Secret Care Cafe v0.8.36 Public by Rare Alex, In the Secret Care Cafe Game you are the owner of the new cafe in town. But it’s not your everyday cafe shop, this place has a special care program to make it’s customers really enjoy their stay.

Everyday you will have to take care of customers as well as keep good relations with your coworkers to unlock special events. Chose your own path with Cookie, Rai or Cynthia (or all 3 of them if you’re lucky or none if you are not), and make sure to not get broke. Here you can find some cute scenes, while the girls interact with each other and you – as well as some lewd animated scenes, both with you and (If you will let them) with clients. Your actions and decisions will have an impact.

Use money and popularity you earn from the everyday work to stock up on items for the next day, buy items that will upgrade stats of your maids, unlock more events and to unlock new perks!

By using specific abilities you learn more about the clients in the client book and you might unlock new events with them!

Random events that will trigger after day of work will make sure you will get different experience everyday. Your decisions will decide how girls will react and how they will respond to the events. Their statistics will help you keep track of that.

Game has both NSFW and SFW mode. Thanks to that, people not interested in lewd stuff (or if you are not in the mood for it) don’t have to worry about it popping out on them.

The game-play is a management of your cafe and maids. The story in driven with the Visual Novel format.

Updated: 2024-06-13
Release Date: 2024-06-13
Developer: Rare Alex Patreon – Itch.io – VNDB
Censored: No
Version: v 0.8.36 Public
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Management, Milf, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Group Sex, Harem, Multiple Penetration, Swinging
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
– added 4 new events (main event sfw, Aruto sfw next event, Kai nsfw event and [REDACTED] sfw event)
– added new icons (3) to clients when they are walking away to show player why they left
– added one new song (by yungtown) and used it in one of the new events
– added new upgrade to Cookie’s Client book that lets you stop time when looking at clients book during gameplay
– updated descriptions for everyone in upgrade menu and changed the name of Give Number skill to Send Text
– fixed bug that could stack first triangle pin events on top of each other
– fixed clients walking away not deleting themselves and taking up resources during gameplay
– fixed Cheeky Friends in Clients’ book – not having info about Cookie’s event and some positioning
– fixed texture generation and wrong person talking in 3rd main boss results
– fixed being stuck on loading screen when Ame had over 100 favor and in Bad Ending 1
– fixed career room description outline not matching the text
– corrected a couple of spelling errors

– added two main events with Sergil and Cynthia (lewd) and another underground meeting (sfw)
– added nsfw event for Cookie and 2 guys
– added Ame to the peaking at dressing up maids event and update cg a bit
– optimized client events tab, most of the events and got rid of some legacy code
– optimized gallery objects, got rid of some legacy code and fixed some texture generations, making the game work a bit smoother
– corrected one song being just a copy of another and not a new song
– fixed text in all events with choices that was blending into background and had not lined up choices

– fixed sudden music cut when starting some of the client events
– fixed disappearing Sergil in Big Guy client event
– fixed few gallery events that weren’t tagged as nsfw
– fixed few texture pages not loading and not being a dynamic texture (in texture folder)
– fixed crash that sometimes occurred when you tried viewing first nsfw Cynthia event
– fixed wrong texture loading on Mac builds
– fixed speeding up the game after agreeing for NSFW event with Emilia
– fixed 1st level roommaid perk showing wrong amount of money needed for 2nd upgrade

– added 2 new events, sfw event of Cookie with 2 guys and Emilia’s date event (nsfw)
– added new client, Wedlock Couple
– added 1 new song by yungtownbeats
– added ‘TAB’ as a button that can move your screen between main cafe and backrooms during gameplay
– fixed Cynthia not counting Send Text/Give number skill for [REDACTED]- fixed Ame’s sfw event with goth guy, loading wrong set of textures
– small optimization to text generation

– added 4 new events
* event to the secret chain of events you could unlock in latest boss fight
* event with Ame and Cynthia if you had bad result in Roomba’s boss fight
* main event with Ame and Cookie if you got 2 points of Ame’s ??? and 50 favor
* random repeatable event with Cookie and Rai in bunny suits and teasing
– Updated all Ame’s perks in Upgrade menu
– changed places of few events in gallery (from maids side events page to maid clients events)
– slightly optimized the code during gameplay and in upgrade menu
– fixed Clark’s bug that prevented you from getting perfect score
– fixed 1st bad end sometimes crashing on summary screen
– fixed summary screen being faded a bit or returning to ‘basic’ state if clicked too fast

– added 2 new events, both nsfw (Ame exhibition, Cynthia meeting Kai)
– added 5 new songs by yungtownbeats, 2 to main gameplay, 2 to new events and 1 unused for now (thanks Kai for all the help with them! kiss kiss!)
– fixed Ame’s DP on camera in GH not appearing correctly
– fixed (hopefully) summary screen sometimes freezing on money addition
– fixed wrong Ame’s icon displaying in sfw Goth event
– fixed crash in Emilia’s latest event
– added missing Cookie’s thighjob with client to the gallery
– fixed bug that prevented gallery unlocking when seeing Cynthia with client event
– corrected few typos

– added 3 new events
* nsfw event of Ame with Goth Guy
* Ame’s short chat event nsfw-ish
* Emilia’s chat sfw
– small code optimization in gallery
– fixed a few typos

– added 2 new events, Ame’s chat event (early event), Cookie’s nsfw random event with client,
– added Cynthia’s mom animation and a new song to backrooms menu
– changed some events positions in gallery
– fixed some triggers for Ame’s event starters
– fixed bug with Gyaru Couple event that showed the first event completed even if you didn’t agree with the couple
– fixed flashing in everyone’s Break event, fixed CG not saving in gallery and not showing second CG
– fixed few flashing images in preparation Menu and in Bunny Skin
– fixed repeating Clint event each time you started the game and not saving correctly
– fixed some descriptions in the shop and button positions
– small code optimizations
– fixed few typos

– 2 new events, nsfw Cynthia’s mom with a bunch of choices and sfw random event. Many bug fixes and a lot of typo fixes thanks to NepNep!

– 3 new events = 1 nsfw Halloween event (21 cgs), 1 new random event (continuation of the last event when Sergil was flashed), 1 new no-chat event with one nsfw cg for Cynthia (after seeing Nina’s nsfw event with her
– updated and cleaned summary screen look
– now summary screen shows you how much drinks and foods were used during the day and how much you have left
– now summary screen waits for your click to show you changed stats (second click of mouse or space button ends the screen)
– now at 25% and below cleanliness instead of lower spawn rates of clients, clients have a 25% chance to walk away from the cafe after seeing how dirty it is (instead of sitting down)
– added sound indicators when you buy food/drinks or don’t have enough money for it
– capped all food and drinks at 999 pcs (cap might take effect at the end of the next day) (if you overbuy with AutoBuy you will be able to use the over amount next day but if you will still have over 999 at the end of the day, it will reduce itself)
– fixed some more sound distortions in tittle menu

– added 3 new events, one nsfw event with Nina (22 cgs and 2 animations) and 2 short random ones
– changed Nina’s client button
– fixed bug Nina’s event icon not disappearing when changed menus (and crashing)
– fixed bunny skin visual bug that appears only if you updated the game
– fixed some typos

– added 2 new events, Sergil random event (nsfwish) and CynthiaxNina sfw event
– fixed Cookie HJ not unlocking in GH gallery
– fixed outline in Ambers button in chat menu
– fixed Anastasia entry in clients book no correctly registering number of given numbers
– fixed Ame’s mouth moving in wrong place in her mastur**** event
– fixed Rai’s and Cookie’s nochat gallery cgs
– fixed bug that made overlayed sounds while loading the game
– fixed black screen occuring during certain events
– fixed crashing in Rai’s AV Media aftermath event
– fixed no Sergil’s face appearing in Anastasia nsfw results event at one point
– fixed some typos

– added Anastasia as new client if you perfectly beat her boss fight from last week
– added 10 new skill cgs to unlock (x5 skin variations, 46 cgs in total)
– added 1 short nsfwish random event
– added performance settings, letting you change the way textures are being loaded, helping those who have issues with too much memory being used (crashes), the cost being visual glitches on loading textures (or lack of it for a moment) and possible stutters while they load, don’t change these settings if you don’t have any problems
– added extra info to the chat buttons letting you know if you dont have enough action points
– fixed bug that loaded normal skin textures even if you were using summer skin
– fixed bug preventing Rai from giving her number to the Blond Twins if they were at 4th table
– fixed bug that prevented Anastasia events to spawn under specific conditions
– fixed inifinetly spawning Anastasia’s camera
– fixed bugged out button layout in the main settings and adjusted it a bit
– fixed crashing bug that happened sometimes if you had time stopped in backrooms
– some code cleanup

– added aftermath event with gyaru couple (to see it needs her to be mindbroken)
– added 1 new random event with Cynthia (early lewdness event)
– added 1 new Emilia event
– fixed bug not saving last seen event with Emilia in save files
– fixed bug letting you scroll up to previous choices in Ame’s and Goth’s event
– some minor adjustment to some sprite positions

– added 3 new events, Ambers nsfw event, Emilia’s event (tease) and Clint event
– added 2 new no-chat events for Cookie and Rai when there are no more events to see currently
– fixed Amber not having her cardigan in VN poses and slightly changed her poses
– bug fixed showing in GH gallery Ame’s bunny suit when she was supposed to be in maid uniform
– bug fixed few other visual glitches in GH room
– bug fixed talking to Emilia worked only when you had no more actions avaliable in the day
– bug fixed Emilia not blinking in her overwork event
– bug fixed crashing while using Ame’s GH perk upgrade button
– corrected few typos.

