Love and Corruption v0.3.13 by Airell, In Love and Corruption, you’ll play the role of Kristan Silversword, a young swordsman who is coming to a new life after deep trauma. He will need to venture into the world of Aedryll, tasked with cleaning up any traces of corruption he finds.

This game is about exploring a vast world and discovering maps, people, quests, items, stories. But most importantly, romances with all kinds of different women.

Elves, Orcs, Nymphs, Catgirls, Wolfgirls, Bunnygirls, Goblins, Demonesses… Pure cuties that will help you, and corrupt girls that need to be stopped and tamed, and will stand in your way.

Discover hot romances of all kinds, with a lot of interactivity and, of course, profound things like pregnancy and forming a large family with your favorite waifus as you try to deal with an evil far greater than your efforts!

Updated: 2024-03-25
Release Date: 2024-03-25
Developer: Airell – Patreon – Discord – Itch – Wiki – Newgrounds – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.13
OS: Windows
Language: English
Average gameplay: 20 hours
Genre: Current kinks

Vaginal sex, fem dom, male dom, male protagonist, big tits, milf, Fantasy, Combat, Turn based combat, Virgin, Romance, tittyfuck, Pregnancy, Furry, Oral sex, Adventure, Monster girl, TF, Milf, Slavery, magic corruption, trait/personality customization, prostitution, Lactation

More slavery, more girls of all races, more pregnancy

Never will be… Seriously, don’t ask!
Loli, Shota, Necro, Beasty, Scat, futa, gay content, NTR stuff

1. Extract and run on the browser.
Ver 0.3.13 Changelog

  • Astana Storyline Expanded
    • New routine for Astana living in Skystone – Training, Dating, Breakfast, Sex events…
    • New romance quest for Astana in Argekh – Astana Heart
    • Expanded her interactions
      • First Scratchy Lotus – Romance Quest Related (Unique)
      • Fluffy Thighjob (Aelrie tier+)
      • Scratchy Lotus (Aelrie tier+)
      • Missionary
      • Cowgirl
      • Sex System – With unique variations…
      • Morning Needy Cowgirl
      • Bathing Events
        • First Doggybath (Unique)
        • Spend Time Together – Sweet… And Scratchy…
        • Wet Tittyjob (Aelrie tier+)
        • Warm Footjob
        • Wet Doggystyle
      • Training Together at Skystone
      • Dating Events – Forest Date (Unique and repeatable)
      • Introduction with Agatha – If Agatha is living in Skystone and has a strong enough relationship with Kristan
  • Luna New Events
    • New Dating Events – Grey Forest Dates (Unique and Repeatable)
    • Preggo Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
    • Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
    • Wet Thighjob – Bath Chambers (Aelrie tier+)
  • Removed sexual interactions with hostile/generic girls – For game coherence
  • Compressed game images/artworks greatly, must maintain good quality
  • Completely polished the game’s UI, heavy change
  • Reworked Reagents System/UI, pretty polished now…
  • Gharol, Radasha, Shelana, and Moggana events dynamics polished
    • For the coherence of the game and aiming for future new content, you can reserve the girls just for you, for a price
    • Gharol’s dialogues and events polished a bit
    • Girls’ dialogues and events polished a bit
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Astana events
    • Luna events
  • New artworks added
    • Astana – New Clothes
    • Astana – Dating at Forest
    • Luna – Artwork Rework
    • Gharol – Lovely Missionary
    • Astana – Lying Together
    • Astana – Missionary
    • Luna – Bath Boobjob
    • Lyrith – Sweet Bathing
    • Reagents Artworks – All added
    • Orc Sex System – Womb/Fertility Artwork
    • Gnoll Sex System – Womb Artwork
  • Lots more polishing throughout the game… If you see any new content not listed here, it’s something I probably forgot to mention…


Ver 0.3.12 Changelog

  • Luelle Storyline Expanded
    • Added Luelle’s home, her routine, and new dialogues
    • Expanded her route
      • First dating and Repeatable Dating events
      • Argekh Harvest Festival Event – Big event, many scenes there
        • Tasting the Lily
        • Loving Missionary
        • Wildy Doggystyle
      • Sixtynine
      • Taste the Lily
      • Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
      • Some dialogues and new events – With Lara, Luelle’s best friend, and Esmeth.
  • Lyrith New Events
    • New Dating Events – Forest special datings (Lovely and sappy…)
    • Flowery Lotus (Aelrie tier+)
    • New Bathing Events – After she receives Gwen’s nature pendant
      • First Wet Cowgirl (Unique)
      • Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
      • Sixtynine
      • Cowgirl
  • Goblin Slavers Reworked – Old writing, needed to be rewritten, and this is done…
    • Be Served
    • Doggystyle
    • Some cheaty flavor, I like adding little “epilogues” for these events…
  • Luna Content – Rewritten first event at bath chambers (Boobjob)
  • Polished effects system, new ones added
    • Singing Effect – Wild Elves and Alraunes, part of their lore… Powerful effect
    • Polished and expanded milk effects for each breed, including unique descriptions
    • Alraunes’ sap has a special effect…
  • Added some images to the maps, a little test to see how this will look
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Luelle events
    • Lyrith events
    • Goblin Slaver Female new events
  • Codex Updated – Lots of polish and adjustments
    • Luelle events
    • Lyrith events
    • Goblin Slaver Female new events
  • New artworks added
    • Luelle – Missionary
    • Lyrith – Sweet Lotus (New angle)
    • Lyrith – Nature bracelet variation
    • Gwen – Dating at Forest
    • Herer – Character Artwork
    • Ammelie – Character Artwork Rework
    • Agatha – Bath Boobjob
    • Ruby – Sweet Chibby
  • Tons of text polish, code and adjustments. I have the feeling that I forgot to add something to the changelog…

