Max the Elf game by T-Hoodie The art and animations are so good giving it multiple stars on that alone. Even not a trap fan and still I enjoyed the art. This Totally not gay btw. Play the game just for those honestly, they’re readily accessible whenever you want them to be and it’s not a long game.

Actual gameplay is not much to write home about, there’s only a couple levels. Everything moves slowly enough that it’s usually better to just jump/slide kick your way through everything than sit there attacking it, as it takes a long time to kill things (except the slide which oneshots from what I could tell but costs all your stamina) and you’re on a timer, albeit a forgiving one. It’s certainly not the roughest sidescroller I’ve played but don’t expect anything innovative.

Updated: 2024-05-09
Release Date: 2024-05-09
Developer: T-Hoodie Patreon – Itch.io – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v5.0.2
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, Animated, Monsters, Bestiality, Traps, Tentacles, Fantasy, Erotic, Gay, Male protagonist, side-scroller
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Contains a good amount of content including the Leslie bossfight, and a bunch of new enemies, music and art for level 5!
Level 5 is not 100% done yet, but we’re getting there.

– Level 5 working!
– 4 new enemies
– New song added
– New voice acting

– Bossfight with Leslie!
– Added mimic hoodie enemy (LVL 4)
– Added sybian trap! (LVL4)
– New voice acting by @PEARBLOSSOM!
– LVL 4 gallery working!
– Scaling resolution!! (No more Fullscreen hacking)
– New Cutscenes! (Level 4 ending)

v4.0 Playtester version
Level 4 released!
– We plan to add one more enemy and 1 more event to level four.
– We plan to add a miniboss (Leslie) at the end of level 4 as well
These will come in 2023 as update patches.

Known bugs:
– If you do a slide attack and during the animation try to do a special attack, Max will freeze in place and you’re stuck until you reset. Sorry!

Newly added:
Level 3 with three new enemies + cheerleader vick and corrupted vick!
Corrupted Vick is “Hidden”, if you want to find him, consider talking to cheerleader Vick :).

We’re adding 2 more enemies to level 3 to make it complete, Dane the Satyr is almost finished, The Fox mage will come in march or april!


Bug fixes:
– The corrupted loops for the following enemies have been adjusted to the right length:
Honni Bee, Dee, Laami and Riki.
– The corrupted loop for the tentacle trap (level 3) has also been fixed.

You no longer bug Max by spamming special attack during the slide animation.
You no longer get stuck with Cleo without going to the gameover screen.

Newly added:
– Surrender button (default set to H) to surrender Max to the next enemy!
– Max’s icon (top left) now changes according to corruption.
– Cleo’s riddle is slightly changed.

Bug fixes:
– Enemies stop spawning near Cleo.
– Fixed projectile collissions when invincible.
– Catboy Max dance frames fixed.


Password: losslie


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android (New phones)
Download For Android (Old phones)
CHEATS CHEATS LYNX  *Cheats for 3.3
(unzip copy and overwrite in “Max_The_Elf_DEMO_Data\Managed”)
F1 to reset ero
F4 to get max corruption (lose the game and loop the scene)
F2 to toggle escape with one button
F3 to toogle skill cooldowns

come in two versions, one only with cheats, and one with cheats and the lynx since i know you loved it 

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