Shaggy’s Power v0.0.8.1 Public +Fix2 by Fin, Shaggy’s Power is adult game about Team Scooby’s latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare! Left with no money and no place to live, they are forced to stay in an unfamiliar town for an indefinite period of time. And it seems that this town holds a lot of secrets and mysteries…​

Updated: 2024-04-01
Release Date: 2024-04-01
Developer: Fin Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.0.8.1 Public +Fix2
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Italian
Other Game: Scooby-Doo: Velma’s Nightmare

2DCG, Male protagonist, Mystery, Parody, Adventure, Mobile game, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Changelog Public +Fix2
Not available

0.0.8 Public+ Fix:
– Fixed the purchase of scooby cookies
– Rewritten the code for giving bonuses from a succubus, available when you have a good relationship with her.
Bonuses are now awarded randomly. Also the succubus gives different amounts of sin points.
– Fixed a bug with the quest of the man at the public restroom
– Removed traces of debugging peeping scenes
Appeared if you look into the room and get to the scene of the classic costume.
– Fixed a bug that caused Velma to wear a bikini instead of classic clothes in the evening.
– Optimized code. Now the game will work more stable and the error log will not be so long.
– Fixed a bug that made it possible to send clones to work at night in closed workplaces.
– Now if you send clones to work at the wrong time you will get a penalty.
– Fixed a bug that caused the background to not appear when peeping at girls.
– Fixed a bug that caused girls to wear classic costumes during sports and then the game would crash afterwards.


– Fixed a bug that caused the game to display a scene of falling asleep in the offiice after working in the comic shop
– Fixed a bug where an error was displayed when choosing to decline the offer to wash dishes in the morning.
– Fixed a bug in the toilet scene if the player selected the option to talk to the character.
– Fixed a bug in which the game sometimes hangs when trying to peek at the girls through the safe.
(This is an interesting bug, fixing which I rewrote a third of the code on interaction with girls. It turned out that because of referencing different headers the game, at some point, went into an infinite loop. While solving this problem I optimized a whole mountain of code).
– The eye icon that was visible in the scene with Velma now does not hang endlessly in the upper left corner of the screen.
(All this time it was hanging invisible on the map, but you could click on it)
– Succubus no longer appears in scenes before the quest is completed
– Fixed translation bug in English version
A bunch of other shit was fixed, but since I didn’t write it down, and there was a forced break, I forgot what exactly I was doing.
– Added the ability to visit Daphne and Velma
– Velma’s modified avatar is now introduced into the game.
Some old scenes still use the old one (the first dialogue scene in the kitchen), it will be replaced there later
– Shaggy’s avatar has a new emotion
– Added three random scenes in the dialogues with Daphne and Velma
Given that “Daphne and Velma’s room” involves keeping about seven parameters at once (there are more, but the main seven) the code can be choppy in places.
It took me two days just to identify all the bugs from the segment. For the most part, even though it’s not working to its full potential there’s already quite a lot of variation out there, which makes it hard to check.
So far, from the added but unavailable, we can note:
– No sneak peek capability
– The “girls after showers” segment is disabled for now, although it already has a Daphne event written to it.
– In the newspaper (Shaggy’s office) you want a news item related to the library. After reading it, the library will be available on the map.
– Go to the library, study it.
First, you need a point with the study of the rest of the sections, which will start the chain associated with clones.
– After you can safely open the cheat menu.
If you do not know where it is, I will write about at the end of the post.
– there you have to choose the second page, and already on this page you can click on items related to the clones.
So far only two of them are available.
I wrote replicas and drew avatars for four, but the last two without jobs makes no sense, so for now they just wait for their time.
– Okay, now you have two clones available and you can send them to work! You can do this either by clicking on the icon next to the job, or on the new icon that appears next to the notepad icon (bottom right corner).
– But don’t do that! You need to open the job first!
– To do this, go to your office and unwrap the paper.
The first job in the job section will be available immediately, it’s a comic book store
– The second location is a grocery store. The job ad will appear on the seventh game day.
– Now you can send the clones to work.
For now this function is only available in the daytime.
At night, when the character Shaggy goes to sleep, you will get some money for the balance and a small comment from your wards.
The code to increase the level of clones (and income level) is also ready, and technically you can do this in the library in the new, opened menu item.
To be effective, I’d first recommend pumping up Shaggy’s physical state, as well as increasing his intelligence level.
Cheat menu is available in the upper left corner.
– To access it you need to click on the smiley.
– In the window that opens, you will see icons for four characters
– The last one you need (the Green Goblin).
– Click on it.
– Congratulations, you’re in the character cheat menu.
– The code for the random event in the kitchen has been rewritten.
Now there is added a scene with Daphne and a little branching with her.
– If you fall in the kitchen too often, you can accidentally kill Shaggy
A separate little quest has been added to prevent this.
– The code for creating clones has been finalized.
– Added ability to create a fifth, secret clone
– Clones can now be created without the cheat menu, in your office, using the medallion.
All the way to create the first clone will be accompanied by notes in a notebook.
– For the creation of each clone added a small scene. That’s a total of five new scenes in the game.
– A new character has been added to the clothes store in the city mall. So far only one draft scene of the first meeting is available with her
– The macronalds screen has been changed to a new one.
– Various food items have been added to the macronalds menu. More expensive items give bonuses to temporary activity points for the evening
– Added a draft of the screen of this store to the screen of the new store
– In the scene of the first visit to the store added animation when falling and fixed a number of bugs with sound
– Fixed a bug when buying scooby cookies that caused the player to display the menu from the furniture store
– Fixed a bug when buying scooby cookies that made Shaggy’s head appear on top of Mimi’s character
– Velma’s face is now displayed correctly in the dialogues in the kitchen
– Fixed a bug that caused the player to be thrown back to the map after successfully applying sin points to the bed salesman
– fixed a bug that made the option to discuss nightmares with the witch appear before the appearance of nightmares
– fixed a bug that made the player’s gold value equal to “-200” if he bought a solution from a witch for 200 gold
– fixed a bug that caused the player to be thrown back to the map screen when selecting “chat” if there was no topic for conversation with the witch
– fixed a bug that caused the fall in front of Velma to activate every time
– fixed a bug that made the text during tutorials not disappear and appear on top of the illustration.

