Fall:Out v0.6.0 by Dvoika Games, Fall:Out is by Dvoika Games adult game about this game centers around the adventures of Nathasha in a world devastated by war, where she will face marvellous encounters, interesting stories, artful enemies, fearful dangers, loyal friends and… other different things.

Updated: 2024-04-20
Game Updated: 2024-04-20
Developer: Dvoika Games Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: v0.6.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 2DCG, RPG, Female Protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Lesbian, Masturbation, Monster, Bestiality, Combat, Parody, Sci-fi, Turn based combat, Spanking

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
v0.6.0 Stable Release:

  • add: new animation with different stages
  • add: raider wasteland erotic event
  • add: khan base erotic event
  • add: stealth system demo (khan base)
  • add: khan base boxes and locks
  • add: effect discomfort
  • add: lockpick speed up hotkey
  • add: lockpick difficulty user option
  • add: lockpick base speed indicator
  • add: lockpick autoplay
  • add: lockpick autoplay chance indicator
  • add: multiple doors passage route
  • add: scene options/filelist arrows
  • add: separate battle bust presets
  • mod: new game version flow and saves backward compatibility scheme
  • mod: lockpick multiple visual changes
  • mod: exclude debugging code from production build
  • mod: path finding improvements
  • mod: various loading time optimizations
  • mod: convert all assets to webp
  • mod: reduce game package size
  • fix: various localization errors
  • fix: lockpick minigame various fixes and optimizations
  • fix: load game zoom state
  • fix: message window auto bounds
  • fix: character position rounding
  • fix: availability of shaving
  • fix: small scorpio scale
  • fix: disable notifications on memory maps
  • fix: NaN exp notification
  • fix: battle no damage reaction
  • fix: khan base event crash
  • fix: lisa event layers order
  • fix: shelter jail event crash
  • fix: multiple choice windows busts and colors
  • fix: various localization changes
  • fix: various bust assets changes
  • fix: jarvis quest map crash
  • fix: overlay map objects pixel offset
  • fix: message window names outline colors
  • fix: window message default text offset
  • fix: warehouse events spine layers order
  • fix: plants event spine layers order
  • fix: disable khan base development event
  • fix: last destination restore
  • fix: new path finding doors loop
  • fix: message window close button missing

v0.5.0 beta

  • add: electron 28.1.0
  • add: flexible alert windows
  • add: local config for pure electron options
  • add: option gameModeAnswer for local server mode
  • add: option ignoreGpuBlacklist for disable chromium blocklist
  • add: electron force_high_performance_gpu option
  • add: windows high performance glow support
  • add: scene options warning windows
  • add: option for preload all spine assets
  • add: loincloth clothes items, recipes, spine and character images
  • add: allow undress via inventory
  • add: startup beta version warning
  • add: scrollable windows soft scroll
  • add: options language selection starts graphical scene
  • add: option for censor scat elements
  • add: Shady Sands map improvement
  • add: Natasha’s battle spine option animation
  • add: animated Natasha’s defecation option
  • add: 9 nightmare events
  • add: scene handbook discord button
  • ——————————————————–
  • mod: new alert windows style
  • mod: new item count windows style
  • mod: refactor character sprite, new multi layer style
  • mod: major refactoring of commands and event logic (testers are welcome)
  • mod: rats and scorpions spines
  • mod: cazador event second stage
  • mod: Natasha’s bed shlick graphics/logic improvements
  • mod: title screen graphics improvements
  • ——————————————————–
  • fix: option colorProfile
  • fix: jail event clothes
  • fix: scene shop/box window scroll
  • fix: various localization errors
  • fix: Natasha’s battle spine glow effect
  • fix: broken randomization for special events, since 0.4.2
  • fix: take shaver without change tshirt
  • ——————————————————–
  • del: electron–disable-d3d11 flag


  • More than one and a half thousand graphic elements have been modified or created from scratch.
  • Added various options for the character, such as multiple hairstyles or pubic haircuts. (the current version has not yet added the ability to switch freely, but all of them are already used in the game)
  • Added new types of weapons and armor. (at the moment, rags cannot be obtained in a game way, the item and the possibility of crafting it will be added a little later)
  • New or redesigned mechanics such as free exhibitionism, masturbation and defecation. (events for these mechanics will be redesigned or new ones will be added in future updates)
  • A button has been added to the title screen for easy access by all users to our discord server.


