Of Devotion and Despondence v0.2.14 by Earliestbird, Of Devotion and Despondence is a visual novel game with heavy RPG elements that follows the journey of a man exiled to a shifting world, a place where humans are not expected to survive for long.
It is written in first-person narrative, and tells an emotional story that focuses on mature prose, romance, and erotic scenes.​

Updated: 2024-05-03
Release Date: 2024-05-03
DeveloperEarliestbird – Patreon – Discord – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.2.14
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Adventure, Turn Based Combat, Fantasy, Management, Romance, RPG, Anal Sex, Creampie, Teasing, Groping, Handjob, Lactation, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Spanking, Vaginal Sex, Religion, Exhibitionism, Monster Girl
1. Extract and run.
v 0.2.14:
– Added 11 new narrator voice lines
 – ranging from girl events, to adventure events, to start-of-day lines.
– Remade several images with better visuals (meeting Mel for the first time, Dalena first fight, Bonni erotic scenes, etc).
– Added an alternate outfit for each Aspect in the Patreon game version.
– Added another Resident skillbar color shade between blue and purple.
– Added 2 new items (Drops from 3rd Dungeon, scaling with Wild and Mindful).
– Added a new Main Menu theme song.
– Fixed a bug that allowed repeating a mushroom event.
– Typo and wording fixes.
– (Background changes in the code regarding Achievements)
Note: I’ve been working hard to release the game on Steam for a month now, only to be denied during the review process. It sucks, but it is what it is.
Regardless, I am now going to focus all my efforts on advancing the main story. I already have 3 different endings in mind. But I’m getting ahead of myself; the underwater zone comes first 

v 0.2.13:
– Added 2 new girl-events for Raven! 
It’s time to have some fun with the white-haired tomboy.
– Added narration! The first iteration of (Darkest Dungeon inspired) voice acting is now in the game – with Melrose being the perfect candidate to follow along with the player’s journey. Currently 20 voicelines, I will continue to expand narration with future updates.
– Added a new random daily event, Chemfusion Storm.
– Fixed a crash related to the 5th Temple of Renewal event.
– Fixed a bug related to some Dungeon Boss cards not being rewarded.
– Small enemy balance changes.
– UI fixes.
Note: The VA brought lots of technical changes, so things may break.

v 0.2.12:
– Added three Dungeons! 
These are optional areas where you have to fight through a variety of enemies to unlock Boss cards. They contain no story elements – just opponents in your way and rewards to pick up!
– Added 20+ new enemies with their own individual art.
– Added 3 new unique Collection cards, one for each Dungeon Boss.
– Added 5 new items.
– Added the Aspect of Gravity.
– Added pregnant version of Darkwing Tower vendor and Jolestia (the fairy) after breeding them.
– Fixed some typos and image details.
Note: This is only the first iteration of dungeons, I will be looking to improve them based on player feedback. Balance will need ironing out as well.

v 0.2.11:
– Added 2 new girl-events for Dalena! 
Sex with a main love interest comes with explosive force – 3 erotic scenes packaged in 2 events!
– Added 2 new events in the Temple of Renewal! Help new sisters learn about the purpose of their various holes during classes.
– Updated Aspect of Courage with entirely new visuals.
– Fixed inaccurate goblin crafting prices.
– Fixed a crash related to time variables (New/Old Rozan, Collection).
– Typo fixes and description edits.
– Small enemy balance changes.

v 0.2.10:
– Added an erotic event
 (furry) that can trigger after day 60 if the player has at least 200 Magnetic.
– Added a new building, Heated Quarters: Pyre now burns 10 Wood for 4 Essence. +10 Defense for Residents.
– Added an option before the ‘Bandit Leader’ fight to flee in New Rozan.
– Added descriptions to the character creation screen.
– Replaced resource names (Wood, Sap, etc…) with icons during most parts of the game. (Couldn’t do it with traveling merchant due to technical limitations.)
– Recolored some resource icons to look more distinctive from each other.
– The ‘Game over’ screen now has a background image.
– Constructed buildings no longer show their resource requirements.
– Tried fixing the sync between Skirmish visuals and audio. (I have no idea why magnetic and impish need different timers to sync up.)
– Added a link to my novel in the main menu, When Silver Burned.
– Other visual fixes.
Note: Another update compatible with games created in 0.2.8 or 0.2.9! I’ll try my best keeping this up, unless a new major system is added/changed.
The new resource icons may cause some bugs – a lot needed to be replaced.

