Candyman v0.43 by edenSin, Candyman is a game about When your father died, he left you a lucrative family business, which your mother took care of. So you and your sister could concentrate fully on school. Now that you’re old enough to graduate from high school, it’s time for you to follow in your father’s footsteps! But it won’t be easy and you have to learn everything you need to know. And be warned! The footsteps you’re stepping into…. belonged to John Smith!​

Updated: 2021-09-12
Release Date: 2021-09-12
Developer: edenSin Games Patreon – Deviantart
Censored: No
Version: 0.43
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Survival of John Smith
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Graphic violence, Humor, Incest, Management, Romance, Drugs, Handjob, Oral sex, Sandbox, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Animated, Milf, Lactation, Pregnancy

1. Extract
2. Use Seetings.exe to change to “Window Mode”
3. Start the game with Candyman.exe

  • Harbour > Kitty real estate (80 Render / 2 Anim)
  • Santa Monica > Home Mom Story (10 Render)
  • Downtown > Office Buildung (55 Render 5 Anim)
  • Downtown > Bank (2 Anim for money)
  • Home > 3 Button to work for money at start
  • Club > Dance Area open (3 Anim)
  • Some small bugfix
  • DevMode Mom till v0.42


  • Home > Mom Content (225 Render)
  • Santa Monica > Coffee Shop (35 Render / 4 Anim)
  • Harbour > Kitty real estate (44 Render / 1 Anim)
  • Donna > Story – Carls Handjob (40 render / 2 Anim)
  • Downtown > Casting – Movie “The good Samaritan” (45 render)
  • after the Movie you can fuck the nuns (4 Anim)
  • Downtown > Police (50 Render)
  • Airport > Brothel (10 Render)
  • Airport > Garage (50 Render)
  • Club > Animated Sex Scene = Coco, Kitty, Vicky & Bank
  • A few unlock events with Mia (30 Render)


  • Hollywood – Coco McAlister (100 new Story Render)
  • Downtown – Casting Agent (150 new Story Render)
  • Eden Club – Mia Sex scene now with short animation


  • Airport – Gina Granger (100 known Render)
  • Downtown – Tammy’s Clothing (60 known Render)
  • Hollywood – Gina’s Gym (100 new Render)


  • Giulia Pizzeria (Story: 42 Render)
  • New Location Harbour – Warehouse (Story: 142 Render)
  • New Location Airport – Church
  • New Start Screen
  • Some Label changed
  • Pinboard supplemented
  • Status supplemented


  • Carl, Donna & Buster reworked
  • New Location Hollywood – Studio 69
  • New Location Downtown – Lawyer Office
  • Home Garage Biz and Story reworked
  • Bank complete rework
  • Nick’s Store reworked
  • Added Mom’s Tutorial to the Garage
  • Taskbar reworked
  • New Maps and location added
  • Location unlock reworked
  • Item status reworked
  • Inventory reworked
  • Status reworked
  • Education reworked
  • Home Button reworked

There were so many changes, I lost the overview on my list. The most important below:

  • Part 1 of the content revision. 80% of the buttons were changed. In addition, many technical changes were made that users have requested.
  • Tammy’s fashion boutique got a new style and some content. Please test it if this is good… more of this to come.
  • The start screen can be scrolled to the right to get to the savegames.
  • Mia got some new content in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • There are many new items in the game, but they currently have no function, or can not be used.


  • Gloria’s Restaurant
  • Mia’s Story – Physic education
  • Mia’s Story – Dealing with the past
  • Coco’s Story – Revenge Part I
  • Vicky’s Story – Research Part I
  • Vicky’s Story – Research Part II
  • Vicky’s Story – Research Part III
  • Bank vault access with money cheat
  • you can now sleep in Mia’s bed (after you saw the story)
  • A few bugs were fixed

Initial Release


It is recommended to start a new game and use the DevMode to unlock already played content. Button in the upper taskbar.


Download For Win


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