– added 2 new events, first Amber event and nsfw event with Cookie and Sergil
– now if the texture is loading, it shouldn’t show weird graphical glitches
– credits: they now end scrolling on the last message, six seconds after they end scrolling the game will automatically quit to title menu
– changed the requirements positions of perks, now it’s represented as it should be (You have X out of Z and not you need Z and you have X)(not in all yet)
– bug fixed staggering in credits menu
– bug fixed some blinking and mouth positioning in Clark’s perfect event and in overheard conversation by Ame event
– bug fixed not unlocking Butt stuff for Cookie GH gallery
– bug fixed credits button loading up gallery save for no reason
– corrected few typos.

– added all missing skin variations to GH and modified few existing ones
– a big change to how the GH animations are being loaded/unloaded into/from the memory during gameplay
– fixed a bunch of visual bugs in GH gallery
– fixed crash when client entered the GH room
– fixed a bug that overlaped stats over text in chat menu
– got rid of some hollow code calls when there was no need for them
– fixed a lot of typos, thank you Kai!

– added Cookie’s nsfw group event (20 cgs)
– added a bunch of skin variations to the GH room animations (not all yet)
– bug fixed button positions of Guyaru and Cookie’s client events
– bug fixed positioning in Cookie’s client gallery
– bug fixed GH room not showing BJ animation for Cookie in winter skin
– fixed few typos

– added GH gallery to the abilities section of the gallery, you need to unlock animations by seeing them in the camera
– added to GH a lot of skin variations to the current animations (some in camera but most over-view version)
– added 1 main event announcing next boss (boss doesn’t appear in few days as even specify, I need to add it first)
– some sprites to textures adjustments for better loading
– bug fixed one animation of Ame being on top of the wall in GH room
– corrected many typos

– added 2 events, sfw-ish introduction to Cookie’s group event and one Cynthia’s sfw-ish chat event
– added Credits screen, you can access it in Extras in Title Menu (If by any chance I missed someone in the credits, please let me know and I will add you! I will be updating it when needed.)
– fixed a bug a bug that didn’t correctly save and load your responses in Cynthia’s parents dinner event
– corrected few typos

– added 2 new events = 1 new main story event and 1 nsfw Ame’s chat event
– added new idle and invite animation for each girl (8 in total) to the bunny skin
– added Swimsuit Cynthia’s Feet Work to the GH
– updated 4 icons in upgrade menu that was just a copy of other icons
– few changes so skins should load faster
– [mac] changed the splash screen during installation
– fixed a bug with Cynthia’s GH and camera animations discrepancy
– fixed a bug that introduced Fitness Addict even if you didn’t see Jock’s aftermath event or Cynthia didn’t have Triangle Pin
– fixed a bug skipping Cynthia’s first talk event if you saw it in previous saves (you might have to see it again to unlock it in gallery)
– fixed a bug that skipped showing Sergil’s and Amber’s Take Out cg’s in gallery like it is skipping the hidden cg if it’s not discovered
– fixed a bug making Cookie’s first time with Sergil animations being out of order
– fixed a bug with wrong font for chocolate cake in auto buy
– fixed a bug with invisible characters in sfw rooms if you had bunny skin on
– fixed a bug that made Rai sprite jump around the scene in event where Cookie finds her video
– fixed a bug Gyaru Guy and girl speaking out of order
– fixed a bug in first Cynthia event where Sergil’s mouth was not connected to his body and fixed characters icons
– corrected a lot of typos

– added new Bunny Suit skin for workers and cafe
– 148 cgs for abilities replaced with Bunny Suit skin, coloring and adjustments
– 2 new abilities cg’s (+8 skin variations)
– added 8 cg’s skin variations to Amber’s two Take Out’s
– added winter pause menu to winter skin
– textures size adjustments of some animations in winter skin

– added 2 new events (Rai’s chat event and random nsfw event)
– added new perk/skill, inviting clients to backrooms
– changed how Sergil’s skills look like (and hide) during gameplay
– added info screen to backrooms with Ame to let you know basics in there
– added info to nsfw and aftermath client events that you need at least one action point to start them
– fixed bug not showing you Amber’s CG’s with Sergil after unlocking them in gallery
– fixed bug showing wrong number of unlocked CG’s after unlocking secret Sergil’s CG
– fixed bug Goth client spawning Anime guy instead in GH room

– added 2 new events Cookie’s and Ame’s jogging and introduction of last week’s client
– added 2 new Take Out Cg’s for the new client
– updated 5 cgs with Rai and Cookie showing their boobas to clients in random event
– added loading screens to gallery CG viewing, fixing the random flashing while loading textures
– changed so buying GH and VIP will automatically open them in the game
– fixed Ame’s take out CGs in skins in gallery wrongly numbered and ordered
– fixed CG’s not showing for Cynthia’s nsfw wake up event in gallery
– fixed clipping in Cynthia x Cookie drinking at night event (and added few frames for smoother animation)
– fixed showing Sergil hugging Cynthia idle animation when he is busy in backrooms
– fixed Cynthia’s ‘back view’ not loading correctly in the event with hooded client
– fixed blinking CG in ‘everyone’s break’ event CG and not loading correctly when seeing this event during gameplay
– fixed crash when trying to start Cookie’s interactive event
– fixed bug with disappearing Cookie and Sergil images in the Cookie’s sfw Sport fans event
– fixed crash in First Bad ending
– fixed couples in game CG position with Sergil

– added 2 new event (1 random after unlocking backrooms, 1 Ame’s chat)
– you can now buy a perk allowing you more actions at the end of the day (like chatting with girls or client events), but it’s very expensive skill, 1st level available after defeating second boss Clark, and second level after unlocking backrooms
– now you can see client’s sfw (1st) event and benefit events without using up the end of the day action points, but nsfw and aftermath do take it away as previously
– added in title menu settings an option to change your keyboard layout from qwery to qwerz, so the shortcuts in main game would function correctly (next week I will add azerty, as I’ve only now learned about this setup)
– changed the way triangle pin stock is being calculated to stop it from restocking everyday
– fixed back panels and text positions in upgrade menu to be consistent with each other
– fixed text error in perk description Help in the back
– fixed crash in gallery while clicking Cynthia Clients
– fixed icon Gyaru showing even after changing menus
– fixed Ame starting with increased favor and increased slightly her starting stats
– fixed Cookie’s and Sergil’s positions in first Cookie’s chat event
– fixed mouth positions in Clark’s related events
– fixed coherency bug with Emilia’s prefered items explenation
– fixed crash if Cynthia did footjob in GH while in swimsuit
– fixed a bug blocking inspector event in gallery if you saw Ame’s event first
– fixed bug uncorrectly calculating walking time for a walking-in client, making him walk in place
– fixed bug cutting out the sound prematurely when entering preparation menu
– fixed not being able to get into the client’s menu if you didn’t have any more actions remaining
– corrected few typos

New update, 6 new animations in GH room that are also added to GH camera (plus one extra that wasn’t added last week, Cookie’s dp). I also introduced few changes to the way client’s enter backrooms.

Each client that can get into the backrooms now has 25% chance to enter backrooms and then chooses between vip room and GH room (50% for each). If the room is closed, occupied or not bought, then client tries to go to the other room. If that one is occupied, closed or not bought too, then the client tries to sit down normally. If all tables are occupied too, then he will walk away. It’s a change from repeatable random chances rolls at each stage of trying to get into the cafe, at the same time it was reducing the chance of client getting into the rooms and kept bugging out at places. Hopefully this will fix these problems.

This week is a smaller update. I was feeling a bit burned out and distracted by a lot stuff happening in real life, couldn’t get serious work done. Sorry for that. I’ll make it up to you next week!

