Hanna Futile Resistance Free Download Latest Version by X3rr4

Hanna Futile Resistance is an interactive adult visual novel game about that takes you along for a ride following the adventures or more to the point, the misadventures of Hanna McGuinness as she navigates her way through a sexy, fun filled journey layered with erotic tension and filthy pervyness, ever increasing to new highs (and lows (; hehe)​.

Updated: 2024-05-18
Release Date:  2024-05-18
Aliases: Hanna
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Version: Ep.5
OS: Android, Linux, Mac, Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, animated, big ass, big tits, blackmail, cheating, drugs, exhibitionism, female protagonist, footjob, groping, group sex (hinted), handjob, humour, incest (hinted), interracial, lesbian, oral sex, pov, puzzle, romance, sexual harrasment, sleep sex, teasing, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism, Mobile game

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Episode 5
Extended phone messaging to allow more than two characters.
6 new animations
new renders
1 new gallery entry

Episode 4

  • We have listened to your feedback and added extra choice to EP1 subway scene with drunkard
  • new renders
  • new animations
  • new songs
  • 3 new gallery entries
  • 5 new short stories
  • adventure “Marshmallows Delight” completed
  • adventure “The fall of the Kings” updated
  • added “Back” button to the galeries
  • added ingame changelog
  • added project text
  • added splashscreen video
  • added customized quickmenu with icons and tooltips instead of just text
  • added Android pre_splashscreen and adaptive icon
  • added phone messaging system


Episode 2 LS (Xmas Special)

  • 1 adventure and 1 short with 66 new renders

Episode 2 MN

  • 1 adventure with 150 new renders

Episode 2 MN

  • 1 adventure with 150 new renders

Episode 2 SE

  • 11 adventures with 657 new renders.

Episode 2

  • New professional writer
  • 464 new renders
  • 2 new animations
  • 4 new songs

Episode 1

  • v1.0 First Release


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PIXELDRAIN GOFILE MEGA WORKUPLOAD *Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality
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PIXELDRAIN GOFILE MEGA WORKUPLOAD *Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality
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WORKUPLOAD *For EP 4 **Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.