All changes can be found in detail in the section “history of changes” in the handbook.

v0.3 Gamma

Since this is a technical build, for the most part it contains only content from the previous release, adapted to the new features of the game. If you have already played the previous version and are not interested in testing this build, then you should wait a bit until we will be sure that the current system is working correctly and we can safely transfer new content to it.​

v0.3 Beta Hotfix

This time there will be no list of fixes, because it will be so big that it is even ashamed of so many bugs.​
Almost all events were checked and corrected. Fixed critical bugs that caused the game to crash. Battles were speed up. Added minor missing effects, events and images. Made changes to both localizations. The save system has been slightly redesigned to eliminate the possibility of removing local saves by other electron-based programs. Backward compatibility is maintained, and your old 0.3a save files should still function.​


Added in this version:

  • Introduction of the Desire System (will appear once a girl reaches affection 9)
  • Locker Sex Scenes for Violet, Molly, Lily, Amy and Elizabeth (lewd)
  • Violet’s Maid Cafe Sex (lewd)
  • Molly’s Rooftop Blowjob (lewd)
  • Molly’s Pool Shower Sex (lewd)
  • Lily’s Running Field Sex (lewd)
  • Some scenes will change if a girl has high desire (sitting behind and peeking on locker) (lewd).
  • Some previously optional scenes with the girls will now require Desire.
  • MISC: Streamlined some encounters. You can now just talk to a girl instead of “Taking a closer look” once you get past affection 4.
  • MISC: Some changes under the hood for when you talk to a girl in some locations.
  • MISC: Changed the text of some hints to make progression a bit more clear.
  • MISC: Small changes and typos.


  • Fixed a bug where the desire system was unlocking too early.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing autosaved from executing succesfully.

v 0.1.10b

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth’s third date
  • Elizabeth’s date sex scene (final part) (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s tennis footjob (lewd)
  • New side-girl: Alice. You will be able to find her in the bar every weekend once you’ve finished all Elizabeth’s dates.
  • New one-off girl, Aryn. You will find her randomly in the park if there’s no main girl there.
  • CHEATCODE: New cheatcode that will make Alice show up sooner.
  • CHEATCODE: New cheatcodes that allow you to preview the desire system. It has no extra content at the moment.
  • MISC: Reestructured some small scenes in preparation for the Desire System.
  • MISC: Small fixes and typos.

Known issues:

  • Autosaves aren’t working properly
  • Aryn’s scene assumes you already know her, it’s playing the “repeat” version of the scene instead of the “first time” version. All that changes is a little bit of dialogue.
  • There’s no achievement for Elizabeth’s Tennis Court Scene

The first two are already fixed in 0.2.0, the last one will get fixed on 0.2.1.

v 0.1.10a

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth’s first date
  • Elizabeth’s second picture (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s second date
  • Elizabeth’s third picture (lewd)
  • Elizabeth’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • QoL: Removed the “take a picture” prompt once you’ve already got that picture.
  • QoL: Removed some of the “Should I talk to her?” prompts
  • MISC: Added a “Lightweight Mode”. This will simplify transitions, increasing performance on lower-end devices.
  • MISC: Added a Simple/Full quick menu toggle. The full version has the Auto, Skip, and History functions as on-screen buttons. Mainly for Mobile players.
  • MISC: Added a blur effect to the background layer when a girl is speaking to you.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos


  • Molly’s first date
  • Molly’s second picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s second date
  • Molly’s third picture (lewd)
  • Molly’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug with the gallery cheatcode that wasn’t truly unlocking unseen scenes.
  • MISC: Compressed still images and some music tracks to decrease file size. Let me know if you can tell the difference.
  • MISC: Fixed minor typos.
  • KNOWN BUG: When loading some saves, depending on what music it was playing, it will load as silent. It should only happen right after loading a save, as soon as another track plays the bug is gone.


