Lessons in Love v0.13.0 Part2 by Selebus, Lessons in Love game is about you take over as the teacher of ten high school students as they attempt to find their way through life. Manage and develop relationships with each of them in the fictional city of Kumon-mi. Choose how to spend your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take.

Whether it be visiting the girls at their part time jobs, trying to convince them to let you into their dorm rooms, or just hanging out in the room with clocks at the local bar, there is always something to do in Lessons in Love.
Please note, some things in this game may be meant to confuse or disturb you.
But don’t worry! Everything will be okay~

Game updates on the 1st of every month for patrons!

PLEASE NOTE: This game contains flashing images that may potentially impact players prone to seizures. Proceed with proper discretion.

Updated: 2021-02-16
Release Date:2021-02-16
Update Interval: 1 Month
Developer: NSFW Space Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.13.0 Part2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Animated, Handjob, Lesbian, MILF

– Extract to desired location.
– Click on “WaterWorld.exe” to start playing.
v0.13.1 Part 2
– 45k Words
– 18 New Events
– 450+ New Images
– 4 Rin events
– 4 Sana events
– 4 Molly events
– 4 Tsuenyo events
– 1 Maki events
– 1 Chinami events
– New music

v0.13.1 Part 1
– Makoto headpat crash bug removed
– Ayane replay screen now functional
– Re-coded all headpats to make them faster
– Several spelling errors fixed
– Rin once again properly disappears from the dorm after Cafe Mocha
– Added cheatcode “lagfix” for any players experiencing lag after using the previous version’s headpat system.

v0.12.0 Part 2
– 16 New Events
– 37k+ Words
– 400 New Images
– 6 Main Events
– 5 Uta Events
– 5 Io Events
– 3 New Character Profiles
– New Characters
– New Music
– Maid Cafe (Night)
– Bathhouse (Afternoon)
– 6 New Generic Events
– Many Changes/Fixes for Older Content


– 5k+ Words (2 New Events)
– 200+ New Images
– 3 New Invite Over Costumes
– 20+ Animated Scene Revisions
– Guide/Wiki button added to menu
– Winter outfits now appear in the dorm room once the Christmas events are finished
– Main menu theme nerfed by 50% volume
– Removed old/unused images for space
– Coding/Infrastructural improvements
– Several Bug/Spelling Fixes

Known Issues:
– Missing cumshot image for Sara’s Invite Over doggystyle animation
– Makoto and Kirin’s new lust events will only replay through the Replay menu. Clicking on the event titles will replay a different event.
– Maki’s afternoon generic event is infinitely repeatable as it kicks you back to afternoon instead of night once finished.


– 60k+ Words
– 600+ New Images
– 3 New Invite Over Animations
– 23 New Events
– 7 Main Events
– 7 Christmas Events
– 2 Lust Events
– 2 Kaori Events
– 2 Haruka Events
– 1 Maki Event
– 1 Chinami Event
– 1 Secret Event
– Loads of New Generic Events
– Winter Outfits for All Characters
– Event Tracker 3.0 (Replaces Old Version)
– 19 Character Profiles
– Scene Replay Mode Removed (Incorporated Into Profiles)
– All Events In The Game Are Now Replayable
– 38 Character Profile Outfits
– Progress Screen Beta (Redesign in Progress)
– New Music
– New Main Menu
– Fixes/Changes for Older Content

v0.10.0 Part 2
– 40k+ Words
– 500+ New Images
– 17 New Events
– 4 Ayane Events
– 4 Ami Events
– 4 Miku Events
– 4 Makoto Events
– 1 Secret Event
– 3 New Animations
– Unlockable Halloween costumes for Chika/Makoto/Sara
– New Characters
– New Music
– Changes/Fixes for Older Content

v0.10.0 Part 1
– 40k+ Words
– 400+ New Images
– 16 New Events
– Halloween Costumes! (Which will be added to invite over animations in Part 2)
– New Locations
– New Music
– Changes/Fixes for Older Content
– Chika’s “Detention” event now has a separate trigger for players who decided against telling her she was beautiful in the dressing room.

