folder

-new girl Clover

-new girl Danica

-fixed bugs from v0.6 if you played it

v 0.52(bugfix)
-fixed errors in Demi’s dialogue

-added money to stats

-lowered power requirement to resist Jake

-other minor fixes and grammar issues.

There are no current plans for gameplay elements though I do intend to have fight scenes where you basically choose your line of attack. My goal is player choice of course, mostly dialogue choice, there will of course also be choices that affect the story but not til later on.
There will be a fair few dead ends in this game(though not early on) and probably a decent amount of violence(not super gore or anything though). Obviously lots of sex will be happening as the protagonist won’t have much other use for his powers early on until he encounters more monsters and superhumans.

Some choices benefit from having done other choices first. They’ll give you access to information you may be able to mention or powers that you may be able to use in situations.

Go left to fuck monster
Train to win fight at the diner, don’t train to lose fight(dead end)
specific body parts first for tentacle wank
Choose find Deryl for futa/gender bender stuff
Have 7 power when you visit Ella and choose fight for extra sex scene
Go all out against Michael for an extra point of power, fight and kill the thugs for 2 extra power points.
Progress cheerleader route to go to party as a chick, scene changes depending on if you picked futa in the showers
Lose against Kenny for sex scene and dead end
Win against Kenny and allow yourself to be tainted for a sex scene and a dead end
Buy dildo at the shops and jack off at night for h scene
If you can’t beat Kenny, you haven’t trained enough
Say you’d want to date Emily to get her h scene in the next event.


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android
PIXELDRAIN MEGA *All saves are located on Documents > Cebs.

Swipe Down – Hide Ui
Swipe Left – Rollback
Swipe Right – Start Skipping Text
Swipe Up – Save Your Game
Swipe Up and Down – Enable Auto Forward Mode

Opacity Slider and Text Size Scaling on Preferences

Download For BugFix
Try to update your GPU driver

If it still doesn’t work:
Launch the game while holding the Shift key to open this menu
( Select game, hold shift, press enter, keep holding shift until you have this : )

In the “Renderer” part, put it on “auto” , and if it’s already on auto, try selecting different things until it work.
Download For Walkthrough
Download For SAVES

Download For Walkthrough Mod
WORKUPLOAD MEGA *Game Version: 0.976 **Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “Superhuman” folder.

MEDIAFIRE *Gallery unlocker should work for future versions (unless the gallery is overhauled).
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