Version 0.3.11 Changelog!

  • Syrin Storyline Expanded
    • Added Syrin’s home, her routine, and new dialogues
    • Expanded her route
      • Damned Love – Unique and special event
      • Lotus (Aelrie+)
      • Thighjob (Aelrie+)
      • Doggystyle
      • Missionary
      • Sex system with unique variations
      • Morning Doggystyle
    • Bath Events
      • Spend time together
      • Wet & Warm Footjob
  • Evelyn New Events
    • New Dating Events – Forest special datings
    • New events
      • Wild Footjob (Aelrie+)
      • Wet Thighjob (Aelrie+)
  • Reworked Game UI – New icons, styling and layout, and various polishes… Much prettier than before
  • Expanded First Call Mission – Received some good additions and a bit of a rework
    • Expanded Usanna’s Camp with 2 new tasks and new dialogues
    • General polishing…
    • Suggestion from Yotetar
  • Expanded Skystone Rescue Mission – Received a good expansion…
    • Reworked and expanded with a special quest in Skystone Forest before heading to the castle
    • Reworked the events with Aldwyn for better story sense and clarity
    • Gwen will help you on this mission…
    • Complete reintroduction of Selena, now she has a renewed story and will be in Skystone soonish… (If you claim her…)
    • Suggestion from Yotetar too
  • Expanded Helping Fellise Mission – Small change in combat against Aketh, Ellaryel will help you with this…
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Evelyn events
    • Syrin events
    • Goblin Slaver Female events
    • UI rework, for prettiness!
  • New artworks added
    • Syrin – Doggystyle POV
    • Evelyn – Wet Thighjob
    • Violith – Lying Together
    • Audric – Character Artwork
    • Edakh – Character Artwork
    • Devery – Character Artwork
    • Vedetta – Character Artwork
    • Darren – Character Artwork
    • Sex History – Womb, vagina, and eggs/fetus artworks for Felisians, Lupines, Cyaris, and Edayns

]Version 0.3.10 Changelog!

  • Adriene Storyline Expanded
    • Added Adriene’s home, her routine, and new dialogues
    • Expanded her route
      • First kitten warmnight – Winny (Unique)
      • Wetty sixtynine
      • Scratchy footjob (Aelrie+)
      • New dating variation
  • Katherine Storyline Expanded
    • Expanded her routine, some new dialogues, breakfast, bathing…
    • New events
      • Cowgirl
      • Missionary
      • Doggystyle (Aelrie+)
      • Sex system with unique variations
    • Bathing interactions
      • Wetty footjob
      • Sweet time together
  • Gwen New Events – New events and new dialogues
    • Honey sixtynine (Aelrie+)
    • Wet Thighjob (Aelrie+)
    • New dating event – Romantic Dinner, with cute dancing together…
  • Dyanna New Events – Honey wholesome stuff! <3
    • Dyanna first hunt event (Unique)
    • Spending time together
  • Meals System Rework
    • Each location/city/kingdom can have a typical food with a different effect and descriptions
    • Special effect for Mommy Milks – In the next updates, I will add different effects to the milk of each race…
    • Suggestion from Fadeseeker
  • Sex History Rework
    • Reworked sex hist layout, added artworks (WIP, more of them will be added for each race overtime…)
    • Implemented views for Creampie and Pregnancy statuses (with stages, but for now, only fur Human babies… Sorry, artwork needs time xP)
  • Rurth and Rwena new sidequest – Forgotten Wolf (You can bring Lupine slaves to their store)
  • Reworked the Gray Claws town – Horeth (Most of placeholder for now, added initial dialogues for Heder, however…)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Adriene events
    • Katherine events
    • Gwen events
  • New artworks added
    • Dyanna – Sweet Time Together
    • Gwen – Wet Thighjob
    • Adriene – Honey Sixtynine
    • Priscilla – Laying together
    • Agatha – Scratchy Sixtynine
    • Thazeh – Character Artwork
    • Sex History – Womb, vagina, and eggs/fetus artworks (Only Humans, for now…)
  • Corrections and polishes, lots of tests… Special thanks to Dunnask, Bigmac66, HolyDragonKnight, and Vevenue!\

