Secret Care Cafe v0.6.0 Public by Rare Alex, In the Secret Care Cafe Game you are the owner of the new cafe in town. But it’s not your everyday cafe shop, this place has a special care program to make it’s customers really enjoy their stay.

Everyday you will have to take care of customers as well as keep good relations with your coworkers to unlock special events. Chose your own path with Cookie, Rai or Cynthia (or all 3 of them if you’re lucky or none if you are not), and make sure to not get broke. Here you can find some cute scenes, while the girls interact with each other and you – as well as some lewd animated scenes, both with you and (If you will let them) with clients. Your actions and decisions will have an impact.

Use money and popularity you earn from the everyday work to stock up on items for the next day, buy items that will upgrade stats of your maids, unlock more events and to unlock new perks!

By using specific abilities you learn more about the clients in the client book and you might unlock new events with them!

Random events that will trigger after day of work will make sure you will get different experience everyday. Your decisions will decide how girls will react and how they will respond to the events. Their statistics will help you keep track of that.

Game has both NSFW and SFW mode. Thanks to that, people not interested in lewd stuff (or if you are not in the mood for it) don’t have to worry about it popping out on them.

The game-play is a management of your cafe and maids. The story in driven with the Visual Novel format.

Updated: 2021-07-25
Release Date: 2021-07-25
Developer: Rare Alex Patreon – Itch.io – VNDB
Censored: No
Version: v0.6.0 Public
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Management, Milf, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Group Sex, Harem, Multiple Penetration, Swinging
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
– added 3 new events (2 main events and first client event for Cookie)
– added and changed few tool-tips for client events in chat menu.
– bug fixed – sometimes everyday Rai’s (in hoodie and a skirt) model got much bigger while it was talking.
– bug fixed – text font changing in few places out of nowhere (please report if you see it again)
– bug fixed – music stacking in few events.
– bug fixed – wrong clients descriptions in gallery while unlocking Special Care CGs for Cookie
– corrected few typos

– added few more opportunities to the game play (10 pcs – few of them start while maids start to invite clients)
– now timed opportunities stack with others and prolong the bonuses if there were active and changed separation between text
– optimization work – now game should run a little more smoothly after the loading screens.
– visually changed in-game way of showing of maids stats increase.
– added few loading screens when you load up the save (6).
– added Rai’s client nsfw event to the gallery (repeatable)
– added way to enter the gallery from the Preparation Screen (by clicking Main menu)
– filled gallery with custom small icons/representations of the scene, that makes loading gallery as a whole, quicker (and prettier)
– reduced game size a bit
– slightly increased rich boy collision box
– bug fixed in one of the opportunities that gave out a lot more money than planned
– bug fixed summary screen visual representation of the values acquired and fixed handling of the negative numbers
– bug fixed that changes nsfw mode to sfw mode when returning to title screen.
– bug fixed that prevented animation from playing in winter sfw event in gallery and restored 1 lost cg
– bug fixed with wrongly showing the amount of tip gained (hopefully)
– bug fixed with repeatable summer skin event
– bug fixed with loading game window not opening if you didn’t have any save in the first save slot

– 2 new events – main story and event unlocking opportunity events (this one happens after the third day) [sfw]- added Opportunity [15 pcs] events
– added text variation for the Sergil’s take out event (when Cynthia doesn’t have a pin)
– changed Sergils Take out with Cynthia – now it checks for Pin before nsfw cgs are shown.
– fixed a bug with Rai’s benefit event that would ignore Media Producers spawns
– corrected many typos
– added few icons to slightly speed up gallery generation
– fixed bug with repeatable summer skin event
– bug fixed crashing on clients check out

– new event for Rai and Media Producers 48 cgs + 3 animations + special sequence
– slightly changed code that controls skins – now if you get in-menu error like using two different skins (by error or by cheating), after choosing the skin again it will repair itself.
– changed the collisions of the Media Producers clients
– fixed bug that made Business Woman infinetly pretend to give tips.
– fixed bug that sometimes caused game to crash during random event spawning – to monitor if this will happen again
– fixed bug with starting Rai’s nsfw event with Lucas
– fixed bug with Rai’s and media producers sfw event wrongly interpreted choices
– fixed bug that crashed the game when you used space button in events repeatable in gallery.

