Guild of Spicy Adventure by Hikkeiru In this harem adventure game, take out your sword and set out on a journey with your lovely companions to overcome obstacles. Due to your horny personality at work, you are forced to quit. Being tired of how unfair the situation was, you only wish to commit sudoku. An unfavorable situation can turn into an unexpected journey. An attractive fox girl saves you and offers you a job that you cannot refuse.

You will need to face many challenges, ultimately creating a guild to defeat them. With your hard sword and beautiful companions, you can pull out of any danger. Anticipating what awaits, you take a chance at this venture.

Updated: 2024-06-23
Release Date: 2024-06-23
Developer: Patreon – – Discord
Censored: No
Version: v64
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Language: English

2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Groping, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Adventure, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Humor, Parody, Point & Click, Romance, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, Anal Sex, Big Tits , Stripping , Voyeurism, Spanking, Creampie, Pregnancy, Harem

Bimbofication, Mythological creatures, Paralysis, Breath control, Infantilism, Public nudity, Snuff

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
CLICK TO READ Important Announcement!

  • Progression tracker!
    Find out any next story you need to do by going through a very rare to this genre story tracker tree!
  • Story continuation:
    Ask Cylia what happened to the slime!
    Someone joins you in the bath! New hentai-scene!

Update ahead of the usual schedule! ✨

Several smaller events open up a few locations!

  • Story continuation:
    • Sori’s place is now open as a continuation of the last hentai Beth event.
      Spend a sweet time with her. Visit the rented room again.
    • Cylia’s place is now open with an event with her!
      Ask Dalia about her location.
    • Continuing progression towards the guild building and opening a space for that!
      Ask Dalia about the guild building to unlock a new location with an intro event!
    • The farm you pass on the way to the town is also open now with an intro event!
  • New environments for the cliff, farm, and ruins come with animations for both night and day.
  • Thanks to Rishar and @Kurche for several reports related to QoL and fixes.
  • Thanks to Rishar Ryleona for proofreading!
v60 This is a huge story update and with this, the game has now passed 2k renders in total! ✨

This update has 25k words, hentai animations (with visual pregnancy support), an optional punishment route in the hut for people supporting the game (temporarily put for tier 1), and quite a bit of choice, so keep in mind that you can always play the story twice to see some other outcomes.

Event requirement:

  • Were sightseeing with Dalia
  • Talked with both Dalia and Kanae about the reason for MC’s jail time.
  • Completed Cure for Emilly.
  • Talked with Emilly about why she was selling trash.
  • During daytime.

The event starts automatically when moving through the town.

Other things:

  • Fix for stuck at the end of Manako in the rain event.
  • Fix the black background at the start of Dalia asking for release.
  • There is a new text animation for freezing characters and screaming.
  • Brings a few new background animations for better storytelling ie. side shaking and you will see a ‘run’ ^^.
  • New music.
  • Fixes for looping tracks.
  • Fixes black save screenshot that occurred in 0.59, due to incompatibility with urp hdr.
  • Some additional information mechanics will be written in developer notes.
  • Story continuation:
    Ask Dalia, and Kanae about the reason for your release.
    Review the potion with Mara.
    Adding 3 events in the meantime while I’m in the middle of making a really big story event!
  • If you experienced animation stuck on Kanae handjob h-scene. The animations were re-exported which should remove this problem for those devices. There is also a different camera for the bonus content. Thanks to everyone who reported the problem, especially @kkkitsune who relentlessly tested the dev builds for me ❤
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Fixes accommodation time availability to day only.
  • Internal changes to undo, targetting rare occurrences where the line gets ahead of undo capture.
  • Fixed blue animations that happened on a few Android devices. The problem was with devices selecting the wrong gpu api not correctly supported by the device. Thank you @manicdiety @nick17#8344 @ndietrick @zacargazesh @kkkitsune @krilzard
  • Undo save is now faster as it doesn’t wait for the current background to show.
  • Undo now awaits any save finish to prevent undo cancelation stacking.
  • Undo now has a marker to show that the game is taking the undo with a hover tooltip.
  • Manako slaps after a rain event now only after you ask her for a spicy time before.
  • Internal background timeout cancels itself to prevent any hard locking background in case there would be an error with its preparation. This is part of a rare bug where the device didn’t support a background and it blocked the entire queue.
v0.60 Huge story update with the game crossing 2k renders in total!
See preview here!
v0.57 If you experienced before blue animations or stuck at kanae h-scene, it is fixed in 0.59.
Until then it’s safer to save in the roaming mode for compatibility purposes.
  • Longer story continuation event!
    Your lewd time with Kanae leads to full-filling the promise of taking her to the place she is so excited about! Several new animations for the new event!
  • Story localization.
    Make sure to travel at least once to another location, and it will migrate the story automatically to support localization and the newly put story! Ex. Move to the next street in the town. The story is now translated and scripts are created to only enable proofreading-mostly without translators needing to translate every single sentence. If you wish to help with translation in your native language you can report particular screen with bug reporter or DM me for better interface access.
  • Meeting screen name correct font.
  • Added several UI item translations.
  • Ping method now doesn’t block UI thread.
  • Initializing ink story on first accessed rather than on game entry.
  • Button text going out of bounds adjusted.
  • Two new audio background tracks.
  • Fixing choice buttons sometimes not working when clicked too fast
  • Putting new text animator effects to the use. The letters can now animate to make the story pop!
  • New hentai scene!
    10 Animations with full support for multiple perspectives and optional pregnancy visuals. The animation has alternative animation that has chance to show. This is to ensure it will appear less repeatable and more alive! Also this scene is designed to be repeatable!
  • 0.56.1 Fixes bg stuck at heart animation during Mara return from Cure for Emilly event. Thanks for reporting Anonymous. It’s possible that it also fixes similar issue during the last H-animation, although I can’t seem to find a way to reproduce it.
  • Story continuation: Kanae want’s to go fishing. You can take her there for a price…
  • Adding new gallery item for the new hentai scene.
  • Fixing history log not available in 0.55 .
  • Now the story initializes with default time.
  • Fix black background blink when undo or there was a bg clear. I.e. Happened when changing locations.
  • Internal ability to get and save time number to mark time in ink scripts.
  • Clearing weather with other bg clears. Preventing it appearing on undesigned quests.
  • Story continuation:
    Winter is coming and you find a magical item. It teleports you to a new chilly place. You find a use for it with Kanae…
  • Removed a .1 sec frame gap when the bg’s are enqueued after each other.
  • Optimizing load game state restore by about 30%.
  • Internal ability to enqueue a removing background. Which was needed for new story part.
  • Fix During the 2 second period where the story encounters a roaming breakpoint and the game is quick loaded, it not longer disables tapping place preventing continuation hard-lock with cursor and android.
  • Optimizing slot loading ignoring caching for history slots. Depending on how much you played 1 minutes of playing it will help at 1% yet if you have a lot of history saves (which are taken every player action) it can speed up even by 200%+ when opening saving menu.
  • Reducing main menu entry spike lag by checking if save slots exists only on specific save types.
  • Fix currency bug having wrong offset.
  • Clickable places now finish animation transitions and not block other bg’s.
v0.54 Another week another story update. Meanwhile I’m cooking way bigger story update.
Thank you for support ❤
  • Continuation of the story.
    Mara has something to say about your last adventure with Cylia. Visit her and maybe you can get something extra?
    Are you gonna say sorry or remain with Kanae on uncomfortable grounds? She also has something to say.
  • Adding a Dalia story path allowing to pass time until you get accommodated.
  • Tooltip not populated when empty.
  • Typewriter has been replaced by more robust script, which is gonna be needed very soon. The type writing animation also looks a bit different.
  • New particle feedback background appearing currently on only one choice path of few.
  • Fix for forest hut location not showing background. Thanks Grant morgan tadde **@**Deangela
  • Fix for forest hut location rain stopping. Thanks @grant morgan
  • Fix gap in bottom of options. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
Developer Notes