Version 0.3.9 Changelog!
Finally there, guys… Ver 0.3.9 is ALIVE! In this one, we have Esmeth’s storyline complete, with several new events and dialogues for our sweet half-Gnoll girl. And opening the doors for us to soon start Luelle’s storyline too…

  • Esmeth storyline completed
    • New romance quest – Lost Hearts (Performance matters…)
    • Expanded routine/dialogues/events
    • New events
      • First Lovenight (Unique)
      • Sixtynine (Aelrie tier+)
      • Missionary
      • Cowgirl (Aelrie tier+)
      • Doggystyle
      • Morning Footjob
      • Sex System – Unique variations for Esmeth
    • Bathing events
      • Spend time together
      • Wet Thighjob
  • Luelle dialogues and interaction added – Just some fun dialogues… For now
  • Violith new events
    • First Footjob (Unique)
    • Dating events
    • Some new dialogues
    • Missionary (Aelrie tier+)
    • Warm Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
    • Wet Tailjob (Aelrie tier+)
  • New side-quests
    • Black Sheep – Edakh side-quest (Repeatable)
    • Lost Hearts – Esmeth romance quest (Unique)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Violith scenes
    • Esmeth scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Esmeth – Missionary
    • Luelle – Char Artwork
    • Violith – Wet Tailjob
    • Esmeth – Char rework/New armor/Pose
    • Luna – Laying together (Preggo variations)
    • Priscilla – Tasting her flower
    • Elvire – Char Artwork
    • Violith – Sweet chibby (Special and cute! <3)
  • Spelling corrections and polishing, special thanks to Dunnask, Bigmac66, OneYenShort, and our beloved Asia!

Version 0.3.8 Changelog!
Loooong, but complete with success, guys! Ver 0.3.8 is alive, with lots of new artwork and content for Fellise and some additional flair around the game… But let’s get into the details in the changelog… Our Dark Star is shining!

  • Kailyn storyline completed
    • New romance quest – Kailyn Heart (Performance matters…)
    • New routine/dialogues/events
    • New events
      • First Lovenight (Unique)
      • Missionary
      • Morning 69
      • Warmy Footjob (Aelrie tier+)
      • Warm Cowgirl (Aelrie tier+)
      • Skratchy Lotus
      • Sex System – Unique variations for Kailyn
    • Bathing events
      • Spend time together
      • Wet doggystyle
  • Ellaryel new events
    • Dating Event
    • Bath Boobjob (Alerie tier+)
    • Wet Flower Flavor (Rewriten…)
  • Slaves System Expansion
    • Generic slaves are now recognized at the Sex History System/Sex System
    • Generic slaves dating event – Personality variations
  • Codex stuff – Organized, added “Family Tab”, for our firstborns…
  • Stables added the main cities/towns – Allows fast travel (25 coins…)
  • Edakh new quest – Edakh Runaway Slaves
    • Also, be careful… Your performance affects the outcome of the mission…
    • If successful, Edakh will sell Cyaris and Felisians in his shop
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Kailyn scenes
    • Ellaryel scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Kailyn – Missionary
    • Ellaryel – Bath Boobjob
    • Evelyn – Lying Together
    • Lisbeth – Lying Together (Preggo variations)
    • Lothair – Char Artwork
    • Celestia – Char Artwork
    • Violith – Warm Doggystyle

Ver 0.3.7 Public

That’s it, guys… v0.3.7 is here. This was a pretty big release… Bigger than I usually do. 3 weeks creating content, events and missions… And Ghorza’s preggo storyline!

  • Ghorza pregnancy storyline – Our loving wild beauty
    • Dialogs and event variations
      • Preggo romantic request
      • Preggo discovery
      • All dialogues for pregnancy
      • Preggo sweet morning together
      • Preggo dating event
      • Birth events & Kids, motherly events
    • New bedroom events for preggo added… Many of them…
      • Preggo. Cowgirl
      • Preggo. Missionary
      • Preggo. Doggystyle (Alerie+ tier)
      • Taste the cherry (Preggo special… Because of course…)
      • Preggo. Boobjob (Needed…)
      • Morning preggo cowgirl
      • Lactation trouble event
    • Bathing new events
      • Preggo spend time together
      • Preggo. Boob Massage
      • Preggo. Doggy Bath
      • Wet Footjob (Aelrie+ tier)
      • Wet Preggo. Footjob (Aelrie+ tier)
    • Ghorza’s children events
      • Dillen, firstborn – Cute events
      • Ghorza can have other 4 children – Each of them has unique events…
      • Small event in the library – When they’re teenagers
  • Agatha new events
    • Agatha footjob (Aelrie+ tier)
  • Gwen new events
    • MC new horse – Special and cute…
    • Events at the Stables
    • Dating events – Horseback riding in the forest
  • Sex history subsystem added – For all girls
    • This is accessible to romantic girls that the MC already has a relationship with…
    • You can check their status: Vagina, Fertility, Purity, Children, Sexual history
  • Brightstand Guild
    • New rank avaliable – Journeyman
    • New missions added – Under The Rugs, Shady Flower, Hidden Thieves Guild
    • Irene Intro events – Guild master
  • Rasha – Some new pregnancy dialogue variations
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Agatha scenes
    • Ghorza scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Agatha – Footjob
    • Gwen – Lying together
    • Lisbeth – Doggystyle rework
    • Thalia, Vallia princess – Character artwork
    • Valerian, Vallia prince – Character artwork
    • Ghorza – All preggo artrwok variations
    • Ghorza – Doggystyle scene (Preggo/Non-Preggo)
    • Dillen – Ghorza’s firstborn
  • Adjustments and polishes throughout the game – If you have issues with saves, let me know