– 1 new client event with media producers (1st sfw part – 16 cgs)
– this new event and first summer event can be played in the gallery again by right clicking them
– changed autobuy perk, now it will replenish your stock to set value (previously it bought set number of stock everyday)
– added visualization for tip jar per client, now you see how much tip does client leave you.
– increased extra tip gains (bigger for basic orders, and bigger bonus if used favorite maid) – now favorite maids are even more important.
– slightly increased cafe popularity gain from clients
– added sound effect when you give client item from your stock, when the clients checks-out and changed the sound effect after using the skills
– fixed bug with overlapping music while exiting upgrade menu if you clicked too much
– corrected few typos

– added new client to the game, the Media Producers (only inviting Rai has a chance of them spawning).
– added new summer event that unlocks summer skin in game (if you already have summer skin, nothing will change but the event will still play)
– bug fixed load menu showing on top of setting menu when clicked in specific order
– bug fixed game not taking into consideration Cynthias bonus Take Out Level while adding extra tips and checking for double use of Cynthias skill
– bug fixed the order of main events appearing
– bug fixed making Sport Fans not showing their Mad Bar at 1st seat
– bug fixed wrong info about Big Guy event being unlocked in Client Book
– corrected few typos

– added new skin to the game – Summer Skin. It has new cafe look, new look for the maids (in swimsuits), including new smoother animations for idle (3 idle animations per maid), inviting and sitting with clients
– new 84 cg variations for in-game cgs while using skills with Summer Skin on
– added new pause menu cg for summer skin
– changed and removed legacy code that interfered with skills unlocks for cg
– bug fixed Give# skill not saving correctly in the gallery
– bug fixed wrong cg showing while using winter skin, with flirt skill, with Cynthia on sport fans
– bug fixed one in-game cg (wrong focus on the background item)
– bug fixed sport fans wrongly calculating how many times Give# skill was used on them
– bug fixed one of Cynthias unlocked gallery cgs crashing the game
– bug fixed Cookies female and couple skill CGs wrongly unlocking in gallery
– bug fixed wrong texture page loading during basic idle animations (performance)
– bug fixed ‘escape’ button in game not working correctly
– bug fixed valentines item in the shop being in front of everything

– added 3 new main story events
– added aftermath of Rai x Rich Boy meeting event
– added Rai’s benefit event that increases chance for business clients to spawn while Rai is inviting clients
– added cgs for Rai x Rich Boy – 1 cg for special care and 2 cgs for Take out (plus Winter skin variation)
– changed flirt skill coding for adding new in-game cgs to flirt skill and added 1 cgs for Rai x Rich Boy (plus Winter skin variation)
– added safe-fail system for in game cgs (so if there will be some an error while displaying custom clients cgs, it should than display basic ones instead of just white ribbon)
– reduced popularity needed for Second Boss to appear to 2000 points
– added clear info that Triangle Pin activates Netori actions
– bug fixed legacy values interacting with gallery
– bug fixed (again) wrong sizes of displayed tips in the gallery
– bug fixed Stalker Guy event deactivating some winter events.
– corrected few typos

– new Cynthia talk event
– one new Random event (unlocks after Cookies exposition about other girls)
– added speed up button during gameplay (x1, x2, x3 speeds)
– added button to pause menu that turns off in-game cgs
– added two new music tracks to new events
– added sound effect when you successfully use one of the skills
– corrected few time-ordering-values for clients
– added Big Guy unlock event counter to client book
– bug fixed Cynthia’s Panties event not showing tips in gallery
– bug fixed the bug that created overlapping music in upgrade menu
– bug fixed text bug with the magazine that displayed wrong amount of charm increased
– bug fixed music from tutorial playing during next day gameplay

