Otaku’s Rage: Waifu Strikes Back Final by Feodosiy, Otaku’s Rage: Waifu Strikes Back is adult game about Mensh, What if this whole world of humiliation and suffering was just a nightmare? And instead, you are the Hero of the World of Waifu. ​

Updated: 2021-05-26
Release Date: 2021-02-26
Developer: Feodosiy, Mensh – Patreon – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, groping, male protagonist, oral sex, puzzle, sandbox, sex toys, titfuck, trainer, turn based combat, vaginal sex

1. Extract and run.

Final release – fix
Fixed version of the original game package

You scroll through the list of new games and you don’t feel like playing any one. TV shows have long since been boring, and so are the bloggers. In this world, there isn’t anything good left, and your sister has driven you out into the street. Is it really true that life is only humiliation and suffering?
But what if it is all just a bad dream, and in actuality you are a super cool epic hero in the World of Waifu, and the evil witch has walled you within this hell.


This is a visual story with match3 combat system. You will be able to upgrade your character and gain new abilities in battle.) this line is fine
You will have to fight each girl so that she will teach you her tricks that she knows, because in the finale you will have to defeat the main villain of the World of Waifu.



Download For Win/Lin


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Super Lewd!
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otakus-rage-waifu-strikes-back-feodosiy-menshThe art is good, I enjoyed the girls designs and honestly wish it wasn't as short because I was looking forward to some kind of post game especially with the final boss. There is something about this style of gameplay that makes my monkey brain clap and do backflips so the scenes you get for the increasing difficulty in those was definitely quite satisfying.