Paradise Lust v0.8.22b by Flexible Media, Paradise Lust is a visual novel game and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames.
The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by the Miss World Media pageant for a luxury promo cruise in the South Pacific.

You play the role of the bartender of the vessel, washed up on the shore of idyllic Tuvatuva Island along with a cast of beautiful beauty pageant contestants and their friends. There you will sort out how to survive and thrive on the island while searching for other survivors, including your brother, who was captain of the vessel.​

Updated: 2021-06-05
Release Date: 2021-06-05
Developer: Flexible Media Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.22b
OS: Win32, Win64, MacOS, Linux
Language: English
Length: ~4hrs

2dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Big tits, Exhbitionism, Harem, Lesbian, Milf, Adventure, Dating sim, Humor, Point and click, Puzzle, romance, Rpg, Sandbox
Windows: Just download and click Paradise Lust.exe
OSX/Linux: Download. Then chmod +x Paradise Lust.app/Contents/MacOS/* (to give it execution privileges)
– Fixed issue where Cowboy and Handjob sex does not unlock after transformer quest
– Added separator in between messages in Chatty
– Increase relationship rank with Andrea after river scene
– Quest tracker is now updated in real time
– Fixed issue where selfies could not be saved locally

– Raven is now asleep at morning and can’t be talked to
– Changed Gabby in her cabin from sleeping to sitting
– Farming with Andrea now costs energy and gives more relationship points
– Fixed issue where player does not lose energy when building fence

– Fixed changelog display issues
– Fixed lighting effects in Upperdeck
– Players can now catch several fishes in one session
– Fixed position of heart visual effect
– Changed Reyna’s pose at night
– Wallpapers that players should already have are now retroactively unlocked

– Add like+ for repeatable sex content.
– Fixed a bug where repeatable sex in shower wasn’t repeatable.
– Cath’s no longer wearing her hat in bed
– Cleaned up the Give Panties puppeteering
– Cleaned up Text2Speech code
– Added time specific dialog to some sequences
– Cleaned up some quests that duplicated information
– You can no longer get likes from Erik.
– Started on Chilling with Andrea quest-line

– Added first pass of Chilling with Andrea questline. WIP.
– Removed Erik getting relationship points. He doesn’t swing that way
– Prevented getting some quests out of order
– Fixed up some animations in Cath’s sex scene
– Location panel now properly show characters’ names

– Fixed Voice Over not working in player
– Added option to tweak pitch of player. Chipmunks of the world unite!


(Android will probably crash on lower-end phones)


Download For Win x64
Download For Win x32
Download For Linux
Download For Android


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