Daily Lives of my Countryside v0.3.0 by Milda Sento, Daily Lives of my Countryside is a game about A Man back to his countryside to continue his study. Let’s follow him to enjoy beautiful rural life.​

Updated: 2024-04-16
Release Date: 2024-04-16
Developer: Milda Sento – Patreon – Twitter – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Shota, Dating sim, Humor, Voyeurism, Handjob, Sleep sex, School setting, MILF, Groping, Sandbox
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
– Anna, Ava, Megan stories progressions
– 3 New Locations: Sclputing CLub, Gymnasium Shower Room, Herb Forests
– New characters: Jelly, Ava, Wendy, Lucy, Lily

– Rework Callum, Anna, Megan, Maleena, Brad
– Update Anna Hide and Seek game
– Update Daisy Wall Hole: add another angle
– Add Weather system. At the moment, you can watch the Weather Forecast on TV to know today’s and tomorrow’s weather

– Fix Joyce still presented on Santie night and Sadoka night

New Content:

– 13+ new scenes/angles (7 sex scenes/angles)
– Nina, Kate, Cindy stories progressions
– Nina 7+ new scenes/angles
– Kate 2+ new scenes/angles
– Cindy 1 new scene
– Naty 1 new scene
– Swimming Pool Mob Girl 2+ new scenes/angles
– 2 New Locations: Nina’s house, Under the Ocean
– New character: Naty

– Rework Kate, Nina, Cindy

Changelog v0.2.8.1
– Add Character Event Option when opening the Phone
– Add Character Event .txt for easier checking, you can check them in Character Event Folder
– Mabel 1st time caught her stolen test answer image Stuck
– Black screen Mabel’s room
– X-ray error Mabel’s last sex
– Mabel in bed at night if you interact, the screen goes black
– Mabel Night cum image stuck
– Marie on Phone Stuck
– In Elphaba’s last scene, the MC sprite doesn’t match
– In Pixie’s last scene, missing the MC’s genital

Changelog v0.2.8
New Content:
– Mabel’s stories progressions
– Mabel 11+ new scenes (angles)
– School Security Megan
– 2 Wallpapers for Phone
– 3 New Locations: Park Entrance, Mabel’s House, Cafeteria (To the right of the Schoolyard)
– Rework Callum, Mabel
– Rework Phone
– Improve performance, special thanks to Nameer
– Improve images preload, from all images preload to images in map preload
– Freeze if sleep without coffee after the Sadako strange stains quest
– Stuck when going to the forest at Pixie’s stage 13 without enough Pixie’s affection points
– Help Anna Milk Cow, can’t deliver milk to Anna without accepting the quest first

– Adeera is stuck
– Dream room, Bear girl’s scene stuck
– Morning Teacher Toilet, Betty stuck
– Forgot to add Joyce to the Dream room

New Content:
– Emmi, Korona, Sadoka stories progressions
– Emmi 5+ new scenes (plus Tana) (1 sex scene)
– Sadoka 1 new sex scene
– 4 New Characters: Joyce, Ek, Maleena, Teddy
– 3 New Locations: School Teacher and Student Toilet, Outdoor Class

Bugfix and adjust:
– Joyce after party sprites still remaining
– Crafting error (Special thanks to User_13)
– Dream room, Daisy Bath Shower sound still remaining
– Ask for Steak, Pixie bug
– Remove luck based. Some events will now be 100%, unlike 60% before

New Content:

– Pixie, Elphaba, Joyce, Ek, Maleena, Danesia stories progressions
– Pixie 7+ new scenes (plus Teddy and Bobbie)
– Elphaba 1 new scene
– Joyce 3 new scenes (plus Anna)
– Added Crafting System
– 4 New Characters: Joyce, Ek, Maleena, Teddy
– 1 New Location: Ek’s House
– Rework Pixie, Elphaba

– Can’t give 2 Dresses at Dinner
– Lesbian Magazine Vol 3. To be able to buy the 3rd magazine, you need to watch the 2nd magazine again when playing the old save, ignore if you already did this in v0.2.5

Save file compatibility: 
Reminder: In-game you can use the Phone to know characters’ available events/scenes. The Phone is in the Key Item or Press “P” on your keyboard

Changelog v0.2.5:
New Content:
– Daisy:

+ River Picnic: Water Play Nude
+ Corn Harvesting Heavy Rain: Handjob, Blowjob
+ Night Massage: Boobs Massage
+ Dish Washing: Thighjob
+ Wall Hole: Vagina Sex
– Danesia: Forging with Apron and Naked
– Emmi: Hug
– Lesbian Magazine Vol3
– Santie: 
X-ray for Christmas Night Vagina Scene
– 1 New Characters: Danesia (Blacksmith), Theo’s Sprites
– 2 New Locations: Forest River, Clothing Store, Blacksmith House
– Rework Emmi
– Daisy and Anna Picnic Dress
Bugfix: 2 Emmi at 1 PM.

