Adventure role-playing game Lewd Falls draws heavily from the Persona series. Characters from many different backgrounds will appear in the game, which is set in an alternate Gravity Falls universe!​

Updated: 2024-03-01
Release Date: 2024-03-01
DeveloperNyopan – Patreon – – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.02b
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Puzzle, RPG, Fantasy, Animated, Parody, Male protagonist, Milf, Big Tits, Romance, Sleep Sex, Masturbation, Incest, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Rpg, Sandbox, Harem
1. Extract and run.

New events/heart events
4 new characters
3 new animated scenes
Minor tweaks
 to the main character’s appearance to better match the original
The game now features a brief text prologue for the story
Majority of the dialogues of the game were revised for grammar errors or inconsistencies with the story/objectives
Combat difficulty reworked
Significant improvements to the phone menu
Rework of some heart events
Tweaks to variables/switches to better keep track of the player’s progression
QoL improvements/fixes

Initial Released



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