v 0.2.9:
– Added 2 new erotic events for Puxy, the goblin alchemist!
– Added a new erotic event to Strong & Mystic
‘s mercenary business in New Rozan. Includes new shopkeeper image.
– Added a new erotic event to Lucina’s Herbs and Remedies shop in New Rozan. Includes new shopkeeper image.
– Updated some Raven pictures (Better face in event 2, petite girl is now more appropriately petite in events 2 and 5)
– Fixed a bug that allowed the ‘Diceroll’ music to keep playing after the day ended, making two music tracks play at the same time.
– Puxy screen updated with her replayable events.
– Combat balance changes
– UI fixes
Note: This update should be compatible with games created in the previous patch, 0.2.8!

v 0.2.8 Hotfix:
Fixed the Raven event not triggering immediately after the ambush.

v 0.2.8:
– Added 3 new girl-events; two of which are connected between Dalena and Raven. It’s time to make things official with the white-haired tomboy!
– Added the Aspect of Expedition.
– Added 5 new Collection cards
 (4 Common, 1 Elevated).
– New X-Ray icon for bred Aspects in the Pantheon.
– Resident Skills above 200 now have a purple colored bar instead of a regular blue one.
– Updated several Raven pictures. This includes a few of her events and all her unlockable outfits.
– Slightly adjusted Collection rarities (60% Common, 30% Elevated, 10% Legendary).
– Buffed Arcanum class to start with 5 extra Essence.
– Combat balance changes.
– Added some tooltips for clarity.

v 0.2.7:
– A new girl joins the Mansion location; Jolestia, the fairy!
 She has two erotic events, and as you can probably guess, both of them involve some intense size-difference action.
– Added 2 new adventure events, both erotic encounters! Heads up, one of them is furry.
– Added a new vendor to Old Rozan, allowing you to respec Active and Passive combat talents. She also has an erotic event behind a skillcheck.
– New items in the inventory are now marked by red “!” alert icons.
– Replaced the “Pack of Materials” starting item with “Party Hat” (Which is otherwise an early item craftable by Puxy)
– Increased the CHAR of the Rhythmist class by 1. (Felt a bit weak compared to the other classes.)
– Slightly increased the armor of “Bandit Leader” (20 to 25)
– Slightly reduced the armor of “Bandit” (20 to 15)
– Slightly increased HP of later enemies if player has overleveled due to breedings from previous games. (+30 HP if player has 20+ Breedings)
– Fixed a bug that would play music twice. If the bug is still there, a manual solution is to exit into the menu, which should reset the playlist.
– Small UI fixes.
– Gallery adjustments.
Note: I upped the quality of all the new erotic events arriving this patch! It took a while, but moving forward I want to provide the best lewd visuals possible. At this rate, I might pick up some drawing skills from the amount of manual edits I end up doing.

v 0.2.6:
– Added a new event that introduces Puxy, the goblin alchemist!
 You should expect her to arrive on Day 46.
– Puxy brings a new crafting system where players can use reagents to craft items for different bodyparts, unlocking new cosmetics for her in the process.
– Reagents are gained passively. + 1 Green for every passed day, + 2 Blue for winning fights, + 1 Gold for each individual stat victory during skirmish.
– 20+ new craftable items, including combat items that scale with player stats (such as Stoic or Impish).
– Remade all 4 events in the Temple of Renewal, adding new images of penetration and updating the story where necessary.
– Added the Aspect of Equilibrium, which requires the last Skirmish victory to be a tie.
– Combat UI now displays player attributes.
– Fixed a major bug where PHYS kept increasing every turn by 2 from the Bloodrush and Exposure passives.
– Other combat fixes.
– Fixed typos.

v 0.2.5:
– Added music! This includes 11 background songs and 2 battle tracks that play during the game.
– Changed Raven’s Wild at Heart: +10 Wild if lower than 100, +5 Maximum Wild otherwise.
– Shield Bash now deals 3 + FORT damage
– Added a notification when trying to unequip a fused item.
– Fixed typos
– Visual improvements
Note: Smaller patch – it should work with saves from the previous version, you can just ignore the warning pop-up.

