Debauchery In Caelia Kingdoms by DuoDevelopers is a game about in Caelia Kingdoms (DiCK)
DiCK is a free adult text-based RPG about a MC that inherits the title of a city, few years after a Great Plague scourged the world and transformed a high number of the population in different kinds of beasts and monsters.

Your character has to travel through a world populated by monster-girls(and boys) to reach the capital city, to make his new title official. Along the way you will be confronted with dilemmas and choices, followers will join you, putting their fate in your hands, and ultimately you will shape your city, and the whole island. We have planned 6 endings, 3 for a pure route, and 3 for a corrupting one.

We aim to allow the player to customize itself as much as he wants, with different genders, heights, body builds, colours, clothing and hairstyles,while at the same time his choices will change his state of mind and either corrupt him or purify him, so you can play the adventure you want!

Alternate Name: DiCK
Updated: 2024-03-12
Release Date: 2024-03-12
Developer: DuoDevelopers Patreon
Version: v0.7.1
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

Text-Based, RPG, Fantasy, Dating sim, Male protagonist, Monster Girl, Monster, Character creation, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Combat, Furry, Gay, Management, Pregnancy, 2DCG
1- Unzip
2- Start gamename.exe
3 Quests involving Charlotte.
3 main story quests too.
The journal and hint system are up to date in the new zone.
A few new locations have been added to the new zone.
Fix an important bug that blocked access to the new zone (or rather, just loaded the error screen)
Although this update is a bit short, undoing the old management system is taking a bit of our attention since we will pretty much scrap everything but also need to keep the saves working.


New story scenes
Bug fixing (mostly navigation / disappearing menus)
A few new short events/scenes in diverse locations.
Code maintenance (focused on handling character/location events, content still to be made)

New scenes for Faustina, the general, focused on her new methods to “recruit” soldiers.
New scenes for Ysvil, the potion maker, helping her explore the limits of her experiments (body size diff)
New scenes for Helena, or rather, the servants she trained to behave like furniture.
New scenes for Lucretius and his new desires to be seen in public.
Lastly, a new scene for Alba. A version for her submissive personality and one for her dominant one.
Fixed a few bugs, including one that blocked the last two story scenes of Alba.

Short story for Helena: This is about making other servants ‘living furniture.’
Short story for Faustina: A public use story to enhance her “recruitment” techniques.
Short story for Vermella: Help her “treasure hunt” through the city. Public use too.
Short story for Lucretius: Turn him into an exhibitionist willing to do anything with you, anywhere!
Short story for Ysvyl: Help her to experiment with fae dust. She might turn miniature!
New locations added: Bridge, northern district, military camp.
Background images for the new locations, a few characters, etc.

A new character, Laia, a priestess that comes from far away to deal with a spirit…
A new quest that involves Itzel and Laia, with ten scenes.
One lewd scene with Laia.
New navigable location, itzel’s rebuilt temple, with a few rooms inside of it.
Background images for the temple, shops, and a few other locations in the city.

A new location to visit: The university! It has many rooms but pretty much no content for now. Still, we have already planned how to expand it and make it more interesting.

New training for Celia: Turn her into a shameless exhibitionist! All her training occurs on campus; we have written over 25 scenes for this!

Fixed a bug with Alba’s training; the training was finishing too early, so people would miss her last training scene.

Now, when leaving the stores, you are sent into the world instead of returning to your castle.

You can also use the “Visit last location” after visiting the university, so it is more convenient to train Celia.

New locations in the navigation system (when you “wander around”). These are for Alba, and you need to go here to train her (Her house will be uptown, and there is also her factory. Both are accessible from the main square)
Alba’s submissive route: Tame her and make sure she doesn’t becomes a problem in the future! This includes three different scenarios to train her (At the throne room, her dining room, and the factory)
Alba’s dominant route: Make her strong and powerful… at your own risk! Three scenarios, too (and the same locations).
Now, you can’t wander around until you have finished repairing the castle. Once you do that, though, you’ll be able to explore the city.

-Ethel, from Ludwick, has now corruption content (Talks, flirt, date, and three scenes)
-New events throughout the city (Bailey, park, main square) involving retainers (Abbadon, Itzel, Helena)
-New generic events for the city in multiple locations.
-An important bugfix that could lock you out of content from new characters of Ludwick (you couldn’t continue flirting with them, and hence locked out of dates and scenes)
-Besides that, a few minor bug fixes and spelling/grammar.


  • 17k words of content
  • Talk scenes for Walfriede and Justin corrupt
  • Flirt and dates for both of them
  • Also, three new lewd scenes for each!
  • Fix a few navigation bugs; still looking for more.


  • Talk scenes Barden pure (Ludwick priest) and Stavrogin (The Sorcerer).
  • Flirt scenes and dates for both of them
  • S. scenes for Barden.
  • Art for Barden in his human form naked.
  • Added new high-relationship texts to a few characters.
  • Additional backgrounds for different zones in the city.


