Monster Girl 1,000 v17.0.1 by TwistedScarlett, Monster Girl 1,000 is a game about A young, orphaned warrior lives as the sole male in a village of monster girls. The local deity, the goddess of fertility, tasks him to breed with 1,000 monster girls to help leverage the population. He’s joined by an elf girl and a demon girl as he ventures out into a new, mysterious world full of monster girls to build his harem.​

Updated: 2022-11-28
Release Date: 2022-11-28
Developer: TwistedScarlett Patreon – Gumroad
Censored: No
Version: v17.0.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Turn based combat, Big tits, Monster girl, Harem, RPG
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

  • 2 New Areas. Calamity Overlook and No Man’s Land.
  • 3 New Characters.
  • 4 Sex Scenes.
  • Encyclopedia: Check this new book on the world map to keep track of every enemy, item, armor, weapon, skill and state you find in the world! (Note: Will not be filled in retroactively)
  • Achievements: Use the encyclopedia to complete 130 new achievements and earn rewards! (Note: Not all of them will be gained retroactively)
  • Puzzle Bosses: A challenge unique to the Calamity Overlook that’ll have everyone busting their brain to earn awesome rewards.
  • Added tons of unique sprites for armors, accessories and states to avoid overlap. e.g. Red, Blue, White and Yellow Bangles/Bracers are actually their intended colour now!


  • 3 New Weapons, 8 New Accessories, 7 New Blessings.
  • Skill and Limit Changes:
  • Power Break and Magic Break nerfed from 25% reduction to 20%.
  • Lowered Enfire, Enfrost, Enthunder and Enwater MP cost from 8 to 4
  • Heavy Bolt and Net Bolt now push the enemy’s turn back by 1 place on the turn order.
  • Fully Automatic Bolts“: Now has 4 fewer attacks. All attacks now hit but the damage varies to give similiar DPS. (Overall 33.6 -> 34 Power)
  • Sunburst” has been moved from Ultimate Form to Holy Form and the spear count has been reudced from 9 to 6.
  • Ultimate Form, new Spell: Witch’s Fury: “Power 8 Fire Damage to 3 Random Enemies. Inflcits Enfire and Imperil”
  • Ultimate Form, new Spell: Witch’s Calm: “Power 8 Water Damage to 3 Random Enemies. Inflcits Enwater and Dispels Stat Buffs”
  • Celestial Form, new Spell: Rising Phoenix: Revives all fallen party members to full HP and deals Power 25 fire damage to all enemies.
  • Celestial Form, Hellfire renamed to Bifrost and is now an Ice spell that inflicts Frostburn.
  • Celestial Form, Diamond Dust renamed to Thor’s Hammer and is now a Lightning Spell.
  • Celestial Form, Ultradrain renamed to Hyperbloom and is now water element.
  • Ray now learns “Buffsuna” at level 34. Old saves will automatically gain this ability visiting the world map (even if they’re not level 34).
  • Ray’s “Fury” spells now cause her to gain 6 TP when used.
  • Removed “Death” spell’s TP cost and instead it’s been given a 18% HP cost. Chance to kill has been buffed from 2% to 5%.


  • Making old Mythicals better:
  • Agni & Rudra New Effect: Attacks 4 times at half damage. (Power 4*8). +10% Counter Rate. +10% Critical Rate. Fire, Lightning, and Piercing Element.
  • Elven Legacy: Attack Replacement changed to “Rain of Arrows”, hits all enemies thrice for 3*40% damage.
  • Nature’s Harmony: Additional Effects: +25 TP per Turn.
  • Slimy Shield New Effect: +20% Max HP and MP. +10% Damage Resistance. Start battles with a barrier equal to 50% of your Max HP. 100% Water Resistance.
  • Beastmaster Bracer New Effect: +20% Max HP, +10% Damage Resistance. Gain 10% of your Current HP as a barrier every turn.
  • Ultimate Undies New Effect: +25% Max HP. +14% Magic Attack. +75% Counter Attack Rate.
  • Added “(Mythic Component)” text to all items that can be crafted into Mythical Weapons/Accessories


  • Bessie’s default counter is now Certain Attack.
  • Ray’s default counter is now Flare
  • You no longer automatically evade countered attacks.
  • Magic attacks can now be countered.
  • Attacks that hit multiple targets can now be countered.
  • You can no longer counter other counter attacks.
  • Stargazer’s Starfall chance raised from 25% to 50%.
  • Added a shop and a blacksmith to the Elysian Colosseum reception area.
  • Added Common Doppelganger Weapons to Yasmin’s shop.
  • “Delay” status reduced from -50% CTB Rate to -20%.
  • “Heavy Delay” reduced from -50% Agility to -25%.
  • Lowered the defense of all current superbosses, making it easier to hit damage cap.
  • Added cheat that lets you change Dante’s name.
  • Added cheat that lets you automatically complete the Training Arena (+gives Rewards)


  • Completing the Pixie Punchout repeatable quest now passes the day.
  • Fixed Ep. 16 weapons being listed for Dante.
  • Fixed Mammon and Juliet being unlocked in the wrong order.
  • Fixed Dante returning if you game over in battles with just Bessie and Ray.
  • Fixed the Training Arena Shop not working if you’ve fully upgraded Mistral Village’s shops
  • Fixed B-Rank requirement consistency from “top 100″/”top 300” to “top 200” across the story.
  • Historia’s clothes no longer magically reappear at the end of “Advancement: Pumpkin Queen”
  • Added more buzzing ‘z’s to Molly’s dialogue in Quiet Mountains.
  • Updated Cynthia’s explanation of the Battle Shroom to be more accurate.
  • When using episode select past Acrila, Dante now correctly gains “Doppelganger” skill.
  • Pumq now properly counts towards your “Girls Slept With”
  • Fixed Episode Select not properly marking you as an outlaw for the purposes of the world map.
  • Added “6” to the answers of “How many times have you seen Ray naked” in Yulia’s first quiz.
  • Fixed “Bloody Mess” dealing much less damage than intended on Ray.
  • Typo fixes.



  • New Area, “Abandoned City”
  • Two Contracts and an intro spanning 16k words.
  • Four Sex Scenes.
  • Autosave Removed
  • Adrenaline Mechanic: The longer a battle goes on, the more damage you’ll eventually do. Early game enemies have been given slightly more health since this effect is stronger early.


  • 12 New Weapons. 3 New Blessings.
  • Small Improvements to Kesia’s model.
  • New Dante Spell: “Stop”, unlockable at the Skill Shop.
  • Lowered MP Cost of Triple Tipped Bolt, Raised MP Cost of Heavy and Net Bolts.
  • Raised the level suggestion of Monster Hunter and Yulia’s Lament from 16 to 19.


