Milky Touch Final by Studio Kuma, Milky Touch Game is about welcome to Milky Town. Yesterday, you were just another young man about to start your first day at a private university. Today however, everything is about to change. Your future during this new school year will be embroiled in sneaky plots and surprising twists around both the university and the town itself. Fortunately, just about all of these events will include a number of bodacious women that you’ll have a chance to ‘work closely’ during your adventure.​

Updated: 2021-12-24
Release Date:  2021-12-24
Update Interval:  2 Months
Developer: Studio Kuma Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Milf, School setting, Masturbation, Incest, Footjob, Voyeurism

1. Extract and run.
Ch Final

Ch21 Beta

Chapter 20 Part 2:
One new animation for Claudia
One new animation for Octavia
One new animation for Riley
One new scene for Riley
Three shortscenes (merged into one story) for Claudia
Fully voiced Claudia in part 1
New BGMs
New SFXs

Ch. 18
Day 18 story with 27000 words.
Six Sexual Scenes with one amazing animation
(NOTE: Two Scenes – One big set of the scene are located at the end of Day 15, so make sure you go back and check it out :p)
Two short Cyberpunk story with fan arts (two single pictures) done by our artist
Newly added Sound Effects for Day 18 (experimental)
Brand New Custom BGMs for Day 18
Improved Relationship System
Bug fixes from Alpha
Full Scripts edited from Beta

Ch.19 Beta

Ch. 18
Day 18 story with 27000 words.
Six Sexual Scenes with one amazing animation
(NOTE: Two Scenes – One big set of the scene are located at the end of Day 15, so make sure you go back and check it out :p)
Two short Cyberpunk story with fan arts (two single pictures) done by our artist
Newly added Sound Effects for Day 18 (experimental)
Brand New Custom BGMs for Day 18
Improved Relationship System
Bug fixes from Alpha
Full Scripts edited from Beta

Ch. 16 Alpha
I have a big announcement to make in a few days and I think you guys will be excited.
One thing that has been concerning is that our artist has been mildly sick for a while, nothing major, just coughs and generally feeling unwell and we are hoping that it is just seasonal flu.
The artist hasn’t took any break and kept working on Chapter 16, but if any severe symptoms starts to develop, they’ll need to take a few days off to rest, and also get tested.
besides that, here’s a quick guide for this update:
Scene #1 – Riley – As long as you triggered previous Yoga Scenes, This scene will be automatically triggered.
Scene #2 – Katelyn – This scene is really hot but kinda hard to get.
1. You’ll need to Plant the camera in Karen’s office Again in Day 7 (Which means you’ll not be able to trigger Riley’s Violin Practice Scene)
2. You’ll need to trigger Katelyn Wet Kiss scene
3. Select “Check the cam” when you snuck back into Karen’s Office in Day 13
4. The Scene should be automatically triggered in Day 16
Android: ETA 12 hours
P.S. Riley’s Voices will be added shortly.

Ch. 15.5 Beta
Like we’ve discussed before, this month’s update is tiny cuz the artist went on an In-House vacation. But we still managed to get one short scene done before the artist went on such vacation and here you go.
Claudia and Riley’s new Voice lines are implemented in Ch 15.5 Beta! Strongly recommend you to check them out! VAs have done a fabulous job.

Ch. 15 Beta
BGM for the Octavia scene’s still WIP.
If we are lucky, we will be able to put Riley’s voiced lines into the Official release.
There are two scenes in Alpha, both happen on day 14 and it’s not hard to trigger.
Just make sure you say Yes on day 11 when Riley asks you to come to the concert.

Ch. 14
Okay, the two scenes in this update will take you a bit more effort to trigger. But I’ll include a mini-walkthrough down below to help you guys out.
Voices are coming up, no exact ETA yet, but it is coming up.
Without further due.

Mini WT For Ch 14
a. Claudia Scene:
1. Day 3 – Visit Victor and check out + sniff Karen’s panties
2. Trigger Karen Facefuck Scene (Note: to trigger the face fuck scene, you CAN NOT use the video on Monroe(the boss of the Mask)
3. Day 13 – It’s a trap
4. Day 13 – Agree
b. Katelyn Scene
1. Day 7 – Do deliveries + Plant Eyepro in Karen’s office again + FOCUS!
2. Trigger Katelyn Kissing scene.
3. Day 13 – Check the Cam

Ch. 13 Beta
1. One Scene added.
2. Day 13 (8000 words) added.
3. Riley’s Yoga outfit updated
4. New BGMs
5. A lot of previous bugs and typos fixed!

v1.25 Beta
Voices will be added in the official release (12th of June)
Only one scene added (Secret Scene)
Explore and enjoy!
Chapter 13 will be released on the 19th of June, it’s right around the corner!

