Inferior Genes v2.0 by STARWORKS, Inferior Genes game is about JK-Chinana Kurogami spending her days as very popular and beautiful student in school besides among the other student, while one day she accidentally encounters a homeless man on the way back from her school. As a flow, JK who woke up to exposure act and gradually lost her reason and became interacting with many inferior genes such in a village. In result becoming a perverted heroine knowing that it destroys everyday of her life, Rumors spread and she was called by the principal whom already lurking in the school creeps up to her.

The situation of her who is forced to be impregnated by the many wanderers, feels a sense of immorality depending on the action in the selfish desire will be…

Does she will change or end up continues to satisfy the decadent desire, and what is the destined of her to wait?​

Updated: 2020-12-13
Release Date: 2020-12-13
Original Title: 劣等遺伝子に汚される “Dirty with Inferior Genes”
Aliases: Rettõ idenshi ni yogosa reru
Developer/Publisher: Natsushi Takeda/STARWORKS Ci-en – DLsite – Blog – Pixiv – Twitter
Censored: YES (mosaic)
Version: v2.0
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese, English (MTL) partial

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A Method
1- Extract and run. For patch just replace it to your game folder.

B Method
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Run using Japanese Locale emulator or change applocale to japanese.
3 – Click on .exe to start playing

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  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug when replaying an event
  1. Improve the UI based on the already existing ULMF partial translation (it is my modification I did not use the ULMF at all other then looking at the terms they used to make sure text stayed in the box.)
  2. corrected broken if() statements so options are not unlocked from the get go
  3. Made very VERY minor adjustments to some of the text. (mainly filled in an empty option for one entry. You will know it when you see it :) )


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win/Lin

Download For PATCH
MEDIAFIRE *This is translate of ver 2.0 u need copy in data of game

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