v0.9.0 Part 2
40k Words
– 400+ New Images
– 15 New Events
– 4 Futaba Events
– 2 Makoto Events
– 2 Chika Events
– 2 Sara Events
– 2 Kirin Events
– 2 Karin Events
– 1 Secret Event
– 1 New Character
– 6 New Animations (Ayane/Ami/Kirin/Makoto/Chika/Sara)
– Invite Over System (Chika/Makoto/Sara)
– Changeable Outfits for Invite Animations
– Computer Terminal for Use on Weekends
– 9 New Generic/Repeatable Events
– New Music
– Changes/Fixes for Older Content

v0.9.0 Part 1
– 37K+ Words
– 400+ New Images
– 17 New Events
– 4 Maya Events
– 4 Yumi Events
– 4 Rin Events
– 4 Sana Events
– 1 Secret Event
– 3 New Characters
– New Music
– New Backgrounds/Locations
– Changes/fixes for older content
– 0 H-Scenes (Don’t kill me)

 48k Words (18 Events Total)
– 600+ New Images
– 16 Main Events
– 2 Lust Events
– New Music
– New Backgrounds/Settings
– Changes/Fixes for Older Content
– Ami’s first lust event is shown as crossed off when starting a new game. It is still obtainable, just a UI bug. Will be fixed in 0.9.0.

– 50K Words (25 Events Total)
– 2 New Main Characters (Molly & Tsuneyo)
– 600+ New Images
– 3 New Animated Scenes (Chika x2/Haruka)
– Koi Cafe/Tojo Ramen Now Available at Night
– 7 Main Events
– 6 Molly Events
– 6 Tsuneyo Events
– 2 Lust Events
– 1 Chika Event
– 1 Chinami Event
– 1 Maki Event
– 1 Secret Event
– 12 New Repeatable Generic Events
– Dorm Floor #2
– Dorm Room #6
– New Event Tracker (BETA)
– New Music
– New Backgrounds/Settings
– Outlines for Character Names
– Karin/Kirin Name Color Change
– Changes/Fixes for Older Content
– Go Back Option Added to Several Menus
– Hide Window Function for Android

– Public release of 0.6.0 (Patreon version)
– Bug fixes
– Grammar corrections
– Girls’ Dorm redesign

– 60k Words
– 600+ Images
– 7 Main Events
– 1 Secret Event
– 2 Ami Events
– 2 Chika Events
– 2 Makoto Events
– 2 Ayane Events
– 1 Miku Event
– Side character dating/affection system
– “Call Someone” Option added to after school and opened
– 1 Kaori Event
– 1 Sara Event
– 1 Kirin Event
– 1 Karin Event
– 2 Haruka Events
– 2 Lust Events
– New Music
– New Main Menu
– Fixes/changes to older content
– 4 New animations (Makoto/Ami/Haruka/Sara)
– New locations
– 2 New characters

– Bug fixes
– Minor changes to older content
– Several spelling and grammar fixes

– 45k Words
– Roughly 2-3 hours of gameplay
– 400+ Images
– 7 Main Events
– 2 Lust Events
– 2 Rin Events
– 2 Yumi Events
– 2 Sana Events
– 2 Futaba Events
– 2 Miku Events
– 2 Maya Events
– 1 Secret Event
– 4 New Animations (Makoto/Ami/Ayane/Futaba)
– New Music
– The true origin of God god
– New Backgrounds/Locations
– New Sprite Variants
– :)
– Several minor changes to old content