Ver 0.3.6 Public

Finally guys. This is an update focused on our brown star: Priscilla. But there were a lot of changes, polishes and improvements… I don’t even know where to start, but I’ll try to add everything to the changelog. xP

  • Priscilla storyline completed – Our brown star
    • Priscilla’s routes, events and dialogues completed
    • Priscilla can live in Skystone now, all routine added
      • Training together
      • Sleeping/Morning together
      • Breakfast
      • Dating events
      • Evelyn and Aedan events – If has romance with Evelyn
    • Scenes added
      • Missionary (Repeatable)
      • Doggystyle (Repeatable)
      • Cowgirl (Repeatable, Aelrie tier+)
      • Bath First Boobjob (Unique)
      • Bath Spend Time (Repeatable, romantic)
      • Bath Footjob (Repeatable, Aelrie tier+)
      • Bath Boobjob (Repeatable)
      • Wetty Doggystyle (Repeatable)
      • Wet tittyjob (Repeatable)
      • Morning undercovers massage (Repeatable) – Because of course…
      • Sex system – Unique variations for Priscilla
  • Adriene storyline
    • Intro events and dialogue
    • Just the intro, for now… More in the next updates.
  • Reworked the entire tilemaps – All maps updated… A lot of work…
    • Countless new designed tiles
    • Redesigned and many rewritten/updated maps
    • Updated the deep code… I don’t need to say more.
  • Agatha – Training together event added
  • Renelis – Polishing and “Taste her” scene added
  • Codex expansion and polishing – Special thanks to Bigmac66 and Fadeseeker
  • Skystone Storage added
    • Storage map
    • Storage system, with about 200 slots
    • Proper description zones to each class of item
  • Innertone
    • Added build option – Expand kitchen
    • Added build option – Restore Bath Chambers
    • Both add extra weekly renevue to the Innertone
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Priscilla scenes
    • Renelis scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Lisbeth – Dating event (Preggo variations)
    • Priscilla – Cowgirl
    • Adriene – Character artwork
    • Azyr – Character artwork
    • Renelis – Forest boobjob
    • Onann – Character artwork
    • Jaslyn – Character artwork
  • Megatons of bughunt and grammar polishes – Ugh, huge… Massive work…
    • Special thanks to OneYenShort, HolyDragonKnight, Bigmac66, VoidKnight, Seeedaum.

Ver 0.3.5

Ver 0.3.5… Plenty of things to talk about here, guys. Agatha is the star of the update, but we have a lot of other little things… I’ll try to gather it all up in the Changelog, it’s really a lot of details that my mind has trouble remembering all.

  • Agatha storyline added – Our daring Gnoll servant
    • Intro events and dialogues (With love variations)
    • Datings event (With variations)
    • Scenes added
      • First warm massage (Unique) – Special…
      • First lotus love (Unique) – Veeery sweet… And scratchy.
      • First bath boobjob (Unique)
      • Missionary (Repeatable, Aelrie tier+)
      • Lotus (Repeatable)
      • Cowgirl (Repeatable)
      • Blowjob (Repeatable)
      • Sixtynine (Repeatable)
      • Bath flower (Repeatable, Aelrie tier+)
      • Bath doggystyle (Repeatable)
      • Wet tittyjob (Repeatable)
      • Morning footjob (Repeatable) – Because of course…
      • Sex system – Unique variations for Agatha
  • Finished “Ravenna Dark Night quest”
    • Pretty long story mission… But an interesting one, and it will open new doors.
    • Lynara bad ending – Be tamed and ridden…
    • Reward unique item – Mythril golden pendant
  • Added Calendar – New menu with game date in detail, and other lore stuff… Will expand that soon.
    • Aydar Gems desc and artwork
    • Proper world building description
  • Slavery system – Bathing
    • New expansion for the Bath Chambers
    • It will allow servants to take a bath… And something sexy.
    • Expanded the Bath Chambers map a little bit.
  • Updated some story variables and adjustments
    • Corrupted female Orcs are no longer sexable (Lore wyse…)
    • Codex expanded and polished
    • Lots of writing polishings – Special thanks to OneYenShort!
    • Added new class of item, Gemstones – Can be equipped and enchanted
    • Added 3 new gems, new drops with about 5% drop chance
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Agatha scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Meryel – Sixtynine
    • Agatha – Lotus
    • New Gemstones and Aydar Gemstones
    • Rurth – Character artwork
    • Agatha – Character artwork (Armor, naked, casual)
  • Game polishing and testing… Always

Ver 0.3.4

Ver 0.3.4… This one took a little longer than usual. Little extra surprises added… Lis, Gharol, servants training… General game polishes… But there you go!