  • You can no longer sleep with Dobbi before completing her quets.
  • Updated list of statues removed by Esuna and Remedy.
  • Differentiated Confuddle’s status image from Confusion to avoid confusion.
  • Anubis can no longer be visited after Quiet Mountains.


  • New Location: Quiet Mountains
  • 6 New Sex Scenes
  • 3 New Characters
  • 3 New Quests/Contracts (1 Advancement, 1 Story, 1 Misc)
  • Furnishings Overhaul: All furniture effects and pricing have been modified. Many are stronger. Players who have previously acquired furnishings will have them removed from their inventory when they visit the world map, so you can buy the new ones.
  • Improved and updated numerous older backgrounds.
  • Enabled Auto-save while changing regions. Manual saving still required, especially when quitting.
  • All city intro portions were recoded using universal switches. This stops episode select users from viewing all intros, but existing saves must repeat certain intros. (Press W to skip)


  • 6 New Weapons. 6 New Accessories. 2 New Blessings.
  • 3 New “Super” furnishings available.
  • Increased the damage of ALL enemies past Shores of Easy.
  • Updated Hunit’s model, DancerGeisha and Medusa models in the Golden Milk Brothel, Beatrice’s model, Ophelia’s model, Vh’arrasse’s model and Little Shroom City’s Mayor’s model.
  • Gave Elf Guard a proper model.
  • Added a NPC model to the Magic Weaver’s accessory shop.
  • Many status-ailment-inflicting foes now drop relevant cures.
  • Assault Cuirass, Champion’s Aegis: +10% agility to allies nerfed to +5%.
  • Lyra’s Blessing: -4/6/8% Enemy Agility nerfed to -4/5/6%.
  • Gabbi’s Blessing: -4/6/8% Enemy Stats nerfed to -4%/5%/6%. Now gives +1/3/5 to all stats.
  • Opal’s Blessing: +Outgoing Magical Damage -> Outgoing Elemental Damage (can now work on Dante and Bessie)
  • Lowered RPG Master bonus exp by 10%.
  • Lowered RPG Master party defence values to a universal -25%. (Harder overall)
  • Gallery Updated


  • Fixed Cockatrice not dropping “Cockatrice’s Eye”
  • Fixed C70ck Droid Names
  • Mimi’s Blessing can’t be gotten more than once.
  • Typo fixes


  • Two new cities with 2 contracts each and 3 new characters each.
  • Healing Changes: Cure/Cura/White Wind now restores a fixed 45/70/40% HP to an ally regardless of Ray’s MAT stat. (Can still be buffed by Healing Amp or Recovery Effect)
  • Healing Magic can now critically hit.
  • Improved Bessie’s base model and emotes.
  • Improved Ray’s base model and emotes.
  • Equipment that increased HP/MP Regen no longer causes your current HP/MP to decrease.


  • 6 New Weapons, 6 New Accessories and 2 New Blessings
  • Doubled/Tripled the experience gained from beating Lionshead, Underdark and Eldar quests.
  • Nerfed Elemental Dancer from 50% to 40% chance.
  • Rook’s Gambit now gives its 0/2/4% HP Regen as a Barrier.
  • Cozy Gloves: Was +3% HP and 2% MP regen, is now +8% Max MP and HP.
  • Luna’s Blessing now gives +10%/20%/30% Attack/Magic Attack and -20/35/50% Damage Resistance.
  • Chloe’s Blessing now gives: +5/10/15% Incoming/Outgoing Water Damage, +10/20/30% Recovery Effect, +5/10/15% Max HP
  • Lucilorie/Valcile’s Blessing no longer gives MP Regen, now gives +8/16/24% Max MP.
  • Protagonist’s Blessing: HP Regen removed. Now increases Attack by 4/8/12%.
  • Training Dummy battle is now 10 turns long and have a shorter description.
  • Added a training slime to the Training Arena if Fiona has started training them.
  • Improved Isa’s base model
  • Improved lighting on several base models
  • Added the option to disable V-Sync
  • Doubled the speed of the Super Shotgun and Ultima animation.
  • Normal and Ladder Tournaments are now only considered for the star completion of the Elysian Colosseum. (Area Conquest and Survival are optional)
  • Updated Legendary Dissembling Shop
  • Updated Cheat Menu
  • Updated Gallery


  • Mistral Village now appears as complete (if Alice has been beaten in the Training Arena) in the Post-Eldar World Map.
  • Fixed Colosseum not being marked as done.
  • Fixed Gwen adding to your “Girls Slept With” counter after sleeping with her.
  • Typo fixes.


  • New Area, Underdark: Featuring 2 New Characters, 2 Sex Scenes and 1 Mini Sex Scene.
  • New Area, Eldar: Featuring 1 New Character, 2 Sex Scenes, and 1 Mini Sex Scene.
  • Added the final upgrade to Mistral Village shops, requiring an item from a new quest.


  • 6 New Weapons, 6 New Accessories, 6 New Armors and 2 New Blessings.
  • Improved the AI of tons of enemies, particularly in regards to being silenced. A lot of enemies now have a dedicated weaker attack when silenced.
  • Gemma’s Blessing: Removed +Max MP and +MP Cost Rate.
  • Revenga: Now gives 100% Critical Chance instead of Auto Bravery
  • Updated Gallery


  • Added alternate “chat” dialogue when Cheeki and Breeki are pregnant.
  • Added piercings to Liada’s sex scene.
  • Typos fixed.


  • New Area: Lionshead contains 4 Sex Scenes and 2 Contracts.
  • New Optional Area: Hayakawa contains 2 Sex Scenes and 3 Contracts.
  • New Sex Scene with Gabbi: Chronologically appears after your first visit to Capital City, but will automatically play at any time visiting the Information Broker.
  • New Harem Member, can get pregnant at maximum affection.
  • Added 8 Weapons, 10 New Accessories and 2 New Blessings.
  • All (almost) Background Art changed.
  • Elysian Colosseum: New Ladder Match and New Area Conquest.


  • Marked for Death: Now attacks and causes an enemy to take 30% bonus damage for 3 turns.
  • Mistral Village weather and day/night are now fixed upon entering unless you sleep or complete a contract)
  • Stealing and Deck of Card skills now go into the “Special” category.
  • Gabbi now has unique dialogue that updates based on your last completed advancement contract.
  • Frost Walker Nerf: -20% Enemy Agility to -10%.
  • Decreased agility rubberbanding from a maximum of +6 possible turns to +4.
  • Gallery Updated
  • Cheats Menu Updated


  • Added L’ightning’s blessing to the Upgrade Hut.
  • Fixed Exclamation Icon getting stuck over the Wood Elf Kingdom
  • Fixed Magic Weavers being marked as completed prematurely.
  • Fixed Alice and Lyra’s blessing dropping twice.