v 0.2.4:
– Remade 4 sex scenes entirely with images of penetration! 
Also updated 2 other erotic events with slightly better visuals (Temple of Renewal remains unchanged for now).
– Added a gallery for one-time erotic adventure events! Even if you make a choice that avoids the encounter, the visuals in the gallery will be unlocked.
– Added 2 new Collection cards (increasing the total number of ingame combat talent points to 6)
– Added 1 new Pantheon aspect; the Aspect of Heat.
– Added 3 new active combat talents that cost no energy, but have a cooldown:
Hunter’s Mark: Mark a random enemy bodypart. Targeting the marked bodypart will have different effects based on the used skill, removing the mark.
Using Parry on mark: Weaken the opponent’s global damage by PHYS for 3 turns.
Using Shield Bash on mark: Make the bodypart bleed for CHAR damage for 1+40% FORT turns.
Using Rending Strike on mark: Apply a new mark on a random bodypart and restore 5 Shield.
Meditate: Skip to the next natural energy restoration cycle. Restore FORT + CHAR leg armor.
Crimson Rush: Damage your own HP by PHYS + FORT + CHAR. Gain 2 energy.
– Further combat UI improvements
– Increased skill check requirements, as they have become trivial due to power creep
– Visual improvements (Raven outfits, cumshot effect during events, new bandit image in New Rozan, new bleed icon, etc)
– Fixed an outfit screen related bug
– Small dialogue and typo fixes
Note: I heard your feedback, and the ability to respec combat talents is coming soon! You can also expect a lot more proper erotic scenes in the future.

v 0.2.3:
– Added Outfits! 
In the old Inspect screen, selecting different outfits will also change the girl’s profile picture.
– Selecting the naked outfit will also update the girl’s physical description.
– Combat balance changes:
Rending Strike now deals 3 + 60% CHAR damage (earlygame buff, lategame nerf)
Dodge now delivers a random 60% PHYS attack by default
Changed Legionnaire passive to “Increase the damage of Shield Bash by 1 after every natural energy restoration.”
Replaced Fast Footwork passive with Red Rivers: “Using Dodge extends enemy bleed durations by 1 turn.”
Added new passive, Static Edge: “Cleave interrupts enemies about to armor up, restoring 3 Shield for each interrupted action.”
Added new passive, Scrap Metal: “Armor Up doesn’t cost energy. Armor Up gains a 4 turn cooldown.”
Added new passive, Efficient Mixture: “Dazzling Display only costs 1 energy. Dazzling Display gains a 5 turn cooldown.”
Nerfed some early enemies, buffed later enemies.
– Added several new sounds for different combat abilities
– Major visual improvements for the combat screen (cleaned up HP bars, added floating damage numbers, etc.)
– New effect for Raven’s talent ‘Wild at Heart’: -10 Stoic, +10 Wild. If Stoic is greater than Wild, gain +20 Wild instead.
– Changed Dalena’s talent ‘Battle Trance’ to only convert Wild into Defense when Mindful is maxed out.
– Nerfed Dalena’s passive that increases the player’s lowest skill every day to 1
– The legendary card ‘Thorn Mother’ now also gives a passive talent point.
– Finding a profession item now shows the item’s full name
– Adjusted Skirmish scaling
– Patreon game version now has some extra cosmetic goodies (Aspect of Charity, cumshot version of the naked outfits)
– Fixed up some images (Raven profile pic smaller head, more visible nips)
– Fixed Shield Bash not interrupting enemy armor-up
– Fixed some typos and descriptions

v 0.2.2:
– Added 3 new girl-events for Melrose
 – which includes the first erotic scene between the MC and a main love interest!
– The Pantheon is now persistent between games (starting with your next run). Breedings gained from them will also carry over to freshly unlocked Collections!
– Aspects you have already bred this way can be viewed from the start, before the Pantheon is unlocked.
– Buffed the Architect and Survivalist player classes (Architect gains 3 skillpoints when building, Survivalist starts with +10 max HP)
– Cleave and Blade Flurry now deal 60% Attack Damage (previously 100%)
– Replaced Piercing Strike with a new skill, Rending Strike – Strike an enemy bodypart, making them bleed for CHAR damage for the next 3 turns.
– Buffed later enemies (mostly their armor, damage remains unchanged)
– Visual fixes
– Dialogue and story polish
Note: For the first round of balancing changes, I mostly left enemies alone. I’m hoping to bring pure PHYS builds in line with FORT and CHAR, and then we’ll see what needs to be changed to make combat feel challenging, but fair.