The mysterious and seductive helper of an unknown deity.

This foxy lady is as elusive as she is alluring, guarding the secrets of her origin and sexuality with a cunning smile.

With a twirl of her tail, she can cause chaos and stir up trouble, but don’t let her mischievous ways fool you. She’s got a soft spot for the underdog.

Just don’t get too close, or you might find yourself caught in her cunning trap.


Your personal fairy companion on your epic journey!

This winged wonder is determined to be the right-hand wingman that you didn’t think you needed. Always read your mind to know exactly what you need and yes… what you want.

From providing helpful hints to making you laugh, she is guaranteed to bring a little bit of magic to your journey.


With her quick reflexes and nimble movement, she will shape any type of dagger to her desire.
If you are unlucky enough to cross her path, you land in a tight spot that will neutralize any weapon against her brisk motions.
Beware then of her elfish nature, she may guide you through the forest or lead you astray to a place from which you won’t be able to free yourself.

One thing’s for certain she’s sure to leave you on a wild ride!


The proud shop owner with her little sister.
Her straightforward approach extends beyond her personality.

If you’re not yet feeling tipsy, be prepared for some divine intervention as water may turn into wine.

You ain’t holding up there? Don’t worry. With her wardrobe choices, she may not only serve as an advertisement for her shop, but also put any whiskey willy back into action!


The sassy fox with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. While her sister is busy tempting customers with her sinful spirits, Emilly runs a grocery store where she sells everything but the forbidden fruit.

With a smile as sweet as her small fox ears, she’ll charm you into buying anything… except when you actually need it.

She seems to have some reasons to dislike you, and if you don’t tread carefully, she may never show you the juicy peaches that she keeps hidden behind her grocery store counter.


Kanae may not be the best protector, but she sure knows how to protect her beauty sleep.

She got herself a hard nut to crack when you walked onto her property. You both race to bust each other up in different ways. While she wouldn’t mind putting a troublemaker like you in handcuffs… You… on the other hand, seem more interested in “frisking” her than actually following the law.

If you ever get on her good side, she might just show you how to handle that baton in ways you never expected.


This former lady of the night has been around the block more times than the ice cream truck, and she’s not afraid to show it.
Forgotten like a discarded dildo, she’s been so deprived of male attention that she’s thirstier than a camel in the desert.

She’s quite a difficult case. What made her end up this way?
If you are brave enough, lean in and let her whisper all her secrets in your ear.

Manako is a woman you won’t forget – whether you like it or not.
The only thing for certain is that if you get too close, she might just hold on to you for dear life. Or maybe something else entirely…

…and more planned…  

About NTR:
After taking some time to ‘research’ NTR and try a few games. I decided that it would not be in line with this project.
The story will have a male character, but he will not be attracted to any of the LIs . It will primarily serve a comedic role in the game. Similar to HHG (guard). Therefore NTR will not appear in main content.

While I’m not planning to write and implement NTR within the main story content myself. I’m planning to add MOD support where you would be able to download story mods from other authors. I would like to try this technical implementation. Although I will implement this on my own time, while mainly still focusing on providing more important updates (i.e. main story, h-features).
When the time comes I’m willing to support the authors as a thanks and even put their links next to their mods.

Thanks for playing ❤



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