  • Capital City Advancement 2 – The A-Rank, featuring 1 sex scene.
  • Capital City Story 4 – L’ightning Orchid, featuring 1 sex scene.
  • Side Quest: Cynthia at the Battle Shroom can now be flirted with, but she requires a little something out of you before the sex scene.
  • Massive Passive Overhaul: All passives now have an active ability. Almost everything has been changed, be sure to check out your “Special” skills.
  • Little Shroom City Townsfolk: You can now revisit both Dimple and Gemma after beating their contract. Dimple specifically leaves The Reach after this.
  • Improved Pregnant Sex Scenes: Alraune Sex, Mimi Cowgirl, Mimi Missionary, Tali Sex, Dobbi Missionary.
  • You can now ask Davy or Isadora for a Reverse Spitroast in Mistral Village.
  • Added Pregnant Variant: Davy/Isadora Reverse Spitroast.
  • Added a Day/Night cycle + Weather. Has no actual effect, but it’s cool! Different types of weather and times of day have unique ambience and music.

All states, buffs and regen now operate per tick instead of per action. Ticks = One “round” of turns within the battle, based on both your party and the enemy party’s agility. (Things this has changed: Double attacks no longer consumes two turns. Instant cast abilities no longer consumes two turns. Deathclaw’s Blessing no longer consumes up to five turns. Elemental Dancer additional casts don’t consume additional turns. Timewarp additional turns won’t consume states and buffs.)
Agility/Tick Rubberbanding reduced from 24 to 9 turns before your enemy will get one.

Lyra’s Blessing Level 3 can now be equipped on everyone.
Cecile and Lyra now disappear from the Hunter’s Tavern until Little Shroom City is complete, then they reappear with new dialogue.
Cecile’s Sex Scene can be replayed from the Hunter’s Tavern once its unlocked.
Warrior, Jackpot and Hunter Medals can now be equipped in the blessing slot.
Rainbow Shell Bracer has been changed to have a 36% chance to lower a stat by 18%, and for 5 turns instead of 4.
Zombie now prevents lifesteal.

Beating Juggernaut now properly gives an Enchanted Megalixir, instead of only the day after.
Highstriker now sets the score to 0 before starting.
Rainbow Shell Bracer now properly debuffs enemies instead of buffing them.
Fixed Historia running out of mana in her training arena fight and being unable to do anything.
Golden Finals tournament can now be replayed.


  • New Contract: Capital City Advancement – Grrrand Magus
  • New Alice Sex Scene: Reward for completing all goals. She can become pregnant after visiting the Capital.
  • New Area: Little Shroom City, has an intro and 1 sex scene only.
  • Added pregnant version of Alice’s missionary scene.
  • New Conditions for Wendy’s pregnancy: Automatically happens after visiting completing Yulia’s contract. Wendy’s blessing added retroactively.
  • New Main Menu
  • New Pregnant Belly Art for: Alice, Alraune, Dobbi, Elsie, Fiona, Hides-in-Barrels, Isadora, Keke, Mary, Mimi, Moona, Tali, Wendy, Yulia
  • New Colosseum Ladder battle (Level 28)
  • Final Training Arena battle (Level 99) added along with its three rewards.
  • New Mechanics: Defense Penetrate: Ignore a percentage of an enemy’s defense, dealing increased damage. +Max Stat Buffs = Increase the maximum stat buff from 130% in increments of 6. +Turn Duration to stat buffs = Make stat buffs last longer. +% Damage Cap = Bypass the damage cap of 999,999 by +%.
  • Defense Overhaul – Better Defense Scaling: Battlers now get more damage resistance depending on their defense, increasing damage resistance. Damage Resistance = 100/(100+Defense/2). 200 Defense = 50% Damage Resistance.) This makes defense and magic defense more effective late game, and it better stands up to the high attack scaling. Currently, no main storyline enemy gets more than +20% resistance from this change.


  • 2 New Story Contracts.
  • 2 Sex Scenes.
  • Major Weapon/Armor/Item Overhaul: All items now have a line of lore in addition to the mechanical explanations. This includes information on who can equip what item.
  • New Feature: Percentage Completion now appears on your save file and on the world map. This number will update on the world map, and reflects the % of the game completed as of the current patch. Including all contracts, NPC sex scenes, girls pregnant, training arena fights and colosseum matches. The game will attempt to automatically update your save file’s progression when you visit the world map after completing Story 1 in Capital City.
  • After completing any contract, or battle in the colosseum, it’ll be marked with a [Done].
  • Resource collection is now sorts all gains into a single cumulative box for Common, Rares, Legendaries, Ores, Profits and Tokens. This decreases the amount of textboxes significantly.
  • New Training Arena Battle: Guinevere, Level 45.
  • New Limit Breaks: Savage Form in the Skill Shop has been replaced by Celestial Form with 7 new spells. Ultimate Shot has been replaced by Succubus Form with 7 new abilities. Ultimate Slayer has been replaced by Time Warp: User can act three times in a row.
  • New Event: Elysian Colosseum Survival Game. If you beat it on you first time, you’ll get a huge bonus. (This is borderline impossible even with cheats)


  • Deathclaw and Broomstick have been properly added with new stats.
  • Mine resources have been completely rebalanced, Sapphire, Emeralds and Diamonds have much higher drop rates.
  • Mine Quantity Upgrade 3 new effect: Gain 2x drops for all mine resources. (Stacks with the others, giving 4x of each resource and 2x Legendary Ore)
  • Mega Berry Buff: Restores 60% HP to party -> Restores 66% HP and 66% MP to party.
  • Cherry Bomb Buff: Deals 500 + 1% HP damage twice -> Power 16 + 1% HP damage twice. Can now critically hit.
  • Devil’s Pupfish Buff: No longer gives the disadvantages of Berserk, and provides an additional +8% Attack and Agility.
  • Golden Tooth Sawfish: +12% Attack to all allies -> +Bravery, +Faith, +6% Attack and Magic Attack to all allies.
  • Remedial Herb Buff: Now targets the entire party.
  • Infinity Rod now actually gives its effect and not the “No Limitz (Legendary)” effect.
  • “Girls Impregnated” added to save file screen.
  • Default text speed is now instant.
  • Reflect now only gives 50% Magic Reflection rate. (This is to avoid cheesing magic-only bosses.)
  • Added piercings to Yulia’s second sex scene.
  • Blessings: Pure Attack and Magic Attack blessings have been rebalanced to be more interesting. Since they were all the absolute best in slot blessings, they now have small downsides that make stacking attack and magic attack a risk/reward.
  • Repeat Contracts now award slightly more experience at high levels. (From 1% per level, to 4% + 4 per level)
  • Minor improvements to menuing when starting a new game.
  • Bandit Rouges now have a 50% chance to drop Golden Coins.
  • Ray’s Attack: Past a Misty Woods, most of Ray’s offensive weapons now replace her attack with “Flare”, and defensive weapons replace it with “Pray”. Flare is now considered a normal attack.
  • You can now upgrade Capital City equipment.
  • Blessing Upgrades are now sorted into categories spanning several cities.

