Mystery of MILFs by Red LightHouse You will play as a young man to become a hero, adventure and save your family. And of course, date the girls. It’s up to you to become the heartbreaker or the king of the city.​

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Updated: 2024-02-14
Release Date: 2024-02-14
Developer: Red Lighthouse Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other GamesMilfy Day
Genre:3dcg, animated, male protagonist, sandbox, milf, teasing, groping, voyeurism, big ass, big tits, incest, romance, dating sim, fantasy, mobile game.

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Initial Release



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mystery-of-milfs-lighthouseGod, what a gem! It's still in early access, so there isn't really any fappable material (unless you're into some teasing and nudity), but MY GOD, does this game have potential. First of all are the characters; they're really unique, and every single one is beautiful. You're going to have to look hard and long to find characters like these (especially if you're a milf connoisseur like myself). The second of all is the sound. The game doesn't have any voice dialogue, but the moans and stuns (especially the fact that each girl has a different one, at least to my knowledge) is a game changer; they add so much heat. Third is the animations. There aren't any hardcore animations with a lot of movement yet, but the ∼ 5 teasing animations show a lot of promise; they're smooth and have movement in all the right places. The story hasn't developed into anything super special as of yet, but you'll enjoy the dialogue and not find anything annoying or cringeworthy. Good enough for me.