– 47k New Words
– Roughly 3 Hours of Gameplay
– 500+ New Images
– New Sprite Variants
– Scene Replay Mode
– 3 New Side Characters (Chinami/Kirin/Karin)
– 3 New Animations (Makoto/Ami/Sara)
– Dorm Room #1
– Dorm Room #3
– 5 Chika Events
– 4 Yumi Events
– 4 Makoto Events
– 4 Miku Events
– 7 Main Events
– 1 Lust Event*
– 1 Secret Event
– Event/Affection Tracker for Android
– Several Minor Bugfixes
– Multiple New Music Tracks
– Several Changes to Old Content

*The first lust event for every girl lets you change the name they call you in private

– Roughly 40k words
– Roughly 3 Hours of Gameplay
– PNGs converted to WEBP for reduced game size
– Hundreds of New Images
– New Music
– New Sprite Variants
– 3 New Animations (1 Ayane/2 Futaba)*
– 8 New Main Events
– 2 New Rin Events
– 2 New Futaba Events
– 2 New Ayane Events
– 2 New Sana Events
– 4 New Ami Events
– 4 New Maya Events
– 1 Secret Event
– Dorm Room 5
– Additional Rin Design
– Haruka Redesign
– Kaori Kadowaki (New Side Character)
– Added “Lust” Stat*2
– Added “Yearbook” (Patron list) to the main menu
– Fixed bug where players who completed the first secret event in 0.1.0 would not have the event marked as complete
– Minor fixes/changes for older content


* Animations can be viewed as replayable scenes in the dorm after knocking on a girl’s door
*2 Lust is gained by playing the replayable dorm animations and will unlock special scenes later on in the main/side stories

Several lines in the prologue give outdated information about the content currently available. These will be removed in 0.4.0.
– Maya’s repeatable hallway event does not award affection. This will be fixed in 0.4.0.
– Rin’s Level 15 Dorm event can be triggered after her “Delirium” event. This is unintentional and will be fixed in 0.4.0.

– 48 new animations
– 57 new images
– 1 new quest with 4 scenes
– bugfixes

– 2 new repeatable events
– 19 new animations
– 9 new images
– fixed a bug where Rebecca wasn’t returning to the pool in the late morning after Yvette goes back to the first ship
– fixed a bug where Emma and Yvette being in the cabin wasn’t being considered as ‘busy’ location

– 32 new animations
– 33 new images
– 6 new repeatable events (not counting the placeholder for the one with Rebecca and Yvette at the bridge at night)

– one new quest with three re-playable scenes
– 36 new animations
– 44 new images
– small bugfixes

– 56 new animations

– 57 new images

– 6 new repeatable events (you’ll get access to 4 of them in the game depending on which path you chose in the ‘Naughty Sibling’ quest, the other 2 are available in the cheat menu at the computer in cabin 2-7)

– you can now travel between the ships (talk with Rebecca to take you back to the first ship and radio her from the bridge whenever you want to go back to the second ship)

– 34 new animations
– 28 new images
– 3 new repeatable events (in the bathroom with Rebecca and Mei, in the bedroom with Amelia and Rebecca and at the lower deck with Mei and the young Amelia)

Fixes the bug if you don’t load the game from a finished 0.18 save.

– 41 new animations
– 65 new images
– 1 new quest
– changed the hint text for the Old Rivalry quest to guide the new players to lose a game of strip dice so they can progress through the game
– bugfixes
– code preparation for the ability to travel between the ships (coming in 0.20)
This is an early release of just the story part of what was initially planned for 0.19. The events with Mei and the others on the new ship will come at the beginning of January. I just don’t want to risk delaying the story release because of some stuff happening while I’m doing the events. The probability of this to happen is low, but still…

– 32 new animations
– ~60 new images
– one new quest
– three new repeatable events
– new outfits for both Amelias

– 15 new animations
– over 100 new screens
– one new quest
– 5 existing repeatable events extended with new content
– bugfixes

– ~80 new screens
– one new quest added with two replayable scenes
Though this update adds only one quest and 80 new screens, it’s a major story progression revealing who is Amelia’s secret guardian, where Megan is keeping Lana and you and the girls start planning how to free her. It also reveals some cracks in Amelia and Rebecca’s relationship, which you’ll try to exploit in the next quest.