  • Syrin storyline added – Our new sweet, cursed Elf girl
    • Intro events, battles and dialogues
    • Home map and routine (West Mountains – Ancient Forest)
    • Datings event (With variations)
    • Scenes added
      • First love massage (Unique) – Special massage…
      • First lovenight (Unique) – Cute missionary… With lovely artwork
      • Warm massage (Repeable)
      • Taste wild cherry (Repeable)
  • New events for Lisbeth
    • Dating event – Lean Plate at Ardass
    • Sweet footjob – Aelrie tier+ (Repeable)
      • Pregnant
      • Non-Pregnant
  • New events for Meryel
    • New home event – 50+ Love
    • New home map and routine
    • Intro scene – Special lotus (Unique)
    • Breakfast and Sleeping together
    • Bath events
      • Spend time together – Lovely…
      • Bath doggystyle
  • New events for Gharol
    • Troubled wife event – Unexpected event… (Unique, 60+ love)
    • New dialogues (Unique)
  • New stuff for Lyra
    • Ancient Forest Hunt – Secondary quest
    • Peace to the Eagles – Repeable quest
    • Added combat circle for Lyra – New event and new rewards!
    • Added to some changes to Lyra’s map, the Elven city gets a little more life
  • Slavery system – Training
    • You can send your servants to be trained in Chained Ether
    • They can be trained with some new traits, for now (Work-related)
    • 200 coins for every training section
    • Every training takes 3 days
  • New passive encounters – Lyra soldier, male and female (Ancient Forest)
    • After completing Ancient Forest Hunt quest…
    • Small friendly event/battle with both
    • Lyra Female Soldier events
      • Dinner and Drink together
      • Missionary (Repeable)
      • Sixtynine (Repeable)
      • Footjob (Repeable)
      • Sex system (Repeable)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Syrin scenes
    • Lisbeth scenes
    • Lyra Female Soldier
  • Codex updated
    • Added new characters/info
    • Reagents lore added
    • Spelling corrections
    • Special thanks to OneYenShort too!
  • Combat/Statuses full rebalance – The game should be much more balanced now
  • New artworks added
    • Lyra Female Soldier – Character artwork
    • Syrin and Eagle Queen – Charater artworks
    • Esmeth – Blowjob
    • Syrin – Missionary
    • Rasha cunnilingus – Sexy, preggo and non-preggo
  • Game polishing & testing… Always

Ver 0.3.3

… This release has many different focuses. Katherine, Lorraine, additions to the slavery system, Lyrith… And tons of general polishes and tweaks!

  • Katherine storyline expanded – After you complete “Restoring Skystone”
    • For Katherine…
      • New dialogues and scenes
      • New job at Hazel Arrow (50 coins p. shift)
      • Home map & routine added
      • Datings scenes (With variations)
      • Scenes added
        • First night together (Unique)
        • First love weekend (Unique) – First missionary, First bath thighjob, First lotus
        • Warm massage (Repeable)
        • Taste the cherry (Repeable)
    • For Lorraine…
      • Lorraine is Katherine’s daughter, and to move forward with Kath, the protagonist needs a good relationship with her.
      • Home map & routine added
      • Going out scenes (With variations)
      • New dialogues added
  • Lyrith storyline expanded
    • Blue pendant event (50+ love)
    • After the Blue Pendant event, Lyrith is free to roam around Skystone.
    • Flowery lovedays together (Aelrie+ tier)
      • First lotus
      • Bath Tittyjob (Repeable)
      • Night cowgirl (Repeable)
  • Cedric events – After you complete “Restoring Skystone”
    • Old Soldier enchantment request
    • Fussy grandchildren training
    • Getting these events successfully opens up an extra option with Katherine…
  • New quests
  • Phoenix Forge Search – After completing “Supply Delay”
    • After the “Supply Delay” side quest, this opens up a repeable quest with Adalyn and Marco.
    • You can search for special raw metals in the Skystone forest, supplying the blacksmith’s demands…
  • Slavery system – Jobs system
    • Slaves jobs added – Cleaning, Kitchen, Caregiver, Library, Guard Hand
    • You can see them on their routine in the castle between 10-16 hours
    • You can see them interacting with the girls too
    • New personality traits for slaves (Work related…)
  • Story mission “Ravenna Dark Night” expanded a bit more…
  • Skystone income is now stackable, if you stay out of the castle longer…
  • Characters polishing/slightly expanded
    • Gael, Skystone guard captain
    • Aedan, Evelyn’s brother
    • Herrick, Kristan’s father (Intro…)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Katherine scenes
    • Lyrith scenes
    • Felisian Thied Female
  • Tons of fixes and polishes
    • Codex updated – Reorganization and polishing
      • Fey people info
      • Beastkin people info
      • Halfkin people info
      • Other several info… I don’t remember all them…
    • Spelling corrections
    • Other various fixes… Special thanks to OneYenShort!
  • New artworks added
    • Naomi – Warm cowgirl
    • Herrick – Charater artwork
    • Gael – Charater artwork
    • Lorraine – Charater artwork
    • Lyrith – Flowery cherry
    • Katherine – Warm massage
    • Felisian Female Thief – Character artwork (Nude/Dressed)
    • Usin tamer – Male and Female
  • Game polishing & testing… Because of course