1. I did not have time to finish the content of communication with the girls by the deadline. The task was more difficult than I originally expected because of what I’m not sure that version worth doing as a public.
On the other hand if I do not do this, it is bad for the development of the project.
So far, I will try to finish it all to the public version.
2. however, without the new content did not do. Most of the new art I collected in one collage, but that’s not all.
So far I’ve added about 12 scenes related to the “back alley” and “public toilet” locations.
Most of these scenes are pretty short, about 5 are not related to the 18+ content, but there are some great scenes (Mostly talking about the public toilets).
3. i’d like to point out that since i’ve started to remake Valma’s avatar code to look like Daphne’s avatar code, her sprite might not show up correctly in some of the dialogues.
4. I’ve almost finished the first arc of Heather’s story (the girl from the public restroom).
It is currently missing the last sex scene.
New content is available:
– Evening time only.
– Scenes in the public toilet are only available on Fridays
– The scenes in the alley drop off randomly.
To keep you from constantly looking at content from previous versions, I’ve increased the chance of new content appearing by a factor of three.

– new interface on the main screen and the main character’s office
– a number of fixes to the prologue content
– new locations have been added, such as the mall and the stores inside it
– new characters have been added, mainly at the mall
– added a quest line with the purchase of a bed in the office, with two options for the passage and three sex scenes at the end
– added random encounters in the alley
(only one illustration so far out of three ready to go)
– added a death scene in the pastry shop
Changes related to the technical part, I will not remember, because they were too many and frankly no one cares about them. I can definitely say that with the last public version
– an online content update feed was added
– corrected the size of the succubus avatar
– added a new narrator avatar
– sound effects in dialogs were added
– redrawn and painted new emotions for Shaggy
– added the ability to store food in the office
– added dialogues with the succubus in the office
– added first scene in case of her summoning
– Also supposed to be added a sex scene with her after she’s summoned.
– added a separate picture of Shaggy going to sleep in the office and fixed a bug where he woke up there as after macronalds
– added a system of activity points for the day, her buffs and debuffs. But for now it’s not used much.
– fixed a bug in the name of Daphne, and in the dialogue scene in the hospital.
When I say dialogue with the succubus, I mean that I started to add a system of building relationships with the characters.
– Fixed a bug where in the prologue, if you click on the icon Daphne, popped up a window with text from the main game
– The game does not crash in the Spanish version when exploring the map.

update is technical.
It changes the interface a lot, changes the code a lot, adds cool new tools, and turns your old saves into garbage… Yep…
But it was really necessary.
– Added Spanish language
– Added mobile version
– Added Linux support
– Very much changed engine – but who cares)?
– Old saves do not work!
– Possible problems with the mobile version!


– v0.0.6.5p: Old saves do not work!


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