  • Amy’s third date
  • Amy’s date sex scene (final part) (lewd)
  • Amy’s beach blowjob (lewd)
  • Added a 11 more of opportunities to take pictures with your phone.
  • QoL: If you go to the lockers in the morning, now there’s an option to wait until it’s noon instead of changing early.
  • QoL: You can now wander around in the beach at midnight too.
  • QoL: Added a hint button in the Map screen during the first week. This is to help guide new players during the game’s prologue.
  • QoL: Added a hint button in the Map screen showing how to unlock the dates. It will appear as soon as you get any girl to affection 4.
  • UI: Slightly changed gallery icons appearence.
  • MISC: Revamped the part of the code that assigns each girl to a location. Let me know if you find any bugs.
  • MISC: Samantha can now be seen on the map when you’re ready to meet her.
  • MISC: Fixed some typos here and there.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would wrongly unlock one of Amy’s pictures on your phone if you had high affection with Lily instead of Amy.


  • Lily’s third date
  • Lily’s date sex scene (last part) (lewd)
  • Lily’s beach blowjob (lewd)
  • New one-off encounter with Exhibitionist Girl. You will find her in the park at midnight on Sundays (lewd).
  • Samantha’s flash (lewd)
  • Claire’s lewd scenes are now repeatable. Talk to her in the office at night.
  • Moved Samantha’s encounter later into the game. You need to finish Lily’s dates and meet her at the Fast Food when Lily isn’t there.
  • QoL: Added content filters! You can check them out in the SETTINGS menu. Some of them are for future stuff.
  • QoL: There’s now an option in the settings menu to enable/disable rollback on dates.
  • Changed the GIRLS menu layout a little bit.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the “end version” message when you received Elizabeth’s first picture.
  • Fixed a bug that would skip some dialogue in Lily’s date sex part 2 if you had Violet at affection 9.
  • Changed the functionality of a specific cheat code relating to Samantha


  • There’s a bug that will crash the game if you try to open the GIRLS menu with either Violet or Lily at affection 10. If you somehow got them over affection 9, be aware of that.
  • Lily’s hints weren’t updated in this version. So it won’t tell you to go on her third date. INGORE THE GAME. THE THIRD DATE IS REEEAAAL!!


  • Lily’s first date
  • Lily’s second picture (lewd)
  • Lily’s second date
  • Lily’s third picture (lewd)
  • Lily’s date sex scene (only the first 2 parts) (lewd)
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Violet’s sprites properly if you failed a date
  • Added a new cheatcode that allows rollback on dates.


  • Implemented the Dating System!
  • Violet’s first date
  • Violet’s second picture (lewd)
  • Violet’s second date
  • Violet’s third picture (lewd)
  • Violet’s third date
  • Violet’s date sex scene (3 parts) (lewd)
  • Violet’s library handjob (lewd) (unlocks after affection 9)
  • Claire will help you with finding date locations. Talk to her in her Office once you get any girl to affection 4.
  • Added new readings about Violet for the Diviner.
  • Added some new sound effects in some scenes.
  • Added a new cheatcode that will show how much choices increase/decrease the date score.
  • Added a new cheatcode that will unlock all achievements.
  • Fixed a bug with the gallery cheatcode (it wasn’t unlocking recent stuff). Also changed its logic to allow you to turn off this cheat.
  • Changed some Patreon cheatcodes.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t register that you’ve given the last picture to Claire if you chose to have sex with her.

Added in this version:

  • Elizabeth library scene
  • Elizabeth clothing store scene
  • Elizabeth beach scene
  • Elizabeth first picture (lewd)
  • Added the ability to take pictures of the girls in certain occasions.
  • New PHONE menu. It houses the Phone Gallery. Other options will be moved to the phone in the future.
  • You can now report the fourth and fifth picture that was sent to you to Claire
  • Claire office scene (4/5)
  • Claire office scene (5/5) (lewd)
  • Claire conclusion scene
  • Reworked some early Claire dialogue to align more closely with her newer scenes.
  • The Diviner now can also give readings to all the Girls.
  • Added a new Charisma Encounter at the Park.
  • Some Patreon cheatcodes that lasted until the end of the day will now last until the end of the week.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if you went to change your name but left it blank.
  • Changed Elizabeth’s school panties to a brigher color, to make panty-shots more interesting.
  • Changed Amy’s work panties to a different color.


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