New Content:
– Douie:
+ Morning Goods Help
+ Butter Churn: Boob Suck, Lick, Vagina Finger
+ The Sleeping Giant Inn: Douie’s husband with someone’s mom
+ Cucumber Harvesting Stage: Cucumber Anal Solo, Blowjob, Deep Blowjob, Anal, Deep Anal
+ Plum Harvesting Stage: Butt Play, Vagina Lick, Sit on Face
– School Courtyard – Ebony Girls:
+ Behind School Gymnasium: Deep Blowjob, Vagina Sex – Woman Astride
– Mae: X-ray for Memories Missionary Vagina Scene
– New Locations: The Sleeping Giant Inn – Vineyard, School Courtyard – Behind Gymnasium
Other: Rework Douie
Bugfix: Emmi Focus – The danger meter doesn’t go down.

Changelog v0.2.0.1:

– Morning Bath. Stuck when using Daisy panties.
– Can access lesbian magazine vol. 2 without paying.
– Anna Study not display.
– Dream Room, Mae.
– Can’t use the Phone after Kate’s events.
– Two Daisy on Christmas day morning.
– Santie’s loop after change day cheat on Christmas.
– Mabel, fence.

*Important: If you play from old save file, Please set Daisy’s progress back to 0 on the Phone.*
New Content:

– Daisy and Anna: Lesbian Magazine vol 2.
– Daisy story progression rework.
– Help Daisy with the morning barn work.
– Morning bath peeping.
– Daisy now has a blanket when sleeping.
– Morning join bath.
– Bathroom wank while fantasizing about Daisy. (Please turn on X-Ray on the Phone if you want to see the final shoot)
– Sleep together: Daisy assaults.
* You can check on the Phone in-game for more details.

Betty First Meet will lock your Phone.
Lesbian Porn Mag time issue.
Adeera, time issue.
Can’t interact with Pixie.
Mabel only gets stuck on the fence if you modify the ladder on Thursday daytime.

v0.1.8.1 Bugfix

– Weird guy in the classroom.
– Pixie’s Event Marker.
– Text box bug after using Phone. If you play on the v0.1.8, to fix this bug:
+ Open the Phone.
+ Click on the Schedules and Events App. Press Enter on your keyboard.
+ Click on any character like Daisy or Anna. This could fix the problem.
– Sprite bug, changing tool too quickly when tool animation running.
– Anna’s shoulder flickers during the nighttime handjob.
– Anna Sleeping: more than one PP.
– Christmas day. Santie event: day loop.
– Mabel’s Event Marker.


New Content:
– Intro Rework. New Wallpaper for Phone.
– Farming Event. New pose for Daisy after helping her with the Cornfield.
– New character: Pixie. 2 Story Progression Scenes and New Item.
– Mae Greeting Scene.
– Bath with Anna Scene.
– Bathtub with Anna H-scene.
– Rework Anna Sleeping Scene. Add 3 H-actions.
– Update Dream Room: add Santie Old Scenes.
– Some bugs from the previous version


New Content:
New character: Santie.
– Sex scene with Santie.
– Sex actions add to Daisy Sleeping scene.
– New tool: Axe with animations.
– Can’t complete Theo’s Quest.
– Anna Milk the Cows Quest.
– Get stuck after Join the Swimming Club event.
Put here so that Mod would saw and update the thread with this one just in case

v0.1.6 Bugfix (Raw Version)

– Anna Hide and Seek game.
– Theo quest.
– Image issues.


* Old saves are not compatible with this version *

Bugfix: Daisy apron when diving on lunch and some more bug…

School Entrance:
– Pink hair girl teasing. (Just talk to her every day)

Swimming Pool:
– 3 new swimming pool characters: Kate, Nina, and Cindy.
– Add Shower Peeping spot. (1 PM)
– You can join the Swimming Club by talking to Nina at 5 PM.
– Kate H-scene. (After talking with Nina at 5 PM. Heart event marker will pop up at Shower Peeping spot 1 PM)

My Class:
– You can study on your laptop. The test will start on Friday.
– Start class: 2 scenes with Emmi.
– Emmi H-scene. (After Got caught by Betty event at the Swimming Pool and got F on the test. Meet Emmi at 1 PM on Class)

Daisy’s Farm:
– Daisy and Anna bath scenes.
– Daisy H-scene:
+ 1st scene: Bath with Daisy (After Sleep together with Daisy event)
+ 2nd & 3rd scenes: Bathroom (Talk with Theo next to the vending machine after Sleep together with Daisy event)
+ 4th scene: Bathroom (After the 2nd & 3rd scenes, Daisy’s friendship points: 40)

Dev Notes
Hi. I’m Milda Sento. This is the first release of Daily Lives of My Countryside. I hope you enjoy!
If you find a mistake in the game, please leave a comment describing the issue.
If you have some thoughts, suggestions or even questions – feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
The game will keeps getting better with your help.

– Milda Sento.

Developer Notes
Reminder: In-game you can use the Phone to know characters’ available events/scenes.
The Phone is in the Key Item or Press “P” on your keyboard

Big thanks to:
– Noce for helping me with ideas about the witch character
– Apex for his suggestion
If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the suggestion channel in this game Discord server.

Hi. I’m Milda Sento. This is the first release of Daily Lives of My Countryside. I hope you enjoy!
If you find a mistake in the game, please leave a comment describing the issue.
If you have some thoughts, suggestions or even questions – feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
The game will keeps getting better with your help.

– Milda Sento.



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