Ver 0.3.2 – Changelog

  • Kailyn storyline expanded
    • New dialogues and scenes
    • Home map & routine added
    • Datings scenes
    • Quest added – Faun Claw search
    • Scenes added
      • First “playtime” massage
      • Warm massgage (Repeable)
      • Pink cherry taste (Repeable)
  • Luna scenes – Aelrie tier+
    • Added pregnant variations for Luna trip event in Innerstone
      • First preggo. cowgirl
      • Preggo. Tittyjob (Repeable)
      • Preggo. cowgirl (Repeable)
      • Dialogues and variations for pregnancy
  • Priscilla event
    • Priscilla’s storyline received a small expansion, and a big event. (40+ Love)
      • Micro-quest for Priscilla
      • Kitty first love
      • Lake boobjob
      • Dinner, wine and doggystyle
  • New passive encounter added – Wilderness Forest
  • Usin tamer – After completing the tribe restoration event
    • Help her & small dinner with wine
    • Cowgirl
    • Sixtynine
    • Sex! (Sex system)
  • New map added to Ancient Forest – Western mountains
    • New harvest places
    • New rare and expensive reagent – Unlocked after Kailyn’s quest
    • New hostile encounter added – Grisian Eagle
      • Found in Ancient Forest and Western mountains
      • Drops a new rare reagent (Grisian Eagle Feather)
  • New quests
    • Faun Claw search – After completing “Helping Fellise”, started by visiting Kailyn
    • Search for Durium – After completing “Helping Fellise” and viewing the Ore Rings restock event
  • Story mission “Ravenna Dark Night” expanded a bit more…
  • Castle slavery system expanded
    • Added new dialogue variations for the Interaction event & others (Personality based)
    • Added traits list system – This influences the slaves’ value, status and behavior…
    • General minor fixes and polishings (Minor things I don’t remember right now…)
  • Family scene added – Ruby spend time (With proper artwork <3)
  • Gallery updated – Monarch tier
    • Kailyn scenes
    • Priscila scenes
    • Usin Tamer scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Elyseth – Human form
    • Kailyn – Warm playtime
    • Quira artwork
    • Ruby – Spend time
    • Lisbeth – New conservative outfit
    • Priscilla – Armor rework
    • Felisian thief – Male
    • Usin tamer – Male and Female
    • Kailyn blowjob
    • Lyrith doggystyle
  • Game polishing & testing… Of course

Ver 0.3.1

Version 0.3.1, finally! This release focuses on revitalizing Argekh, adding new romance storylines to spice up our game. Astana, Esmeth, a new hostile opponent, new small missions, new characters… Anyway, that was big!

  • Argekh renovated and expanded
    • New slave shop – New races
    • Argekh Fort and new romance story (Esmeth)
    • Battle circle, new items & gold reward sys
    • New romances – Esmeth and Astana
    • New hostile encounters – Felisian thieves
  • Astana storyline
    • New scenes and interactions
      • New dialogues
      • New dating scenes
    • New sex scenes
      • First warm massage
      • First lovenight
      • Taste the cherry
      • Blowjob
  • Esmeth storyline
    • Esmeth home map
    • New scenes and interactions
      • New dialogues & routine
      • New dating scenes
      • Intro quest – Argekh troops safety
    • New sex scenes
      • First warm massage
      • Taste the cherry
      • Boobjob
  • New big event for Belle and Eileen – Aelrie tier+
  • Can restore the lake lakeshore – South of the farm
    • If Belle and Eileen agreed to share the protag and he fixed lakeshore, he can invite the girls to spend the day at the lake
    • Scenes
      • Massage for both
      • Dual warm massage
      • Dual doggystyle
      • Special/Dual climax
  • Felisian thieves
    • Found in the Fellise Outskirts, Argekh Plains, and North Hills
    • Female thief interactions
      • Stand hidden sex
      • Be served
      • Sex system
      • Warm footjob – If lose battle…
  • Quests added
    • Argekh troops safety
    • Argekh bandit cleaning
  • Castle slavery system expanded
    • Expanded and improved interactions system
    • Take slaves to other places
    • Take slaves to sleep at your bedroom (Max 2 at once, need to have the king size bed)
    • Personality based event/dialogue variations
    • Content/Effect for virgin slaves added to the sex system
  • Pregnancy scenes – Added pregnancy request scene for all girls, releasing their pregnancy storyline (Just before they have their first baby)
  • Gallery updated – Added Astana and Esmeth current scenes
  • New artworks added
    • Belle – Cowgirl sex
    • Astana – Warm blowjob
    • Orthar char. artwork
    • Astana char. artwork
    • Esmeth char. artwork
  • Game polishing & testing… Of course.

