The hero and his group have vanquished the Dark Lord. Regretfully, they learned that the Dark Lord had concealed a part of his power in order for someone to uncover it and utilize it to complete the task he had begun. As the king’s envoy, you have been dispatched to watch on and support the hero’s group as they search for this secret power. On the other hand, you may have the opportunity to become something more. As the antagonist in Rise of Corruption, you have the power to corrupt numerous people and, in the end, the entire globe. Although combat is there, it is not the main focus of the game. Rather, the emphasis lies in gradually tainting the world and the characters, tracking the alterations that arise with each step until you have completely corrupted them.

Updated: 2024-06-11
Release Date: 2024-06-11
Developer:  Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Cheating, Corruption, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Slave, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Mind Control, Exhibitionism, Titfuck, Lesbian, Group Sex, Harem
1. Extract and run.
Content Additions-

  • Added Erina Initial Corruption Event
  • Added Erina Level 1 training content
  • added Erina Level 1 prison game
  • Added random conversations between fully corrupted harem members and level 1 Erina
  • Added new random sex scene between Yukako and Rina
  • Added random prison conversations between fully corrupted harem members and Ayumi during her corruption route levels
  • Added new enterable building to Hypatia Royal District (the guard station)
  • Added new commercial district to Hypatia
  • Added first quest for commercial district (This quest has 2 variations depending on where you chose to put humans in your army)
  • Added method to link Hypatia meeting room with castle war room for quicker travel between the castle and Hypatia
  • Added Hypatia meeting room task/decision for Bogthos
  • Added new quest from Yukako in Hypatia meeting room
  • Added additional religious compliance level to Hypatia
  • Added additional common compliance level to Hypatia
  • Added section of new village Zerethin as part of a new quest
  • Added additional compliance level to Zerethin (Linked to Hypatia Religious Compliance)
  • Added more talk options to Honorius
  • Added talking to Ricinus about Hypatia Compliance levels

Bugfixes –

  • Fixed Reported Typos
  • Fixed issues with random conversations in the castle causing black screens
  • Fixed bug that would allow to replay sequence of taking the Zerethin Wall
  • Fixed certain quests not being marked as completed in the quest journal (Talk to Bogthos in the Hypatia meeting room to get this fix if you have already completed the quests)


Content additions –

  • Added Ayumi full corruption event
  • Added Ayumi full corruption repeatable content
  • Added Misaki & Rina random sex scene
  • Added random conversations between harem members
  • (Variations of random conversations are Misaki X Yukako, Misaki X Rina, Misaki X Ayumi, Yukako X Rina, Yukako X Ayumi, Rina X Ayumi)
  • Added final bogthos quest to Fernsdin
  • Added final compliance level to Ferndsin
  • Added additional story cutscene
  • Added final battle for the capital
  • Added variations of final battle depending if Romanos is in your army
  • Added potential additional endings for Romanos
  • Added story sex scene with Ayumi
  • Added initial Hypatia captial maps and compliance level
  • Added additional dialogue in brazier room in zereth’s tomb
  • Updated Gallary room to include Ayumi’s training content, prison game scenes, and story scene

Bugfixes –

  • Fixed instances in which Ayumi’s image would not leave screen
  • Fixed reported typos
  • Fixed Edar’s map sprite staying in the watchtower

Other –

  • Rebalanced Edar watchtower fight

Content Additions:

  • Added Ayumi level 4 Progression event
  • Added Ayumi level 4 training events and scenes
  • Added Ayumi level 4 prison game
  • Added two additional animations for sex scenes
  • Added Ayumi level 4 and Yuma level 2 prison conversation
  • Added Random sex scene between fully corrupted Misaki and Yukako in the castle
  • Added additional quest for Bogthos in Fernsdin
  • Added story event and battle with two slight variations based on if Romanos is corrupted and in your army or not.
  • Added additional compliance level to Fernsdin
  • Added additional story cutscene


  • Fixed known typos
  • Fixed bug with certain sprites showing up too early in the Hypatia throne room


  • Made slight dialogue changes in certain areas to make directions to certain locations more clear.
  • Added option in the player bedroom to enable/disable random sex scenes, and the option to skip scenes should they show up.

Content Additions:

  • Added Ayumi level 3 progression event
  • Added Ayumi level 3 training events and scenes
  • Added Ayumi level 3 prison game
  • Added four additional animated sex scenes
  • Added random level 2 conversations between Yuma and Misaki, Yukako, and Rina in the Zerethin Wall General’s office
  • Added random conversation between level 2 Ayumi and Yuma
  • Added random conversation between level 3 Ayumi, and Yuma
  • Added new overworld map (Hypatia capital region)
  • Added new village
  • Added main story quest for the new village
  • Added additional compliance level for the new village
  • Added two additional story cutscenes
  • Added ability to replay lore conversations with Bogthos and Yuma in the castle bedroom


  • Fixed bug that allowed a Gilias workshop quest to be repeated infinitely
  • Fixed known typos




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