– added 6 new events (unlocking GH room, buying secret camera and each maids unlocking option to choose HJ in GH room)
– added perks regarding maids actions in GH to the upgrade menu and now you can change maids action in GH room if you purchase this perks
– added camera upgrade to GH in the backrooms upgrades, in the escape menu you can still disable the camera but only if you bought it
– now, without camera upgrade, you don’t clearly know what’s happening in GH (just a shadow of a girl). The curtain lifts after you buy secret camera upgrade
– added upgrade that let’s double and triple clients enter the GH (previously by default they could enter)
– made upgrade windows in backrooms more responsive
– if clients wont be served in the GH in anyway, now decreases cafe’s popularity by 30.
– some more little changes and code optimizations in backrooms
– changed in chat tiredness to energy and changed the color variables for it
– fixed backrooms not reacting to time speed up or down or pause
– fixed mouth movements in the event meeting Emilia for 1st time
– fixed some name positions in client’s book
– fixed energy drink descriptions and now it increases energy as it should
– fixed a bug with statuses not appearing during gameplay
– fixed a bug that showed old information regarding a backroom if you hovered over them in backrooms upgrades
– fixed a bug that sometimes let client to enter closed backroom
– fixed a bug in promotion room that didn’t register correctly who is in the room
– fixed a bug that let you by mistake move character from promotional room to other room if other room was zoomed in
– fixed a bug not allowing 2 people in breakroom if you had a correct perk
– fixed a bug that started timers in VIP room for upgrades even if you didn’t bought them
– fixed a bug that prevented comfortable couch upgrade in GH not work
– fixed a bug that didn’t calculate correctly cleanliness reduction from career room
– fixed a bug where Sergil would double the cleanliness reduction and energy lost if he was in the room
– corrected few typos

– added nsfw event, possibility to use Ame when the sanitary inspector comes to the cafe
– added 3 new events (nsfw and sfw, 2 events for Rai’s chat, 1 event for Ame’s chat)
– increased spawn rate of Gyaru Couple by 50%
– bug fixed that showed Rai Massaged random event as SFW
– corrected few typos

– added new client Gyaru Couple, they come only later at the day (after 13:00) but are attracted by all girls
– added new event, Cookie and Rai discovering they are both secret lovers (sfw)
– now unlocking skill related art, unlocks it for every skin in gallery (unless it’s skin specific – they will be added soon)
– corrected clients info regarding favorite food that wasn’t modified before (pancakes and croissant)
– reduced the Student client chance of appearing a bit
– fixed bug – Cookie didn’t give her number to the Shy Couple if they sat at the third table
– fixed bug – not spawning Housewife or Big Client sometimes

– added new client Gyaru Couple, they come only later at the day (after 13:00) but are attracted by all girls
– added new event, Cookie and Rai discovering they are both secret lovers (sfw)
– now unlocking skill related art, unlocks it for every skin in gallery (unless it’s skin specific – they will be added soon)
– corrected clients info regarding favorite food that wasn’t modified before (pancakes and croissant)
– reduced the Student client chance of appearing a bit
– fixed bug – Cookie didn’t give her number to the Shy Couple if they sat at the third table
– fixed bug – not spawning Housewife or Big Client sometimes.

– added 2 new events, 1 sfw Ame’s chat event and 1 nsfw Sergil x Cynthia event
– you can now use arrow keys while looking at clients’ book to go to next pages
– added possibility to add or reduce 10 pcs to autobuy stock by right clicking on the arrows (left one stills adds 1 pcs)
– added text in shop menu informing that you can right click to buy/add ten pcs
– increased rewards from some opportunities (and added Rai’s mindbreak bonus to some of them)
– increased starting money to 2000$ from 900$ (Thank you Haseo for the help!)
– bug fixed: using space skipped last text of the events
– some legacy code adjustments and changes
– fixed bunch of typos.

– added aftermath jock event (nsfw)
– added first housewife (sfw) client event for Sergil
– added new page in chat menu for Sergil and [REDACTED]- added Ame to summary screen if you unlocked her
– added summary screen art to view in extra gallery
– fixed visual bug in the Cookie’s and big guy nsfw event
– fixed too small windows for some text in gallery
– fixed bunch of typos.

– added new event where cafe staff answers your nsfw questions
– added Emilia’s chat event
– added a new function, you can now go back to previous line of text if you scroll up with your mouse wheel
– changed the way the texture loads up, that should decrease the loading times for saves after unlocking backrooms
– added extra description to gallery while hovering over unlocked events
– fixed some issues with clients’ orders bugging out
– fixed some info boxes positions in gallery
– fixed few instances where textbox was in front of the text (making text darker)
– fixed a bunch of typos
– some legacy code clean up

– added new Halloween themed skin (144 in-game cgs variations of existing ones)
– added extra description how to unlock one of the flirt cgs for Cynthia (fifth one)

– added 4 short events with nsfw cgs to unlock for each maid while there are no more chat events available
– added event in which characters are answering your questions, sfw part, the longest event to day
– fixed some saving bugs, game saving some legacy/unused values
– fixed bug in one opportunity that didn’t take into consideration Rai’s mind break perk
– fixed character positions in all Emilia’s boss results events

– 1 new random event with Cynthia and a client (nsfw, 5 cgs + 1 animation)
– 1 new early main event and 1 new Rai chat event (both sfw)
– 2 no-chat events for Rai and Cookie (teases)
– 1 new loading screen
– now loading screen checks if you unlocked Ame before showing loading screens with her
– music now doesn’t stop on loading screen
– fixed a bug that made Cynthia’s mouth be out of place in Rai’s and Cookie’s event where they discuss Sergil
– fixed a cropping bug in Valentines event
– fixed a bunch of typos and some other minor adjustments

– 1 new nsfw event while chatting with Rai
– 1 new nsfw random event with Cynthia
– 2 new events while giving pin to Ame
– Ame’s relationship status now changes after you see the latest event
– fixed a bug that prevented seeing Ame’s and Sergil’s date event if you started a new game
– fixed a bug that gave players too much triangle pins to buy
– fixed a bug that didn’t show who was talking in Cookie’s Secret HJ event and wrong person talking in Ame’s latest nsfw event.
– fixed a lot of typos in text and on cgs

– added nsfw event with shy couple (17 cgs and 2 animations)
– changed the look and redone the code behind the stock shop (with Emilia)
– reorganized some of the texture loading to hopefully increase the loading times for early saves
– fixed few character’s position in events (wet beans event, Ame nsfw random event, Cookie on the phone, Cynthia obscene with client, Cynthia in shorts)
– fixed bug that showed Sergil’s icon in backrooms even if you didn’t buy his perk
– corrected few typos

– added 5 new events (one sfw main event and one random event chain (3 in total), one random nsfw event with Cookie and client)
– fixed bug with viewing Cookie’s and Big client’s CG’s being without background
– fixed bug with valentines event when second animation had no background
– fixed bug that made Sergil invisible in dress room event.
– fixed bug that made NO icon during gameplay appear out of bubble
– fixed bug that let you access Ame’s chat even if she wasn’t yet unlocked
– fixed bug with characters positions in many events (Cynthia’s and Rai’s pin events, Cookie’s auction, Rai being tired, Ame’s x Sergil nsfw, Wet Beans, Ame’s drawing, Ame leaving the client to Rai event, Ame’s benefit event, Health Inspector nsfw event)
– fixed bugs that made some characters blink too much in the events
– fixed perk’s Roomaid information going out of the screen
– fixed bug that let you play 2nd nsfw event with Jock while SFW mode was on
– fixed bug that overlapped text in Computer Room
– some more graphics optimization (size reduction) that I missed last week
– few other minor adjustments
– corrected many typos

– 3 new nsfw animations added to cleaning closet (Rai, Cookie and Cynthia x Sergil)
– added 3 cgs for take out skill for Cynthia and two best friends (needs Cynthia’s take out overlevel, skin variation of singular cg)
– added new food and drink icons and new need bubbles for the clients
– now all characters can blink while talking while in their VN poses
– reduced size of the game and optimized loading times and animations
– optimized the way sprites are being drawn that should lower a bit the ram usage on slower machines
– few small changes to existing events (positions, characters’ movement, expressions, animations speed, etc)
– fixed bug that let you see nsfw animations in backrooms while you were not secret lover with Cookie and Rai
– fixed bug in some events that prevented business client to play a speaking animation
– fixed bug in few instances that showed random lines during animations if you changed the size of the window (if you see it again, report it and i’ll fix it)
– fixed bug in gallery that let you right click to open an event when you were viewing cgs
– fixed bug in status effect, sometime they were on top of each other
– fixed bug with Student and Couple that was sometimes showing wrong favorite maid
– fixed Ame’s summer skin cgs for take out (only 8 was available in gallery while all 12 were already put in the game) and descriptions of how to unlock them
– fixed a bug that checked for Rai’s unlocked cgs in Ame’s summer and christmas skins for special care and fixed number of cgs to unlock for Ame
– fixes and small changes to in-between scenes transitions that sometimes stayed even when they finished their action (lagging the game after some time)
– some more optimization work (a bunch of code changes)
– fixed a lot of typos (events and tutorial screens).

– changed the way GH room looks and updated all animations to reflect it
– added 7 new nsfw animations to backrooms (1 self improvement room, 1 cleaning room, 3 Promotional room, 2 GH room for Cynthia and Rai)
– added 2 respective GH animations to hidden camera
– added swimsuits version of all GH animations and to camera view (10 camera animations and GH over-view animations)
– added 7 more statuses, representing active benefits, Ame’s lone wolf perk if it’s active and business client check out bonus if it was activated
– fixed bug that allowed clients in backrooms even if they were closed and now clients instantly get out of there if you close it
– fixed bug in group Christmas event in the gallery, that stretched the cgs
– fixed bug that made maid and Sergil invisible if they were put together in the backrooms while Sergils ‘Help Out’ skill was at level 1
– fixed bug in the gallery, showed lack of unlocked image for Sergils enjoying the butt views didn’t have background
– some small code optimization in backrooms
– fixed few typos.

