Rance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution by AliceSoft, Rance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution is adult game about The oldest nation to still exist on the Continent is the militant Helmanian Empire. A country with a long history, and once the most powerful nation in the world, Helman has experienced years of decay under a corrupt regime. A civil war, an invasion by a neighboring power, or perhaps both could happen at any moment. Amidst fears of such turmoil by no small portion of the population, a man who was once exiled from Helman rises to action.

Years prior, Prince Patton Misnarge fought to prove his worth by invading another country, but failed and disappeared from the public eye. Swearing to take his country back, Patton trained and returned a strong and admirable man. He sought to make use of the peerless champion he met on his journeys to fight to revolutionize Helman. Yes, the key to his plan was to get the assistance of the strongest and most brutal warrior, Rance.

Updated: 2023-02-23
Release Date: Japanese 2014-04-15, English 2023-02-23
Original Title: ランス9-ヘルマン革命-
Developer: AliceSoft – Website
Censored: No
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Language: English
Length: Very long (Around 70 hours)
VNDBRance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution
Store: MangaGamer
Size: 3 GB
Genre:3D Game, 2DCG, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, BDSM, Blackmail, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Humiliation, Male Domination, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Slave, Tentacles, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, RPG, Turn Based Combat

1. Extract the ‘Rance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution.rar’ archive.
2. Install the game by running the ‘Rance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution Setup.exe’ executable.
3. Play by running the ‘Rance9.exe’ executable.

1. Extract the ‘Rance 9 – The Helmanian Revolution [Final] [AliceSoft] Pre-installed.zip’ archive.
2. Play by running the ‘Rance9.exe’ executable.

  • A new area, the Deepwood Vale. Plot-heavy, it introduces a variety of new characters, including an ara ara butterfly girl! Also a talking tree. Also an eclectic mix of monsters from Brazilian mythology, angry hobs, and spirit beasts.
  • Maya gets a blowjob and CG, as well as 6/8 trust and 6 affection scenes
  • Ashley gets her first martial arts training, as well as 14 trust and 4 affection scenes
  • Sarah gets 8 trust and 6 affection scenes
  • Sam gets 4/6 trust scenes
  • Celica gets a trust 6 scene
  • New Charisma/Magic hybrid weapon, “Mystic Harp,” unlocked via Rosalyn in the Deepwoods Vale. A potent support weapon with free but mutually-exclusive channels!
  • 50-ish new abilities, including a spread of Charisma active abilities to buff your allies and some more dedicated Theromancy spells!
  • 20-odd new traits, spread across existing weapons, the harp, charisma, and magic
  • New, matching sprites for every weapon!
  • Rightclick stat and ability menus upgraded
  • All ability displays now intelligently show channel upkeep, in battle it *should* even show it with traits considered.
  • Svyatibor and Eldrad both have custom music as well!
  • Waaaay too many bugfixes.
  • New monsters courtesy of aekashics, NPCs mostly from alzaharart, Rosalyn drawn by Coubalty, Maya CG drawn by InCloud, Svyatibor theme by Ubercrow, Eldrad theme by mnervastudios, weapon sprites by TheWiseHedgehog

Major updates to the opening and weapons in particular

  • The pre-temple opening of the game has been completely redone. Pick between bespoke new premade choices or a custom character builder, meet a new character, and meet a more tolerable Sam. Female Sam only; male Sam has been completely removed.
  • The temple has gotten minor updates, making it possible to skip some text, taking out some lower-quality stuff, and adding a bit more.
  • Sarah and Ashley temple scenes now have their own CGs! Minor updates to the scenes as well.
  • The game now has a LOT more backgrounds; temple is unchanged but the forest and home scenes, camp, and Badon now have proper art.
  • Amnelis sprite courtesy of Coubalt. Knight-Commander Selendis art courtesy of jfc!
  • Amnelis theme and Sofra normal/battle themes all by Ubercrow! The temple boss also has a new theme, courtesy of The Mad Duck
  • 4 entirely new weapons – Greataxe, Dual Daggers, Mana Blade, Longbow, each with unique playstyles. Almost every old weapon has been heavily reworked as well! Earth magic got a major revamp too. About 300 new abilities and ~100-150 reworked ones in total.
  • A new set of no-requirement channels, so non-mages have good access to buffs, and new Reaction system which lets you reflexively block, counterattack, or evade attacks for a certain duration or use count.
  • Significant improvements to much of the progress menu UI, showing much more info about abilities
  • Around 15-20 ish traits, some for existing weapons, some for new/magic
  • New Metatron 12-affection scene, covering the aftermath of her first lewd. More to come~


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rance-9-the-helmanian-revolution-alicesoftIf in the previous story there was a certain emphasis on "family" as a major theme for the plot, in Rance IX, and quite unexpectedly, I feel that romance is totally relevant as one of the pillars that support it (Dude, I love Kanami and Shizuka, so their respective routes were the best thing that could have happened to me). In addition to this, the party that we handle in this ninth installment is one of the most solid ones that we have had throughout all the games (Except for Pigu), to which we must add a clear improvement in the interactions of the characters, and also, a quite interesting scenario (In Rance VI we had already seen an attempt of "coup d'état" or "revolution", reason why it is quite enjoyed that such situation has extended as the main theme of this ninth part).