Bug Fixes:

  • You no longer get informed that resource collection is available before you reach Mistral Village.
  • Several backend improvements to reduce lag on lower spec devices.
  • Slipstream Intro won’t happen if you skipped it using Episode Select.
  • Fixed a soft lock in the threesome in “Story 1 – Rule of There”.
  • 12+ Typos Fixed.


  • New Location, Capital City:
  • 1 Gigantic Intro to the Capital City and 1 Story Contract (22,500 words)
  • 11 New Sex Scenes spread amongst 13 characters:
  • Hunter’s Tavern, meet and fuck three different hunters.
  • Golden Milk Brothel, pay and fuck four different girls.
  • Three New Shops, flirt and fuck each shop keeper.
  • New Level 20 Tournament after Slipstreams Advancement, Level 30 Area Conquest after beating “Capital City – Story 1”, and Level 25 Ladder Tournament battle.
  • Wendy, Breeki and Cheeki can now get pregnant.
  • Comprehensive Cheat Menu: New cheat menu available in “Your House”, will tons of new features. You can now alter your levels and gold. You can get any item, or piece of equipment. You can alter various switches and game states, including turning off character pregnancies.
  • Updated Upgrade Hut: Merged Weapons and Accessory upgrade shops, and separated them by area instead. You can no longer see weapons in areas you haven’t reached yet.
  • New Mythic Equipment: Three new mythic weapons have dropped, check ’em out.
  • Huge Exp Overhaul: Previously I throttled the exp gain because the amount of experience you needed to level was small. With the introduction of repeatable contracts it became easy to over level and ruin the balance of future content. I have overhauled the entire system to now require progressively more experience as you level up, and each new area will meet the increasing demand. This means you can now get experience from replaying contracts, training arena battles and colosseum battles without risk of over levelling. The game should now feel more presently rewarding, without ruining the balance of later content. The game will automatically update your level to the new system (by giving you an additional one, then taking it away) if you’re using an old save.
  • Skill Tokens now accumulate in the chest, letting you get multiple at once.
  • 9 Powerful and Unique Tier 5 Armors now available in Capital City
  • Decreased Physical/Magical Evasion from Luck from 0.2% to 0.1% chance per point.
  • Added a repeatable contract in Mistral Village after completing Yulia’s contract.
  • Fixed Major Bug where some repeat contracts would force you to replay the contract immediately afterwards, up to 5 times.


  • Episode 9 is available on Episode Select.
  • Player now moves about 50% faster in movement menus and The Reach.
  • Expanded the amount of possible lines in generic sex scenes.
  • In Generic Sex scenes, the randomized lines will now have the nametag of your current specific sexual partner.
  • Added “Holy Water”, can be used to remove Zombie and Doom. (Purchasable from Capital City and a Level 2 Mistral Village shop.)
  • Remedy now cures Doom, Slow, Frostburn and Burn.
  • Spirit-Bond now targets 3 random enemies instead of all enemies.
  • Hides-in-Barrels Blessing Buffed to give 50/75/100% Counter Attack Chance and +0/+1/+2 counter attacks per turn.
  • Chloe’s Blessing no longer gives Max HP, only HP Regen. Regen is buffed to be 2%/5%/8%.
  • Ogre Legendaries items no longer gives +1% HP Regen, instead give +1% barrier regen.
  • Beastmaster Bracer no longer has 2.5% HP regen, instead gives +8% barrier regen.
  • Automaton’s Blessing 3 changed to give 10% damage resistance instead of auto-guard.
  • Fixed Frost Walker’s counter not procing. It can only proc once per turn.
  • Chaos Blast now hits all enemies
  • Fixed “Elementas Grimoire” not being equipable. Crazy how easy it is to accidentally break something.
  • Fixed “Very Froggy” being marked as complete if you’ve already done “It’s Electric”.
  • Attack modifiers can’t be silenced anymore.
  • Increased the default drop chance of Cherry Bombs/Devil’s Pupfish (5% -> 7%) and Remedial Herbs/Great Nebula Salmon (2% -> 5%) at the farm and fishery.
  • Music for Area Conquest battles has been changed to Boss 2 for variation. (Boss 1 already plays for Trainng Arena)
  • You now get a world map notification when new tournaments are available (you will get this notification if you’ve already completed the tournament on your save, it’s just easier coding-wise.) The Golden Gladiators Tournament now unlocks after completing Elven Kingdom.


  • Updated Mary’s Blessing description: It gives + Magic Attack, not Defense.
  • Prevented butt generic sex scenes from drawing lines designed for pussy sex scenes.
  • Fixed “Black Box” bug in Juliet fight, that occured if she was silenced before moving to phase 2. (It caaaan still appear, albeit briefly)
  • Fixed “Frozen Colossus” being unreplayable
  • Gallery is not updated
  • Bug and Typo fixes.