– 2 new Cookies Client events
– added in-game button in Pause Menu that let’s you turn off Auto-Checkout – you will have to turn in ON if you bought Synthia perk before this update
– added ‘Client’ buttons to Cookie and to gallery
– slightly increased in-game collision of Rich Boy Client
– changed some texture generations in-game (slight boost in loading some screens)
– bug fixed (hopefully) alignment of text in gallery and some cgs alignments
– bug fixed repeatable Cookie Streaming event, you can see it again now but after that it shouldn’t repeat.
– bug fixed position of Cynthias Overcharged take out skill CGs
– bug fixed wrongly calculating price for some items in item shop
– corrected few typos

– added Skip Counter, don’t skip days too much (it resets after you don’t skip a day)
– if you do skip too much, you get a BAD ending. Avoid it if you are not a fan of the ‘First Eye’
– BUT added cheat for skip button if you already saw BAD ending – mostly for development/testing purposes – it disables the counter, in the future there will be a late-game perk to buy to disable it instead.
– added Endings button to the Gallery where you can see unlocked endings in full (not CGs but entire event).
– added few sound effects
– added fail safe system that will hopefully always keep dialogue text in correct alignment
– bug fixed UI in summary screen not fading out correctly
– bug fixed that didn’t show correct amount of max cgs for Cynthia
– bug fixed that didn’t show correct amount of unlocked cgs for Rai
– bug fixed that created issues in gallery with Tell# cgs.
– bug fixed Foresight lvl 2 when it showed you favorite maid before you’ve unlocked that information in clients book
– bug fixed wrong outline for overcharged Cynthias Take Out skill
– bug fixed some wrong cgs displayed while using Cynthias overcharged skills
– bug fixed alignments of text in gallery, that sometimes made to go out of the tip box
– bug fixed where the cash display in the shop disappeared
– bug fixed hint box going out of bounds in perk menu
– few rearrangements in gallery of the buttons
– corrected few typos
– fixed crashing at the end of the day

– added new Auto Stock Perk, that after the end of the day buys the amount of stock you’ve chosen.
– added 2 new random events (4 cg in total)
– reduced the collision of Food/Drinks icons
– changed font and added outline to the stock menu
– significantly reduced cost of Triangle Pin
– changed prices and increased stats for the stat changing items
– changed the positions of perk activation in summary screen
– bug fixed with wrong outlines on few CGs
– bug fixed with wrongly displaying amount of CGs to unlock in gallery
– bug fixed cookie repeatable event under specific circumstances
– bug fixed that showed normal CG while using using Cynthia Flirt with Winter Skin on
– corrected few typos
– fixed bug with infinitely repeatable the same event each day.

– updated skills CGs for Winter Skin (26 new cgs)
– added 1 new event, chat with Cookie
– added new perk for Cookie that increases her popularity each day by small amount
– added new foresight level that shows you in-game favorite maid of the client if he has one and if you unlocked that information in clients book
– slightly modified code for foresight
– reduced collisions of the clients (now their collision is mainly torso and head) and abilities (only inside of gold outline has a collision), this should reduce unintentionally using skills on wrong clients
– added new buttons to clients menu that goes all the way last or first client.
– reduced cooldown between clicks in client menu to faster scroll between clients and increased scrolling speed
– added Sergil’s button to the Gallery where we will store his abilities CG
– corrected 4 skills cgs
– fixed a bug in clients book when you had to click two times for it to start moving
– fixed a bug with wrongly displaying the Sergil falling unconscious in gallery
– fixed a bug that didn’t wait for Sergil’s cg to pass before ending the day
– fixed a bug with sometimes showing lvl 1 skill cg even when it should show other cgs

– 2 new perks locked behind events – Sergil’s and Cynthia’s
– 2 new events, look at perks (with bought magnifying glass) to know how to see them – sfw
– 6 new cgs for the new Sergil’s perk
– added extra tips to unlocking skills cgs in gallery
– increased, by a little, cost of Cynthias “Just a Number” perk
– fixed bug with distraction perk working too often (not according to chance stated in perk menu)
– fixed bug with sometimes wrongly displayed unknown skills CGs while browsing them in gallery
– fixed bug that made Load menu be on top of the extras menu
– corrected few typos
– fixed bug preventing Cookie from serving couple or Business Woman.