  • Relationship scenes for corrupt Deardriu (Talk, flirt, and dates)
  • x3 Sexy scenes for Deardriu
  • Relationship scenes for pure Arthur
  • x3 sexy scenes for Arthur.
  • Added new art for Arthur (naked)
  • A few bug fixes in the navigation system.


  • Content for Justin (pure); 3 talk scenes, 2 flirt, 1 date, and 3 s. scenes.
  • Content for Clementine (corrupt); 3 talk scenes, 2 flirt, 1 date, and 3 s. scenes.
  • Debug/cheat button to change Ludwick’s corruption (ending) to access alternative content.
  • New backgrounds for the most locations available around the castle and Aurorum.
  • Minor bug fixes

New art for Deardriu (naked version, female only)
New art of Ethel (naked version)
3 New talk topics for Deardriu & Ethel, with three variants each.
2 flirt scenes and 1 date scene for Deardriu & Ethel.
3 new sexy scenes for Deardriu & Ethel.
A few minor bug fixes, mostly related to navigation.


  • Added content for Clementine, the bear woman from Ludwick, in her pure version. It includes 3 different topics to discuss with her, 2 flirting scenes, 1 date, and 3 scenes.
  • Added nude art for clementine (pure).
  • Fixed a mix-up we had with Walfriede; The scenes with her were calling the ones from Stavrogin.
  • Added 4 (two corrupt, two pure) new arrival texts to Vermella, the pawn shop girl, and Ysvyl, the alchemist at the potion store.
  • Added a new walkable section for the city, the main square, with five events (both pure and corrupt)
  • Added the park, too, using both old events and adding two new lengthy ones to it (pure and corrupt).

v0.4.7 Public

  • More than 9k words in texts
  • 2 scenes for Tori (An. play) and oral to the MC stuck in the wall
  • 2 scenes for Teiya (Patrolling the city and hidden s.)
  • 2 scenes for Chiharu (Tentacles, oral)
  • 3 scenes for Itzel (Breasts worship, feet worship to you, voyeur)


  • Fixed a scene with Sartornea in her main quest (a text was incomplete)
  • Also, a new scene for Sartornea corrupt.
  • 1 new corrupt scene for Lucretius, the alchemist.
  • 2 new scenes for Teiya, the kitsune.
  • 2 new scenes with Brontes, the blacksmith.
  • 2 new scenes with Kana, the yokai dancer (at Tori’s inn)
  • 2 new scenes with Nanshe corrupt, the Tulpa.


  • 2 new scenes for Rezi, the moth girl (1 corrupt and 1 pure)
  • 2 new scenes for Nanshe, the Tulpa
  • A new scene for Dion, the satyr
  • A new scene for Tricia, the wolf chieftess (Spitroast, public use)
  • A new scene for Vivica, the demon-girl (Portal masturbation)
  • A new scene for Luna, the drow (blindfold anal)

3 new s*x scenes for Livia at the castle!
3 new s*x scenes for Faustina.
The corruption of Helleborus is complete!
A final, repeatable sex scene for the fae queen that lives in the forest.
2 Sex scenes for Sartornea, the spiderwoman, one for her corrupt and pure routes.
1 sex scene for Abbadon, a 3some with Faustina. Corrupt.
2 sex scenes with Dion, the satyr. Visit him from Ulvenorth!
1 sex scene for Alba.
Fixed a story scene for Sartornea that was incomplete.

3 new sex scenes with Tricia (you can find her visiting Ulvenorth)
3 new sex scenes with Lore (Ulvenorth)
3 new sex scenes with Alba
2 new enemies: The Kijo (the red ogress) and the Ohaguro (the slim yokai)
1 new sex scene with Fokusu


  • New character – Ysvyl: She has 10 quests and 4 sex scenes (2 corrupt, 2 pure), you can find her by visiting the alchemy shop in your city.
  • 3 Sex scenes for Vivica, available when you are done with her main quest.
  • 5 new forest events, all of them have sex scenes (depending on the outcome of your choices)
  • Fixes and improvements in city development, making it more viable now to grow its stats and how much gold you get from it.


  • Finish the two routes for the Lamia (Lisandra), including 3 sex scenes for each route!
  • Adding a new character, Nensha, she’s a tulpa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa). Her story is relatively short, but its complete and she has 3 sex scenes on top of it!
  • Adding an alternative route for Baahla’s main story, where you save her marriage and get in an open relationship, including also 3 new sex scenes unique sex scenes for this route.
  • 3 new sex scenes for pure Julian
  • 3 new sex scenes for submissive Luna
  • Fixed a bug were you couldn’t date pure Julian if Livia was living with you.
  • New art for Baahla (naked version) and Lisandra (naked)


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So Lewd!
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debauchery-in-caelia-kingdomsThe thing i love the most about this game is how there are true choices not just the illusion of choice in it. the way you deal with characters matters, and results in noticeable changes in them as well as allowing you specific content and quests that differ based on how you dealt with them. the story is engaging and there are tons of characters and quests already. unfortunately, there are also tons of text mistakes (pronouns, wrong grammar, etc) and a few choices are glitched or have the wrong text for the choice, hence why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. even with that though, the game is very much worth playing as it is very enjoyable