  • New Content (4 Contracts, 4 Sex Scenes, 2 Mini-Sex Scenes, 22,000 Words)
  • Mistral Village Contract: Monster Hunter (Threesome)
  • Mistral Village Contract: Yulia’s Lament (Sex Scene)
  • New Area, Slipstreams.
  • Slipstreams Contract: Very Froggy (2 CG Sex Scene)
  • Slipstreams Contract: It’s Electric (Sex Scene)
  • Slipstreams: Two shopkeeper NPCs you can have sex with (See Experimental Generic Sex Scenes)
  • Colosseum: New Area Conquest match (Slipstreams, Level 25)
  • Colosseum: New Ladder Tournament Match (Level 22)
  • Experimental Generic Sex Scenes: Ever seen a cute side character that you really wanted to bang? Now you can, vaginally or anally, have sex with minor characters in simplified sex scenes called “Sex Boxes”. If this feature is well received, I’ll add some more to pre-existing areas.
  • Legendary Deconstruction: At the Upgrade Hut, you can disassemble legendary items to gain a legendary ore, but you lose the item in the process.
  • Increased the drop rate of all legendary items by 250%. Reminder: RPG Veteran Mode doubles all drop rates.
  • Glossary: You can now check the information broker for a full break down of various stats, attributes, status ailments and progression systems.
  • Repeatable Contracts: Repeatable contracts now pass the day, on ONE condition. Every time you replay a repeatable contract, it gets a little harder and the rewards better. The enemies will get more stats, and there may even be new enemies in different configurations. (For example, the Shores of Easy repeatable fight has five different versions.)
  • New repeatable contracts with unique dialogue and enemies in: Shores of Easy, Misty Woods, Elven Kingdom, Magic Weavers, Slipstreams.
  • You can now equip four blessings at once, because fuck it, why not? There are so many, and they all do such interesting things, let’s have some fun. If I was better at coding, I’d have the equipment slots unlock over time.
  • Training Arena now has 7 new battles, with 7 new rewards and passives. New battles are currently from level 25 to level 40. So don’t worry about the harder battles yet. Some pre-existing battles have been buffed to scale with the power creep.
  • Added a shop to the Training Arena, including the ability to get free things.
  • You now can’t enter Magic Weavers until you’ve had sex with Bessie, but you can visit it before you beat the Elven Kingdom.
  • All single-target skills and spells can now be cast on any target in the battle. Black Magic now has the unique ability to be cast on multiple enemies at once, dispersing the damage between them. I made it so you can’t accidentally use “Attack” on allies, but watch where you’re aiming skills.
  • You now gain Dobbi, Mary and Moona’s blessing when they get pregnant. If you haven’t gotten these, you will automatically receive them at Mistral VIllage.
  • Added Davy and Isadora’s blessings: You get Davy’s when you complete her contract, you get Isadora’s after she becomes pregnant. Again, if you haven’t gotten these, you will automatically receive them.
  • Reworked MC skill “Tank Up”, instead of increasing Max HP by 50%, it now gives the party a barrier equal to your half your max HP. You now get this skill normally at level 18. For those that have missed it, it will be available for free at the Skill Shop for a few updates.
  • Episode 8 Added to Episode Select; A very much almost 100% save file, with every weapon and armor drop up to this point, and every building already constructed and two characters already pregnant. Also includes some extra rare and legendary upgrade ore since everything you have is only “Common” rarity.


  • 6 New Weapons (+ 3 Unique Weps in Arena), +5 New Accessories (+ 3 Unique Accesories in Arena), +9 New Blessings.
  • Luck now affects the chance to inflict and resist status ailments again. (tiny effect overall)
  • Luck now increases chance to hit, evade and crit by 0.2% per point.
  • Buffed the Davy and Isadora Training Arena fight. They now really wreck your shit if you don’t have water resistance. Also buffed Dobbi, Yulia and Alraune.
  • You now need to beat Yulia’s new quest to impregnate her. If she’s already pregnant in your game, it doesn’t matter.
  • If Yulia isn’t pregnant, you can now check how to advance your relationship with her.
  • Imperil and Dispelling bolts now do damage.
  • Increased MP and HP cost of Holy slightly and fixed its damage formula. (Power coefficient was 18 instead of 20)
  • Fixed Pumpkin Queen not dropping the “Pumpkin Slayer (Mythic)” when defeated through the battle replay.
  • Fully integrated “Zombie” as a game mechanic. It makes all sources of healing damage you instead, but prevents instant-death abilities.
  • Chaos Card is no longer consumable. If you’ve lost yours, you’ll automatically get it back by visiting the World Map.
  • Dark Bolts, Silence Bolts, and Sleepy Bolts now last three turns instead of four.
  • Escape Chance is now always 100%.
  • Quadrupled the rubberbanding range for turn quantity based on agility in battle. i.e. if you have 24x more agility than the enemy, you’ll currently get 24 moves for every one of their move.
  • Armor Break now correctly removes the “Armored” status. (This alone took like an hour to do, lol)
  • Added level suggestions to Elven Kingdom and Magic Weavers contracts
  • Fixed Bessie getting the Limit Break cooldown at the start of every fight in “Story Mode”
  • Made all attack replacement abilities restore 6 TP per turn. Including Shield Bash, Omni-Attack, Shotgun Blast, Accelerating Strike, Rocket Fist, Piercing Attack, and more.
  • Added a new item “Golden Coin”, consuming it doubles your item drop chance and gold drops in your next battle.
  • Contract “Embrace the Wolf” now has an image when selected in the contracts menu
  • Added a shortcut to the Colosseum Foyer immediately at the entrance of The Reach
  • Equipment Changes (Not every change is listed):
  • Accessories: Streamlined and improved the effects of several pre-existing accessories. Including buffs to all the worst accessories, and extra effects for the Mythic Accessories. A lot of accessories are quite boring. I’ll be making a lot more unique and extreme effects moving forward.
  • Buffs to “Red Gooey” Accessories , “Chad Shield”, “Green Shell Bracer”, “Flesh Shield”, “Hairy Bracer”, “Grotesque Bangle”, “Nana’s Spare Shield”, “Olivia’s Spare Bracer”, “Slimy Shield”, “Beastmaster Bracer”.
  • Blessings: Several of the more boring blessings have been buffed or altered to be more interesting. Moving forward I want these to feel a lot more unique.
  • Reworks to “Yellow Gooey” Accessories. Instead of HP, these give agility.
  • Love Wand buff: Attacks now inflict Charm. +20% Pharmacology. +10 Healing Amp, -25% Target Rate.
  • Elsie’s Blessing buffed. Now gives +5/10/20% Magic Evasion.
  • Protagonist’s blessing buffed so it’s not trash. Now absorbs fire when maxed and gives +5% HP Regen.
  • Nurse’s Blessing now provides the entire party with 1/2/3% HP Regen and +10/20/30% Recovery Effect.
  • Dimple’s Blessing reworked to give +5/10/15% Magic Attack and +5/10/15% Outgoing Elemental Damage amplification. (Finally DPS Ray viable?)
  • Bessie’s Blessing now increases crit damage by 10/20/40%.
  • Lillian’s Blessing (Abandoned Barracks Blessing) has been giving a new effect because there was too much overlap with TP Regen and Evasion. It now reflects received damage.
  • ZAP’s Blessing Buff: +8/16/24% Max HP to +15/30/45% Max HP. (You can only get this by beating the Survival Minigame)
  • Emilia’s Blessing buffed from +3/6/12 Defense and Magic Defense to +5/10/20%. (When fully upgraded, it gives roughly +40% effective HP)
  • Changed the effect of the Golden Medal from the boring thing it was to “Replenishes user HP in proporition to 2000% MP spent”
  • Eris’s Blessing: Now also gives a random buff and random debuff every turn. Level 1: Gives 2 random buffs and 1 debuffs. Level 3: Gives 2 random buffs. (Basically +0%,+6%, +12%)
  • Chloe’s Blessing now provides +20%/+30%/+40% recovery effect and 1/2.5/5% HP Regen
  • Ray’s Blessing overhaul now gives +5/10/15% Exp, +4/8/12% Magic Attack and +10/15/20% evasion.