– new way of checking for random events – from totally random I’ve change the system to counters for events, now there is much bigger chance of seeing events not seen at all or not seen for a long time and each time you see an event, counter for that event resets itself to zero, so there is little to no chance that you will see the same event next day and much bigger chance you will see new events or the ones you didn’t saw for a long time.
– added new way of unlocking abilities cgs, I’ve changed the whole code behind showing CGs to be able to unlock them – now gallery unlocks based on the seen cg and not in bulks.
– 1 new random event
– 3 new cgs for the Couple ‘Take Out’
– slightly increased the skill bonuses for Clients favorite maids
– updated the way Winter Skin CGs are being displayed in game – per perks upgrades
– fixed bug sometimes crashing the gallery
– changed the way gallery loads, this should prevent some crashes
– fixed bug with autosave, now it will always save the unlocked events and cg.
– fixed bug preventing using flirt ability two times at max level of the perk
– fixed bug with too long sitting time for Couple after using the skill on them and adjusted their sitting time
– corrected few typos
– slightly increased favor gain from basic chat events
– level 6 (after using benefits) of Cynthias Take Out always give you the ‘lewdest’ cg currently available for client (other take out levels still randomized)
– now during reading the first tutorial game is stopped
– Cookies and Sergil shopping scene now requires only 30 favor to start
– fixed bug that made ‘When will the client get mad’ meter go over it’s limits
– fixed bug with Couple client and chocolate cake wrongly calculating next order time
– fixed bug with time between orders for Normal Client
– fixed bug with wrong border applied to level 6 of Cynthia x Business woman cg
– fixed bug preventing showing winter skin in shop on sfw mode
– fixed bug where you saw only a ribbon after using the cg after the benefits bonus
– fixed bug sometimes making Cynthia skill CG overwrite other cgs
– fixed position of female client cgs
– fixed bug with female client having male cgs
– fixed bug crashing the new game while you had no saves
– fixed bug making text in gallery yellow
– fixed bug making same favorite food showing two times in business man client book.

– added 3 new events (Aftermath of Cynthias client event, her ‘Benefit’ event and one random event)
– added little logic to in-game cgs – now you have to finish all Sports Guys events to have their nsfw pics of Abilities to appear in-game (bonuses are still calculated the same, according to perks lvls)
– added “Benefits” in chat menu – not you can use it to gain extra boons for a day, now you can rise Cynthias Take Out beyond basic cap
– added 3 new cgs for Cynthias Take Out
– corrected positions of Sports Guys ‘order bubbles’ and ‘sitting time bar’
– increased chance of appearing for few newer random events
– there was a bug in a second event of Rai and Rich Boy that made you unable to see the CG in gallery after seeing the event. Now you can replay the event and after seeing it, now it should be unlocked in gallery. Sorry for trouble.
– discord button will now be inactive if the save or load menu are open
– reduced size a little bit more
– fixed a bug with a single black screen during the animations in valentines event
– fixed a bug with doubling perk sprites
– fixed a rodent that made Jock eat your entire stock(+1) of hot dogs
– fixed a bug that made end the day before seeing CG after using Take Out
– fixed a bug that made possible using give number to the clients infinetly
– corrected few typos
Bug Fixes:
– fixed gallery crashing with older saves



Download For Win
Download For Mac (v0.5.7)

Missing 2 random group events, 1 random cookie event and patreon events. If/when I unlock them I’ll update the file

Put it in the Appdata/Local folder

Edit: Just missing after boss 2 (forgot about that one) and patreon ones.

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