Ver 0.3.0

First release of the 0.3 line… Two big things. First, Luna’s storyline pregnancy. And not least, the game’s servant system. Extensive… To celebrate the completion of the reworks, I give you guys what you asked for in the poll. Luna’s pregnancy, and much more!

  • Luna pregnancy storyline
    • New scenes and interactions
    • Added new dialogs and events for pregnancy
      • New dialogues
      • Birth events
      • Breakfast
    • New scenes
      • Preggo. Doggystyle
      • Preggo. Missionary
      • Preggo. Blowjob
      • Preggo. Taste the cherry
      • Preggo. Eager Cowgirl
      • Luna milk trouble (Lactation if pregnant)
    • Bath scenes
      • Preggo. Bath boobjob
      • Preggo. Bath doggystyle
      • Preggo. Spendtime together
    • Children events
      • Birth and children interactions
      • Firstborn and other children
        • Unique events for Luna’s firstborn, each age
        • Unique events for other Luna’s kids, each age
  • New Characters
    • Audric, city general.
    • Gael, Skystone guard right hand, protag’s commander.
    • Rwena and Rurth, shop owners.
  • Protecting Skystone quest added
    • After rebuilding the castle wall, Violith will introduce the quest.
    • You must rebuild the Garrison to Skystone, allowing you to complete the quest.
    • After completing, the invasion system is released and a new unique character is released, a new follower, Gael.
  • Slave Owner Certificate quest added
    • Obtainable after building the Slaves Quarters with Khae, viewing Violith’s introductory scene there. (If you already saw it, the mission will start automatically when loading the save.)
    • Upon completion, this releases Chained Ether, Ardass slave market.
    • You now need the certificate to be able to take any slave to Skystone. New conditional for taking Ghorza to the castle if you haven’t already.
  • New builds for Skystone
    • Bottom slaves quarters. (Sub quarters for scribes, 8 bedrooms)
    • Castle Dungeon, allowing you to take the raid’s prisoners as slaves. (Requires Slavery necklaces and the Certificate)
    • Castle Garrison. (Needed to complete Protecting Skystone quest)
  • Castle invasion system added
    • Released after Protecting Skystone quest.
    • Occasionally, opponents may attack Skystone, and you must defend this by leading your guard
    • Gold gain for each raid, if you win. Losing means being raided, losing a large amount of gold
    • You can choose a follower to fight by your side. Winning means love gain, losing… Well, you know
  • Slaves system added
    • To deal with slaves, you must complete the quest and secure your certificate.
    • Randomly generated slaves added
    • You can capture slaves after castle raids, if you win. (Need Slavery necklaces in your inventory)
    • You can choose custom pics for them (Add this to “slavesCustom” folder in game folder)
    • You can train/interact slaves in your dungeon or in the Bottom slaves bedrooms
      • Interaction system, based on obedience and love
      • Sex system, after they’re loyal enough…
    • You can buy and sell slaves on Chained Ether
      • Slaves restock market happens weekly
      • Value of slaves depends on their obedience, but also physical traits and age
      • Can buy Slavery necklaces
  • Added all pregnancy events for all girls to dream list, lactation too… (Masturbation menu)
  • New artworks added
    • Ellaryel – Taste cherry
    • Luna – Pregnancy variations for all her current artowks
    • Gwen – Bath boobjob
    • Slavery necklace
  • Game reward codes now work individually
  • Game polishing & testing

Ver 0.2.14

A large release focused on finishing the line of reworks of old game content. Now, that’s complete… Also bringing a lot of new content for Rasha, Gharol and Durya!