– improved the UI of the game (transparent dialogue box, characters flashing when they start to talk, etc.)
– added the two scenes in the Reunited quest as replayable

– ~180 new images
– 13 new animations
– one new quest with two different endings
– 9 repeatable events (4 with Amelia’s ending, 3 with Rebecca’s ending and 2 shared)
– changed bathroom location
– changed Amelia’s nightie
– fixed locations highlight on the map of the new ship

This walkthrough is unofficial and not endorsed by the developer. Please consider playing the game without its guidance, as it is intended to be played. It’s really not that hard.

Main events

Most main events are triggered automatically as time passes.
Some of these require you to have seen certain events with the girls or secret events.
If you’re feeling stuck make sure you’ve not been ignoring any of the girls

Help! Rewrite won’t trigger
You need to see secrets 1 2 and 4 for rewrite to trigger

Help! Everyone disappeared!
Pray at the Shrine until you reach 5 affection with God. Then choose to go to school on the next school morning

The Girls events are triggered on multiples of 5 love; or in the case of pink events lust
Make sure to check both their personal location and hangout in their dorm room for events


Ami – Ami’s Room (Weekend mornings)
Ayane – Dojo (Weekend afternoon)
Chika – Shopping Mall (Weekend afternoon)
Futaba – Library (Weekend mornings)
Maya – Shrine (Weekend afternoon)
Makoto – Porn Shop (Evenings)
Miku – Soccer field (Weekend mornings)
Rin – Koi Cafe (Weekend mornings)
Sana – Bar (Evenings)
Yumi – City Streets (Weekend afternoon)

Secret events

Several secret events exist. All secret events are locked behind other events.
Focus main story and girls events before going hunting for secrets.


1st – Visit the entrance to Room 5 after day 21
2nd – Click “Go Home” from the dorm any time after Rin’s “Cafe Mocha” event
3rd – Agree to finger Ami when presented the option and wait
4th – Visit the shrine after Chika’s “Side Event” event
5th – Visit the soccer field during the Reset loop
6th – Use the “invite over” button on a Saturday or Sunday night


Cheat codes as of version 0.13.1 part 1
goodhomie = undo betraying Rin.
rosebud = increases affection with all girls by 100.
lagfix = Resets the call stack which an early version of the headpat system caused to pile up and cause lag. Doesn’t mark save as a cheater.
funinthesun = resets the beach event and makes it trigger the next Sunday.
fingeryourniece = resets Ami’s events ‘No One Can See Us’ and ‘Important Things’ and gives the message “You now have the opportunity to be a better uncle.” Guessing there’s gonna be consequences to these events in the future.
iwillalwaysloveyou = increase Ami’s lust by 100.
bubblewrapprincess = increase Ayane’s lust by 100.
likemotherlikedaughter = increase Makoto’s lust by 100.
heartofgold = increase Chika’s lust by 100.
atreefallsintheforest = increase Futaba’s lust by 100.
supermom = increase Sara’s lust by 100.
thouartsick = increase Haruka’s lust by 100.
youonlyliveonce = increase Kirin’s lust by 100.
seemeafterclass = count Chika’s ‘Detention’ lust event as having triggered.
wheredoesthetimego = “100 Days pass while you sit at the computer. It’s almost like real life now, isn’t it?”
That last line is straight out of the game. I thought it was funny enough to just copy/paste.

Possible effects of using cheat codes
Using any of these cheat codes except lagfix will silently mark your save as a cheater. As of version 0.13.1 part 1 there are no repercussions to using these cheats. However, this is a denpa game (see horror tag). As such, there is a very real chance some very bad consequences will be implemented in the future for cheating. I recommend playing without cheats first, then, if it’s too much of a grind, using a save editor in



Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android


WORKUPLOAD ZIPPY NOPY ANON FILESUPLOAD *Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

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