– added 4 new nsfw animations to backrooms
– now there are working statuses( buffs and debuffs for cleanliness and dad’s opportunity – 7 in total). they appear under the Cafe info during gameplay
– added cleanliness bar and added info bonuses from it while hovering over it
– updated the looks for the client’s time and mad bars, also for opportunity bar
– updated secret screen during the intro
– optimization behind client’s coding
– fixed bug that crashed the game when sometimes business male client wanted to sit down if the Foresight perk wasn’t purchased.
– fixed bug that made sergil be in the main room and backroom at the same time
– fixed bug animations in backrooms not checking if the maid is secret lover
– fixed bug that made magnifying glass in backrooms be on top of the information screens
– fixed bug that made some client bubbles move too fast
– fixed bug that made some time bars appear under the client
– fixed bug randomly changing font in the shop
– fixed bug that unlocked Clark’s (second boss) perfect event with Cookie even if you didn’t have nsfw mode on or triangle pin on Cookie
– corrected few typos, some outdated comments in backrooms and some text positions.

– added 4 new nsfw animations, 3 to breakroom (ame x sergil, cynthia x sergil, rai x sergil) and 1 to self-improvment room (ame x sergil)
– remade Client’s Book looks and changed order of unlocking information in it
– added new perk, that let’s you open up the book during the day on 1st level and on 2nd level you can right click the client to instantly open up his page in the book
– changed some texture loading options to speed up loading the game
– slightly reduced the size of food/drinks tab during the day
– bug fixed shy couple’s favorite maid icon position
– bug fixed that made clients stay four times longer while at x0.5 speed
– bug fixed with the most clients disregarding if the VIP room or GH is closed if other was open but occupied
– bug fixed Sergil’s “Help out” perk level not loading from the save
– bug fixed few prices in perk menu didn’t change according to perks’ levels
– bug fixed that let you buy some locked perks even if you didn’t unlock backrooms
– bug fixed Ame idle animation in summer skin being too fast
– bug fixed Ame’s events in gallery overlapping
– corrected few typos

– added 2 new random events
– added new skill for Sergil, he can now help out in backrooms (sfw this week, nsfw next)
– changed few early events generations to be less buggy
– fixed a bug that prevented second event with Cynthia to start up (event might start up again once for people who saw it already)
– fixed a bug that crashed the game if you skip the day too fast
– fixed a bug in gallery showing too much (or too little) cgs to unlock than there were for Ame
– fixed bugs with Ame’s GH camera showing wrong animations
– fixed a bug that stopped boss results events to appear if certain skins were equipt.

– added 3 events:
* Cynthia x Cookie x Sergil nsfw event. (2 animations and 14 cgs)
* random nsfw-ish event with Ame (5 cgs)
* chat event for Ame with Cookie (1 cg)
– bug fixed tiredness going under 0%
– bug fixed that moved position of few in-game cgs too far to the right
– corrected few typos

– added Ame’s swimsuit skin to the gameplay (in-game animations) and her skills’ cg variations (27 cgs in total)
– added missing Give# skill cg’s for other skins for eachgirl (16 cgs [x2 because its basiclly 2 cgs in one, so 32 in total])
– added 2 new Ame’s Special Care cgs for female client (6 cgs in total with skin variations)
– added Ame’s 2 animations to GH camera for her maid and swimsuit skin
– added Cookie’s and Rai’s nsfw animations to GH camera during gameplay
– a lot of optimization work, game should handle better after loading and should start up faster
– fixed a bug that sometimes showed blank cg for Ame if skill was used on a Rich Client
– fixed a bug that crashed the game if you tried to repeat 2nd boss perfect-win event
– fixed a bug that showed wrong CG in first talk with Cookie
– fixed a bug that showed in the gallery housewife’s unlocked cg if you unlocked Love Birds Couple cgs.
– fixed gallery hints for Give# skill
– fixed some cg’s positions in game
– fixed some typos

– added random event with Ame (20 favor and lewdness required)
– added 1st event with Shy Couple (sfw)
– added camera function to backrooms with modified animations (more work required)
– updated/corrected few of Sergils VN poses
– removed favor decreasing while maids are in glory room and slightly increased tiredness increase (until rework of backrooms)
– now in escape button you can choose to close or open VIP room and GH room separately of each other
– bug fixed Cookie’s Gaming introduction event starting even if you didn’t unlock Ame
– bug fixed that showed Tiredness increase when it should show Favor increase
– bug fixed infinite number of buttons spawning in esc menu
– bug fixed morning wake up cgs in gallery bringing visual errors
– bug fixed Jock’s and Cynthia’s random event starting without fulfilled conditions
– some small menu adjustments
– fixed many typos and text in tutorial

– added 5 very short events with single cgs to all maids’ talks (for now 1 cg per maid, Cynthia gets 1 sfw and 1 nsfw-ish – 5 in total), they show up when you don’t have new events unlocked during chat with maids.
– added 2 nsfw events (16 cgs); Cynthia chat and random event with Rai with possible two outcomes
– in random event where Sergil enjoys morning ‘view’, updated old cg, added new cg with Ame if she is unlocked, fixed event so it gives statistics change to Ame too and increased the stat gain
– added outlines to names in some early chat events
– removed few legacy statistics that were cluttering loading and chat event generation
– few changes to textures generation order, this (hopefully) should help a bit with loading times
– corrected few typos

– 6 new cgs for Sergil x House wife (2 + 4 skin variations)
– 1 new random tip for the phone
– added a button to turn off roomaid in escape menu during gameplay
– fixed when second random tip was sometimes replaced by first one
– fixed a bug that could crash the game while using tips
– fixed some winter and summers cgs that sometimes made the game stop for a second to load again during gameplay
– fixed housewife’s hit boxes with items/skills/maids.
– added 1 secret cg (for above couple – also gives extra tip and popularity)
– fixed position of few cgs in game
– fixed few typos

– 1 new event (sfw with Emilia [world building])
– added new 14 cgs for Take Out skill (+ skin variations, 39 cgs in total, wife client for all maids + business women for Ame)
– update to the one of the animations (Cynthia’s Christmas event, more updates incoming later)
– fixed bug Ame’s take out skill sometimes not showing CG or always showing the same cg
– fixed few typos in events

– added one new event Cynthia x Jock (30 cgs, some are variations, 3 animations)
– added 1 random tip to the phone
– changed Shy couple food preferences
– fixed bug that prevented from gaining information about Shy Couple in Client’s book
– fixed a bug where clients could take up sit where Goth client was sitting (again)
– more optimization work and reduced size of a game

– added new client Shy Couple
– added new event while you are buying triangle pin (sfw – click again Triangle Pin to start the event)
– reduced a bit of client’s time in cafe if the client is in the ‘very long stay’ category (max 120 sec reduced to 100 sec)
– changed spawn rates of some clients and fixed Ame’s spawn rates (no easy AV producers spawn anymore)
– a bit more of optimization work (game hopefully will load up faster)
– fixed Cynthia’s explaining chat menu graphic
– fixed a bug where clients could take up sit where Goth client was sitting
– fixed a bug promotional room not granting popularity points to Cynthia
– fixed a bug in VIP room not calculating x0.5 speed correctly
– fixed a bug where Cookie, Rai and Ame didn’t register their time spent in backrooms (increasing tiredness, reducing cleanliness, etc) if the speed was at x0.5
– fixed a bug, Cookie’s who’s talking indication (in first event)
– fixed a bug that made NO bubble stay on the screen until client left
– fixed a bug with jock’s nsfw event appearing in gallery when you saw sfw event
– corrected a lot of typos

-Added 4 new events:
* one sfw chat event with Cynthia (sleepy Sergil)
* one sfw main event (identical clients)
* one nsfw-ish random event with Cynthia and Cookie (showing Cookies assets)
* one nsfw chat event with Cynthia (morning coffee)
– 2 new perks ame + roomba
– updated Cynthia’s wake up event
– slightly reduced size of the game
– some more optimization work
– fixed bug that crashed the game if you wanted to go to backrooms when you had shortcuts turned on
– fixed bug that crashed when trying to repeat Clark’s event
– fixed bug that displayed wrong keyboard shortcuts shown during gameplay
– fixed bug that prevented Ame benefit working if the client was at 2nd, 3rd or 4th table.
– fixed bug that made some popularity increase perks increasing
– fixed bug preventing use of skills on the Couple Client

– added abilities for each existing client
– added to each client 4 new set of categories: amount of basic tips, fav maid tips, sitting time and order time that are propetly presented in clients book
– added question mark buttons to client book and locker room with basic information about this places
– added 1 animation to the Rai with Twins event
– added “Report Bug” to the main game in pause menu and in dialogues part, that takes you to Discord Report Bug section
– added toggable indicators for maids, items and skills (can be turned on and off in-game’s pause menu)
– added some new music to the game by few other artists (they will be credited in Credits I’m preparing)
– updated client’s book, updated client’s names, descriptions and added information about their abilities;
– updated title screen and preparation menu looks and added parallaxes effect
– updated eye icon to coffee cup with spinning coffee
– updated tutorial screens for visual novel part and for the gameplay part
– revisited speed up function and fixed issues regarding not property calculating time (now the time flow is much smoother)
– right clicking speed up button now decreases speed and you can use mouse wheel anywhere to increase or decrease the speed
– now game starts in nsfw mode (you can change to sfw like before)
– made slightly easier for PCs to open up the game (more work here needed on my end)
– some other very small code optimizations
– bug fixed crash while first bad end starts;
– bug fixed Special Care skill activating for some clients when hovering the skill icon over them;
– bug fixed in-game clients not reacting to Ame’s total number of Give number skills used;
– bug fixed ordering double items by some clients in the background
– bug fixed client’s time errors/crashes if somehow you would be able to use lvl 0 flirt on client
– bug fixed lack of delivery sound effect in some clients
– bug fixed favorite maid indicator not appearing for Twins and House Wife
– bug fixed Skip button appearing under itself few times
– bug fixed some overlapping text in upgrade menu
– bug fixed game not starting with the volume set up by user but normally