  • Changed the “Doom” icon to the same as “KO’d” so it doesn’t look like Toxic.
  • Debug Menu (“Page Up” on world map) is now a little more detailed. You can now remove levels and there are more options for adding gold/levels.
  • Updated Ultimate Slayer’s description in the skill shop and fixed its effect to allow Max HP debuff to stack more than 5 times.
  • Updated all mentions of “Colosseum” to “Training Arena” at Mistral Village.
  • Added additional checks to prevent you getting Emilia’s blessing a second time if: You have it equipped, or you upgraded it.
  • Fixed Fiona having a normal ear in her handjob scene.
  • Fixed tons of random unlisted stuff.
  • Fixed several typos


  • Three New Sex Scenes, 22,000 words.
  • Magic Weavers Story Contract: A Unique Game
  • Magic Weavers Story Contract: Broken Scales
  • Magic Weavers Advancement Contract: War for Weavers
  • Two New Buildings – Built Using Greater Gemstones (2 Greater Gemstones can be found in this new update)
  • Skill Shop – Sells new late-game skills. Features 10 brand new skills and 3 Limit Breaks.
  • Cafe Bistro – Convert Farm and Fishery drops into powerful buffs.
  • Replay Battles: When replaying a contract, you can now choose to replay specifically just the battle. This makes farming monster drops a breeze. Uniquely, replaying battles will keep your current party formation, i.e. no guests.
  • After beating Magic Weavers Story 2, Mistral Village now gains +20 Quality per day, instead of +10.
  • Tier 4 Armors are now available at Lich’s Enchanted Emporium, all new and priced at 60,000 G.


  • 2 New Blessings, 1 New Weapon, 6 New Armors and 9 New Accessories.
  • Magic Weavers Misc: Virtue is now flying, and Perserverance is now armored. They have slightly reduced HP.
  • Cheeki and Breeki’s shop is now specifically a Weapon and Armor Set shop.
  • A new Accessory Shop has been added to Magic Weavers, and the accessories Cheeki and Breeki sold have been moved to this shop. This shop is absolutely full of strong elemental defense items.
  • Buildings now grant +20 Quality upon purchase. (This used to be the case, but accidentally got dropped.)
  • Added a 999,999 damage limit.
  • Updated all enemies with Blind, and Silence resistances to properly resist Bessie’s unique variants of Blind and Silence.
  • You can now change the difficulty at any “Party Menu” at any location.
  • Gabbi’s Tips: Added 4 new tips
  • Almost all enemies now have weaker alternate attacks or abilities when afflicted with “Silence”, and in some rare cases, “Blind”.
  • Bravery and Faith no longer make you take 50% more damage, instead they increase your Attack by 20%.
  • Triple Threat Bolts now correctly has a power of ’24’, previously had 72… Whoops.
  • Changed RPGMaster Difficulty increasing your incoming damage to decreasing your defense instead.
  • Poison now scales with Attack instead of Magic Attack. (Big Bessie buff)
  • You can now escape from tournament battles by counting it as a forfeit.
  • You can now escape from training arena battles, which count as a loss.
  • Gallery fully updated with every sex scene.
  • Selecting episode select (for ep 5, 6 and 7) now automatically equips 1 weapon, armor, 1 accessory and 1 blessing.
  • Added Episode 6 in episode select, this skips the Colosseum
  • Added Episode 7 in episode select, this skips Elven Kingdom.
  • Added new animated symbol above the Mistral Village chest if it’s full.


  • You can now change your party formation on the main menu. All this does is change who appears in areas where you control a character. So you can wander around as Ray/Bessie. If you take control of either Ray or Bessie, they will disappear if they’re an NPC on the map.
  • Added Gabbi’s tips to Magic Weavers
  • Disabled a menu blur effect theorized to cause memory leaks. (Thanks RPGMaker)
  • Keke’s first quest no longer passes the day on replay.
  • Minor improvements to the menus at the very start of the game. They’ve been given greater clarity.
  • 7 Typo fixes


  • You can no longer ask Ray or Bessie for the double blowjob before recieving it at Magic Weavers
  • You can no longer ask Bessie for the Wolf Threesome before completing “Embrace the Wolf”.
  • You can no longer get Alice’s reward for 1,000 Village Quality with only 500.
  • Keke and Yulia now appear pregnant (if they are) in “Embrace the Wolf”
  • Keke’s Blessings now have their proper cost.


  • 3.5 New Sex Scenes
  • New Area: Magic Weavers
  • New Contract: Magic Weavers Misc 1 – Runaway Experiment
  • New Contract: Mistral Village Misc 3 – Embrace the Wolf – Unlocked after beating Elven Kingdom, enables Bessie x Keke threesomes and gives Keke’s Blessing.
  • New Sex Scene: Alice – Upon completing all six ‘reward’ critiera, ask her for sex. Easiest girls to get pregnant currently are Moona and Mary.
  • A second set of six rewards has been added to Alice’s Office. These are more late-game focused. I believe one is currently possible.
  • Mystic Recipes: The Mystic weapons now have a recipe section, which include hints on where to find the ingredients.
  • Changed a lot of armour and accessory icons to add variety. Some names have been changed too.
  • Bessie Skill Overhaul: Blind Blast replaced with Marked for Death, applies a debuff to an enemy that causes them to take 200% damage from the next attack that hits them.
  • Silence Blast replaced by Heartbreaking Bolts. Inflicts Zombie, causing enemies to be unable to heal, and take damage from healing magic.
  • Sleepy Blast replaced by Dispelling Bolt. Removes positive status effects from the target.
  • Ray Limits Rework: Now cost 100 TP, but give you 100 additional TP after you use it. All of Ray’s limit spells now cost 50 TP each. Forms no longer prevent you from use basic magic, and now last four turns. You can only use one form at a time. Overall it enables Ray to be a lot more flexible with her limits.
  • Luck no longer affects the chance to inflict or become inflicted by status ailments. This is a Bessie nerf, since she was more or less enjoying a 100% chance of inflicting ailments.
  • Added new weapons and accessories to the Upgrade Hut
  • Made all Farm and Fishery upgrades cheaper by 1 tier.
  • Story Mode difficulty now gives guest party members auto-battle, along with some balance changes to make this feature work during the Pumpkin Queen contract.
  • Story Mode: Adjusted the Story Mode buff to focus more on speed than pure damage. (200% Attack -> 120%, 125% Agility -> 200%)
  • Updated the NW.js