v 0.2.1:
– A complete rework of the combat system!
 Each bodypart is now protected by Armor (both for the player and the opponent), and there’s a much higher emphasis on deciding which bodypart to target. Every 3 turns the player recovers energy, so there will always be decisions to make no matter how long the fight goes on. There is more variety in opponent actions, and several player abilities to unlock.
– Added a player skilltree! Use Talent Points to unlock new active and passive combat abilities. From old moves such as Cleave or Parry, to new powerful skills like Steel Explosion and Blade Flurry, there is a lot to play around with.
– Replaced the ARCA attribute with FORT! Short for Fortitude, FORT gives 3 Armor for each bodypart, and scales some abilities. Although mostly a defensive attribute, there are ways to make your opponent hurt with it. It’s also a better fit for the main character from a story perspective. (But don’t worry, magic is not gone. It now mostly revolves around items and Shielding.)
– Remade the inventory system! The old “offensive, defensive, ornament” system got replaced by “head, chest, legs, weapon, ornament”. So yes, that means 2 new item slots to equip at the same time. The inventory also received many visual improvements, like duplicates not cluttering the screen anymore, and nice little icons for equipped item types.
– Added starter Classes! At the start of the game, players will be able to choose between several classes (with room for more in the future). From the Smith who makes use of the fully upgraded smelter right away, to the Rhythmist, juggling the days and his HP bar. Decide how you begin each game you play.
– Added lots of new items, and changed many existing ones.
– Added 1 new building.
– Added 3 new Collection cards (1 Common, 1 Elevated, 1 Legendary).
– Remade all of the Collection cards, making their artwork much higher quality.
– Added 1 new Aspect for the Pantheon, the Aspect of Style.
– Completely replaced the images for 2 Aspects (Divination and War).
– Skirmish now has more flat difficulty and less scaling (harder earlygame, easier lategame).
– Increased base game volume. Hopefully it’s no longer too quiet.
– Lots and lots of visual improvements. New Main Menu background, better base background, cleaner UI elements, etc.
– Um, there might be more stuff I can’t remember. I’ve been working on this update for a very long time now.

Note: Balance will be truly and utterly fucked. I didn’t have time to test a lot of things, especially enemies later on. So please, voice your feedback (forums, discord, reviews, Patreon) so I can fine-tune the game until it becomes a perfect middle ground between easy and hard. Also, expect bugs.
As for more events for the main love interests, they are coming. Mel is the biggest priority right now, but the story is entwined between them all.

v 0.1.16:
– Added the next row of adventure events:
 Learn more about the plans of the Unmade, settle a feud between a redheaded captain and a dangerous wyrwolf, or just have some (not so) peaceful fishing time! 7 new locations, 3 erotic scenes, and multiple images of actual penetration – which is something I intend to have more of moving forward.
– Added an option to show Player Skills during adventure events.
– Cheat Start is now split into two options: Cheat Resource gives 200 of each resource, and Cheat Combat gives enough attributes to make combat trivial (30 PHYS, 30 ARCA, 10 CHAR)
– Changed the Aspect of Obsession requirement to the following: “The *two* highest Player Skills must be higher than all other Player Skills combined.”
– Added some new items to the game.
– Added text that provides guidance in New and Old Rozan to let players know how to proceed
– Increased Skirmish scaling and flat difficulty
– Red Lock of Hair now gives 4 to lowest skills, down from 10
– Gods’ Humility now costs 100 resources, up from 50
– Players start the game with 1 additional ‘Food Rations’.
– Balance changes for Dalena’s Passive Talents (more Defense, less Player Skills)
– Made some fixes for two Raven outfits (Enhance the butt!)

v 0.1.15:
– Enhanced almost all ingame images to look better, giving them a near-uniform artstyle!
 This includes adventure events, Resident profiles and events, enemies, persistent locations, juicier cumshots, and more.
– Added 1 new event for the Temple of Renewal. In addition, images for this location have been replaced entirely.
– Added 3 new Aspects for the Pantheon. These are the Aspect of Dracona, Aspect of Progress, and Aspect of Unity. (Because everyone needs a steampunk waifu in their lives:]– Resident outfits can now be viewed in the new ‘Inspect’ screen. The naked versions unlock based on event progress with the girls – this will be finalized for Dalena and Melrose as they receive more events.
– Fixed a visual bug that showed multiple of the same item equipped.
– The above bugfix also comes with a new mechanic that increases the daily fusing loss by 1 for each duplicate you have of an item.
– Reduced the the armor of the ‘Worker Tree’ opponent.
– Fixed the non-bred version of Aspect of Glory having white edges instead of transparent ones.
– Small UI fixes
Note: I’m making steady progress with the next row of adventure events, as well as new events for the residents. The story itself is crucial to get right and not something that should be rushed. While those things come along, I’m happy to add more sexy content where I can.



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