Hypnolab VR v1.4.1 by OutbreakGames, Hypnolab VR is a game about Join the Dr. Kady Psyche as a new intern at the Ivory Peaks Corporation in her experimental hypnolab! Test out strange devices, alter minds, and push the boundaries of science!​

Updated: 2022-04-25
Release Date: 2021-06-28
Developer/Publisher: Outbreak Games – Itch.io – SubscribeStar
Censorship: No
Version: 1.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Virtual Reality, Sex Toys, Stripping

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
HTC Vive,
May work with oculus or other headsets however, not confirmed,
Old version can be played without VR

v1.4.1 BugFix

– Catdoll quest: Remade the cat quest in the moon scene.
– Catdoll quest: Displays a counter on the TV when the player picks up the doll.
– Microphone UI: Updated UI for smaller screen resolutions.
– Settings: Add a “Chromatic Aberration” graphic option, and remove the “TAA” AA option.
– Text: Change “mouse mode” text to “desktop mode” text.
– Quest: Updated quest hint for the “mistress and the apprentice” quest.
– Fix: TV hypno spiral effect did not go away.
– Fix: Blue dildo falling through the floor.
– Fix: Hypno effect on catdoll and pendants didn’t follow parent object.
– Fix: Phone quest weird update.


– Mouse (Non-VR) mode
– Include resolution settings and mouse tutorial.
– Console tutorial
– Microphone commands: Taking into account player’s progress.
– Add a mini-quest for the dildo command.
– The janitor was tired of seeing flying apples around the ceiling, so he left a message…
– … But that doesn’t stop apples from invading the moon.
– Remove cheat functions.
– [VR Only] Index: Trigger issue.
– Reset save: Not completely reset.
– Save: Retrocomptability with new settings.
– Audio settings: Not completely loaded on start.
– Remote: Can’t change channel when displaying item’s infos.
– Hypno items: Bad time calculation for vfx.
– Spamming different Microphone commands could break the curtain animation.
– Painting/Decarte scene: The painting is in closed status while the quest is over.
– Kady’s subtitles lisibility.
– Moar minor fixe



Keyboard and Mouse(Alpha)


Keywords: Download Hypnolab VR Game.

So Lewd!
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hypnolab-vr-outbreakgamesPlayed VR version. Main girl is sexy and attractive. Game quality (3d objects, environments, animations) are all top notch. Game idea is unique - hypno gadgets that make a girl loose her mind. I love this game. Please continue working and expanding it! Also I loved 2 scenes with dildos (wall mounted and suction dildo on a table). Add more scenes with dildos please! I did not like that you can not teleport anywhere - there are only specific points in a room where teleportation is allowed.