  • 5 New Sex Scenes
  • Advancement Contract – Dark Elves
  • Story Contract – Burning Fever
  • Misc Contract – Fairly Angry Tree
  • Mistral Village: New sex scene accessible from your bedroom. After purchasing the ‘Big Bed’, engage in a fivesome with some members of your harem!
  • Elysian Colosseum:
  • New Ladder Tournament Match – Level 18 Recommend. Unlocked after beating the previous battle.
  • New Monster Conquest Match – Level 30 Recommended. Unlocked after beating the Elven Kingdom. (Not intended to be beaten yet)
  • New Weapon/Accessory Rarity: Mythic. At the Upgrade Hut, combine three similar items are maximum rarity to create a new beast piece of equipment. (A diamond is required to purchase this upgrade from Wendy)
  • Harem: Yulia can now get pregnant after her defeat in the Training Arena. This changes her outfit to a bikini and skirt instead of a dress.
  • Battles: Character portrait is now visible. Damage numbers and animations will be appear above said portrait. The first fight you get into may cause several numbers to appear, don’t worry about it.
  • Removed all sources of confuse and charm from the party’s skills, items, and weapons due to crashes.
  • Gallery fully updated


  • 5 New Weapons, 1 New Accessory, 3 New Blessings, 18 New Enemies
  • New Item: Chaos Card, dropped by Elven bandits. Use to instantly lose any battle. Can be used to easily end tournament or training battles. Or reach the special game over screen which I bet some people haven’t even seen.
  • Armors now include their Tier in their name
  • Nerfs to Poison. Instead of dealing 1% of an enemy’s max HP per tick, it now deals 1% of an enemy’s current HP. The stat scaling damage has been increased from Power 1 to Power 2 to make up for it.
  • New Gabbi Tip (Although she doesn’t technically appear)
  • Updated Hornet monster artwork
  • Updated Drip monster artwork
  • Updated Alraune monster artwork and renamed Dryad
  • Updated Black Drip monster artwork
  • Condensed Bar and Upgrade Hut upgrade shops into one shop for all misc buildings.
  • Paladin’s Mace: Buffed. Now gives 5% Attack and +5% Attack to all allies.
  • Ogre Wand: Buffed. Now gives 20% Attack and +5% Attack to all allies.
  • Refined Crossbow: Buffed +3% to +5% Attack
  • Wisdom Staff: Replaced ability with +8% Healing
  • Mechanics: Immortality status now provides 1% HP Regen, allowing you to live when the effect expires.
  • New damage numbers that are more readable.
  • ‘EXP’ in the menus has been replaced by ‘Spirit’. If it wasn’t already clear by the narrative, experience points and ‘spirit’ are synonymous. Items with effects like “+10% Experience gain” are unchanged for clarity purposes.


  • You can now correctly upgrade Polishes-Many-Spear’s blessing to level 3
  • Ray’s level 34 skill, White Wind, now heals instead of damages.
  • Alice’s Office and Town Upgrade Menu: Back button returns to previous menu, instead of world map.
  • Fixed Davy/Isadora rematch taking you to Yulia’s fight instead.
  • Made it so you can’t get into a battle during the Snowy Wilderness cutscene.
  • Fixed several spots where you can walk through walls
  • Fixes to the Sybil, Nana and Olivia fight in Misty Woods.
  • Fixes to final Pumpkin Queen fight
  • Fixed 20 Typos



Biggest update yet!

Bessie, Ray and You enter the biggest colosseum in the world, and this time winning or losing is completely up to you. The difference between winning 10,000 G and 0 G. With everything on the line, can you beat the hardest challenge yet?

– 31 Romanceable Girls (+5 New!)
– 34 Sex Scenes (+5 New!)
– 43 Event CG (+5 New!)
– 14 hours of content (+2 New!)


  • 5 New Sex Scenes + a new spin on an old one
  • 14,500+ Words of Content
  • A colosseum tournament with a winners and losers bracket you take part in, with a prize that scales based on your performance.
  • One additional mini-tournament after the main one.
  • A Challenge Ladder with harder battles as you climb it, two fights so far.
  • A Monster Arena with powerful bosses based on each area you complete.
  • Two new contracts, one is repeatable.
  • 12 Maps with Easter eggs, NPCs, chests and more.

Huge Skill Overhaul:

  • Evade and Counter has been split into two spells.
  • New Spell: Sentinel – Allows you to substitute yourself for attacks against allies with low HP, and increases damage resistance by 25%


  • Almost all bolt spells have been split into a weaker and stronger variants.
  • Buffed Bessie’s Max MP.
  • New Limit Break at level 35


  • Second tier elemental spells have been overhauled to reduce redundancy
  • Four new spells. Cura, White Wind, Regen and Buffsuna.
  • New Limit Break at level 35.


  • New Passives for all characters at level 5, 15, and 25.
  • All characters can now equip two accessories at once
  • Various other fixes/changes, too many to list.

When starting the game with an old save, all of your skills with be messed up. I’ve set-up a check at Mistral Village and the Colosseum Foyer to sync your old characters to the new skills. Your characters will be set to level 11 which is roughly the expected level to enter Episode 5. If you were a high level and want to restore your levels, press ‘page-up’ at Mistral Village to open a debug menu.

  • Difficulty Select: There are three difficulties: These can be changed at any time at the Hunter’s Centre party menu, and at your room in Mistral Village.

Normal: The intended experience.
Story Mode: Auto-battle ON, beat any fight easily and automatically.
RPG Master: For RPG Vets! Much harder but doubles item and gold drops.

  • Training Arena Overhaul, and New Yulia fight.
  • Added a chest in Mistral Village that allows you to collect all resources from the Farm, Mines, Fishery and Shop simultaneously.
  • New Bar Upgrade: You can upgrade the Bar to sell stat buffing soups.
  • New Upgrade Hut Upgrade: You can upgrade the Hut to level up blessings.
  • Updated the intro slightly to better prepare the player for what to expect.
  • If you’re a high enough level (typically 5 levels higher than the recommendation), random encounters will automatically be defeated. You will receive the exp and item drops on the map.
  • Improvements to the Mistral Village map menu, new buildings now only appear when you build them.