  • Rasha storyline full reworked and expanded
    • New scenes and interactions
    • Polished all dialogs
    • Rasha’s home new map
    • New scenes
      • First warm massage (Unique)
      • First night together (Unique)
      • Cowgirl (New)
      • Doggystyle (Rewriten)
      • Lovemaking (Rewriten)
      • Taste her (New)
      • Be served (New)
      • Rasha milk trouble (Lactation if pregnant)
    • Dating scenes
      • Dating at Black Axes town (Preggo/non-preggo)
    • Bath scenes
      • Spend time together (Preggo/non-preggo)
      • Wet thighjob
  • Gharol storyline reworked and expanded
    • New scenes and interactions
    • Polished/expanded all dialogs
    • Added new job to the protag
      • Variation dialogue/charm to Gharol
      • 50 coins p. turn
    • New scenes
      • First servicing (Unique)
      • First warm night (Unique)
      • Missionary (New)
      • Doggystyle (Rewriten)
      • Tittyjob (New)
      • Taste her (New)
      • Morning boobjob (New)
  • Durya storyline reworked and expanded
    • New scenes and interactions
    • New/expanded all dialogs
      • Reworked intro
      • Rasha now will follow the protag into the Cavern problems quest
      • Training together at Black Axes town
        • With variants depending on the relationship
    • New scenes
      • First footjob (Unique)
      • Warm footjob (New)
      • Taste her (New)
  • Skystone region possesions subsystem
    • Protag can claim Skystone buldings – Yaket tower, Sincely mines, Innerstone Inn
    • Can restore Innerstone Inn
      • Income system added. (Innerstone only, for now…)
  • Luna new events – Aelrie+ tier
    • Romance trip (If Innerstone is repaired and has one Luxury room added)
    • 4 new scenes and several dialogue variations
      • First cowgirl (Unique)
      • Tittyjob (New)
      • Lotus (New)
      • Cowgirl (New)
  • Renee new events
    • Renee milk trouble (Lactation if pregnant)
  • Polished and expanded Game Gallery – Monarch tier
    • Rasha events
    • Gharol events
    • Eileen events
    • Belle events
  • New items added
    • Scaled shield – Ore Rings shop
    • Light steel shield – Human thieves drop chance
  • New artworks added
    • Evelyn – Taste cherry
    • Khae – Taste cherry
    • Eileen – Lotus sex
    • Male Goblin soldier
    • Female Goblin soldier rework
  • Enchantment system rebalance – All items and weapons have their limit doubled
  • Game polishing & testing

Ver 0.2.13

Release focused on Naomi. Our young noblewoman has had her storyline reworked and fully expanded. Our girls on Slaves pens have also been reworked, giving them new content… And more throughout the game.

  • Naomi storyline full reworked and expanded
    • New scenes and interactions
    • Intro scene and new interactions
      • Breakfast, bath…
      • New dialogues
      • Naomi codex
    • Dating scenes
      • Drinking together, meet her friends…
    • Sex scenes
      • First loving massage (Unique)
      • First lovenight (Unique)
      • Missionary
      • Cute cowgirl
      • Be served
      • Taste the cherry
      • Morning footjob
      • Sex system (With unique variants for Naomi)
    • Bathing scenes
      • Hot time together
      • Wet doggystyle
  • Slaves pens girls reworked
    • Talk & spend time together
    • Shelana
      • Breast massage
      • Missionary
    • Radasha
      • Sixtynine
      • Let her ride
    • Moggana
      • Blowjob
      • Doggystyle
  • New scenes for Lisbeth
    • Taste her flavor (Pregnant & Non-Pregnant)
  • Reworked Ellaryel role at Game Intro
    • Now Ellaryel have a major role at the intro
    • She can follow you, and fight your battles
    • Reworked “First Call” with Ellaryel dynamic
  • Polished and expanded Game Gallery
  • New artworks added
    • Goblin soldier rework
    • Gharol rework
    • Naomi missionary
    • Ghorza female oral
  • Game polishing & testing… Tons of it

”Ver 0.2.12”
This release is full of surprises. The first, the Ghorza rework. Lots of new events, reworked dynamics… The second one, a huge job for our UI.
The game will now look different, and you will notice it. Much prettier and more colorful.
– Total rework for Khae, total revamp and huge expansion

– New dating event​
– New dialogs​
– Khae&Rinny new house map​
– Routine for the girls​
– Reworked/Added dialogues for Rinny​
– New events​
– First warm massage (Unique event)​
– First love night (Unique event)​
– Repeable scenes​
– Missionary​
– Let her ride​
– Doggystyle​
– Sex system (With unique variations for Khae)​
– Morning Footjob​
– Bath events​
– Spendtime together​
– Doggystyle​

– Total rework for Ghorza, long time needed… And surprise

– Reworked all dialogues and relationship dynamics​
– Dating and spendtime events​
– New events​
– First blowjob (Unique event)​
– First night together (Unique event)​
– Repeable scenes​
– Cowgirl​
– Lotus​
– Missionary​
– Sex system (With unique variations for Ghorza)​
– Taste the cherry​
– Boobjob​
– Morning blowjob​
– Bath events​
– Spendtime together​
– Doggy bath​
– Breast massage​

– There’s a possibility that I wrote some more scene, but I don’t remember where… Probably for Usanna xD
– Total and massive rework of the game UI

– Much more prettier now… ”Very time consuming!”​
– Battle, sex sys, macros, text, enchantment colorful… You will notice​

– Tons of polishing, especially battle, macros, and enchantment system.
– Added new option to the castle – walls

– First part… I’ll add the raids event later​

– Added the Gallery
– Artworks added

– Ellaryel cuddling​
– Khae missionary​
– Luna bathing​
– Alder artwork​
– Kristha artwork​

Bug fixes.

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