– added aftermath of Rai’s and Twins event (2 animations and 6 cgs)
– added Cynthia x Jock sfw first event
– partly changed client’s book text look, more next week
– added x0.5 gameplay speed and increased opportunities timer during that speed
– changed talking icons for few characters in few events
– bug fixed with wrongly counting speed of clients orders at other speeds than x1
– bug fixed autostock perk wrongly showing locked icon.
– bug fixed chat menu wrongly showing relationship with Ame
– bug fixed Ame’s take out being rainbow color for no reason

– new chat event for Emilia and chat button for Emilia – will appear only when the new event for her is available, animated Emilia a bit and updated her bg in the shop
– one new song used in Emilia’s event
– added Emilia’s favor increase in her boss events
– game now checks if the vip room and glory rooms are empty before ending the day
– bug fixed that didn’t stop scene skipping on the scene summary info (now stops on the Character’s last text).
– bug fixed that in client book for Military Twins info regarding events didn’t update
– bug fixed possibility to use skip day when boss was in the cafe
– bug fixed making the day not end at 18:00 as it should when all sits are empty
– bug fixed start day opportunities sometimes not showing up
– bug fixed showing care points and tiredness increase before unlocking them in the game
– bug fixed de-aligning of the shopkeeper texts if phone was open.
– corrected few typos

– added 1 sfw event (early Rai’s chat)
– added first in-game flirt animations for Rai, Cookie and Ame with double clients for every skin (3 animations with skin variations – Ame without summer skin yet)
– added to Cynthia flirt with double clients animation in summer and winter skins
– bug fixed that showed wrong Give number CG for girls
– bug fixed that showed descriptions of hidden items if you had 21:9 resolution screen
– corrected few typos

– added two events sfw chat event for Ame, and Patron’s only Ame’s nsfw event.

– added 12 new opportunities (sfw and nsfw, most for Ame)
– significantly reduced negative choices influence in early game and increased some stat and money gain from positive choices
– increased stats for beating Emilia
– bug fixed crashing after day 9 if you clicked phone button before 2nd boss
– bug fixed some early events that didn’t grant stat increase as stated in the text
– bug fixed Cookies tip for Emilia not appearing
– bug fixed that made phone appear on top of fading screen
– corrected few typos.

v0.7.9 Public:
– added Ame’s Christmas skin and all of her in-game CGs are updated for Christmas
– Added 2 events (one main event if you saw Rai’s media producers event and one Rai’s client event sfw)
– 8 new cgs for Give number skill and extra levels possible to buy (2 per maid, only for basic skin for now, nsfw).
– modified a little texture rendering, some events should load a bit faster (monitoring effects)
– fixed a bug that made Ame’s perk ‘Stalker’ not spawn lipsticks
– fixed some shader errors in *glitched* event
– fixed a bug with flirt skill for Rai that caused spawning two pictures, one under another.
– fixed a bug that didn’t remove ‘x2’ and it looked like they wanted to check out twice.
– fixed Cookie’s positions in few events in her everyday outfit

v0.7.8 Public:
– added a new telephone button, which brings up your telephone, you can find objectives there and some tips (one per each boss and one general tip);
– added 1 new client, Military Twins – they are rare clients (only come if Rai is inviting clients to Cafe), but they order fast and give big tips and also sometimes they order two things at the same time;
– small test change to client book for the new client only (for now), changed the text drawing method and added information by whom the client is being attracted to cafe and special abilities if the have one;
– for the new client I’ve been able to add 1 in-game flirt animation for Cynthia (sfw for group clients) and 1 for the new client. More to come (both sfw and nsfw);
– disabled little extra popup while in the backrooms that showed up while draging the maid to the service slot – this information is no longer needed as we have it above.
– fixed a bug that didn’t let you close main menu by clicking main menu again.
– fixed a bug that made Ame’s take out skill glow like Cynthia’s over-level, even when it was a normal level.
– fixed a bug when AV Producers didn’t react according to game speed and didn’t randomize the time between their orders;
– fixed a bug when sometimes Cynthia’s Synth-IA perk started up twice for the same client;
– fixed a bug that prevented experience and popularity gain in Computer Room;
– fixed few text shifts outside of the box in backroom’s tool tips;
– corrected a lot of typos;

v0.7.7 Public:
– added 5 new events, each with their own cgs (ame first chat event, rai chat event sfw, cookie chat sfw and nsfw events, ame random event nsfw)
– Ame’s new 3 in-game group cgs (2 clients x Ame)
– increased starting stats for the maids
– reduced few events requirements
– increased some early events stats gain
– added outline to all names
– fixed summary screen getting stuck on the popularity count
– fixed a bug that made some of the Ame’s take out skills not appear in the game
– corrected a lot of typos.

v0.7.6 Public:
– 1 new nsfw event – Cynthia’s talk – this event have few variations of text depending on your relationship with other girls and if triangle pin is on or not (more variations will be added after more relationship statuses for girls will be added)
– 1 new event – Rai’s benefit event increasing popularity gain for maids and cafe (that cg added to Rai’s aftermath in gallery to save space for future events)
– 1 new perk for Ame – Stalker, at the end of each day she finds a random item, depending on the perk’s level.
– added possibility to change the text font during an events in title menu in settings
– added possibility to change the speed of the text being generated (normal, fast or instant) in title menu in settings
– added visualization of text generation in settings
– updated value descriptions for the back rooms
– now you can give items and use benefit events even when you already used actions in chat menu
– very slightly increased starting statistics for girls to ease up early game.
– fixed a bug with clients getting stuck at the doors
– fixed a bug where the game didn’t register you talking with a client as an action
– fixed a bug where you could talk with maids all the time with no restrictions
– fixed a bug where Ame’s give number didn’t calculate to some events (but was calculating in clients book)
– fixed a bug that sometimes locked girls from being used at stations
– fixed a bug that sometimes made not spawn any events (black screen)
– fixed a bug creating double instances of settings while in options
– fixed a bug that prevented text box appearing in Rich Boy’s benefit item icon and had problem with activation
– few small visual adjustments and changes.

v0.7.5 Public:
– 1 new bad ending from low cleanliness
– 1 new nsfw event with Cynthia and The Inspector
– shortcuts for the maids, skills, food and drinks on keyboard (0-3, q-u, a-j, z-v)
– reduced needed cleanliness to reset the bad ending counter
– now in GH favor will be reduced only after finished action with client
– now favor won’t be reduced below 50 if you are secret lover with that person.
– fixed a bug that made warning event start after every load instead of once
– fixed a bug that under special conditions didn’t start the sanitary warning event
– fixed a bug with wrong icon being displayed after seeing Media Producers Aftermath
– fixed a bug that allowed moving maids icon around while they were servicing in vip room or GH, that caused even more bugs
– fixed a bug that made game fade out even if Rich Boy’s take out picture was shown
– fixed a bug that let favor go below 0
– fixed (hopefully) a bug that caused crash while generating some random events
– fixed (hopefully) a bug that caused crash while you went to stations with time stopped
– fixed a bug that doubled sound in some events in gallery after entering it from the Preparation Menu

v0.7.4 Public:
– added 6 new events, 1 main event, 1 intro to zero percentage cleanliness event (a warning), 1 Rai’s aftermath with Media Producers (nsfw) and 3 short benefits events for Ame
– benefits now won’t reset at the end of the day, they work constantly each day , unless you’ll change to other benefit (one active benefit per maid).
– you can now activate benefits in chat menu without seeing the event (hold left click over the icon) or cancel the effect (hold right click over the icon)
– now you don’t have to have magnifying glass to see what bonuses Benefit Event’s grant you (after you’ll unlock them).
– now money gain will be rounded up, no cents/pennies (that there is no use for the change)
– added Halloween loading screen
– reduced cost and requirements of skill perks at early levels for all maids
– now statistics increase will rise up at different speeds
– fixed a bug that crashed the game if the event ended with Auto Scroll turned on
– fixed a bug that didn’t calculate Ame’s using give number skill for few clients and to events
– fixed a bug sometimes crashing while viewing spooky event
– fixed a bug with Sergils take out leaving out Ame in the seat after client left
– fixed a bug that sometimes made menu music continue to play if you went to watch triangle, client or benefit events from chat menu, also added sound effect to event starting
– fixed a bug that let experience bar go over 100% during the main game
– fixed a bug that didn’t show ‘not enouth money’ in the backrooms
– fixed a bug that unlocked one of the main CG’s in gallery too early
– fixed a bug that made maxed out flirt skill not showing all the cg’s
– fixed status color coding on maid’s status screen
– added a fail-safe for clients walking in, removing them if they stay for too long in doors
– corrected few typos

