re:Dreamer v0.11.0 by Dream Team Studio, Re: Dreamer is an adult gender bender visual novel game about an impossible phone game that turns its user Zach into a girl before they even start the tutorial. With an impish and unreliable in-game A.I. as their only lead on how to change back, can Zach follow the rules of this insanely predatory game to survive, or will they lose everything that made them a man in the process?​

Updated: 2022-10-08
Release Date: 2022-10-08
Developer: DreamTeamStudio Patreon
Censored: Mosaic on certain placeholder HCGs, though everything is planned to be uncensored
Version: v0.11.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Length: 16.5 hours as of 0.10.0 (based on a roughly 205k word count within dialogue blocks and an average non-technical English reading speed of 200-250 words per minute)
Genre: Gender Bender, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Mobile Game, Text Based, Censored, Big Tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teasing, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, School Setting

1. Extract and run.

1. Extract and install the APK.


  • Happy third anniversary, re:/Dreamer (and happy 29th birthday to me, CaptainCaption!)
  • Zach finally has his day in the sun with a new intro. About 40-60 minutes long (more on the “about” in a bit), the last day in his life before he found re/Dreamer. I think the writing slaps as it sets a ton of the tone for the game, gives great foreshadowing, and really provides context that Zoey isn’t just some girl who says she is a guy as it provides visible context of who that guy was. I can understand that not everyone will want this introductory day to Zach’s new life to be as long as it is (for reasons other than wanting to more more easily self-insert as the excessively detailed protagonist of this visual novel) which is why it gets shorter (particularly the lectures) if Awkwardness is the default value of 3 or below. C.H.E.A.T.S., by strict canon, is not supposed to exist yet, but I am bending my rules a bit to make this game more enjoyable for more people.
  • The writing and expressions from the end of the transformation to the choice menu that can lead to the first bad end has been polished. This largely meant making the expressions match the quality standards set from the middle of the Britney mall date and beyond, but a few lines have been altered; most notably, Ai first looks up her player on his phone (she had previously just known his name) and realizes that the woman in front of her doesn’t match that man, and she starts to piece things together from that.
  • The first masturbation scene in Zach’s dorm room has been adjusted and expanded so that Zach finds a thick permanent marker to help him as he doesn’t have enough knowledge for his hands alone to do the job. This has the benefit of making the focus for Zach’s inability to climax in Keisuke’s dorm room being that he was using his bare hands. I’ll be getting to that scene soon, once the last of the CGs for the alternatives to the sex scene come in.
  • The bad ends have been polished with some cool new graphics and better expressions.
  • The explanation by Zach to Molly and Patrick can now be done fully in one loop with the maximum starting points because I changed a few of the penalty points to allow for it.
  • The “Stratus” thing with re:/Dreamer having a social media component has been removed since it added nothing to the game and was an old plot point. There’s now just a generic player profile thing that Ai uses, with the implication that she can only call her player by the name on that profile.
  • C.H.E.A.T.S. is explained more clearly to players new to it on its screen and in the story with Zach at the character creator.
  • I changed the name of Zach’s primary gacha from “Steel Blue Sky Corridor” to just “Steel Blue Sky” as it’s less wordy. Also, the game actually has a screen based on Azur Lane’s old 2019 user interface. I have to resist calling the game “Azur Plane” after someone mentioned the pun…
  • The arcade games, quick menu on the main dialogue window, and C.H.E.A.T.S. screen now highlight and work properly with controller and keyboard (minus Zone of the Zombies 2, where Zach blames his light gun for not firing a single shot). The C.H.E.A.T.S. bars (all the bars, in fact) the still require you to press the enter key or A button to select, but it works. Honestly, Ren’Py is not very pleasant to navigate with just a controller, but there’s really not much I or Espeon can do about it.
  • A potential bug with Zoey hovering in the Britney Day 2 clothing store changing room has been fixed. I wasn’t able to replicate a user reporting the issue, but Zoey’s sprite has been hardcoded to be in the right position there.
  • Some minor polish to the expressions in the Keisuke route (mostly in the konbini). I’m saving the expressions overhaul in the route for when I get all of the Keisuke dorm room HCGs, but fixing a minor issue led to me doing some ahead of time.
  • Except on the title screen, you now have to unlock viewing every character in the sprite viewer by reading to certain points in the story (or jumping past them in the story jump menu). This sort of keeps characters, mainly Zoey, a surprise… but let’s be honest: you likely know what you’re getting into if you download this game.
  • There’s now a variable tracking the route you are currently on. This will be used for common overlapping events later, like Zach’s classes.
  • The World Information alert bar now works with sub-entries and clicking on it no longer advances to the next line (meaning that you’re free to check the information in the moment it becomes relevant without a consequence of the story moving past that). The alert bar also shows for 6 seconds instead of 3, but it disappears at the next line of dialogue as usual.
  • Zach’s sabbatical (and a few other World Information entries) now have fancy stock photos that cost a lot of money. They break up things so they’re not just a wall of text.
  • I changed the expressions in Zach’s sprites slightly. Most of this was making some lines less harsh and changing the order of the faces to make more sense (at least to me) of what Zoey parts they were based on, but mouth_0 is now Zoey’s mouth_11 because it works a lot better as a neutral face than the slight frown it was.
  • Ai’s sprite code has completely changed to allow a non-insane way of dealing with what direction she is facing. You can also make her background pink!
Zach, the main character of this story, is a chronic underachiever who has been using his above-average intellect to coast through life with below-average grades. After a gap year taken to find his identity and expand his spiritual horizons that left his broke, he’s now a freshman university student in a major he only chose because it’s easy and can lead to a steady job right out of school. He spends his idle time searching for new and obscure phone games to play as F2P user on a broke college student lifestyle.

Ai is the unreliable and mischievous A.I. that came with Zach’s copy of re: Dreamer. She seems to treat this all as one big game, though it probably is just that for her. Ai appears to have her head in the gutter 24/7 and seems to take great pleasure in teasing Zach. It remains to be seen if Zach can trust her.

Britney is a dorky young-adult blonde white girl and anime/game/cosplay otaku who is quite attractive but abrasive if you can’t keep up with her pace. She and Zach met in high school and bonded over their similar taste in anime and mobage. She is also Zach’s only female friend.

Keisuke is Zach’s childhood friend and neighbor. Despite being opposites, the two have been best friends since they were little kids. He’s an athletic prodigy and social butterfly who gets along well with the ladies, despite being a blunt meathead. Though their personalities have diverged since they were kids, they’ve known each other for a very long time and have a strong bond of trust.



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