This mod is for Good Girl Gone Bad , it’s add many features you will like it.​

Updated: 2020-March-01
GameGood Girl Gone Bad
Creator: EvaKiss
Mod Version: 1.2 FINAL.a
Game Version: 1.2 FINALired location.

Before installing a new version, always delete the old “game/JDMOD” folder.

1) Extract the .7z file.
2) Drop the “JDMOD” folder inside the “game” folder. For MAC, the “game” folder is in “GoodGirlGoneBad.app\Contents\Resources\autorun”

If you installed the mod correctly, the folder should look like this:

Good install Beta 0.08.PNG

3) For MAC, after installing the moddownload the fix and repeat the steps 1 and 2 with it . Agree to merge merge the folders and replace the files.


Fully functional gallery with:

  • Scene description at the bottom ;
  • Scene selection by character on the left ;
  • Customization for Ashley (Piercings, tattoos and boobjob) on the right. The style button is an artifact from an earlier version of the mod and only changes Ashley’s clothing in the Gallery.
Gallery Menu 0.22 PREVIEW.PNG
Unlock Feature:

You can watch a scene even if you didn’t unlock it.

Unlock Feature 0.22 Preview.PNG

Pre-scene Customization:

These choices will have an impact on the scene you’re about to watch.

Prescene Customization1 0.23 ALPHA.png

Customization Menu:

Select your prefered options:

  • Taboos allow you to keep characters from being mentionned in scenes where they don’t appear or are optionnal ;
  • Preferences allows you to skip a bit of pre-scene customization:
    • Home is the person Ashley is leaving with ;
    • Addiction is Ashley’s attitude towards drugs ;
    • Anal and Deepthroat control her sexual experience ;
    • Dildos are the one(s) she bought and/or will use.
Customization Menu 0.08.PNG


Additional Features and Fixes:

The JDMOD also enables the console and allows you to name your saves.

Save Description 0.26.PNG

It also includes fixes to EvaKiss’ art when they’re needed.

Tattoo fix.png
[to be added]
1.2 FINAL.a:

  • Bugfix: Ashley can date Eva again.

1.2 FINAL:

  • Updated the scenes to 1.2 FINAL : Music was added to the first 60 scenes ;
  • Minor expansion for some scenes.

1.2 ALPHA:

  • Added the new proofread and bugfixed scenes from 1.2 ALPHA ;
  • Expanded the endings to include Jasmin’s ;
  • Improved the endings ;
  • Bugfixes.


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