v0.7.3 Public:
– added one new event (spooky, nsfw, animated)
– new 9 animations => 4 for self improvement room, 4 for promotion room, 1 for cookie vip room (waiting for client)
– remade 4 other animations in backrooms (for better character and action representation and for zoom)
– made other 4 animations in backrooms bigger (for zoom)
– you can now zoom on all the rooms
– updated Promotion Room looks
– slightly changed the angle of rooms and changed position of zoomed rooms for center
– zoom buttons of not zoomed rooms disappear when room is zoomed
– now maids have to have Pin Equipped to work in nsfw rooms
– reduced the popularity needed for second boss to appear to 1800 from 3000
– fixed 1 cg in group winter event (background items wanting to be in front)
– fixed a bug that sometimes increased the cleanliness percentage over 100% or below 0%
– fixed a bug that sometime made nsfw rooms think there is someone servicing the clients even when empty
– fixed a bug with backrooms collision and automatic maid relocation to them
– fixed a bug with not appearing one cg in gallery (rai and cookie talk)
– fixed a bug when a client got stuck on the doors under special conditions
– fixed few bugs regarding abilities graying out and not taking into consideration 4th maid’s skills
– corrected few typos

v0.7.2 Public:
– added 12 short animations for two of the nsfw room’s (4 sfw, 4 sfw-ish, 4 nsfw)
– now 9 type’s of clients can get into the nsfw rooms, if they want to (solo and group males)
– you can now zoom into the two nsfw rooms
– now backrooms work based on the timers, every few ticks providing bonuses to maids stats, cash, etc. (and not just end of the day)
– now you can change the maids in the main game,
– massively reduced tiredness increase and small reduction to cleanliness 
– added two buttons in pause menu during main game, that let’s player chose if the time should stop in backrooms (it’s on from the start) and if they want clients to enter the backrooms
– reduced collision size of the rooms
– now some maid’s negative stat changes should be reflected accordingy on the screen
– auto-stock perk now correctly shows that it is locked if not bought
– slight look changes to the nsfw rooms (soon for all)
– fixed a bug that sometimes changed shown value added to the stats of maids
– fixed a bug that let you put maids in rooms if you bought cleaning closet
– fixed a bug that didn’t register when you sometimes emptied one of the rooms
– fixed a bug where you could put in the same maid multiple times in a breakroom
– fixed a bug with experience bar in self improvement room being too high
– fixed a bug that showed wrong cg’s in one of the events in gallery (Rai’s with client)
– fixed a bug that showed Emilia talking while it was a narrator
– fixed a bug that didn’t register cg from Ame’s give# skill
– fixed a bug that resets some animations in cleaning closed too early
– fixed a bug that stopped ‘end of work’ banner in backrooms after the day ends

v0.7.1.1 Public:
– added 17 cgs for Ame’s skills for basic skin (both sfw and nsfw)
– added 1 main event (sfw)
– added 3 new items to shop (two tiredness reduction items and one cleaning help service)
– added a perk that lets you put two maids in the breakroom
– added to gallery Ame and made it so it now scrolls between characters
– added Ame’s stat’s increase thanks to few ‘Opportunities’
– added outline to items description’s in chat menu
– added 2 remaining short animations (Cookie and Rai) for Breakroom
– now the gallery won’t spoil characters before unlocking them (Emilia and 4th maid)
– made unlocking ingame cg’s much easier if skill’s perk is maxed out (for 4th maid for now and Cookie’s flirt)
– some visual changes for the item’s in Item Shop menu + Chat menu and audio sound if you can’t buy an item.
– fixed overlapping text in summary screen
– fixed position of back button in Backrooms
– fixed a bug making background music overlap while repeating events in gallery from the Preparation Menu
– fixed a bug that made some text move from their desired position.
– fixed a bug that spammed experience, levels, tiredness and cleanliness at the player if the day ended by taking too long
– fixed a bug that didn’t reset Penumbra counter even if player ended the day normally
– fixed a bug with perk that increased Cookie’s popularity everyday for way too much.
– fixed a bug that crashed the main game after certain point if you’ve entered Backrooms (very small main game optimization thanks to that)
– fixed a bug that made speed value on speed display move around
– fixed a bug that made text separation in gallery events too close to each other
– fixed a bug that prevented mad bar and favorite maid indicators from disappearing while Ame was serving clients
– fixed a bug that made discord button disappear on title menu
– fixed position of goth client’s favorite maid indicator
– fixed Cookie’s not blinking sprite in the stations introduction event
– corrected some typos
– fixed crash while clicking Backrooms in main game Public:
– added stations to the game (still requires a lot of work)
– some adjustments to popularity gain from check out’
– few button changes in Preparation Menu
– slowly adding outline to the names in the events
– added 2 new events (sfw that introduces new maid and new mechanics to the game)
– added new maid (still requires a lot of work):
* basic functionality of new maid
* added 4th maid to the upgrade menu and her 4 basic abilities
* clients now don’t ignore the 4th maid while ordering
* added working ‘Talk to’ button for 4th maid in chat menu
* 4th maid inviting now works correctly
– going to backrooms now stops the time in main room
– added new information for new stats increase in summary screen if they are unlocked, same with maid’s tiredness and cleanliness
– added new info about Cafe’s and Maid’s stats to Backroom screen.
– added outlines to the text in summary screen
– new button for talk to Rai
– added animations for cleaning room for other maids and Cynthia’s for Breakroom
– added new statistics for the maids in the chat menu if Station update is unlocked.
– added one basic gameplay cg for the 4th maid (placeholder)
– Special care skill now gives Care Points to maids if backrooms are unlocked.
– now the gallery won’t spoil characters before unlocking them (Emilia and 4th maid)
– added to gallery 4th maid and made it so it now scrolls between characters
– goth client now has new favorite maid, but still retains his feelings to original maid until you hire the new one
– fixed bug that made clicking on inviting 4th maid pick up Cynthia’s icon
– fixed bug that crashed the new game
– fixed bug where Cynthia’s skill buttons changed positions and were out of bounds
– fixed bug that spammed player with information about 4th maid’s care points
– fixed bug that clicking clients made a sounds like they’ve checked out
– fixed bug that skipped 4th maid’s take out ability at the end of the day
– fixed bug that spammed experience, levels, tiredness and cleanliness at the end of the day
– fixed a bug with perk that increased Cookie’s popularity everyday for way too much.

0.6.9 Public
– 2 events (Cynthia’s small talk and short nsfw Rai’s random event)
– now in VN parts ‘Title’ button works and let’s you go back to title screen if needed.
– some small optimization to the game loading
– moved around some buttons in Day End menu to prepare for Stations Update
– bug fixed that made client book move too much after jumping to last position.
– a lot of typos and sentences fixed!

v0.6.9 Public
– 2 events (Cynthia’s small talk and short nsfw Rai’s random event)
– now in VN parts ‘Title’ button works and let’s you go back to title screen if needed.
– some small optimization to the game loading
– moved around some buttons in Day End menu to prepare for Stations Update
– bug fixed that made client book move too much after jumping to last position.
– a lot of typos and sentences fixed!

v0.6.8 Public
– added one main event with Cynthia
– added one sfw-ish random event (with 4 outcomes depending on Rai’s stats)
– significantly increased the chance to encounter random events not seen before (new ones)
– moved the event ‘Meeting Cynthia’s parents’ to main chain of events from her private event tree.
– added a black outline for the event text to better separate it from the background.
– added meeting Cynthia’s parents event repeatable in gallery
– bug fixed one of the random events choking on itself (having a counter and still not using it);
– bug fixed that caused bugs while using space and ctrl in some chat and client events.
– bug fixed in housewife client information that stacked on top of each other .
– bug fixed Cookies inviting animations jittering

v0.6.7 Public
– 2 new random events (Cookie’s sfw and Cynthia’s nsfw)
– changed color corection in one of the Cynthia’s cgs
– Cookie’s Inviting ‘jump’ animations is now slightly rarer
– bug fixed dissapearing ‘Chat to’ – Cynthia’s and Cookie’s buttons when clicked
– bug fixed where Housewife’s spawn would be blocked by other clients entering cafe
– bug fixed wrong bg displayed in second Sport Fans event
– bug fixed error in Rai’s first kiss event.
– few small adjustments for usage of skills on Housewife – let me know if you will find any bugs with it
– corrected few typos

v0.6.6.2 Public
– Rai’s summer event [15 cgs, 1 animation]- rewritten big chunk of chat menu, entirely new looks (girls lack animations for now)
– added three new songs created especially for SCC by “Barikader”!
– randomized music in preparation menu (2 songs) and gameplay (3 songs)
– Cookie’s Inviting ‘jump’ animations is now slightly rarer
– slightly changed code behind triangle pin stock in shop.
– bug fixed Cynthia’s animation in summer skin in first seat now working
– bug fixed maids changing back to their basic clothes while wearing a different skin and serving the boss
– bug fixed maids positions while serving bosses
– bug fixed where Housewife’s spawn would be blocked by other clients entering cafe
– bug fixed wrong bg displayed in second Sport Fans event
– bug fixed that skipped choices if used ‘space’ or ‘ctrl’
– bug fixed events that sometimes made actions in chat menu used.
– bug fixed housewife not registering ‘Give number’ at third and fourth table.
– bug fixed error in rais first kiss event.
– few small adjustments for usage of skills on Housewife – let me know if you will find any bugs with it
– corrected few typos

