Nicole’s Risky Job v1.1 by Manyakis Games, Nicole’s Risky Job is a game from Manyakis Games and is about a very short game about Nicole doing p*rn streaming.​

Updated: 2021-05-04
Release Date: 2021-05-04
Developer: Manyakis Games – Patreon – gamejolt
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Win,
Language: English

2dcg, anal sex , animated, big tits, exhibitionism, female protagonist, masturbation, sex toys, voiced,
1. Extract and run.
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What’s Changed

Adjusted the gameplay to lessen the difficulty:

You can now hold an action button to perform an action instead of repeatedly clicking it.

Clicking a chat post now pauses the chat for one second.

The speed of request fulfillment is now faster and is based on the camera’s focus.

The amount of non-request tips are now higher and are based on the camera’s focus.

The speed of user count decrement is now slower.

A skip button is now available during tutorials.

Locked poses now say “Locked” or “Patreon Only” for clarity.

Adjusted the Gallery screen:

Up/Down/W/S keys can now be used to switch artwork.

Locked Patreon exclusive items are now marked “Patreon Exclusive” instead of “???????” for clarity.

Added “Voice Chats” to the list. These include all voice lines of each story scene.

Several other minor changes.

10 Stages to play: Adding new challenges as you progress, with tutorials as well.

Fully voiced story: Meet Nicole (voiced by Kelsey) and FancyTits69 (voiced by KiraKiraKat) and join them in their unusual little adventure.

1 Additional Pose: 3 new animated loops to add to the gameplay.

Lots of artworks: Animated loops, VN-like sprites, small artworks, big artworks, this game got them.

Gallery: Enjoy all the artworks you’ve gotten in peace, whether they’re naughty or nice.



Download For Win
Download For Gallery & Patreon content Unlocker
MEDIAFIRE *unzip copy and paste in “NicolesRiskyJob_Data\Managed”


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