  • 5 new blessings, 8 new weapons, 3 new accessories, 2 new items.
  • Added in-battle dialogue to several old fights against Monster Girls to give the battles some more personality. Including all the training arena battles.
  • Added a new weapon type, ‘Unique’. Unique rewards will have this.
  • The Lich’s Enchanted Emporium now sells Blessed Essence for 850 G, and the Mistral VIllage shop sells them for 750 G. Blessed Cores are only available by beating Area Conquest matches.
  • You can no longer soft lock yourself in the shop tutorial by failing basic money management.
  • Fixed Upgrading Mimi’s Dagger to Legendary
  • Added some more consistency with attack modifier weapons applying status effects from other items. Ray’s normal attack spells can now inflict status effects.
  • Fixed Alraune’s Luster not giving the Sleep Spell.
  • Guarding now protects against physical and magical damage at a rate of 50%.
  • Fixed A recent issue where enemies with set attack patterns wouldn’t follow their patterns.
  • Teleport Stone now appears in your inventory
  • Buffed Potato; the most important change.

I’ll be spending some time finishing up my other game, My Tuition Academia, before I return for Episode 6.

– Released Android port: All menus have mouse functionality, fixed game getting stuck on black screen. Removed all music from Android version.
– New Main Menu, Contract Menu, Information Broker and Townsfolk Menus for all towns. All menus in general have been polished.
– The Scrying Room now shows every single scene in the game.
– The Scrying Room is now always available and doesn’t have to be built.
– Keke’s sex scene has been fixed and can be enjoyed again
– Colosseum Foyer and Waiting Room added. (Nothing to be done here yet)
– Hopefully fixed a few crashes

– Reduced the hits from Bessie’s Limit Break “Fully Automatic bolts” by 66%, and increased the damage so it’s the same with less hits.
– Sleeping/resting no longer advances item collection progress. Only contracts and story events can do that.
– Alraune’s Luster Weapon not properly provides the Bio and Sleep spells.
– Fixed the exit to world map in the Snowy Wilderness
– Casting haste on a target now cures slow on them, and casting slow removes haste.
– You can now flee from the Training Dummy (Press cancel on anyone’s turn, then select escape)
– Moving the cursor no longer creates a feedback sound. (OK/Cancel still do)

Known Issues:

– Using “Change Equipment” hides the turn order in the top right. Anyone know how to fix this?

– When travelling between areas, the area you’re currently in is no longer shown
– Fixed Scying Room building with the Alchemical Building upgrade, instead of its own.
– Fixed the Protagonist’s Blessing only being equippable on Ray
– Fixed the Game Over menu sometimes softlocking the game.
– You can no longer walk on brick walls at the inn
– Some typo fixes thanks to f-zoned

– 4 New Romanceable Girls, 6 New Sex Scenes.

– New Advancement Contract: Mother Knows Breast
– New Misc Contract: Savvy Davy
– New Building: The Bar, can buy new items, Gemstones and Giftboxes here. Unlocked after Savvy Davy.
– New Contract: Furry Pandemic! At Mistral VIllage, Unlocked: after sleeping with Mary.
– You can now have sex with Mary and Moona through the harem menu.
– After beating Furry Pandemic you can sleep with Keke through the harem menu.
– Added Hides-in-Barrels, Dobbi, Davy and Isadora, and a secret battle to the Training Arena. (You aren’t expected to be able to beat these yet.)
– Mimi can now get pregnant after you beat her in the training arena
– Keke can now get pregnant after her quest and if you beat in her the training arena
– Isadora can now get pregnant after her quest and if you beat her in the training arena
– Hides-in-Barrels can now get pregnant if you beat her in the training arena. This closes her shop in the Shores of Easy.
– Secret character can now get pregnant after beating her in the training arena
– Tali, Moona and Mary can now get pregnant after their respective sex scenes.
– Alice’s rewards have been updated to reflect what is possible in this new update.

– ~25 New Items, 4 New Passive skills
– Made it so you can only buy one of every building and upgrade!
– Updated several quests and fights so they can’t be repeated farrmed for experience, you can still farm for gold, though.
– Rebalanced the Mistral Village contracts to make the Mighty Manticores easier
– Added the training dummy to the training arena. It can be used to farm TP, or just experiment with skills.
– Added’s Ray’s sex scenes to her house, they can be repeated.
– Gave Keke EX a battle sprite
– The Yellow Drips now drop lightning themed items.
– Fixed a bug that prevented you from opening the menu after visiting the Mistral Village contract board.
– Ray’s Mindblast weapon correctly gives you the mind blast skill.
– Keke no longer drops the Pumpkin Queen’s Legendary Pumpkin Slayer Sword.
– Actually added the Eris’s Blessing drop to the scene you get it.
– Smoke Bomb on a Stick no longer replaces attack with ‘Water’
– Fixed the Dual shields not giving you the Shield Bash ability.
– Nerfed the starting swords, and Rat-Killer. (-1 Attack)
– Fixed the exploit where you can increase the village of the quality and increase resource collection by just sleeping,
– Made Pumpkin Queen immune to confusion
– Various typo fixes
– Various variable fixes

– Added Mistral Village as a fully functional place to be managed. (You won’t have enough gemstones to build everything yet, but they’re all operational!)
– 3 Contracts are currently available, each with a sex scene. (4 total lewd scenes)

– Altered the Pumpkin Queen fight so there’s no longer a game breaking bug if using the Steel Armor set.
– Updated the credits with all new music tracks
– Changed some of the equipment for side characters so you can’t steal late-game gear.

– Reset all the necessary variables at the start of the Manor contract so it’s consistent every time you play it, even if you replay it. It’s now a self-contained thing
– Fixed it so if you die in one of the Yulia battles you don’t lose your characters and get booted to the Misty Woods menu

+5 New Romanceable Girls
+5 New Sex Scenes amongst 6 Event CG
+2.5 Hours of content

– Old saves corrupted. To immediately access new material you can use the episode select and choose ‘episode 3’.
– Protagonist no longer has a pre-defined personality and there is now an emphasise on player choice and reaction.

New Content
+5 New Girls
+6 New Sex Scenes
+10 New CG

– Added passive skills (find in Special category)

Fixed a few typos.


Important Notes:
– Old saves are broken again, use the episode select to get a 100% episode 4 save. Unfortunately this is something that was absolutely necessary. I don’t foresee saves ever breaking again, though.


Download For Android


Download For Compressed Win/Mac (568 MB)
MAC Permission Issue Fix
MEDIAFIRE *(Unofficial: A script that fixes permissions on MacOS place it next to the Game.app file and run it)

Keywords: Download Monster Girl 1,000 Game.