– added one big nsfw event that spreads into two parts, you chose either Cynthia or Cookie (third possible choice with Rai coming soon) [19cgs and 2 animations]- added two alternative animations for Cookie inviting in basic skin and for Cynthia idle in Summer skin (if she is lewd enough)
– added one new song created especially for SCC by “Barikader”! Let me know what you think!
– added functionality, that makes winter and summer skin appear again in shop if player will somehow lose them – I’m investigating why that happened now for 2 different players
– now after buying the magnifying glass, game autosaves on it’s own. This should resolve issues with this item.
– bug fixed Cookie Sport Guys second event buttons showed tip when event was already unlocked.
– bug fixed maids animation during inviting clients while having Christmas clothes on was too fast
– bug fixed slightly changed the way buying skin works in code, should fix some errors
– bug fixed starting new game didn’t clean up some of Cookies events decisions
– corrected text in both intro parts

– added one new client – Housewife – for now only basic client functions (no special cgs) – appears only in the morning
– 2 new sfw events (1 random and 1 cookies chat)
– added indicator about unlocking Cookies Sport Fans event to the client book
– bug fixed game crashing sometime while generating random events = to monitor
– bug fixed where Christmas Skin saved and loaded to and from wrong files
– bug fixed few variables loading from wrong files
– bug fixed in wrongly displaying ‘coming soon’ on active and available events
– corrected few typos

– added few animations for basic skin for the maids (idles and inviting), Sergil and added Sergil’s summer animation.
– all events in gallery are now repeatable (3 small exceptions), added tooltip with information to right click repeatable events
– many changes to the gallery: changed fonts for every event to have an outline, changed few tips, changes to the way each panel works, fixed few nsfw events being marked as sfw
– added fail-safe system that checks if the saving and loading scripts run fully = to monitor the results
– bug fixed Cookie ‘nightfun’ event not giving stats increase
– bug fixed 6th day event not giving money and popularity as stated in text
– bug fixed flickering in some animations after last update
– bug fixed wrong characters talking in few events
– bug fixed Cookies phone events in gallery
– corrected few typos

– added new Cookie/Cynthia/Sergil/Sport Fans group nsfw event
– added buttons Skip/Auto/Hide to visual novel part of the game
– added icon indicating that the text ended generating for the rest of the remaining events
– changed so now the last line of dialogue in the event won’t be skipped
– changed hiding text boxes in VN scene to a toggle
– corrected few character icons that were out of bounds
– bug fixed – stacking cgs in on of the Cynthias cafe events
– bug fixed – saving one of the Cynthias events
– added fail-safe system that checks if the saving and loading scripts run fully = to monitor the results

– added 3 new events (1 sfw talk with Cookie, 1 nsfw-ish random event for Cynthia, 1 nsfw random event for Cookie)
– added 10 new opportunities
– added tips to all client’s events currently available (they show up while they are locked)
– added icon indicating that the text ended generating (for new events only, I will add it for other events later with VN update)
– added few backgrounds, visible while exiting the game or to title screen and replaced one of the loading screens
– slight changes to Cookie phone events and added them together to gallery (in one place)
– slightly reduced normal client appearance rate at higher popularity levels and while maids are inviting
– bug fixed – crashing while opening up Cynthia’s talk with Clients
– bug fixed – old tips for client events didn’t show properly
– bug fixed – Cookie’s and Rai’s second events buttons with clients not showing the ‘finished’ tick after completing the events
– bug fixed – in gallery one of the events had tool-tip active even after unlocking it.
– bug fixed – during repeating event with Cookie and [Redacted] in the gallery, you couldn’t click the ‘eye’ change.
– bug fixed – sound effect didn’t play while giving items to Bosses
– bug fixed – reduced bounciness of Media Producers needs-bubbles
– bug fixed – font in gallery changing all the time
– bug fixed – Cynthia’s Edgeplay CG not saving correctly in gallery
– bug fixed – few sound effects didn’t change the volume based on in-game sound settings
– bug fixed – repeating music in Preparation menu after exiting gallery
– bug fixed – one of the pictures in gallery showed wrong scene preview
– bug fixed – crashing while exiting the game
– corrected few typos

– added 3 new events (2 main events and first client event for Cookie)
– added and changed few tool-tips for client events in chat menu.
– bug fixed – sometimes everyday Rai’s (in hoodie and a skirt) model got much bigger while it was talking.
– bug fixed – text font changing in few places out of nowhere (please report if you see it again)
– bug fixed – music stacking in few events.
– bug fixed – wrong clients descriptions in gallery while unlocking Special Care CGs for Cookie
– corrected few typos

– added few more opportunities to the game play (10 pcs – few of them start while maids start to invite clients)
– now timed opportunities stack with others and prolong the bonuses if there were active and changed separation between text
– optimization work – now game should run a little more smoothly after the loading screens.
– visually changed in-game way of showing of maids stats increase.
– added few loading screens when you load up the save (6).
– added Rai’s client nsfw event to the gallery (repeatable)
– added way to enter the gallery from the Preparation Screen (by clicking Main menu)
– filled gallery with custom small icons/representations of the scene, that makes loading gallery as a whole, quicker (and prettier)
– reduced game size a bit
– slightly increased rich boy collision box
– bug fixed in one of the opportunities that gave out a lot more money than planned
– bug fixed summary screen visual representation of the values acquired and fixed handling of the negative numbers
– bug fixed that changes nsfw mode to sfw mode when returning to title screen.
– bug fixed that prevented animation from playing in winter sfw event in gallery and restored 1 lost cg
– bug fixed with wrongly showing the amount of tip gained (hopefully)
– bug fixed with repeatable summer skin event
– bug fixed with loading game window not opening if you didn’t have any save in the first save slot

– 2 new events – main story and event unlocking opportunity events (this one happens after the third day) [sfw]- added Opportunity [15 pcs] events
– added text variation for the Sergil’s take out event (when Cynthia doesn’t have a pin)
– changed Sergils Take out with Cynthia – now it checks for Pin before nsfw cgs are shown.
– fixed a bug with Rai’s benefit event that would ignore Media Producers spawns
– corrected many typos
– added few icons to slightly speed up gallery generation
– fixed bug with repeatable summer skin event
– bug fixed crashing on clients check out

– new event for Rai and Media Producers 48 cgs + 3 animations + special sequence
– slightly changed code that controls skins – now if you get in-menu error like using two different skins (by error or by cheating), after choosing the skin again it will repair itself.
– changed the collisions of the Media Producers clients
– fixed bug that made Business Woman infinetly pretend to give tips.
– fixed bug that sometimes caused game to crash during random event spawning – to monitor if this will happen again
– fixed bug with starting Rai’s nsfw event with Lucas
– fixed bug with Rai’s and media producers sfw event wrongly interpreted choices
– fixed bug that crashed the game when you used space button in events repeatable in gallery.

– 1 new client event with media producers (1st sfw part – 16 cgs)
– this new event and first summer event can be played in the gallery again by right clicking them
– changed autobuy perk, now it will replenish your stock to set value (previously it bought set number of stock everyday)
– added visualization for tip jar per client, now you see how much tip does client leave you.
– increased extra tip gains (bigger for basic orders, and bigger bonus if used favorite maid) – now favorite maids are even more important.
– slightly increased cafe popularity gain from clients
– added sound effect when you give client item from your stock, when the clients checks-out and changed the sound effect after using the skills
– fixed bug with overlapping music while exiting upgrade menu if you clicked too much
– corrected few typos

– added new client to the game, the Media Producers (only inviting Rai has a chance of them spawning).
– added new summer event that unlocks summer skin in game (if you already have summer skin, nothing will change but the event will still play)
– bug fixed load menu showing on top of setting menu when clicked in specific order
– bug fixed game not taking into consideration Cynthias bonus Take Out Level while adding extra tips and checking for double use of Cynthias skill
– bug fixed the order of main events appearing
– bug fixed making Sport Fans not showing their Mad Bar at 1st seat
– bug fixed wrong info about Big Guy event being unlocked in Client Book
– corrected few typos

– added new skin to the game – Summer Skin. It has new cafe look, new look for the maids (in swimsuits), including new smoother animations for idle (3 idle animations per maid), inviting and sitting with clients
– new 84 cg variations for in-game cgs while using skills with Summer Skin on
– added new pause menu cg for summer skin
– changed and removed legacy code that interfered with skills unlocks for cg
– bug fixed Give# skill not saving correctly in the gallery
– bug fixed wrong cg showing while using winter skin, with flirt skill, with Cynthia on sport fans
– bug fixed one in-game cg (wrong focus on the background item)
– bug fixed sport fans wrongly calculating how many times Give# skill was used on them
– bug fixed one of Cynthias unlocked gallery cgs crashing the game
– bug fixed Cookies female and couple skill CGs wrongly unlocking in gallery
– bug fixed wrong texture page loading during basic idle animations (performance)
– bug fixed ‘escape’ button in game not working correctly
– bug fixed valentines item in the shop being in front of everything