One short Karen scene before animations
Two amazing multi-staged and fully voiced animations (they blew my mind away)
Day 12 completed
Day 11+12 fully voiced (Claudia+Karen)
New BGMs
Previous bugs fixed

Teaser of the 29th epic update.
One secret scene (semi-sexual).
Katelyn half-fully voiced
10000 words worth of script (finish day 11 and half of day 12)

Riley scene added
Minor bugfixes & changes

Half of day 11, roughly 6000 words.
One semi-sexual scene (Evelyn)
New musics
New GUI feature – check out the new music room!
Gameplay for v1.0 is pretty easy and REALLY rewarding, so I won’t write you guys a mini-walkthru as I always do, but if you are having trouble getting the scene you want or the route you want, you could always check out the Walkthrough pdf which I will attach down below.

  • GUI 75% integrated
  • Day 10 – 14000 words
  • Claudia – Three Gray-scale scenes
  • Claudia – One Animation + Two sexual scenes + One non-sexual scene
  • Claudia – Sprite Update: Two new amazing dresses + Her daily outfit
  • Fully Voiced Claudia  Day 10 all lines + Sexual Scenes. (A big shot out for our amazing VA KittenVox )
  • A brand new Indication system
  • Day 1-7 script rework (Trimmed off some choices + simply routes.)
  • Victor Sprite update (I know you don’t care but gotta mention it lol)
  • New Original BGMs for Day 10 and sexual scenes.
  • Bug fixes.

Without further due, here ya go.

v0.9 Beta
1. Day 1-7 Claudia partially voiced (Sexual scenes aren’t voiced yet)
a) No words can describe how grateful I’m for Claudia’s VA. She is our Angel and goddess.
2. Three New Sexual Scenes.
3. Custom Name System (wink wink).
4. 25000 newly added scripts~
5. The first animation – a four-staged animation introduced.
6. Previous bugs fixed.

v0.8 Bugfix
Various bugs fixed
Script errors fixed

Two new scenes added
First sex scene implemented
GUI partially integrated
Brand new story in Day 8
Previous bugs fixed

v0.7 Bugfix
Some bugs are fixed.

Three Scenes updated:
Claudia gets a brand new lewd scene
Karen gets a semi-new lewd scene (Time to test your friendship with Victor~)
Riley gets an amazing non-lewd scene
Day 7 story plot V0.6 bugs fixed

Karen now is fully voiced (125+ lines + 5 mins of moaning + sfx).
Karen’s new sexual scenes.
Karen’s Character Re-designed
A new set of clothing for Claudia.
Day 6 plots. 6. Introduction of Riley and Evelyn.
New Background Pictures
5 New BGMs
Mini-game added a skip option.
Previous bugs fixed.
Old saves will not work for v0.6

Bug fixes

v0.5 Beta
Rebuild in Renpy
20 + newly designed background pictures
new- day 5 story plot
new- day 5’s Claudia scene
three brand new BGM for the game
complete overhaul of day 1~4 ‘s script

Day 4 added
Karen’s masturbation scene reworked
Karen received a new scene in day 4

Gallery Unlock: Kuma!!!

Enter the code in the name input of MC

Relationship Guide
Karen is Victors:Mom,Mother
imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox imgbox

Character relationships can be changed using the Relationship menu settings
This feature may not work with old saves

**MEGA Password: Chapter 20


Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC (Ch. 20 Beta)
Download For Android (Ch. 20 Beta)
Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Compressed MAC (307 MB)
Download Walkthrough Ch.21
Download Gallery Unlocker
The hidden ending in the gallery isn’t a scene and has no replay label in the code, It’s just a still image of Claudia in a wedding dress (an even skimpier one than Riley’s), and the only way to unlock it is to 100% the game by unlocking all other scenes in the gallery through normal play, including the other hidden one on day 12.

For Instant, Download then EXTRACT the attachment and drop it into the ‘game’ folder, backup then delete the original ‘Functions.rpy’ and ‘Functions.rpyc’ files, and then put in the gallery unlock code (change the player’s name to ‘Kuma!!!’ in the relationships screen) again to get those 2 hidden/question mark scenes unlocked. MEDIAFIRE

Milky Touch Studio Kuma mega, Download Milky Touch compressed Visual Novel, Download Milky Touch full version.

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