iNSight of you v0.9a by AdventAnyx, iNSight of you is a game about A Trainer-like, mostly animated game with main focus on submission, humiliation, and female orgasm control / denial.
Also includes outdated memes and a love story. 

The game is in development!
The main story follows the life of Sam. He’s a simple guy within the mafia circle, who gained access to highly-experimental tech.
Most functions are unknown, and he, with some help from lively redhead Esther, will try to figure them out.
How? Using it on his bitchy boss and girls around him!

Updated: 2021-08-12
Release Date: 2021-08-12
Developer: AdventAnyx Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.9a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Teasing, Corruption, Sex toys, Ahegao, BDSM, Romance, Anal sex , BDSM, Blackmail, Handjob, Male domination, Titfuck, Urination, Virgin, Voyeurism, Female domination (1 scene)
1. Extract to the desire location.
2. Run “iNSight-of-you.exe”

  • a whole new gallery, created and coded (properly, unlike my amateur coding) by Skataaaaa
  • you can check the laptop; it will track every playthrough you have, and keep things unlocked even in a new game!
  • some scenes simply repeat what you saw in the game, but some have their separate control (like locking-unlocking orgasms inside the gallery view) and update as you gain more stats for Gloria (nothing new in terms of scenes, this just reshuffles already existing ones)
  • basically, once you played all the routes and opened every sub-quest, there’s now a whole new way to experience old scenes without replaying the game!
  • fixed a minor bug with triggering the Maya x Melissa event


  • Esther and Maya patch
  • Total animations count from ~1640 to ~ 1880 (pictures not counted)
  • Esther’s gameplay done – play as a (slightly) horny scientist and see what struggles she faces, lol
  • Maya’s routes (almost) finished, minor missing scenes will be added in the next update
  • Harem route’s screen moved to Esther’s gameplay, Slut route has its own little progress screen
  • Melissa x Maya ( ^∇^)
  • Both Esther and Maya lost their butthole virginities
  • Harem route now has exclusively Esther x Maya content (in Esther’s part of the game)
  • Slut route Maya kinda went all-in with her looks in the end-game: piercing, tattoos, tan, bigger boobies, and totally shameless attitude
  • Memes
  • Various bugs of different significance fixed
  • Something else

v0.7a (quick-fix):

  • fixed bugs with 3 missing scenes
  • applied grammar fixes send by awesome people (Brian and bwa – you are both mvps) – the game should have like 95% of its texts reviewed by someone competent by now
  • one anim and one picture redone (nothing major)


  • animations count from ~1360 – ~1470
  • level 3 masochism buff finally in place
  • new NPC (Gloria’s butt will suffer) (+camera)
  • new place for her to spend the evening (+camera)
  • added a few smaller events for her office progress with male colleagues
  • new “call her to the office” animations for Gloria depending on various factors
  • various fixes to wrong stat calculations (the worst was the stacking butt-plug penalty)
  • watersport (pee-drinking) content (turn off the dedicated buff to never see any)
  • attempted optimization (reduced the “go back” to 50 steps to ease quicksaving) – read below for other tips


  • new animations for the weekend event-chain (for the latest phase)
  • you can turn Gloria’s buff on-off without going into the menu (just click the icon)
  • updated the Journal icon to be animated and more visible
  • fixed several found bugs
  • applied the first portion of grammar-fixes (thanks to user “bwa” from f95 – go thank him, and my patron Brian)
  • something else

v0.6 (+a):

  • Animations count from ~1180 to ~1350
  • all new animations are at higher quality and 60 fps
  • the first version of the Achievement system
  • new phase of Gloria’s corruption: new office, new actions, new mechanics, new camera-events
  • more control over her chip’s rules, and many new rules for her to become sluttier
  • new buffs for Gloria
  • new levels of Lewdness, Reputation, Desire screens
  • now you can “finish” the game (placeholder with no Finale, don’t rush it)
  • something else
  • the first version of the “Journal”, you (hopefully) won’t need the $10 Guide anymore if you are stuck
  • fixed a few bugs from 0.6

v0.5 (+a,+b):

  • Animations count from ~810 to ~1180
  • Maya’s harem route now has its own game-play: with stats, progression and a lot of new animations
  • Big BDSM event with Gloria
  • Girls now have several outfits in the harem route, once you unlock them: normal, kinky, slutty
  • You can now let girls work at the Club as waitresses, some events for Maya’s slut path there too
  • Maya’s slut route a little bit extended
  • Added quick-button to Deal with Gloria
  • Added passive Esther’s working points generation
  • Fixed some calculations
  • Something else

-fixed office-camera not closing after a new day starts
-fixed being unable to progress when Gloria has exactly 200 Lewdness
-fixed morning-bj not providing cum (dick recharged!)
-fixed typo in the Maya’s Info button (about slut route 4/3 -> 4/4)
-added a hint that you need a cum-loving buff, not masochism (when you talk to Esther at Gloria’s plot 16 or 17)
-something else



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