– added 3 new main story events
– added aftermath of Rai x Rich Boy meeting event
– added Rai’s benefit event that increases chance for business clients to spawn while Rai is inviting clients
– added cgs for Rai x Rich Boy – 1 cg for special care and 2 cgs for Take out (plus Winter skin variation)
– changed flirt skill coding for adding new in-game cgs to flirt skill and added 1 cgs for Rai x Rich Boy (plus Winter skin variation)
– added safe-fail system for in game cgs (so if there will be some an error while displaying custom clients cgs, it should than display basic ones instead of just white ribbon)
– reduced popularity needed for Second Boss to appear to 2000 points
– added clear info that Triangle Pin activates Netori actions
– bug fixed legacy values interacting with gallery
– bug fixed (again) wrong sizes of displayed tips in the gallery
– bug fixed Stalker Guy event deactivating some winter events.
– corrected few typos

– new Cynthia talk event
– one new Random event (unlocks after Cookies exposition about other girls)
– added speed up button during gameplay (x1, x2, x3 speeds)
– added button to pause menu that turns off in-game cgs
– added two new music tracks to new events
– added sound effect when you successfully use one of the skills
– corrected few time-ordering-values for clients
– added Big Guy unlock event counter to client book
– bug fixed Cynthia’s Panties event not showing tips in gallery
– bug fixed the bug that created overlapping music in upgrade menu
– bug fixed text bug with the magazine that displayed wrong amount of charm increased
– bug fixed music from tutorial playing during next day gameplay

– 2 new Cookies Client events
– added in-game button in Pause Menu that let’s you turn off Auto-Checkout – you will have to turn in ON if you bought Synthia perk before this update
– added ‘Client’ buttons to Cookie and to gallery
– slightly increased in-game collision of Rich Boy Client
– changed some texture generations in-game (slight boost in loading some screens)
– bug fixed (hopefully) alignment of text in gallery and some cgs alignments
– bug fixed repeatable Cookie Streaming event, you can see it again now but after that it shouldn’t repeat.
– bug fixed position of Cynthias Overcharged take out skill CGs
– bug fixed wrongly calculating price for some items in item shop
– corrected few typos

– added Skip Counter, don’t skip days too much (it resets after you don’t skip a day)
– if you do skip too much, you get a BAD ending. Avoid it if you are not a fan of the ‘First Eye’
– BUT added cheat for skip button if you already saw BAD ending – mostly for development/testing purposes – it disables the counter, in the future there will be a late-game perk to buy to disable it instead.
– added Endings button to the Gallery where you can see unlocked endings in full (not CGs but entire event).
– added few sound effects
– added fail safe system that will hopefully always keep dialogue text in correct alignment
– bug fixed UI in summary screen not fading out correctly
– bug fixed that didn’t show correct amount of max cgs for Cynthia
– bug fixed that didn’t show correct amount of unlocked cgs for Rai
– bug fixed that created issues in gallery with Tell# cgs.
– bug fixed Foresight lvl 2 when it showed you favorite maid before you’ve unlocked that information in clients book
– bug fixed wrong outline for overcharged Cynthias Take Out skill
– bug fixed some wrong cgs displayed while using Cynthias overcharged skills
– bug fixed alignments of text in gallery, that sometimes made to go out of the tip box
– bug fixed where the cash display in the shop disappeared
– bug fixed hint box going out of bounds in perk menu
– few rearrangements in gallery of the buttons
– corrected few typos
– fixed crashing at the end of the day

– added new Auto Stock Perk, that after the end of the day buys the amount of stock you’ve chosen.
– added 2 new random events (4 cg in total)
– reduced the collision of Food/Drinks icons
– changed font and added outline to the stock menu
– significantly reduced cost of Triangle Pin
– changed prices and increased stats for the stat changing items
– changed the positions of perk activation in summary screen
– bug fixed with wrong outlines on few CGs
– bug fixed with wrongly displaying amount of CGs to unlock in gallery
– bug fixed cookie repeatable event under specific circumstances
– bug fixed that showed normal CG while using using Cynthia Flirt with Winter Skin on
– corrected few typos
– fixed bug with infinitely repeatable the same event each day.

– updated skills CGs for Winter Skin (26 new cgs)
– added 1 new event, chat with Cookie
– added new perk for Cookie that increases her popularity each day by small amount
– added new foresight level that shows you in-game favorite maid of the client if he has one and if you unlocked that information in clients book
– slightly modified code for foresight
– reduced collisions of the clients (now their collision is mainly torso and head) and abilities (only inside of gold outline has a collision), this should reduce unintentionally using skills on wrong clients
– added new buttons to clients menu that goes all the way last or first client.
– reduced cooldown between clicks in client menu to faster scroll between clients and increased scrolling speed
– added Sergil’s button to the Gallery where we will store his abilities CG
– corrected 4 skills cgs
– fixed a bug in clients book when you had to click two times for it to start moving
– fixed a bug with wrongly displaying the Sergil falling unconscious in gallery
– fixed a bug that didn’t wait for Sergil’s cg to pass before ending the day
– fixed a bug with sometimes showing lvl 1 skill cg even when it should show other cgs

– 2 new perks locked behind events – Sergil’s and Cynthia’s
– 2 new events, look at perks (with bought magnifying glass) to know how to see them – sfw
– 6 new cgs for the new Sergil’s perk
– added extra tips to unlocking skills cgs in gallery
– increased, by a little, cost of Cynthias “Just a Number” perk
– fixed bug with distraction perk working too often (not according to chance stated in perk menu)
– fixed bug with sometimes wrongly displayed unknown skills CGs while browsing them in gallery
– fixed bug that made Load menu be on top of the extras menu
– corrected few typos
– fixed bug preventing Cookie from serving couple or Business Woman.

– new way of checking for random events – from totally random I’ve change the system to counters for events, now there is much bigger chance of seeing events not seen at all or not seen for a long time and each time you see an event, counter for that event resets itself to zero, so there is little to no chance that you will see the same event next day and much bigger chance you will see new events or the ones you didn’t saw for a long time.
– added new way of unlocking abilities cgs, I’ve changed the whole code behind showing CGs to be able to unlock them – now gallery unlocks based on the seen cg and not in bulks.
– 1 new random event
– 3 new cgs for the Couple ‘Take Out’
– slightly increased the skill bonuses for Clients favorite maids
– updated the way Winter Skin CGs are being displayed in game – per perks upgrades
– fixed bug sometimes crashing the gallery
– changed the way gallery loads, this should prevent some crashes
– fixed bug with autosave, now it will always save the unlocked events and cg.
– fixed bug preventing using flirt ability two times at max level of the perk
– fixed bug with too long sitting time for Couple after using the skill on them and adjusted their sitting time
– corrected few typos
– slightly increased favor gain from basic chat events
– level 6 (after using benefits) of Cynthias Take Out always give you the ‘lewdest’ cg currently available for client (other take out levels still randomized)
– now during reading the first tutorial game is stopped
– Cookies and Sergil shopping scene now requires only 30 favor to start
– fixed bug that made ‘When will the client get mad’ meter go over it’s limits
– fixed bug with Couple client and chocolate cake wrongly calculating next order time
– fixed bug with time between orders for Normal Client
– fixed bug with wrong border applied to level 6 of Cynthia x Business woman cg
– fixed bug preventing showing winter skin in shop on sfw mode
– fixed bug where you saw only a ribbon after using the cg after the benefits bonus
– fixed bug sometimes making Cynthia skill CG overwrite other cgs
– fixed position of female client cgs
– fixed bug with female client having male cgs
– fixed bug crashing the new game while you had no saves
– fixed bug making text in gallery yellow
– fixed bug making same favorite food showing two times in business man client book.

– added 3 new events (Aftermath of Cynthias client event, her ‘Benefit’ event and one random event)
– added little logic to in-game cgs – now you have to finish all Sports Guys events to have their nsfw pics of Abilities to appear in-game (bonuses are still calculated the same, according to perks lvls)
– added “Benefits” in chat menu – not you can use it to gain extra boons for a day, now you can rise Cynthias Take Out beyond basic cap
– added 3 new cgs for Cynthias Take Out
– corrected positions of Sports Guys ‘order bubbles’ and ‘sitting time bar’
– increased chance of appearing for few newer random events
– there was a bug in a second event of Rai and Rich Boy that made you unable to see the CG in gallery after seeing the event. Now you can replay the event and after seeing it, now it should be unlocked in gallery. Sorry for trouble.
– discord button will now be inactive if the save or load menu are open
– reduced size a little bit more
– fixed a bug with a single black screen during the animations in valentines event
– fixed a bug with doubling perk sprites
– fixed a rodent that made Jock eat your entire stock(+1) of hot dogs
– fixed a bug that made end the day before seeing CG after using Take Out
– fixed a bug that made possible using give number to the clients infinetly
– corrected few typos
Bug Fixes:
– fixed gallery crashing with older saves



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