Poke-Ball Academia 2 FINAL by ZaneSFM, Poke-Ball Academia 2 is a game about the second part of the series that lets you fuck all of your favorite anime characters in now better than ever! enjoy of the thrills of raising a family with each and every one of them as you romance every character throughout the story at your own disposal! anime shows this game is based upon are: Dragon Ball, Pokemon, My Hero Academia and Fate/Grand Order,​


  • Animations can be a little more fluid
  • Protagonist universe should be more important, not just to hover around
  • Less steam in renders, don’t get me wrong, I like the effect, but sometimes it covers the important parts a little to much.

Updated: 2021-06-02
Release Date: 2021-06-02
Developer: ZaneSFM Patreon
Censored: None
Version: Final
OS: Win, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Poke-Ball Academia
Genre: 3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Female domination, Male protagonist, Pov, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Loli, Romance, Impregnation

1. Extract and run.

Android Game Usage
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Final Update

– Added over 30 different and unique endings + a bonus extra ending for each universe for you to enjoy!
– Added 2 secret bonus hidden endings including a true ending
– Added replay gallery for every scene (except endings) | unlocked once completing the full story
– Added H-scene w/ Mallow, Lana & Lillie in Pokemon Universe (pregnant) (not an ending)
– Added new fight scene w/ saiyan girls
– Added new H-scene w/ Cus (impregnation) (not an ending)
– Added checkmark status to keep track of every ending you’ve completed
– Changed game font one last time since previous one would show a black line underneath each wall of text
– Modified in game menu-buttons overlays
– Made main menu home screen interactive
– Modified patreon links + patreon.screens backgrounds

Chapter 12 (v0.7)

– Added H-scene w/ Ashido
– Added H-scene w/Tsu
– Added H-scene w/ Momo
– Added multiple kissing scenes w/ Tsu
– Added threesome scene w/Vados & Cus
– Added domination throat-pie scene w/ Cus
– Went through the whole game and fixed spelling errors + added transitional images between early dialogue scenes
– added pictures to introductory scenes instead of just black screens
– Changed file path name to ‘pokeball academia 2’ previously was ‘pokeball academia’ for both games in the series

Chapter 11

– Added H-scene w/ Cus in the Saiyan Universe
– Increased character’s name size during dialogue scenes
– Introduced new universe in the DBZ world (Yes, a universe inside a universe >=D)
– 2 new characters added in the MC’s universe
– (Bonus content pack) – re-arranged every single scene in the extra content pack in order to fix an issue where the wrong scene would show up when the user clicked between two scenes. +Also, added a new scene w/ Nurse Joy for you to enJOY!
– Fixed the in-game link that was supposed to send you to the extra content pack, it was sending people to a tree-saving site instead 0.0

Chapter 10

– Added 2 extra endings to the Hero Universe with the rival school members
– Added H-scene with Lana in the Pokemon Universe
– Corrected dialogue for first H-scenes
– Added pregnancy + pee-drinking scene to the bonus content pack of the game

Chapter 9

– Added multiple H-scenes / endings with characters from the rival school in the Hero Universe
– Added H-scene w/ Midnight
– Added Harem scene to the Fate Universe including: Wu Zetian, Nightingale, Abby and BB (Animated) (Pregnancy included)
– Removed Inventory after being deemed useless

Chapter 8

– Added H-scene w/ Pregnant Ashido
– Added Femdom H-scene w/ Himiko Toga
– Added Extra Scene to the extra content pack w/ Nurse Joy in the pokemon universe
– Fixed characters blending on top of each other glitch

Chapter 7

– Added H-scene w/ Lana (Animated)
– Added H-scene w/ Mallow (Animated)
– Added H-scene w/ Lillie (Animated)
– Added H-scene w/ Lana’s mom
– Added H-scene w/ Lillie’s mom (Lusamine)
– Added pregnant sex scene w/ Lana
– Added facesitting/pee-drinking scene w/ Android 18 (Optional / Skippable)
– Bug fixes

Chapter 6

– Added H-scene w/ nightingale
– Added H-scene w/ Artoria
– Added H-scene w/ Wu Zetian
– Added H-scene w/ basically everyone left in the fate universe
– New addition! added a brand new bonus content pack exclusive for all patrons where they can enjoy a bunch of bonus scenes + a full replay gallery
(NOTE) – A replay gallery will also be unlocked for those who aren’t patrons once the story concludes.
You can download the exclusive bonus content pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/poke-ball-bonus-44593118

Chapter 5

– Added H-scene w/ mom
– Added harem scene with My Hero Academia Girls
– Fixed skip glitch
– other minor bug fixes

Chapter 4

– Added H-scene w/ Cus
– Tournament rules clarified (DBZ universe)
– Tournament participants revealed (DBZ universe)
– Fixed major issue regarding a blue screen appearing before climax scenes
– Bug fixes

Chapter 3

– Opponent school reveal for the Hero Universe (5 new characters added)
– Added H-scene w/ Jack the Ripper (Fate Universe)
– Added H-scene w/ Carmillia (Unknown Universe)
– Added H-scene w/ Android 21 (Saiyan Universe)
– Added H-scene w/ Lana’s mom (Pokemon Universe)
– Added new character to the Fate Universe (Minamoto no Raiko)
– Bug fixes

Chapter 2.5

– Fixed glitch that would cause the game to go into an infinite loop when loading a saved file from the first game
– Gameplay improvements (Removed hard.pauses) now all text is skippable. No exceptions.
– Added content to the extra content menu (2 h-scenes) (Android 18 & BB)
Note: no story progression was included in this update.

Chapter 2

– Added H-scene w/ Vados (Saiyan Universe) [Animated]
-Added H-scene w/ Caulifla (Saiyan Universe)
-Added H-scene w/ Ishtar (Fate Universe)
– Added H-scene w/ Mallow (Pokemon Universe)


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android


Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Compressed MAC
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poke-ball-academia-2Good start to the second part of the series, the story continues where it left off with the tournaments in each universe about to begin. What has changed? H-scenes now are unlocked waaaaaaaay easily compared to last part where you would have to find items or some dumb shi to bring them to the girls inorder to unlock their scene, Every Universe is now filled with girls instead of the desolated mess they were in the firs part, Mom is now more involved in the story, but perhaps the biggest change (I have contacted dev) is that he will be removing unskippable text, now the characters you aren't interested in can be skipped. Which is good.